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Found 11 results

  1. Let me know what do you think?
  2. Trilby owns a hat/clothes shop and this is it's design: I don't know what tiles I would use but This is just the general idea. I felt like if I added the changing rooms on the first floor, it would be too clustered. Here are all Streets Named SO FAR: I am thinking of adding streets named after the pillars and the founders of Equestria. Also there will be one called Full Moon, Eclipsed, Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight. There are some roads that used to be one but over time of deteriorating becomes separate. When I asked about any lakes/ponds Samurai Equine (who from this point on will be noted as SEq) also said and quote So those will be added soon.
  3. Here was the description I got from Samurai Equine: And Windy Breeze pointed out how Sundea Delight had her own Polar as well. This was my response in paper: I made many main streets and side streets. I didn't start naming them until recent but as I was drawing the streets, I was having the urge grow. I also made the ratio 1:6 here. I tried skipping to making the Town Center. It is a magic thing that changes to what ever the town needs but it was a failure because while I can think in 3D I can not draw what I had wanted. This was what I made: I sorta based it on the Crystal Heart due to it's magical nature but my failure to make it clear in my 2D drawing made me put it aside for now. At this point I had to make it clear, there are far more buildings and such that have yet to be marked. There are both small and big buildings unnoted. I began designing some of the houses/buildings we do have noted like the Icecream Parlor and Trilby's house. The Ratio here is 1:1 Soon Samurai wanted me to move the house and I realized the problem with paper. While it is good for planing, any adjustments would need another sheet and instead of redrawing everything for just one edit, I began making digital ones: I said this with these images: So this is everything so far. I will still make paper updates before transferring them to digital to make them easier for myself. I plan to plot this out as best I can before starting to build it. There is a lot to this but I am excited. I hope to update soon.
  4. Richville Richville is home to 5,897 Equestrians. It is also home to small minorities the biggest is the zebras while the others are horses (Dead Equestria, Dead Zone: Richville), bat ponies, and a few changelings and griffons. Location: The town is located north of Foal mountains, 34 percent of the town was built on a hillside. Notable Events: Rainbow Flower Outbreak/Equestrian Pandemic: It is the first town to succumb to the outbreak and most of population are killed except for the 493 survivors. Notable Residents: Blue Wings, Crystal Wishes, Sword Slasher, White Wheat, Mayor Blossomheart, Sunnyshine, Iron Wary, Farmer Grape seeds, and Fruity Vine. Other Notable Characters (NOT residents): Golden Trade, and Sparkle Guide. Trivia: the town was isolated from all of Equestria until Sombra's invasion. Blue Wings is a Wonderbolt cadet. The town has it's own celebration: The festivals of the harvests The town is surrounded by several farms. The first concept art is based on the design of the town of Ponyville. Note: I will add more farms.
  5. Hello all Since the fandom in the town of Bydgoszcz is preparing to hold a locac Christmas brony meet-up, I was requested to prepare a promo poster for this event. The pony presented on the picture is Princess Kujavia who is the official mascot of the Bronies Bydgoszcz fandom group. The main attraction of the event will be making Xmas hats for MLP plushies in a nice before Christmas atmosphere. My poster for the event without the text. Enjoy
  6. I just recently got Flower Town for the 3DS Mii Plaza, because I had $10 to blow and Retro-City Rampage was slightly out of pricing. (Stupid Wisconsin and it's Digital taxing.) I've already grown somewhere around 13 plants, and am working on getting all the breeds. I already have some ideas of the flowers I want to get and am working on that. I've had it for about 2 days. The game is surprisingly complex, with loads of different flowers of varying colors, blooms, stems and leaves to cross breed together with. Not to mention everything looks pretty. So yeah, uh, Flower Town thread I guess? I just needed to vent my addictions. White Hogsmile: Red Sedalia:
  7. Has anyone on this forum heard of Toontown? For me, it has been the game that I've been playing the most. For those who don't know, Toontown is an online game where a league of robotic businessmen are attacking the world of Toontown and ruining all of the toons' fun. You, as a toon, have to take them out, using seven different types of gags, Toon-up, Trap, Lure, Sound, Throw, Squirt, and Drop. Most of the game is based off of characters created by Disney. In the game, my character's name is Sir Fritz Fumbleklunk, a blue cat with a golfing hat. If anyone wants to give me your name and a district where we can meet, that would be awesome. I've also thought of a neat story involving Toontown...
  8. I only just realized something. Since the ruler of an entire land is now only a director for a school, who does lead the land that the equestrian humans live in? Is there some sort of president or king for the land? Also, is the land's name still "Equestria?" What is the name of the town the school is in? There are so many things that can be asked about what may or may not be outside of Canterlot High. When one only reveals a minuscule amount of information in a new dimension, I have to wonder what else there is. What do you think?
  9. Alright. It's for my own amusement, but I just need all the towns and cities that exist in Equestria. I figured it fit in Show Discussion because it's still about MLP itself. I'm asking here because I'm not convinced mlpwiki has all of them in place.
  10. Guest

    Gaming Gmod-TTT

    Just wondering if anypony else out there was a fan of Trouble In Terrorist Town, a module for Garry's Mod? If you are, share any awesome experiences you have had, cool stories, possible brony encounters, want to vent about something annoying about it, or anything else you might wish to share. If you don't know what it is you should, it is quite entertaining!