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Found 36 results

  1. What are they? 1. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 2. Final Fantasy 6 3. Metal Gear Solid 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Mega Man 2 6. Psychonauts 7. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 8. Legend of Mana 9. Star Wars Battlefront II 10. Katamari Damacy
  2. List your top 10 anime here 1. Neon Genisis Evangelion My favourite anime, i've seen it so many times and i find it so interesting, it's just so cool 2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya So much fun, with a nice quirky look on life i found it halarious and a good fun adventure. 3. Code Geass It was a fun anime, so much fun, and very cool, loved how cynical the characters were. 4. Full Metal Alchemist Another fun adventure, nicely animeated and funny in it's own way. 5. King of Thorn I'm suprised at how many people havn't heard of this anime, It was a great movie, i loved the philosophy behind it. 6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Similar to NGE, with Kamina, cos Kamina is amazing. 7. Elfen Lied Gory, bloody, gut wrenchign, depressing and all round fun. 8. Durara I don't know, i just couldnt stop watchign it, it was so cool. 9. Sayournara Zetsubou Sensei This si quite possibly one of the most messed up anime i've seen, It's horrible and yet so funny, it's just so dark. 10. FLCL Randomness galaroe. Post your top ten, for those of you wondering, i find death note to be highly overated.
  3. You might remember in an earlier blog I made that I listed my top 10 favorite Pokemon. Well, now it's time to flip the switch with my top 10 least favorite Pokemon. Before we start, keep in mind that this isn't a list of the top 10 weakest Pokemon. You can find lists like that on bulbapedia or maybe Smogon. These are just my top 10 personal least favorite. 10. Purugly I had a bit a trouble making up this list since there aren't that many Pokemon I don't like. Some Pokemon like this one that are lower on the list I don't hate them, I am just not to fond of them. Purugly always weirded me out. I would get sick of seeing these things since Team Galactic always carried them in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I also found it strange that one of the things known about it is the fact that it's ugly, especially after evolving from Glameow, who is a rather beautiful Pokemon. Sorry Purugly. 9. Lickylicky I was never really a fan of Licktung in general. It always felt like one of the filler Pokemon since it was always just there and never evolved. Plus, tongues? Really? And people say they newer designs of Pokemon aren't as creative. This thing however is worse due to the fact it managed to get an evolution. This Pokemon just looks all derpy looking. It's design looks odd to me. So this is what happens when you give a tongue Pokemon an evolution. Honestly, if this thing didn't exist then Licktung would be taking this spot. 8. Luvdisc Why does this thing exist? What is its purpose in the series? I mean it doesn't evolve, has terrible stats, and is a water type that looks like a heart for some reason. Don't ask me how those two are related. Yeah this isn't the only Pokemon who's design isn't related to its type on this list. 7. Eggecute/Eggegutor Yeah here it is. Let me get the question out of the way first. How are eggs psychic? I find it slightly worse than Luvdisc since this thing has something else that doesn't make since. How do eggs evolve into a palm tree? I've heard some Pokedex entries say they are actually seeds which would make more since, but they keep that very inconsistent. 6. All those freaking Pikachu clones (Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pacharisu, Emolga, Dedene) We get it Game Freak, Pikachu is basically the most well known Pokemon so much that you don't even have to know anything about Pokemon and still know who Pikachu is, but really? Do we need a new Pikachu clone every generation? Pichu kind of got away with it in gen 2 since it evolves into Pikachu. But the others? I find Pacharisu adorable but still a Pikachu clone. Plusle and Minun feel like they were only implemented in the games to show off double battles. Emolga and Dedene? Well same issue as Pacharisu. I kind of wish they'd stop introducing a new electric rodent every generation just to ride off of Pikachu's popularity. 5. Patrat Not much to say. You take a Bidoof with Ratatta clone stats and give it creepy eyes that looking totally jarring. 4. Farfetch'd This is another one that falls into the "Why does this exist?" category. I mean we already had much better normal/flying types in gen 1, did this thing really need to exist? The anime made these things out to be really rare and powerful Pokemon. Well, they're only right about one of those things. They're rare cause the only place to get them is an in-game trade for a Spearow. You know, a normal/flying type that is far superior to this thing. Also, I never really liked the look on its face. It always looked like a troll who was constantly teasing me. 3. Delibird Remember when I said that Farfetch'd has a troll look to it? Well, this thing has a derpy look to it. Not to mention, that it's completely useless with its only move having a 20% chance of healing the opponent. We get it you Santa bird, you give out presents, but not to the enemy. Not to mention that there was one that at one point followed Team Rocket in the anime and it was extra annoying. 2. Unown This is the Pokemon I've always had a problem with. It's gimicky in a way where they make you wanna catch all 28 forms of this thing. It's misleading in a way that the 3rd movie made them out to be these powerful beings, when in the games they're freaking useless. And they for some reason take up their entire own ruins for some odd reason. Yeah, turn them to alphabet soup. 1. Spinda There's so many things I don't like about this thing. They have possibly an even dumber gimmick than Unown by having millions of different combinations that the spots could be on their body. Why should I care? They have quite possible the derpiest design ever. In fact, they always looked so miserable to me with the fact that they're eyes are dizzy eyes. And they're totally useless with no evolution and crummy stats. But seriously give this these things a barf bag? Thanks for reading. If I put a Pokemon you like on this list, try not to be offended.
  4. This list has been sitting on my drive, first draft done and awaiting revisions, for well over a year now. Since then, I promised not only to publish the list, but to expand it all the way up to 26 to fill a whole season's worth of episodes, which only led to further delays. Part of the reason was that I hadn't seen several of my favourite episodes in years, and wished to binge the whole show in order to confirm my opinions and see if anything else threatened the top spots. What I want from My Little Pony has changed significantly over time, and I believe my favourite episodes are reflective of that. As such, I believe that assembling this list can help explain why I love the show so much. Now, if the show really does end after season 9, I'll be writing a new list before too long, and maybe it'll be completely different, but nonetheless, here are my top 26 favourite episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in chronological order. To start with, here's a few ground rules: 1. I'm limiting the list to the first seven seasons, simply to be fair to episodes I've only given one viewing, as season 8 is currently underway. With that said, if I did include season 8, the delightful "Horse Play" would absolutely be included. 2. To match my "whole season" gimmick, two-parters are being counted as two episodes. S01E23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles written by M.A. Larson In the show's chronology, "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is the first time we learned about the protagonists' pasts, and we've rarely gained a window into it since. While this episode is little more than a weakly-organized string of vignettes, the individual vignettes are individually delightful, showing us how each of the mane six received their cutie marks in incredibly charming fashion. Each flashback has its own solid emotional underpinning, and moreover, they're able to successfully condense the show's early strengths into brief bursts of charm, with each vignette successfully encompasses what their character stands for. Rainbow's is about the joy of accomplishment, Rarity's is about finding beauty below the surface, Applejack's is about staying true to your roots, etc. Add on a bunch of funny dialogue and you've got a real winner. S01E25: Party of One written by Meghan McCarthy For the most part, "Party of One" is simply a particularly strong example of the show's greatest strengths: it's colourful, upbeat, and joyously silly, and it's all centred around an obvious but solid moral about jumping to conclusions. But although the misunderstandings which form the main plot are ultimately predictable, they're amped up for maximum absurdity here, and even though Pinkie spends much of the episode in varying states of displeasure, she remains entirely silly. This episode is mainly remembered for the surprisingly dark scene of Pinkie having an apparent psychotic break, but that scene is simply one expression of how this episode successfully delves into Pinkie's insecurities and anxieties. Excepting that one scene, it's brilliant in balancing the show's usual silliness with that deeper character exploration. This show is at its best when it centres around that sort of anxiety, and here is one of the first times that it hit just the right formula. S01E26: The Best Night Ever written by Amy Keating Rogers By some margin the best finale of the entire show, "The Best Night Ever" is filled with many of the show's funniest and most memorable scenes to date. Like "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," it's split among six different storylines, this time without much connective tissue until they all intertwine in delightfully chaotic fashion. By touching upon each of the main six's interests and giving each of them solid goals, it serves as the culmination of everything the first season had established. More importantly, the episode is comprised almost entirely of one memorable scene after another, and not only does that make this one of the most entertaining episodes of the entire show, it also allows for retroactive emotional resonance as these characters have grown and come to achieve more of their goals. Meanwhile, the final lesson - that a bad experience can be made better by sharing it with good friends - is lovely, and provides a perfect summary of the whole season. At the start, they were complete strangers, but now they're as thick as thieves. S02E03: Lesson Zero written by Meghan McCarthy "Lesson Zero" is why Twilight is my favourite character. It's not her brightest moment, but just like "Party of One" was for Pinkie, it remains the clearest representation of her own anxieties. Perfectionism defines her just as much as intelligence and nerdiness, and while it's exaggerated here, fear of failure is a universal concern. Twilight's behaviour is genuinely creepy, which remains unusual territory for this show, but it's also really funny, and much more importantly, the show always takes her feelings seriously, no matter how strangely she acts. The lengths Twilight goes to are hard to relate to, but her motivations are always sympathetic, even when they're not enough to justify her actions. This episode is great in part because its central gimmick is so strange and surprising, and in part because it's filled with memorable scenes, but most of all because it balances all the cartoonish nonsense with real emotions. If My Little Pony is an exaggeration of reality, that doesn't make it any less effective of a mirror. S02E07: May the Best Pet Win! written by Charlotte Fullerton Rainbow Dash has never been more charismatic than she is in "May the Best Pet Win!," an absolutely joyous episode with a rapid-fire barrage of great jokes and some of the show's best action scenes. This is an episode where Rainbow makes movie sound effects just for her own amusement, and there's a sincerity to its energy and constant forward momentum which is simply irresistible. Of course Rainbow would set up a pet race to decide which animal she'll adopt. Of course she'll whistle "Flight of the Valkyries." Of course those are things she'd do, and the simple quirks of the various pet competition are immensely charming in and of themselves, but best of all, this episode retains Rainbow's boisterous personality without having it lapse into insensitivity. She comes to recognize the value of persistence, but she doesn't need to make some tremendous mistake to do it, and that context is perfect for such an upbeat episode. S02E14: The Last Roundup written by Amy Keating Rogers Such a strong example of season 2's nuance is "The Last Roundup" that it's easy to overlook just how entertaining it is. It's primary strength is gooey, sincere melodrama, with particularly deep characterization for Applejack, but it's also got a lot of great humour, especially from the always reliable Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash demonstrates a fair bit of depth as well, and while other characters don't get as much time to shine, everyone has one or two fun moments, and the myth that Applejack is boring is thoroughly debunked here by her relatively complex motivations in staying away from town. Sure, they're ultimately good intentions, but she's still hurting others in the process. Episodes like this which balance pathos and depth with humour and the show's beloved innocence are exactly why it became so popular in the first place. S02E18: Read It and Weep written by Cindy Morrow From the very start, Rainbow Dash's bravado was tied to her insecurity, but "Read It and Weep" is perhaps the most direct expression of that dichotomy. Her primary lesson here, which is coming to terms with liking something that doesn't fit her image, is something that's particularly relatable for some of the show's male fans, but it's also just a great moral in general, and moreover the various scenes of trying to hide her reading add to her depth as a character. Here, her insistence on "coolness" is matched only by her fear of others seeing the cracks in it. On top of that, this episode features a genuinely exciting adventure story, with a solid riff on Indiana Jones which perfectly fits Rainbow's personality. Sometimes, getting into a new activity just requires finding the right entry point, and if your friends are any good they will never judge you for the things you love. S02E22: Hurricane Fluttershy written by Cindy Morrow Gooey melodrama of the highest caliber, elevated by deep character relationships and a strong, emotional plotline. Every note of "Hurricane Fluttershy" is in the right place, and befitting an episode for the most fragile of the mane six, this is an especially sensitive episode, demonstrating sympathetic anxiety on Fluttershy's part and an impressive level of understanding from Rainbow Dash, all in favour of some of the most satisfying emotional highs in the entire show. Fluttershy's stories often revolve around overcoming some anxiety, but here it's specifically linked to bullying in her past, which in turn makes her journey to overcome it assist the struggling Ponyville weather team all the more delightful. The main conflict here is just impersonal enough to have massive stakes, but the majority of the episode is focused directly on Fluttershy's personal journey, and every second of the episode is working towards a common goal. There's an endearing simplicity to the whole thing, but it's the sincerity of the execution which really sells it. S03E06: Sleepless in Ponyville written by Corey Powell The first of three solo episodes focused on each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, "Sleepless in Ponyville" succeeds most of all in how it takes Scootaloo's childish concerns seriously. Particularly significant is how this serves to deepen her as a character without leaning too much on her apparent wing disability. Like Rainbow Dash, she puts on a brave face to hide her anxieties, but Rainbow Dash knows that being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid. Hiding your fears to impress others is indeed a highly relatable concept, and as childish as Scootaloo's approach is, watching her learn to accept her fear is deeply charming. That she finally allows herself to show vulnerability to her idol is a genuinely moving character beat, and their relationship is truly adorable. This episode is as charming and funny as the best of the show, but it's that strong emotional core which really sells it. S03E07: Wonderbolts Academy written by Merriwether Williams Rainbow Dash has my favourite character arc in the whole series, and this is her last focus episode to get the balance between sensitivity and attitude correct. As interested as she is in showing off, she's still a sweet pony at heart, and "Wonderbolts Academy" stands out above all else for Rainbow's expressiveness, which enhances her story by wordlessly expressing everything she feels about what's happening around her. However disappointed Dash might be by becoming a wingpony, she still takes the role very seriously, because that's what's expected of her, and she only gives up when her values are directly offended. It's the best showcase for one of the best characters in the show, and it has a great antagonist too. Lightning Dust is as charismatic as Dash herself, and is one of the rare villains to seem genuinely remorseful at the end, providing yet more nuance to an already excellent episode. S04E08: Rarity Takes Manehattan written by Dave Polsky During my first few years with the show, I wouldn't have called Rarity my favourite of the main cast, and that was primarily due to her penchant for seemingly selfish behaviour. "Rarity Takes Manehattan" is the point where this changed, placing her generosity on full display by providing a profound challenge to everything Rarity values. The episode's charms all come down to her positive attitude and abundance of personality, and having that personality spun into something much more altruistic and positive is a refreshing change of pace from her earlier depictions. Providing a foil for Rarity's generosity in the form of a thieving rival allows for a genuinely powerful thematic conflict, where Rarity is forced to evaluate the value of such generosity in a cold world, and while her affirmative answer is inevitable, this episode makes her journey to reclaim those values convincing, and in both that and its plentiful superficial charms, it's absolutely irresistible. S04E12: Pinkie Pride written by Amy Keating Rogers Those essential challenges to characters' core values, as seen in "Rarity Takes Manehattan," were a recurring theme in the show's fourth season, and "Pinkie Pride" is undoubtedly the best take on them, an effervescent, infinitely joyous explosion of energy which just happens to feature deceptive depth. Even without the cameo from the one and only "Weird" Al Yankovic, the heights of absurdity this reaches are so inventive, so energetic, and just so happy that they'd still be utterly delightful, and better yet, they're paired with a meaningful bit of introspection from Pinkie Pie. Here, she lets her pride as the town's "#1 party pony" get away from her, and it's made clear how that pride in her status is intertwined with her need for approval, but also how it comes at the expense of the joy she so often strives to bring to her friends. You can never make someone happy by only thinking of yourself, and what makes this episode great is that it conveys that theme without making Pinkie Pie seem too selfish. S04E19: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils written by Dave Polsky After "Sleepless in Ponyville," both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom would receive episodes with similar takes on different themes, and of these, Sweetie Belle's is arguably the most well-rounded, with the best blend of moralizing and humour, and the most significant role for Luna to boot. Because Sweetie Belle is acting out of jealousy, Luna has a stronger connection to her than she had to the other two, and like the earlier episode, this episode boasts some fantastic nightmare imagery, albeit of an entirely different kind. Where Scootaloo was afraid of losing respect because of fear, Sweetie's problem is instead that she can't imagine the world outside of her own perspective. Her view of her sister is skewed by what she has and hasn't seen, and while this is what causes her to retaliate, she's also a sweet kid who never really wanted to hurt anyone, as made clear when she solves her own mistake. The Scootaloo episode established the winning formula of these CMC solo episodes, but "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" perfected it. S04E20: Leap of Faith written by Josh Haber The near-universal excellence of these "key" episodes from season 4 does a good job of representing what the show did best in this era. If "Pinkie Pride" had the best balance of charm and depth, "Leap of Faith" instead veers further in the direction of nuance, providing arguably the most meaningful challenge of the whole lot. Here, Applejack finds herself lying to make her family happy, despite the fact that she's enabling Flim and Flam to sell literal snake oil. Lying, something that Applejack has always been opposed to, suddenly seems like a necessity, and while she remains doubtful throughout, that genuine uncertainty provides this episode with a degree of thematic power beyond even what the aforementioned "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and "Pinkie Pride" conjure up. If it's not as energetic as those other two episodes, that's not for a lack of charm and humour, which comes in large part from the amusingly smarmy Flim Flam Brothers and the always welcome antics of Applejack's family. Here's one of the few times that the show has managed to balance genuinely mature storytelling with its original charms. S04E25-26: Twilight's Kingdom, Parts 1 and 2 written by Meghan McCarthy The show has never seen a change as significant as Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess, and many of her appearances in the show's fourth season struggled to come to terms with it. The finale, "Twilight's Kingdom," is widely remembered for its intensity and immense scale, but as appealing as it is simply as a spectacle, the episode's true strength comes in the smaller stuff. Twilight's coronation was a sudden and confusing event, and here the show acknowledges that, presenting Twilight being just as confused and adrift as you'd expect someone with such a spontaneous life change to be. The threat to all of Equestria isn't nearly as interesting as Twilight's internal struggle to find herself, and Tirek is such a great villain not just because of his menace but also because he's a perfect foil for Twilight's values. Season 4 spent so much time on the reiteration of values these characters already held, but only here is that intertwined with meaningful character development, as Twilight finds the reason for her coronation in the things she was doing all along. S05E11: Bloom and Gloom written by Josh Haber On one hand, "Bloom and Gloom" might be the least subtle of the CMC solo episodes which were such a highlight of the show's middle seasons. All of these episodes are defined by their nightmare imagery, but both "Sleepless in Ponyville" and "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" save their nightmares for key climactic moments. "Bloom and Gloom," meanwhile, consists entirely of nightmares, surreal images floating in and out of existence but always representing sympathetic anxieties. The flow of events, which is only as choppy as Apple Bloom's emotional state, is exactly what dreams should look like in this show, and while the barrage of visual metaphors is always emotionally powerful, it's also surreal enough and treated with enough levity to be genuinely entertaining. All of these key concepts are tied together in one of the show's most profound morals: you may feel like your anxieties are absurd, but you're not alone. That this episode is so profoundly empathetic as well as clever and humorous marks it in my eyes as still one of the most impressive things in the show's entire middle period. S05E11: Party Pooped written by Nick Confalone In a show which doesn't always portray non-pony cultures in the most sensitive of lights, the cultural relativism at the core of "Party Pooped" is a welcome breath of fresh air. Here is an episode about respecting and accommodating cultural differences, all wrapped up in the form of a silly story about yaks smashing things. That remains unique within the show, and indeed, the specific form of humour utilized here is something not quite like any other episode. The quirky diplomatic focus of the story provides a peculiar undercurrent of anxiety to even the funniest jokes, and there's a unique thrill in seeing these characters freak out over new responsibilities which they're not even remotely qualified for. But that unusual tension only works because of just how clever the jokes actually are here, and the unique blend of quirky visual humour - a train being stopped by handful of grazing sheep, for instance - with the surprisingly high stakes is a joy not quite like anything else in the series. S05E15: Rarity Investigates! written by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco Currently my favourite comfort food episode, "Rarity Investigates!" is one of the rare My Little Pony episodes where every joke lands, which is in large part due to an inspired combination of characters, gimmick, and premise. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are a particularly underutilized pairing in this show, but here they have as much immediate chemistry as many of their more common counterparts. As if to make up for lost time, their early scenes before the plot kicks in are some of the most charming scenes of friendship from the entire show, and while their dynamic becomes more tense when the conflict is introduced, they're simply two of the show's most charismatic characters. What Rainbow and Rarity have in common is ambition, and that underlines their relationship here without ever being stated aloud. The mystery may be obvious, but it serves the core theme of trusting your friends when they trust you, and the episode is just so jam-packed with funny gags that it's hard to resist. S06E01-02The Crystalling, Parts 1 and 2 written by Josh Haber "The Crystalling," which opened the show's sixth season, is in many ways a departure from the show's usual season premiere format. Rather than attempt to somehow provide even darker themes and even more exciting spectacle, it instead shifts its focus smaller, spending its entire first half on low-stakes slice-of-life hijinks. Not only is this a refreshing change of pace for this show, but the emphasis on insecurity, not only from the newly-reformed Starlight but also from her childhood friend Sunburst is as sympathetic and relatable as the show's earlier peaks, and provides a conduit for some of the show's more mature themes. Even when the episode dials up the spectacle in its second half, it's a simple, impersonal backdrop to Starlight's and Sunburst's issues, allowing some of the show's best character work to play out undiluted by the nonsense which plagues too many of the other two-parters. And it also has an infant with alarming, unmanageable superpowers, so that's a plus. S06E08: A Hearth's Warming Tale written by Michael Vogel A Christmas Carol has been done several times before, but never has it been submerged in this particular world, and I'd be surprised if it has been told in this particular way. "A Hearth's Warming Tale" already gets a lot of points for being one of the prettiest episodes of the whole show, and it earns even more for its phenomenal songs, but its most significant achievement is how it bends the source material. Greed never plays a part in the story, and instead, the Scrooge analogue is a metaphor for Starlight: a pony whose values have been twisted by a problematic childhood and who makes the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, but means well enough to change. The sheer universal resonance which is rung out of this variation is enough to make Starlight's own backstory obselete, and in a show which is far too often risk-averse even in its original stories, this distinctive take on a classic tale is a welcome surprise. S06E09: The Saddle Row Review written by Nick Confalone Part of the tragedy of My Little Pony's safe storytelling is that these characters are all strong enough to withstand any sort of structural experimentation. "The Saddle Row Review" proves that with its unique mockumentary gimmick, which not only frames some of the show's best jokes in an unusual context, but which also allows for a refreshing touch of modernity even beyond what's seen elsewhere in the later seasons. Here, the show indulges its most sitcom-esque instincts, and allows for strong examples of character comedy which would so rarely be seen elsewhere in the show, such as Pinkie Pie passing off a large restaurant bill to the anonymous interviewer. It's this willingness to experiment with genre and structure which makes "The Saddle Row Review" so funny, and this show would do well to try this kind of thing more often. S06E19: The Fault in Our Cutie Marks written by Ed Valentine Dramatic irony forms the backbone of "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks," the show's most adorably dramatic episode to date, and the characters know it. From the very start, the premise - a griffon wants to have a cutie mark, but only ponies can get cutie marks - can only end poorly, and the episode's success is playing on that not for comedy but for drama. Levity instead comes from the chipper attitude of Gabby, whose sweetness and enthusiasm contrasts powerfully with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' growing desperation not to let her down. It's a perfect embodiment of the show's optimistic atmosphere, where everyone involved is genuinely sweet and only wants the best for the others, and that makes the looming spectre of disappointment all the more concerning. In the end, when the episode subverts expectations and goes out on a high note, it could not possibly be more satisfying. S06E24: Top Bolt written by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco A recurring feature of the show's later years is various attempts to position the protagonists into mentorship roles. These stories centre not around the mane six or Cutie Mark Crusaders learning their own lesson, but on them trying to teach a lesson to someone else, and how well it works is dependent on how good those secondary characters are. "Top Bolt" is the absolute best expression of this formula, with profound nuance from its new characters and even a smaller lesson for the old ones. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle make a funnier pair here than ever, their contrasting personalities never getting in the way of their easy chemistry, and the new characters immediately show themselves to be among the most charming and three-dimensional in the show's entire run. It's fundamentally a story about the lies which keep us going, and how to persevere once they can no longer be maintained, and that strong theme resonates even as the episode sticks to silly banter and sight gags. If the show is gonna keep pushing the main characters into these roles, this is what it should look like. S07E03: A Flurry of Emotions written by Sammie Crowley & Whitney Wetta If there's one thing that was missing in the years since Twilight became an alicorn, it was an idea of what those new responsibilities would do to her already severe perfectionism. In its own way, "A Flurry of Emotions" depicts that perfectionism even better than "Lesson Zero," as it grants her more altruistic motivations and less horrifying behaviour while remaining nearly as funny. Here, she wants to be the best aunt possible and the best princess possible, but never does that intention seem selfish, and it's accompanied by the dorky enthusiastic charm which had been lacking from so many of her recent focus episodes. Meanwhile, baby Flurry Heart is made somehow even more charming, as not only does she retain her infantile silliness, but it's been combined with genuine sweetness, albeit from a very immature point of view. Together, Twilight and Flurry Heart are almost unbearably cute, and that cuteness is delivered in the form of numerous inventive sight gags and the occasional sweet cutaway to Flurry's adorable parents. It's an exceptional delight which proves the show still has some juice left even after all these years. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic isn't what I would consider a show of consistent quality, and some episodes are certainly more entertaining than others. Still, even within a single show's run, I maintain that "good" and "bad" are largely a matter of taste, and the above are simply what I consider to be the most enjoyable episodes of this show. Perhaps you might have different choices, and if so, I'd be delighted to hear your reasoning in the comments below.
  5. I would like to see the Best Top 10 Pony GIF's!!!
  6. Okay so I sat on that thread that was asking about your favorite anime girls for like 10 minutes and I just COULD NOT think of any for the life of me, but a ton of guys I remembered came up! So instead of just being all "hur dur I can't think of any girls so here's some guys" I decided to make a new topic. So why don't all you lovely ponies tell me about your favorite guys in anime. And maybe some reasons if you're feeling really bold. Whether it be attitude, appearance, the curvature of their spine, whatever! Also it doesn't HAVE to be in order! Honestly I've always been bad at rating my love for things in order so just throw em out as they come to you! 10. Ritsu Kasanoda from Ouran Host Club - "No. I'm not a human weapon. I was just born with this scary-looking face." His whole "rawr I'm a bad ass" persona covering up his desire to have friends and be loved is absolutely adorable. And when he starts "training" to be a part of the Host Club? Priceless. x3 9. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist - "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A RUNT SO TINY HE COULD ONLY BE SEEN WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS, YOU JERK!" Honestly his character is actually pretty annoying to me... But he still makes the list because of the love he shows for his brother and despite being a shrimp, has a gorgeous body build and some pretty luscious hair when he lets it down. lol 8. Crow from Deadman Wonderland - "Ssslice!" He's a tough guy that turns red at the sight of a sexy lady. I know, dime a dozen. But his honorable personality and the fact he actually has a reason to wear an eye patch (ala surgically removed from his skull while he was still awake) make him an awesome character. 7. Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy - "Ku ku ku!" Seriously what can I say about this big lug? He would be the best maid ever! He's got super human strength, he's loyal, he's a master of cooking and cleaning and various other skills. I mean he has no regard for personal space, but that's a small price to pay. ;3 6. Crona from Soul Eater - "Ewww...I don't want to hang out with someone disgusting as poop!" Yeah, yeah, I know they never right out and say if it's a boy or a girl but I don't care. It'll always be a guy in my mind. Crona is probably one of the only characters in this show who didn't bug the ever living shit out of me. I know everyone in the show had their own little OCD or whatever, but being nervous and "not able to deal with something" makes much more sense to me. 5. Shikamaru Nara from Naruto - "Oh, man… those clouds are so lucky… so free…" Calm, calculating and cute as a button. Probably one of the best laid back characters I've seen portrayed in an anime. Might seem lazy and easy to give up but just knows on a deep level when effort won't pay off. 4. L Lawliet from Death Note - "I'll give you a strawberry if you keep this a secret" An eccentric "master detective" that has an insatiable hunger for sweets. What's not to love? Also very cute moment with Light when he was drying off his feet. You try and tell me that wasn't an intimate moment! xD 3. Kamina from Gurren Lagann - "Who the hell do you think I am?!" Because he's just so damn GAR! <3 2. Vyers from Disgaea - "I am the aristocrat who loves beauty and strength above all else. I'm Vyers, The Dark Adonis!" You want elegant? You got it. Despite how much he gets bashed and stomped on by the protagonists he always had an air about him that was akin to James from the Pokemon series. They're both just so... charming! 1. TK from Angel Beats! - "Hey yo check this out it's a moon walk, it's a moon walk, headspin!" This guy is amazing and never fails to crack me up with how out of the loop he always seems to be. Eyes always covered with a bandana, never saving much of anything besides short English phrases and frequently dancing and boppin' around to some beat only he can hear. Love, love, loooove.
  7. Many of us like various different sports teams. And no matter who we root for, I'm sure that your favorite team has had various levels of success regardless of whether or not they have any championship banners. So how about this. List a top 10 of what you feel are the greatest games of all time of your favorite team(s). It can be NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. etc. It can be regular season, playoffs or championships. Here's my top ten greatest Kansas City Chiefs Games of All Time: Super Bowl IV Chiefs VS Vikings 01/11/70 AFC Wildcard Steelers @ Chiefs 01/08/94 AFC Divisional Chiefs @ Oilers 01/16/94 Chiefs @ Broncos 10/17/94 AFL Championship Texans @ Oilers 12/23/62 Chiefs @ Packers 10/12/03 Broncos @ Chiefs 10/05/03 Chiefs @ Steelers 09/06/81 Chargers @ Chiefs 10/09/95 Broncos @ Chiefs 11/16/97 What's your top 10 greatest games of your team(s).
  8. Daylover and The Second Opinion go back and forth on their Top 5 favorite Applejack episodes. What are your favorites? Who would you like to see next? Let us know!
  9. The Top Ten Best Games from 2015 You Might Have Heard Of is here. It was a long time coming but I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it. I was trying out a lot of new things with this list such as a new Microphone and some new editing techniques. I hope you find this video enjoyable or at the very least informative. I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback you can toss my way.
  10. It's time to conclude my Top 20 Beatles Songs list with the final part: the Top 10. If you would like to read about the previous 10 slots, the first part can be found by clicking on the word "douchebag." Otherwise, in the first part, I've established "Within You Without You", the Abbey Road Medley, "Come Together", "Lovely Rita", "Because", "She Said She Said", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", "Love You To", and "Helter Skelter" as slots 20 through 11 respectively, and some of you are wondering what could possibly top that. If so, I present to you, the Top 10 Beatles Songs. Read away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Eleanor Rigby Writer: Paul McCartney ----- Album: Revolver ----- Year: 1966 It was between this and "Tomorrow Never Knows" as the claim-all ultimate Revolver track, and I'd have to say both of them are equally deserving of the position. "Eleanor Rigby" has to take at least a slice of the cake as perhaps one of McCartney's best songs. It's full of lyrical intrigue, which we'll get to, but the entire song's instrumentals is carried by a string octet and nothing more. Thankfully, it doesn't need anything more as each of the eight string instruments pull together a dark, sadistic tone while also throwing in some cinematic quirks as well. That fact alone was enough to catch my interest on first listen, but the lyrics knock it even further out of the ball park. The chorus simply asks the listener in a slightly psychedelic way to "look at all the lonely people", and asks "where do they all come from?". The three verses, however, are set up beautifully, with the first introducing main character Eleanor Rigby, who is one of these lonely people. Moving along, the second verse establishes Father McKenzie, who writes sermons for a church apparently no one goes to, making him yet another lonely person. In the final verse, the two characters meet far too late, when Eleanor Rigby has died and Father McKenzie must bury her in the Church cemetery. There's no happy ending or resolve, it's just the unfortunate turn of events that, with the arrangement, makes this a deserving addition to this list. And by being the track preceding both "I'm Only Sleeping" and "Love You To", these three songs are more than enough to strap you in for the fantastic ride that is Revolver! 9. I'm Only Sleeping Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Revolver ----- Year: 1966 Speaking of "I'm Only Sleeping", hello there! This song was one of audiences' very first glimpses at the weirdo psychedelic shit that was about to go down from this point in the Beatles' career onward. As the third track on Revolver, and stuffed between two equally amazing songs (the aforementioned "Love You To" and "Eleanor Rigby"), it comes in at just the right moment on the album. "I'm Only Sleeping" is a very dreamy song, as you might imagine, as the lyrics speak about how laziness is bliss in a way. Perhaps the coolest thing about this one, however, is Harrison's backwards guitar solo. Not only is it effectively trippy with its backwards effect, but you appreciate it more when you realize this must've been a bitch to write and record. As the story goes, the finished product is exactly what was written for the solo, and in the recording studio Harrison had to learn to play the whole thing backwards. The hard work pays off, because it's easily one of the highlights of the song that makes Lennon's acid trip one of the highlights of Revolver. 8. I Am the Walrus Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Magical Mystery Tour ----- Year: 1967 Where to begin on this one? There's so much going on in "I Am the Walrus" that it's hard to pick where to start. How about the ingenious arrangement carried on by strings and brass here, there, and everywhere. How about the ultimate nonsense lyrics of all time? How about the jarring effects all throughout, and the trippiest fade-out in the Beatles catalog? Or perhaps the stunning compositional skill, especially during the fade-out? There's so much to love about "I Am the Walrus" that it's hard to resist the gushing. People, mostly non-Beatle fans, say they don't understand this song at all, which is essentially the point. Lennon wrote it as a middle finger to lyrical analysis, more specifically Beatles lyrics. However, when I drone on about how interesting the major chord movements of the fade-out coda are, or the musical merit of the verses and the "garden bridge", that usually shuts them up. Because what can they reply with? "I Am the Walrus" is pure Beatles divinity. 7. Tomorrow Never Knows Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Revolver ----- Year: 1966 Speaking of backwards guitar solos, there's one on "Tomorrow Never Knows" too. However, here it's not quite as much of a highlight as it is icing on the cake. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is an all out experimental shitfest, with tons of unorthodox sound effects constantly keeping the track alive and well as Lennon invites the listener to turn off their minds and surrender to the void. All of this, by the way, being played strictly on the C7 chord and nothing more. And after a long period of trying to figure out the best song on Revolver, "Tomorrow Never Knows" takes the cake. The odd drum patterns and booming bass keeping this one twirling and spiraling out of control, and the tamboura keeps the Indian influence intentions true. As such, it finds its rightful place as the closing track on Revolver, keeping audiences and critics on edge as to tease what the Beatles were up to on their next album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is as dark and twisted as I'd like, filled with all groove of anything else on that record. 6. Hey Bulldog Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Yellow Submarine ----- Year: 1969 Yellow Submarine is overlooked by Beatles fans as an album, mostly because it's not really a Beatles album. First of all, only the first half of the album contained Beatles songs, which is all of six of the thirteen tracks. Then there's the fact that two of the songs have already been released (the titular track, "Yellow Submarine" is track six on Revolver and "All You Need is Love" closes Magical Mystery Tour), which leaves only four new Beatles songs. The other seven songs are a film score produced by George Martin, which is fantastic to me but doesn't mean jack shit to the average listener. So what's the point even picking up this one? "Hey Bulldog", that's the point. This track is the definition of a Beatles rocker, with one of the most badass riffs in existence. It's not the most interesting of nonsense Lennon lyrics like "I Am the Walrus" and "Come Together" are, but that doesn't matter when the instrumentals are so powerful here. Hell, the whole track is worth it just for McCartney's holy mother of God baseline. If you ever listen to that isolated, prepare to shit yourself clean. As a result, "Hey Bulldog" is one of those tracks that immediately made my top picks. 5. The Fool on the Hill Writer: Paul McCartney ----- Album: Magical Mystery Tour ----- Year: 1967 "The Fool on the Hill" is another one of those songs that took a while to end up on my top picks, but in the end, I discovered it was Paul McCartney's best song in the history of anything ever. I've always been fond of the song, but it wasn't until relatively recently that I noticed its whim and genius. Musically, the song is a classic example of how subtlety can work in a track's favor. "The Fool on the Hill" doesn't have any overt studio tricks, but the woodwinds and brass still bring you to the hills and put you into the perspective of the fool. Composition-wise, its key changes from major on the verses to minor in the chorus work rather well in the song's tone, shifting between the two to argue two different points of view: those that criticize the fool and the fool himself's lack of giving two flying fucks. Lyrically, this is one of McCartney's most interesting writings because, in a nutshell, it's about this guy who minds his own business on a hill somewhere, and while everyone thinks he's just insane, he thinks everybody else are asswipes. I've always related to the song's subject matter as a result, which is why I hold "The Fool on the Hill" in the highest regard. 4. Good Morning Good Morning Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 Weren't expecting this one so high on the list, were you? "Good Morning Good Morning" has only a handful of lovers from what I've seen, with some people regarding it as a kickass rocker with others either neglecting it or calling it distasteful. It's like I said before, I find the whole second half of Sgt. Pepper grossly underrated, and this song is absolutely no exception. I'll be honest, when I first heard this track, I didn't like it either. This was for two reasons, the first being that I was still pretty young at the time and wasn't quite into avant-garde shit as I am now, and the second being that I was expecting something far more "Good Day Sunshine"-esque. However, soon afterwards with a couple of re-listens, I came to adore the genius that is this songs eccentric chord progressions and rapid time signature changes. That's got to be the song's strong suit, actually, those rapid time signature changes that occur every time you blink please me very much. Mix that with the chord progressions bouncy movements that are just as jagged as the signature changes and you've already got a very odd piece. Now set that to a shit ton of brass, a roaring guitar solo, and Lennon's contempt for suburban lifestyles, and you've got the delicious breakfast meal that is "Good Morning Good Morning". The icing on the cake is the final section, where an interestingly organized sound collage of animals are let loose on the stereo, closed by a clucking sound that seamlessly merges with the guitar pinch that opens up "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)", which is also a fantastic track. "Good Morning Good Morning" is one of those oddball songs that I gravitate to as one of Sgt. Pepper's surprising highlights. 3. Strawberry Fields Forever Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Magical Mystery Tour ----- Year: 1967 This song was an inevitable choice for one of the Beatles' masterpieces. It's practically universally agreed that "Strawberry Fields Forever" is one of their best works, and clearly I agree. The chords on this one work beautifully in the song's favor, and the arrangement of orchestral instruments with Indian and rock sounds are as innovative and fascinating as you'd expect from a Beatles song post-Rubber Soul. But this was initially released as a standalone single with "Penny Lane" several months prior to Sgt. Pepper, which means if you were just a casual radio top of the pops listener, the last Beatles song you probably heard was "Day Tripper" or "Help!". Imagine your surprise when your announcer plays the newest Beatles song, and this fucklord of insanity plays. Witness accounts of the time period confirm that everyone thought the Beatles had lost their bloody marbles by this song's release, but outside of all the weird arrangements and shit, the song's subject matter is actually very poetic. Lennon sets a psychoanalysis of himself to music in this song, which is beautifully portrayed. My favorite is the second verse, which even he agrees is the strongest, which goes "no one I think is in my tree / I mean it must be high or low / that is you can't you know tune in but it's alright / that is I think it's not too bad". What seems like child's babble is actually very powerful, Lennon essentially saying "I can't find anyone who thinks like I do, so I must be a genius or insane." That works very well with the chorus' method of psychedelic escapism, going to a place where nothing is real. It's a song I relate to and absolutely adore on all accounts. Strawberry Fields forever! 2. A Day in the Life Writer: John Lennon and Paul McCartney ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 "A Day in the Life" is the Beatles' best song. PRYMESTRIKER YOU CHEETOR!!! YOU CAN'T PUT THE BEST SONG IN THE #2 SLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw you, I can. "A Day in the Life" is the Beatles' best song, but it's not my favorite song. There's a difference. You see, "A Day in the Life" is a compositional, musical, lyrical, collaborational, artsy masterpiece of fuck-all, but there is one song that I like far more than any other Beatles song, and we'll get to that when we get to it. Let's focus on the amazeballs of "A Day in the Life". Initially, it's a very sweet and simple song, clearly as Lennon likely intended. Strumming in G and moving through the pentatonic, it blissfully describes reading the newspapers about events occurring locally. As we learn about a London socialite who died in a car crash, that's when Starr comes in with some eerily responsive drum fills. We continue on to the films for a particularly gross picture that the narrator happens to like, and here's when shit gets interesting. The guitar, drums, bass, piano, and calming lyrics are halted by a drug reference and are overpowered by an orgasmic climax of a 40-piece orchestra just blowing the shit out of their instruments. It climbs up to E major and then boom, it's McCartney's section. With a bouncy piano, we hear a totally different side of living in "the life", with someone who's in the hustle and bustle of the suburban working life. That is, until the dream sequence occurs with Lennon's reverberated vocals complimented by a beautiful chord progression that's made kind of disturbing by the brass. It's here when we return to Lennon's "watching the wheels" point of view of "the life", as the drums keep pounding out those beautiful fills. It's all capped off by the returning orchestra climax and then finally.....the E major chord booms and echoes through your eardrums as you just happen to realize you've finished Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This is the most complete Beatles song because it has all the experimental shit you'd like, all the simplicity you'd want, the ideal compare and contrast to Lennon and McCartney's general writing styles, leading to another example of the Lennon-McCartney collaborative powerhouse, and all as the closing piece to a fantastic album. "A Day in the Life" is the Beatles' best song. ... But it's not my favorite. Before I list my #1 slot, here are some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the list, but I still think deserve to be mentioned as some of the Beatles' best: Honorable Mentions * Rain John Lennon, Single, 1966 * Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) Paul McCartney, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967 * Blue Jay Way George Harrison, Magical Mystery Tour, 1967 * Penny Lane Paul McCartney, Magical Mystery Tour, 1967 * Lady Madonna Paul McCartney, Single, 1968 * The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill John Lennon, The Beatles (White Album), 1968 * Happiness is a Warm Gun John Lennon, The Beatles (White Album), 1968 * Revolution 9 John Lennon, The Beatles (White Album), 1968 * Octopus's Garden Ringo Starr, Abbey Road, 1969 1. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 While "A Day in the Life" is the best Beatles song, "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" has always been my absolute favorite Beatles song for several reasons. First of all, the chord progression. I love it. It's just the kind of chord progression to groove with the song's circus atmosphere, and the most interesting thing about it is gracefully changes key constantly, from Cm to Dm and even Em. For all the key changes in the world, that's one you wouldn't expect. Speaking of the circus atmosphere, I love that as well. It's perfectly orchestrated to make you smell the sawdust, as Lennon put it during production. How else does it project this feeling? Those beautiful, beautiful sound effects. In the instrumental interludes (the middle one changes time signature, which is another point of fangasm), the song swirls you in a circus tent with all those "wooOOOOOohs" and jangling sounds, mixed in with splices of magical sprinkling and twirling and so forth and so on. There's too many epic sounds to describe, and with each listen you can find something new to pick out. I love the combination of the organ and harmonium sounds which also pull the sound together. Then you have the baseline, which is by far my favorite baseline of all time. It's constantly walking and grooving with the song's weirdness, and even McCartney acknowledges today that he loved playing that. On top of that, you have the fact that most of the lyrics were pulled from an 18th century circus poster, which adds even more wonder when you realize how rhythmically the lyrics jive with the chord progression and melody. The whole thing, as a result, has this sort of sinister vibe that sends shivers down my spine, and as a side note that darkness is amplified tenfold on the LOVE remix that combines it with "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and "Helter Skelter". This song is criminally underrated, and I don't think the critical praise is going to change that, but fuck it I say. Tonight, Mr. Kite is topping the bill! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there you have it. My top 20 Beatles songs are out there for the world to read and throw up over. I'll post another editorial about something eventually, but in the meantime, if you're a Beatles fan, do you have a top 20? If so, let me know your favorite songs in the comments. Until next time, good night and sleep tight.
  11. Two blogs? I'm batshit insane. Anyways, since I don't have anywhere else to do this shit, welcome one and all to PrymeStriker's Editorials. This will be a less sarcastic, less crude, less frequently active blog where I just sort of write things that I feel like. There's no schedule, no objective, and no sodomy. Just good 'ol freedom. Since I've seen people do random shit on a blog around here, I thought, "hey! I can do that too!" And thus, PrymeStriker's Editorials were born. Now, you may have already noticed that we're going to be discussing the Top 20 Beatles Songs. At least, my picks for the top 20, that is. While Top 20's, 10's, and 5's will be featured on this blog, they won't be the central focal point, as I'll do rambling about a shit ton of other topics as well. For example, why I am allowed continued existence, etc. So without further ado, the editorial. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Beatles have got to be one of the most innovative and influential bands of the 20th century, and while they've certainly been hyped up, I've just sort of held them in high regard for my own sake for quite a while. I've gone as far as to buy all 14 of their albums and listen to every song they've ever put on record, so it's pretty clear that I'm quite the casual fan. Therefore, I've always thought about publishing a "Top 10 Beatles Songs" somewhere, just so I have my 50 cents somewhere. However, upon reconsideration, I couldn't help but think that 10 wasn't enough. Not that the Top 10 wouldn't be a list of their best work, but I felt like I was excluding a lot of songs that I thought really deserved a mention on something. So my resolve? Top 20. Of course, 20 is a lot to follow, so I'll split this editorial into two parts so that everyone's brains can comprehend the awesomeness. Part 2 will likely go up tomorrow at some point since I've still got to do the next installment of PrymeStriker's Episode Reviews. As such, let's commence slots #20 - 11! 20. Within You Without You Writer: George Harrison ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was the first Beatles album I listened to in full, and it is still to this day my favorite album. However, some of the songs on this album did take time for me to warm up to, as is with most music I take for a gander. "Within You Without You" was no exception, however I soon came to adore this song as one of the highlights of the album. This was shortly after the spark that started George Harrison's Indian philosophy trip, and as such, "Within You Without You" is a full-on Indian classical spiritual awakening. I'm always more partial to the instrumental side of music over the lyrics, so this one fulfills that satisfaction ten-fold. From the trippy Dilrubas to that glistening sitar, and back down to the consistently invigorating tabla rhythms, there's never a dull moment in this song's atmospheric setting. That said, the lyrics are of interesting merit as well. I'm not all that keen on Hindustani philosophy, but I do think Harrison's lyricism works well with both itself and the album around it. Call it preachy of you want, but "Within You Without You" is not something you should glaze over. This is one of Harrison's masterpieces. 19. The Abbey Road Medley Writers: Paul McCartney / John Lennon ----- Album: Abbey Road ----- Year: 1969 I know what you guys are thinking... PRYMESTRIKER YOU CHEATING FUCK! YOU CAN'T PUT 9 SONGS IN ONE SLOT!!! My response is...yes I least in this case. This will be the only instance of me putting more than one song in a slot, but I don't think you can just pick one song out of the Abbey Road Medley and put it on this list. For those who don't know, the Abbey Road Medley are the last nine of eleven songs that make up the second half of the Beatles' final recording, Abbey Road. It consists of Paul McCartney's "You Never Give Me Your Money", followed by John Lennon's "Sun King", "Mean Mr. Mustard", and "Polythene Pam", and capped off by McCartney's "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window", "Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight", "The End", and "Her Majesty". I couldn't possibly pick a favorite out of the bunch to fill the slot. Sure, I'm particularly fond of "You Never Give Me Your Money", "Sun King", "Mean Mr. Mustard", and "The End" over the rest, but I don't think would be fair to single them out. The truth is, the Abbey Road Medley is such a kick ass beast because it's nine flowing songs that constantly engage your attention. Aside from the first and last songs on the medley, they're not exactly the longest tracks in existence, floating around one to two minutes in length. For that, there's never a dull moment, and all things considered, this medley brings excellent closure to the Beatles' career. It's fair to say that the Abbey Road Medley is a set that I listen to all the time. The love you take is equal to the love you make. 18. Come Together Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Abbey Road ----- Year: 1969 The first song on Abbey Road blasts through your eardrums with that iconic baseline, and the rest is history. Recognized as one of the quintessential Beatles rockers, I'd have to agree that "Come Together" has been one of my favorite compositions from the jump. Is it the most intricately arranged or the most musically engaging? No, it's just cool as fuck. It's exactly the kind of song you want playing when your grooving down the street trying to act cool until you trip over a crack and break your iPhone. That said, while the baseline and the kickass tone of the song is just enough to solidify it, Lennon's classic nonsense rhythm lyric really completes the whole thing. There are some theories that each of the four verses refer to each one of the Beatles, which technically isn't true, but I still like to think so. It foreshadows that this is the final curtain call to the Beatles' catalog, and I couldn't think of a more badass way to open the album. But one thing I can tell you is you got to be free. 17. Lovely Rita Writer: Paul McCartney ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 Just to foreshadow my thoughts on future Pepper tracks, I think the entire second half of the album is vastly underrated. However, no track is dismissed as filler fluff as much as "Lovely Rita". I have to strongly disagree, as this song is yet again one of the album's strong points. Sgt. Pepper's love songs are very few, but the couple that do exist are of extensive musical merit compared to the "She Loves You" style of their Beatlemania heyday. "Lovely Rita" is one of them, and as I'm trained on the piano, this song's chord progression is a lot of fun to play. Possibly the most interesting of the song's chord progression is its verse (I guess, it really doesn't have a traditional verse-chorus structure), where it bounces from Eb --> Ab --> Db --> Gb --> Eb --> Bb and then back again, combining the intrigue of the chord progression to an unusual timing signature, all to a very rhythmic melody and lyrical structure. The ending groove is also very psychedelic in the album's experimental nature, so everything about this one is much appreciated. Needless to say, "Lovely Rita" has towed my heart away. 16. Because Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Abbey Road ----- Year: 1969 "Because" is one of those songs that instantly clicks with me because it's trippy as fuck. The atmosphere is ultimately soothing and unsettling at the same time, and it's all done with just a harpsichord, some guitars, a bass, a mellotron, and Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison's triple tracked harmony. Lennon came up with this one when his wife, Yoko Ono, was playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and he built the idea of the song around the chords played backwards. While they're not played backward verbatim on the finished product as artistic freedom takes over, but it's clear to see the inspiration. Regardless, I think this song's strong suit is the harmony. Normally, I don't give two shits about harmony, but having attempted to play the harmony, it's very interesting in the long run. Even without the musical technicality, as I mentioned before, this nine-vocal harmony vastly contributes to the song's psychedelic tone. Then you have the lyric's play and connection on emotion and condition ("the world is round/it turns me on" -- "the wind is high/it blows my mind" -- "the sky is blue/it makes me cry"), which is Lennon's writing genius at work. Put that all together as the song that leads into the aforementioned Abbey Road Medley, and you have the recipe for one of Abbey Road's best tracks. Just because. 15. She Said She Said Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Revolver ----- Year: 1966 "She Said She Said" is one of the songs that I used to say I could imagine on Revolver's predecessor, Rubber Soul, along with a handful of tracks from the second side. However, upon further re-listening, inspection, and practice from me, "She Said She Said" is naturally Revolver. It hits all the right notes musically with its guitar sound and kickass drumming, and creates intrigue in Lennon's insecurities of the time on the lyrical side. My favorite part of the song, has to be the bridges, where the time signature completely changes as semi-free verse goes a rye on the lyrics: "she said you don't understand what I said / I said no no no, you're wrong / when I was a boy / everything was right / everything was right." Not only is the rhythm cool, but the timing of the chords and melody in this section is a lot of fun to play and groove along to. And in the end, it's just as atmospheric as a song about existentialism would be without the abundance of studio tricks. This is one of the songs that's most recently made my favorites list, and I booted "Rain" out of this slot just because I didn't think it was fair not to mention one of Revolver's best songs. 14. I Want You (She's So Heavy) Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Abbey Road ----- Year: 1969 This. This is the best song on Abbey Road. It's not the most atmospheric song. It's not the most musically interesting. It's not even the most lyrically complex. It's just...the coolest rocker on the album. From the bass rolls at the end of the verses to that heavy theme that pops up in the interludes and then loops 15 times at the end as intimidating white noise fades into climax before cutting off abruptly before it can loop again....GOD. I'll admit the lyrics aren't really that interesting, just sort of keeping to "I want you, I want you so bad, it's driving me mad, she's so......HEAVYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY". You wouldn't really expect 10 words to satisfy a song that's eight minutes long. They don't, but the song is mostly instrumental anyway, so what good is complaining about that? I don't have some big strategical analysis about "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", but fuck it, man. Just listen to that doom rock sound and you'll be hooked. She's so... 13. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Writer: John Lennon ----- Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ----- Year: 1967 This song is regarded as the quintessential acid song, and I'll have to agree. You want pure trip, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is your friend. From the fantastic organ riff to Lennon's rabbit hole imagery, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" sets up this beautiful setting that I think all of us, whether we admit it or not, want to go to. Tangerine trees, marmalade skies, newspaper taxis, and even rocking horse people encompass this land where some cunt named Lucy flies around. Perhaps the lyrics on this one are the song's strong suit. Don't get me wrong, the musical and compositional trade is strong here, especially for the tone of the song, but I always found the lyrics on this one the real focal point. This isn't my go-to Pepper track unlike most people, but I still appreciate and enjoy the wonder and majesty that is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". 12. Love You To Writer: George Harrison ----- Album: Revolver ----- Year: 1966 Harrison forged three strictly Indian works in the Beatles catalog. "Within You Without You", "The Inner Light", and the first of them all, "Love You To". While "Within You Without You" and "The Inner Light" are relatively slow, transcendental meditations based around Hindu philosophy, "Love You To" is about sex. I mean, Harrison sure as hell could fool us with such existential lines like "a lifetime is so short / a new one can't be bought" and "there's people standing around / who'll screw you in the ground / they'll fill you in with all their sins". But even I was surprised when I read that it was about sex. Upon re-listening, it's kind of obvious, but those lyrics mixed with the raga sound from a full ensemble of Indian instrumentals much like its successor "Within You Without You" (although this one has McCartney and Starr playing on it whereas the latter is solo Harrison) certainly cloud that point. Still, I find "Love You To" to be Harrison's best Indian effort and, to be quite frank, his best Beatles song. It's engaging, moving, and the complete opposite of what you were going to expect from a Beatles album given this was still 1966 in the midst of the Beatlemania fangirl craze. All I can say about this one is....well, shit. And now for the #11 pick to conclude this entry.... 11. Helter Skelter Writer: Paul McCartney ----- Album: The Beatles (White Album) ----- Year: 1968 The Beatles, commonly known as The White Album for unknown reasons, is not one of my favorite Beatles albums. While I do really like it (and trust me, I think it's really good), it's surely not quite as "awesome" as some of their other albums. The Beatles has a lot of really great songs on it, such as "Happiness is a Warm Gun", "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", "Glass Onion", "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", and yes, even "Revolution 9" (avant-garde sound colleges ALL THE WAY!). However, I think the best song on this album is "Helter Skelter". First of all, it kicks ten sorts of ass by being practically the first heavy metal song ever, but this is just the best track to blast when you're pissed off. It's loud raucous noise topped off by one of the finest examples of McCartney's incredible vocal skills. And the stereo version is the best way to listen to it because where the song traditionally fades out, the stereo fades it back in for an extra minute of music. Considering the full recording is somewhere around 27 minutes in the studio, there's plenty of raw Beatles jamming going on during this fade in. Lennon picks up a saxophone and just starts blowing the shit out of it, creating some very eerie sound effects. Harrison apparently lit an ashtray on fire and started running around with it on his head. And at the very end, Ringo Starr bashes the shit out of his kit and screams "I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS". What more do you need to blow your mind out? Oh, right..."Revolution 9". And just to think, this was both serial killer Charles Manson and Mark David Chapman's (Lennon's murderer) favorite Beatles song. Keep that in mind while you listen to the pure insanity and awesomeness that is "Helter Skelter". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there you go. Those are picks #20 - 11. Come back tomorrow, and I'll list off the remaining Top 10. I've already gushed so much over what I've talked about here, so let's see what 10 songs could possibly top it. Stick around if you dare.
  12. I did a video talking about the Worst Games of 2015 You've Never Heard Of and it's my first video countdown that I've made since joining the Theater. I know the transitions are a little on the fast side and the audio balancing is a bit off but I'm very pleased with my first countdown video. That and I now know what to fix for my "Best of list" when it rolls around sooner rather than later. I'd really love some feedback on this and comments on the video itself are always nice. As it stands now, I'm not searchable on youtube because of their policy to only allow youtubers with 3 videos be searchable, but my third video is coming soon. So that means feedback or spreading the word helps me out immensely.
  13. It's amazing to think that the PS2 is still the most sold console in Video Game history and honestly, it's not that surprising. This console had an amazing variety of games, some of which are considered some of the best games of all time. And that's why i honor it with my top 10 list, of my personal favorite PS2 games. Now, not everyone will agree with this list, especially considering how many great games where on this system. This is my list and my lists are better then yours so respect it for what it is. I am just sharing my opinion. 10. SSX Tricky You talk about over the top sports games, you have to include SSX Tricky. It was a snowboarding racing arcade game, like any other you have seen (if there ever was one.) There are a whole host of crazy characters to master, each with a different set of skills and tricks. Some are speedsters, while others are tricksters. You can boast your characters skills by taking him or her through World Circuit mode, where you can unlock most of the stuff from the game. In Race Mode, you compete in three races per track, in which you have to come in the top three for each to qualify for the next round. In Showoff mode you have to pull off as many high scoring tricks as you can and finish the course before the time runs out. The tracks are brilliantly designed. There is nothing quite like shooting in to the air off a giant ice ramp or snowboarding down a waterfall or boarding down a pin-ball machine! It’s never a case off just snowboarding down a mountain. If you need to take a break from all those other traditional sports games, play it. 9. WWE Smackdown: Here comes the Pain By far still, the best WWE wrestling game ever. Some might say that No Mercy is better, but i say otherwise. The Roster for this game is marvelous. It came out at a really good time, when some of the best where in the WWE Roster. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, etc. which was also combined with some Legends, like Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter. This game has a grapple system where you have four different types of grapples from the front: Quick, Powerful, Submission, and Trademark. These four combine for a total number of 16 grapple moves from the front, something no other wrestling game has ever done at that point. In addition, they added both a submission system and weight detection system, another first in the wrestling game industry. The submission system makes button mashing a must and it's not possible for a lightweight like Rey Myterio, to body slam someone like The Big Show. The season mode is probably the best of the series. The storys where written by actual WWE Writers and bookers at that time and it feels like nothing repeats itself, as you have multiple ways to go, as you try to achieve the ultimate goal: The main event at Wrestlemania. Any WWE fan, or Wrestling fan in general need to play this game. 8 Tekken 5 I admit, i like myself some Tekken and while the fourth one wasn't bad, Tekken 5 blows it out of the water. The Roster of this game will please old veterans, with alot of returning characters coming back to this game, while also introducing great new ccharacters i7nto the mix. Everyone has their own fighting style, inspired by real martial arts techniques and all of them are unique. The controls are perfect, not near perfect, not above average. Perfect. It's so easy to pull off attacks and combos; you often forget you are playing the home version of the Arcade. All of the old characters from the earlier games are repolished, refined, and rounded to meet newcomers in the sequel. Some are pretty devastating, others rely on skill, and even others are just plain to play as, but it all comes to one single statement: It's so fun to play with them all. You get also a nice variety of extras, in the form of the first 3 Tekken games and the classic flying simulator game Starblade, which makes my retro heart jump for joy. This is the fighting game to get for the PS2. 7. NBA Street Vol. 2 I admit, i am not a frequent watcher of the NBA. I used to watch the mavericks play, since Nowitizki plays there. But this game is so arcady fun, like NBA Jam used to be. This game is best known for its gameplay. It's really easy to start as simple actions are assigned one button. However, mastering it may take some time as you can pull off countless combos that require some practice. You can play this game solo and become a legend as well as play NBA teams. You can also challenge your friends which made lose hours sleepless nights. Anyone can play this game from the start, and once you do you are sure to get addicted to it. There are a huge amount of rewards to be unlocked. Everything from shoes to jerseys to glasses to courts to great players like Larry Bird. This game can take a few weeks to beat, but to fully unlock everything will take some time and patience on your part. Probably the best B-Ball game around. Buy it. 6. Guitar Hero II When this game came out, everybody was into it and Youtube was pretty much flodded with people playing this game. This game was new, fresh and addicting. If you play this game, get an actual guitar controller. Without one, this won't make this game justice. it has five fret buttons, a strum bar, and a tremelo arm. In a style similar to Guitar Freaks, you play through songs by holding down the fret buttons and strumming the strum bar to play a note. Intermediate guitar techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs are used frequently in the higher difficulties, but knowledge of playing guitar is completely optional to enjoying this game. The Songs in this game are mostly great. You get classics like War Pigs, Message in a Bottle, Carry on wayward son, Cherry Pie, etc. It's a playlist that every rock fan in this world would love to buy on LP. It's also easy to learn but incredibly hard to master, with it's four difficulty levels. I swear, if your hands don't bleed after playing YYZ from Rush on the highest difficulty level, i don't know what does. Bottom line, if i could, i would turn this game to 11. 5. Kingdom Hearts 2 When i first heard about Kingdom Hearts, i thought this is an idea tht would never work. After playing the already good first one and then this, i thought this was one of squares best ideas. The story of Kingdom Hearts 2 takes place a year after Chain of memories. At first you start out as a character called Roxas but you'll eventually be able to play as the main protagonist Sora with the help of his companions, Donald Duck and Goofy. You'll then travel from world to world as you try to get rid of the heartless and also finding out about the mysterious Nobodies and the Organization XIII. The gameplay is excellent. The fighting is very well done, if not too easy. The valor mode is excellent, and it really gives you a chance to "go all out" on your opponent, compared to the somewhat constricting battle system of the first. The Reaction Commands are an excellent addition, adding another level of entertainment to an otherwise wonderful package. I also love the choosing of the Disney worlds in KH2 better then in the first one. I was especially surprised to see worlds based on Pirates of the Caribbean and TRON, which are both live action disney movies and the music to these worlds fits all perfectly. 4- Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater Did you honestly believe, i wouldn't put a MGS game in here? Wroooooooooooooooong. It's the 1960's and you are a CIA agent code named Snake. Your first mission the Virtuous Mission. Your objectives are to rescue a rocket scientist named Sokolov. Sokolov is developing a radical new weapon for the USSR. It is a stealth mission and you are not to leave behind any traces of your existence in the area. If you fail this mission then it could mean an all out war between the superpowers. The brand new camouflage system is a whole new level of stealth game play. You get various camouflage outfits and face paints. Depending on the terrain your in you must use a specific camouflage. There is a percentage that determines how visible you are. If your percentage goes into the negatives this means you are highly visible. If your percentage goes as high as 100% this means it will be very difficult for the enemy to see you, but you're still not invisible. You must use the various camouflages to hide yourself from the enemy. You can also use various close quarter combat maneuvers. You can use your knife or knife & gun combo to do CQC or your bare hands. You can grab an enemy from behind and slice their throat or get information from them. You can also grab an enemy from behind and use them as a shield. I haven't played the later titles, so this is the ultimate stealth action game for me. 3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 This is the game that probably would've cost me my High School diploma, if it wasn't for my mother. I spend hours upon hours on this game. This game is Fantastic, if ever there was a game to beat any other shooter out there, it's this and it does it in every possible way. Easy to learn controls, fast, pick up and play style all add up to the Battlefront experience. Some new units have been included this time around from the first one. The game revolves around the Rise of the Empire which you play as the 501st legion AKA, Vaders Fist, you start out in the heat of ROTS and wind up at TESB. Instant action is the highlight of the game however, as you can set the reinforcements up to a staggering 500%!! Thats 750 units per side!!! You can also play as heroes and villains, from the different movies, like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader. The Lightsaber controls work incredibly well, in this shooter enviroment. This is probably my favorite Star Wars game and the force is really strong with this one. 2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time "Most people think Time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction but I have seen the face of time and can tell you they are wrong." These where the bone chilling words of the prince at the beginning. What a great way to start. The Prince is tricked into releasing the sands of time, and the only chance he has to undo what he has done is to trust someone he has every reason to distrust. The characters' relationships are so well developed that it makes you want to know exactly what happens to them. It's not just an intro and then a scene at the end. The story progresses as you solve riddles. The Gameplay is absolutely amazing. First of all, the puzzles in the game are challenging and fun. Solving the riddles and accomplishing goals gives you a true sense of accomplishment. Secondly, the abilities gained by your dagger make the game amazingly interesting. You can put your enemies in slow motion, you can do matrix style moves, you can rewind time if you make a mistake... Effects like these have never been used like this in a game before. It's wild. And I'll never get tired of seeing the Prince's wall walking ability. Forget Tomb Raider or Assasins Creed. This is the ultimate Action Adventure. 1. Final Fantasy X Okay, forget about the laughing scene in Luca...did you forget it? Good. THIS GAME IS AWESOME. The story takes place around a main character by the name of Tidus or whatever else you decide to call him, he's a professional blitzball play and is fairly popular in the city of Zanarkand. Its the night of a big game and of course that's when things start to go wrong. A big monster by the name of Sin comes and takes him to another world called Spira. There's plenty of twists in the story and moments that will most likely make you gasp. The combat system in this game turn based and to make it even easier to the new comers, Square put a screen in the main battle screen where you can see whose turn is next. This turned out to be extremely useful during boss battles and during the airship battles too. I also enjoy the fact that you can switch characters at the press of a button if you need to. Although the storyline is linear, there are many side quests where you can level up, learn interesting tibits and even gain something out of the deal. For examples, blitzball and the quest for the hidden aeons. If you play the Blitzball enough and win, you can obtain Wakka's ultimate weapon. The quest for the hidden aeons was fun because of all the items and power that you recieved. While there is no leveling up system, the sphere gird picks up the slack that leveling up left behind. Now if you have a character that has low HP and you use that character all the time, you can teleport via a teleport sphere or friend sphere to another person's gird and level them up there. I could go on and on about this game, but the bottom line is, this is one of my favorite games, laughing scene or not. Do you maybe have any other PS2 games that you like, that are not on this list? Comment below, let me know.
  14. I decided to finally start a topic here. So, since I've re-watched all 65 of them over the summer, I want to ask: What are your top ten favorite MLP episodes? I'm sorry if this topic already exists, but I looked for it and couldn't find it (maybe I just didn't look in the right place). Anyway, If you want to, add a reason why you like the episodes you've chosen (but you don't have to). Mine are: 10. Party of One : I found Pinkie to be pretty good here. 9. The Return of Harmony : Discord was just great. 8. Sleepless in Ponyville : Development for Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash! 7. Apple Family Reunion : So many great Applejack moments. 6. Hurricane Fluttershy : Fluttershy grew stronger both physically and mentally. 5. Sisterhooves Social : I loved seeing Rarity's and Sweetie Belle's relationship explored. 4. Read it and Weep : Daring Do was awesome, and RD learned that it was okay to have an odd hobby. 3. Luna Eclipsed : Princess Luna gets development, which is plain awesome. 2. The Cutie Mark Chronicles : We got to learn so much about the mane 6 here. Plus, the fillies were so cute! 1. Hearth's Warming Eve : I enjoyed learning the history of Equestria. And the play was pretty funny, too. If you can't come up with 10, just a few of your favorites will do
  15. Much like movies, books, and TV shows, Video Games also need to have a strong opening, one that will get your attention, whether it be the game's opening before the starting menu, the introduction sequence, or even just the first level, they all must do their part to inform the player what they are getting into, what should they expect, or it's just awesome enough to keep your attention, and the following 10 are the ones, I feel at least, do it the best 10) Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3: Ore Wa Tokoton Tomaranai!! Budokai 3's intro needs no introduction. While the anime sequence is great and all(heroes vs bad guys insane fights showing what DBZ is about, as well as showing how far the Budokai series has gone by showing off the new stuff they had(at the time)), 9) Call of Duty The Finest Hour: The Battle of Stalingrad Finest Hour drops you into one of the bloodiest battles of World War II unarmed, in a really crappy boat in one of the broadest rivers in the world, all while being pummeled by enemy aircrafts, . The only reason it's lower on the list is because the game itself kind of sucks, but goddamn it's worth playing just for the intro alone. 8) No More Heroes 2: Vs Skelter Helter Right off the bat No More Heroes 2 starts of with something the first game was famous for: Insane Boss fights. Games starts with a battle between Travis and Skelter Helter, a guy who's an obvious parody of Cloud and is the brother of the assassin whom Travis killed in the intro-sequence/trailer of the first game. The beginning also gives a rundown of all the game's controls in the first minute of the game in battle and ways to execute certain attacks and maneuvers, serving as a quick and simple tutorial for the game as well. Also it's accompanied with an 7) Bioshock: Welcome to Rapture Bioshock intro does an excellent job of telling players what to expect going into the game. After the plane the main character(Jack) is on crashes into the ocean, and with him being the only survivor, he swims towards a lighthouse that sends him to an underwater city known as Rapture. At first it looks amazing until you run into your first splicers and Big Daddies with in the creepy underwater city. Armed with only a wrench(though you get more weapons later), you must now venture the dark and eerie tunnels and fight off madmen in order to make it back to the surface 6) Medal of Honor Frontline: One More Soldier Reporting Sir (damn 9gag) Whereas the Finest Hour succeeded starting off with Stalingrad, Medal of Honor Frontline sure as hell succeeded starting off with the most famous battle of World War II, D-Day. Starting off with the words above, then right away pits you getting ready to storm the beach. 5) Final Fantasy X: Otherworld Final Fantasy X did what many probably never expected from a Final Fantasy game... accompanying the game's premier monster destroying the main character's hometown, which would also serve as one of the game's main goal's. To go from this to a pop concert intro in the sequel is still a huge letdown 4) Super Mario Bros.:1-1 It's 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. That's all that needs to be said 3) Megaman X: Riding on CarsCentral Highway Normally most Megaman games starts you right off by having you choose a robot master and playing their level. But with Megaman X they decided a to give you an introductory level, which still serves as one of the best intro-levels ever made, as it gives the players a perfect opportunity to experiment with whatever they have and try out many of the game's new mechanics(such as wall climbing and such), Then you run into your first boss and rival Vile, and one you cannot beat. Then when you think your screwed, your best friend Zero comes and saves you. Once you see Zero pretty much surpassing you in every way imaginable, it gives you the motivation to improve yourself in order to surpass him by the end of the game and defeat Vile 2) Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali It was really close to being number 1 but out of personal bias I had to give it number 2. Personally I consider FFVIII one of the greatest soundtracks ever made(and 2nd personal favorite game in the series right after Tactics). The intro needs no introduction, Nobuo Uematsu absolutely goes all-out with the orchestra, the game shows off it's excellent sound design and a particularly fantastic-looking FMV sequence(which is surprising considering most PS1 FMV look atrocious nowadays). It's a little silly when you find out the sword fight was a mere training sequence, but nonetheless, it's quite a way to start off your game. 1) Metal Gear Solid 3: SNAKE EATEEEEERRRR!!!!! Ayup. Unsurprising to a lot of people, I gave MGS3's intro the top spot. The intro is shown off after the failed Virtuous Mission earlier in the game. It serves as a great representation of many of the game's traits as well as an excellent homage to James Bond. All the while your still mesmerized by the the song's vocals and instruments, the theme songs also foreshadows much of the game's main plot both in the background FMV and in the song itself.
  16. 1. I blame Simon for the fact, that Sepp Blatter is still FIFA president 2. I blame Simon for System of a Down breaking up 3. I blame Simon for Michael Bay and that he still can direct movies 4. I blame Simon for John Cena being at the top for the last 10 Years 5. I blame Simon for Spike at your service, which is the worst episode in MLP history 6. I blame Simon for the bad mainstream music that we have these days 7. I blame Simon for me not being able to be with my LZRD WZRD 8. I blame Simon for all the drama that is going on in the fandom 9. I blame Simon for the gaming industry going downhill 10. I blame Simon for being Simon He's really the worst
  17. Anime is japanese animation. What defines anime that sets it apart from western animation. I feel the best way to describe anime is that it has a beautiful detailed art style and more involved stories. I don't watch anime as much as western cartoons but I'll share with you my top 10 Favorite Anime Shows. Here We Go! #10: Sonic X This is an anime based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It follows Sonic and friends who are against Dr. Eggman after the Chaos Emeralds and also meet up with a human named Chris. I haven't actually seen much of this show but I am familiar with Sonc. #9: Digimon Digimon is supposedly Pokémon's competitor but Digimon is very different from Pokémon. One difference is that the monsters don't coexist with humans like in Pokémon. The plot involves kids from a summer camp who are sent to save the digital world from evil. Again I haven't seen much of this show but it's one I'm familiar with. #8: Hamtaro Hamtaro is a pretty cute show. It follows a hamster named Hamtaro who is owned by a girl named Laura and and he goes on adventures with other hamster friends. #7: Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh is a manga series and most commonly a TCG which is actually my 2nd favorite TCG right behind Pokémon even though I haven't played or collected in a while. Throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh anime characters duel monsters like in the TCG. #6: Sailor Moon Sailor Moon follows a teenage girl named Usagi who becomes Sailor Moon a pretty soldier who is destined to save the Earth from Forces of Evil and she has a cat friend with her named Luna. #5: Dragon Ball Z Everyone loves Dragon Ball Z! It is a follow up to another anime series simply called Dragon Ball but Z is much more popular. This anime follows Goku and his friends who defend the Earth from various enemies like space fighters and magical creatures. It's got great storytelling, character development, and action. #4: Kirby Right Back At Ya! Here's yet another anime based off a game series. This show is based on the Nintendo series Kirby and follows Kirby the cute pink blob with the ability to copy abilities and he lands on a planet called Pop Star, makes friends there and are against King Dedede. About the theme song I actually really like it, it sounds so catchy. #3: Fullmetal Alchemist This anime follows Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse who lost their mother and try to resurrect her but they end up messing up their bodies and are attached to mechanical body parts and try to restore their bodies. I'd like to mention Edward Elric in the english dub is voiced by Vic Mignogna who is like the Tara Strong of anime and had played numerous anime roles and he's got an awesome voice as well. #2: Doraemon Doraemon is an anime adaptation of the children's manga series. It follows a blue robotic cat from the future named Doraemon who has a pocket filled with tons of quirky gadgets and uses them to help a kid named Noby or Nobita. It kind of reminds me of Jimmy Neutron in a way. Unlike most anime series this one is mostly comedy based and is a similar format to many western shows like Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, or Regular Show because each episode is 11 minutes long. It's got really quirky and cheesy humor but in a good way. Disney XD aired an english dub of Doraemon last year and it's actually pretty good however it lacks a lot of japanese culture which is one of the best parts of anime. And my #1 Favorite Anime show of all time is... Honorable Mentions: Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, Code Geass, Ranma 1/2, Soul Eater, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Yu Yu Hakusho, Black Lagoon, One Piece, Samurai Champloo, Gungrave, Lucky Star, Youkai Watch, InuYasha, Trigun, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure So thanks for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Anime shows. Tell me what your favorites are if you want. My next list will be my Top 10 Miscellaneous Shows which will focus on shows generally from other networks that are not Nick, CN, Disney, or Anime shows.
  18. Much like video games based on movies, games based on cartoons also have had a stigma for having....not so good games, some of which can be legendarily bad. But much like games based on movies, there are still those cartoon-based games that will break the mold and show us that there can also be good ones too. 10) Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness(Gameboy) This game really surprised me when I was a kid. Unlike most others, I actually never got a Pokemon game with my Gameboy until much later. While my top games for the system were Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda A Link's Awakening, but one other game that got as much attention as those was Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness, a surprisingly challenging platformer with various movie themed levels. I adored it, a lot. Early on, both Capcom and Konami actually had their fair share of strong licensed titles and this was one of them. 9) Goof Troop(SNES) One of Capcom's many Disney games back on the SNES, and it is also the first game designed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil franchise and the Father of Survival Horror. Basic premise is that Goofy and Max were trapped on a pirate island and you have to save Pete and PJ. What makes this action-adventure game fun is the co-op mode where one player controls Goofy and Max respectively, and co-op mode can lead to some seriously great times. Playing it alone is a lot of fun too. 8) Sailor Moon: Another Story(SNES) A game that unfortunately is Japan only, Sailor Moon Another Story is a surprisingly good JRPG. Having an original story that takes place between the 3rd and 4th story arcs, the biggest selling point(at least for me) of the game was being able to control the Sailor Senshi as much like the anime, they all have their unique abilities that make them useful depending on the situation. And there's also multiple ending encouraging replayability 7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time(SNES/Arcade) Another game from Konami's Licensed Catalog, Turtles In Time is one of the very, very few SNES arcade ports that didn't get neutered*coughfinalfightcough*. Despite not being able to play up 4-players in the SNES version, it's was actually able to add a lot to the SNES version like a couple more levels and tons of cutscenes and visuals faithful to the cartoon airing at the time. 6) Mickey Mouse's Magical Quest A Capcom platformer starring the Iconic mouse himself, it kept visuals that was some of the best on the system as well as staying true to Mickey Mouse as well as featuring some very fun and solid platforming 5) Ducktales(NES) I think the best way to describe this game is that it's basically a Megaman game if it was produced by Disney(helped by the fact that Keiji Inafune and most of the staff behind the series worked on it). It boast similar visuals, and a soundtrack and difficulty on par with Megaman. Plus Ducktales was the birth of the legendary pogo bounce. If you can there's a remake on the PCPS360U by Wayforward that's fairly faithful to the original game 4) Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube) Another game that took me by surprise. Battle for Bikini Bottom is a strong platformer in vein of Super Mario Games like SM64 or Sunshine, where you collect golden spatulas in order to unlock more levels and defeat Plankton and his robot army. Has a pretty fun physics engine, tons of references to past episodes(back when the show was still good), and excellent use of the 3 characters Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy. The Spongebob Movie game is also pretty similar and just as good 3) South Park: The Stick of Truth(Xbox360/PS3/PC) What makes South Park The Stick of Truth so memorable to fans is that it is a South Park episode in almost every single way. The humor, the visuals, the voice actors are very true to the series. Tons of fanservice and being an overall fun RPG makes this game a favorite for fans as well as being a solid RPG 2) Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 First off, DAT THEME SONG. That said Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 is both a great love letter to fans and a solid fighter. It marks a high point in the Budokai series by getting rid of some of the fluff the first two games had, having a giant roster, and having tons of content that keeps you going. The movesets are much more manageable to make the game more balanced than the past games(though admittedly it's still unbalanced) and the Dragon Universe lets you play through the main story(as well as some movies) with multiple characters(though it's still a step down from Budokai 1's story mode). It also has a fairly large roster(at the time) featuring characters from every saga, as well as the movies and even a couple from GT and the original Dragonball. Also, again, DAT THEME SONG before I get to no.1, here are some honorable mentions, either because I never got to play them(but other people liked them) or because they just missed the mark: Honorable mentions: The Simpsons Arcade game the Sailor Moon Arcade game X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2 Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers The Spongebob Movie Futurama The Simpsons Game Kim Possible What's the Switch Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law a Megas XLR game that'll never happen a decent Friendship is Magic game that'll never happen 1) The Simpson Hit and Run(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube/PC) When I say this is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games ever...I mean it. While it was a blatant GTA clone(much like how Road Rage=Crazy Taxi, and Skateboarding=Tony Hawk), one thing Hit and Run did what the other two failed to do was copy everything that made the original game good. While obviously the gratuitous violence isn't there, it's still a GTA clone, but a very excellent one. The game has it's own charm and fun that makes it stand out. The gameplay and car controls feel surprisingly great, missions are fun and diverse, exploring Springfield is a blast and the fanservice is glorious. If you love the Simpsons, or just GTA-style games, and haven't tried this game yet, you are doing yourself a huge disservice Also the soundtrack is excellent, which is something I don't say to most licensed game's OST EDIT: I'm pretty sure if I remade this list, Transformers Devastation would be no.1. Sorry, I still can't shut up about that game
  19. Because I realize my iPod is mainly video game OSTs, I decided to make a list of my personal favorites OSTs. 10) Dynasty Warriors 3 As odd as it sounds to have ancient Chinese warriors fighting each other to loud Japanese rock music, it works very well. The Dynasty Warriors series usually does a good job having the music blend with the intense action of hack-n-slashing swaths of enemies, but Dynasty Warriors 3 is the cream of the crop. My favorite soundtracks here are , , , , and 9) Call of Duty 3 - Joel Goldsmith(RIP) I remember when I first booted up the game on the Wii(yes I got CoD3 for the Wii and enjoyed it, sue me) and just hearing Sometimes I'd just sit at the menu for minutes on end just to listen to it. Made even more epic was when that same theme would come back in the end of the final mission. Of course there are tons of great tunes in this game like , , and . It's still one of my favorite WWII themed soundtracks ever, only beaten by one other game... 8) Medal of Honor Frontline - Michael Giacchino Composed by the same guy responsible for UP, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, Medal of Honor Frontline is another great addition to his work. Stand outs in this one include , , , and 7) Marvel Vs Capcom - Capcom Sound Team The musicians at Capcom were usually geniuses when it came to their older style of music when it came to their arcade fighters. It was disappointing to see the second game set to smooth and slow jazz music(for a fast-paced fighting game '-_-) especially coming off the heels of the first game's OST. It did a great job of finding fitting themes for all the characters whether it'd be based off older games or based off the characters. Favorites include , , , , , and 6) Persona 3 - Shoji Meguro High School, Teenagers, and Pop Music is usually a recipe for disaster but holy shit does Persona 3 subvert and completely curb stomp that trope. Persona 3 has the kind of music you either be walking around school too, driving to, or just use to sit down and chill. Some of my favorite songs here are Mass Destruction, Burn My Dread, I Want to Be Close, Iwatodai Dorm, and 5) No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Akira Yamaoka No More Heroes 2 was really something. The first game's soundtrack was already awesome, but the second game managed to top it in almost every way, while at the same time it manages to be as batshit insane as the game itself. . Other great songs include , , , and 4) Super Smash Bros Series - Various Composers Yes I'm putting the entire series into this category as they usually bring back 90% of the soundtracks from the previous games into the next one. In short, if your a Nintendo fan(and Nintendo makes fantastic music), then you better make sure you have this in your music device, as it has a plethora of music from nearly every single Nintendo franchise(including some third parties like Sonic, Pac-Man, Megaman, and Metal Gear). Too many favorites to choose from, but some from the top of my head are Fountain of , , , , , , , Gerudo Valley(Smash 4), and 3) Metal Gear Solid - TAPPY There's something about the heavy sound of MGS's soundtrack that makes it so memorable for me. Every theme fits its scenario to a tee, from the slower sneaking parts to the adrenaline pumping fighting moments. And boy songs like , , , , , , and of course the game's 2) Final Fantasy VIII - Nobou Uematsu It was hard for me to pick which Final Fantasy OST should go over here, but if I had to pick just ONE OST to stick with forever, I would definitely go with Final Fantasy VIII. Seriously it's hard to beat a first impression like . To go along with it, I'd consider the game's boss theme, , to be the best one ever. And lets not forget , , , , , , , , and . Regardless of your feelings towards the game, the game has an amazing soundtrack, and honestly, if your not even gonna give its OST props, then you are, quite frankly, fucking insane. 1) Megaman X - Capcom Sound Team Kinda feels weird to give to the No.1 spot to a 16-bit game after praising the hole bejeebus out of fully orchestrated OSTs. It may be my love for rock music. Megaman X is not only my favorite game OST, it's my favorite OST ever, which is saying a lot considering Juggernauts like Star Wars and Disney movies. Nearly every single song in this game I find memorable and has a place in my heart. , , , , , , , ...Jesus the list goes on. Hell even the . All of the soundtracks above I hold in such high regard, but Megaman X has the biggest spot in my heart
  20. Last time I made a list of my Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows. Now I will do the same for Cartoon Network. Now Cartoon Network has put out some really good creative stuff over the years even though they have put out some crap cartoons and live action shows. So I will present to you my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of all Time Here We Go! #10: Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy This show follows a silly boy named Billy, a serious girl named Mandy, who become friends with the Grim Reaper and have quirky adventures in their town or different environments. And there are several monsters like Dracula and Boogey Man. #9: Chowder This is an interesting quirky show. It follows a critter named Chowder who is an apprentice for a chef named Mung Daal and helps him out. Pretty much most of the plots and themes are food based. #8: Ed, Edd, n Eddy This show follows 3 adolescent boys named Ed, Edd and Eddy with different personalities. And do some wierd quirky stuff that most teens like to do. I never really cared for the characters just the humor. #7: Steven Universe This show follows a boy named Steven who is a Crystal Gem which are intergalactic warriors who protect the world from evil. Believe it or not, I actually saw this show when it premiered in November 2013 before I even saw FiM. But I didn't fall in love with this show because it didn't relate to me enough which is why it's lower on my list. I noticed this show really took off in March of this year. I'm not exactly sure why, it became super popular overnight and I saw this over a year before that. I don't love this show but I do like it. Plus I also like the N64, Gamecube, Cloud, Pikachu, and Sonic references in it. #6: Amazing World of Gumball This show follows a cat named Gumball, has a goldfish friend named Darwin, and has several quirky adventures in his daily life. This show is unique in that it uses multiple animation styles all in one show, and it's got some really unique humor. It's a show that clearly doesn't take itself seriously. #5: Dexter's Laboratory The first Cartoon Cartoon follows a boy named Dexter who is a boy genius with a secret lab with several inventions. He also has a hyperactive sister named Dee Dee who usually breaks into Dexter's lab and a rival named Mandark. #4: Adventure Time Before I got into FiM, I was really big into Adventure Time. This show follows a human boy named Finn and a magic Dog named Jake who have adventures in a post-apocalyptic land named Ooo which has a lot of strange creatures and places. One thing really cool about this show is how expansive it is. And it also has a fantasy setting to it but doesn't take itself seriously. #3: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This show is about a boy named Mac in a world where humans and imaginary friends coexist and Mac has an imaginary friend blob named Bloo and they also interact with other quirky imaginary friends. #2: Powerpuff Girls This show follows 3 supergirls Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles who fight evil, crime, and other problems facing Townsville. I usually don't care for superhero shows but this is one of the closest shows to superhero shows that I enjoy, and find the girls very relatable. There's a reboot coming out but I'm not excited for that. What do this show and Foster's have in common? Both are made by Craig McCracken and most of the staff that worked on these shows would later work on FiM including Lauren Faust. And my #1 Favorite Cartoon Network show of All Time is... Honorable Mentions: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Codename: Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Total Drama, Megas XLR, Sonic Boom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of All Time. Tell me what your favorites are if you want. Next list will be My Top 10 Disney Shows of all Time.
  21. Nickelodeon. Quite possibly the most popular kids network of all time. While not one of my favorites and even though they have kind of gone downhill, I have some favorite shows from Nickelodeon that I want to talk about. So I present to you my Top 10 Favorite Nickelodeon Shows of All Time. Here We Go! #10: iCarly I actually think this is a good sitcom. It follows a girl named Carly who makes a comedy webshow called iCarly and this show also follows her daily life. And it's got funny humor too. I liked this show but I felt like this was the beginning where Nickelodeon went down the path that they are at right now because this show is related to webshows and they are pandering to the online age and putting internet series on TV. #9: Drake & Josh This is my favorite live action show on Nickelodeon. It follows step brothers Drake & Josh who have adventures in typical but humorous sitcom adventures. #8: Rocko's Modern Life This show follows a Kangaroo named Rocko and his friends Heffer, Filburt, and Spunky and follows his quirky life in O-Town. #7: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius This show follows a boy named Jimmy a boy genius and has an interest in science. He makes several gadgets but most of them get abused and don't end up working. #6: Rugrats This show is about babies named Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and eventually Dil and Kimi who are mostly in the home and usually do stuff babies aren't supposed to do. And there is Angelica who is a spoiled brat. #5: Fairly Odd Parents This show follows an average kid named Timmy and has fairies Cosmo and Wanda (and eventually Poof and Sparky ) who wishes for stuff he wants or to improve his life. And there is also Vicky his bad babysitter and Crocker who wants Timmy's Fairies. Similar to FiM this is a show about fairies that doesn't pander to girls and is more widely accepted probably because there are average kids in it and it wasn't in a franchise that used to pander. I'll admit I think the modern episodes aren't very good and I felt Poof and Sparky were just ways to increase the lifespan of this show. And I think modern Fairly Odd Parents is worse than modern Spongebob. But I still enjoyed this show back then. #4: Hey Arnold! This show follows an average kid named Arnold who follows his daily life as a kid. This show is really unique in that it doesn't focus too much on comedy and has some slice of life moments and some deep storytelling as well. #3: Invader Zim This show follows an alien named Zim and tries to take over the world through several different plans and inventions. The humor is really unique and clever and this show was really overlooked. #2: Blue's Clues Blue's Clues is my favorite preschool show of all time. This show follows Steve his dog Blue they play a game called Blue's Clues to figure out an answer for instance they find out what Blue wants to have for snack. The show's concept is brilliant and well thought out and the lessons it teaches are excellent. I grew up with this show when I was a kid and it was just incredible. And my #1 favorite Nick show of all time is... Honorable Mentions: Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Angry Beavers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Chalkzone, Harvey Beaks, Danny Phantom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Nick shows of all time. Tell me what your favorites are. My next list will be my Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows.
  22. While I use a PC primarily for work, web browsing, and video editing, I also play games on it too even though I mostly play Nintendo. PC isn't my favorite game platform but there are several games I enjoy playing on PC so I want to share them with you! So I present to you my top 10 favorite PC games of all time. Here We Go! #10: Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo In this game you play as a purple car and you go around and you help animals get back to their exhibits in the zoo. This is really fun because it feels like playing a cartoon and has some fun things to click on. And this was made by Humongous Entertainment who makes really good cartoon quality games on PC. Fantastic game and story. #9: Freddi Fish 4 In this game you play as yellow and green fish in a similar world to Spongebob and you go around in a western theme trying to find out who stole the hogfish. You find wrestler costume parts throughout this game. But my favorite part about it is the gum part where you can just keep swallowing gum and get funny lines and you can do that over and over again for hours if not days of fun. #8: Freddi Fish 3 Yes I actually like the 3rd Freddi Fish game better than the 4th. I just like the theme better and like the extra features better. This time you look for 3 golden pipes to make the conch shell work. I also think this one is just fun to explore. And there is also this neat puzzle game as well. #7: Blue's Clues Blue's Birthday Adventure Blue's Clues was one of my favorite childhood shows and Humongous Entertainment made a surprisingly great adventure game based on the birthday episode but better. This game has a lot of fun surprises like growing vegetables, making cake, pizza and so much more. #6: Spy Fox in Dry Cereal It's not Star Fox, it's Spy Fox. I actually haven't finished this game yet because I got stuck in this one part. Anyway this is a really fun game where you play as a fox and you go around looking for clues. It also has a card game and submarine game included as well. And you can even surf the oceans in this game too. #5: Pajama Sam What an excellent game. You play as a cool blue kid named Sam who can't get to sleep so he goes into his closet to vanquish Darkness. But he gets his equipment stolen and needs to get them back before he can face Darkness. This game has a fun world to explore including a river, mines, a huge treehouse etc. And you also have a few mini games including a quiz, mine cart game, and Cheese & Crackers which plays like Tic Tac Toe. Excellent quality with this one #4: Pajama Sam 3 The 3rd Pajama Sam game is my favorite however because I enjoy the world more and find it more colorful. You play as Sam looking for conference members which represent the food groups. There is also this skiing mini game, and bean mini game as well. Another great cartoon quality game from Humongous Entertainment. #3: Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 In this game you get to build your own theme parks and as a kid I thought it was so fun. I had fun getting more profits in this game and building my own rides, and building a huge theme park. One thing I liked about the first and second games compared to the third one is the colorful detailed 2d graphics. I didn't like the 3d graphics of the 3rd game. #2: Pokémon Trading Card Game Online This might be the only online game I like or even care for. This is an online version of the Pokémon TCG since it's my favorite card game and playing it on the PC is very ideal for me. This is the Gameboy Color game times a zillion. You can even buy actual Pokémon booster packs and use codes to redeem them for online packs. This is really addicting. #1: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 I loved the first RCT but this sequel managed to improve without taking out anything I loved about the first game. It keeps the 2d graphics of the original but updated, new ride types, scenery, scenario editor, and best of all the inclusion of Six Flags parks and rides. I mean that alone makes this my favorite game in the series. I've had so much fun with this game and if you've never played it try it. It's really cheap on Steam. In fact I got Steam just for this and RCT1. Thanks for reading my Top 10 Favorite PC games of all time!