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Found 48 results

  1. Say, if your collection of pony and EqG-related toys -- from plushies to dolls and blind bag figurines -- all came to life, and started behaving, moving, and even speaking on their own (like in Toy Story, except in any time, even when you are present), what would you do? For me, I would favour the toys that are based on Gilda, Double Diamond, Trouble Shoes, Rarity or Pinkie or pony Shimmy or pitiful Rainbow Dash, and Flam.
  2. I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread. This also includes any merchandise you recived as gift. Here's what I just bought today. These are the only new toys my Walmart has right now. I'm planning on going to Target and Toys R Us some time this week to see what they have.
  3. I recently found a catnip farm not too far from my place. They are a completely natural and pesticide free farm so I bought a whole bunch for my kitties. I even made this banana toy with the nip! I sewn the whole thing by hand with pet friendly felt. My cats loved it! I'm gonna make more to trade with other pet owners. I love it when I discover new/high quality supplies for art. I should totally make a beef shaped toy. Lol
  4. Blind bag ponies have always been the brushables' smaller-but-cooler cousins and were even the first MLP toyline to include male ponies. But until the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection in 2016, the only Cutie Mark Crusader we had was Apple Bloom (not counting Babs Seed). Scoots and Sweetie weren't even in the Class Of Cutie Marks Set, Ponyville Newsmaker Set or Pony Lessons Set, taking a back seat to side foals Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Twist, Snips and Snails. Something very fishy is going on here that we don't know about. Hmm...
  5. So just a short question: What is with the rainbow wings on Twilight? Given I've seen them only in this youtube with the animation very much looking into the movie style also. Are we getting a new movie? Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. So...played this gem of a song from the Pixar classic "Toy Story". It was a very fun piece to play yet emotional at the same time. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. With the closing of the Toys R Us website, it was obvious that the most recent Derpy Hooves brushable in the Friendship Festival Fun pack(Containing a whopping 12 Ponies, including the Mane 6) would go up in price(Hell, the whole set can cost around $120 on eBay). As a result, Derpy is once again without a single brushable available on retail shelves(The Wonderbolt one was the last one we had, followed by the 2013 Toys R Us Friendship Collection set 2 and the SDCC Derpy). Which begs the question: Will there be another Brushable Derpy? Or rather, will there be an individual one that doesn't come with any other pony, and is not a Convention exclusive figure?
  8. What are your thoughts on the new Equestria Girls Mini Chibi figures? I really like the looks of these so far. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are probably my favorites, though I love how expressive Pinkie is. Do you guys think these will replace the minis, or will these be their own thing? Can't wait for the Sunset Shimmer one to be announced. Link to the article
  9. Say, Hasbro sells MLP at Country X, whose people consider gryphons as sacred animals in their religion. As a result, many customers from that country (not just little girls and their parents, and any local bronies and pegasisters) go to toy stores all over Country X to buy any sets with Gilda figures, to use these plastic images of that particular she-gryphon as idols to worship their gods. How would Hasbro react to its customers, from that particular country, treating some of its toys like religious items? Would Hasbro stop selling the worshipped toys to preserve its secular image, or to avoid religious controversies? Or would Hasbro not only continue selling the worshipped toys, but also theme those toys after the customers' culture and folktales? Or even use this unusual tradition to promote an event influenced by Country X's local traditions, to promote their toys and entertain their customers?
  10. So as you are aware, we have this Target special called "The Toycracker," which is now on its Youtube Channel Apparently, Pinkie Pie and Rarity(in Toy form) make a minor appearance. But it sounds like Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain were voicing them both for the special. Is this true? And if so, who voices the other characters(Kelly Sheridan as Barbie maybe?)
  11. Hi friends! We love mlp dolls and collectibles and want to test our fellow fan base to see if you can name these MLP Minis! The madness all takes place at the Toy City Adventures channel - Thanks for watching - brony 4 life!
  12. I bought one of the Funrise brand Rarity plush toys with shoestring hair a week ago and today the paint/vinyl had scraped off the eyes, leaving them blank white. I bought a Funrise Vinyl Scratch three years ago and still have it and so far none of the paint has scrapped off the glasses. Anyone else have any issues?
  13. Oh, man. This one brings me back. I like to consider this story as my "true" brony origin story as it was the first time I "crossed the line" and wasn't planning on going back. Certainly, I have another story where I "officially" discovered MLP, but I like to call this one the superior. The day was October 11th, 2015 and I had finally finished watching Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In all honesty, I thought it was a bit bland and I was eagerly waiting for the suspense of Season 2 after hearing all the talk about Discord and other events that took place. Now, I wanted to really, truly enjoy MLP for what it was and without criticism or spoilers from anyone. I knew Twilight grew wings at one point, and I knew about Discord. But that was it. I went so far as to avoid clop that had Twilight's wings so I could avoid a spoiler. Looking back, I'm glad I did. I later found that second season to be tremendous; it was something I hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunatly, by the time I'd finished Season 1, a little ticking clock slowly grew in my head; and, just as Hasbro intended, I suddenly wanted merch. Now, I was always a fan of plushies. In fact, when I was 10, I used to make movies with them! So me buying a few horses from the local walmart would create no suspicion whatsoever... well... at least that's how I think now. Those early months of a Brony's life are mostly about tip-toeing and sneaking around corners like some kind of spy, and this was especially true with me. I felt I'd be disowned if my parents ever found out. Of course, I had my arguments to defend myself all lined up like some kind of defence force, but I really didn't want it to come to that. I rationalized for about an hour, constantly telling myself that if I did buy this plush, there would be no going back. There'd be no returning to a state of loneliness. I'd be stuck in the Brony Fandom until the end of its days. I shrugged it off and went to buy it anyway. It was 12.95, and I was returned, what I call, "Hasbro's Mighty Nickel". Seriously, am I the only one who is always returned a nickel? Anyway, the time was about 3:20 and I needed the extra time to... scale my building. Yeah, I scaled my building for the means of a 13 dollar plush. Maybe not the best rationality, but at the time, I can see why it was the only available option. I think the worst thing about this story, was that I had to do everything all over again because I found a Rarity Plush hiding behind the nightmare-fuel Rainbow Rocks dolls. It was another 13 bucks, but it was totally worth it. About a week later, my mom was digging through my room and found my Rarity sitting on the bed. She came downstairs and asked me about it, but I just shrugged and told her I picked it up a month ago. She believed me, but my Brony secret didn't last very long. I had to tell her because I was aiming on getting the Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle plushies and I needed the "waterways" unlocked so I could order online. I told both my parents months later; after I'd collected four of the seven. Wow, that's my longest blog! Congrats, me! Lesson of today is to swim. Yes, swim gud. -RealityPublishing
  14. Since 2012, Hasbro has provided Generation 4 My Little Pony Exclusives at Comic-Con. But with Comic-Con 2016 coming up, I figured I talk about a few things 1) This one is the obvious one. But what will be this year's San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive My Little Pony figures? And not just the main toys, but also the Equestria Girls toys and even(For the first time ever) the Guardians of Harmony Toys? In 2012, we had Derpy Hooves In 2013, a DJ-Pon 3 with Swarvoski Crystals on her glasses(Twilight later got one of her own) In 2014, The Mane-Iac got two Exclusives. One was a Pony version of her with Spike the Dragon. Another was her in the Equestria Girls outfit And last year, we had Chicken Pinkie Pie for Ponies and Sci-Twi for Equestria Girls 2) I've also attached a Poll to this topic: What is the best San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive figure for My Little Pony? 3) Finally, if you have any of the SDCC Exclusives, feel free to post a picture of them. Here's my collection of MLP Comic-Con toys. Sorry for the horrible lighting. XP
  15. Post a photo of a random plush that you own.
  16. The kendama. What is usually made of wood and string was once a huge trend in schools back somewhere in 2014 to mid 2015, as I remember. You may have never seen a kendama at your school before, or almost everyone has 'em. Do you have one? Post it. Any videos of you showing off your skillz? Post 'em. This is your go-to place when you master a trick or when you just got one with a rainbow ball at Walgreens. I bought this one at a carnival that happened at school yesterday, I got it because I wanted to apologize to my sister for trading the kendama she bought me for PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures for the xBox 360. I decided to draw the face of our beloved yellow circle on the ball, cuz why not.
  17. I hope this won't get moved from the movie section, as this is more about how the toys will influence the movie than the actual toys THEMSELVES. Specifically, what do you think the toy theme for the movie will be? Given how huge the movie is going to be, its highly doubtful they're going to just slap some extra cutie marks on them like rainbow power or Cutie mark magic and call it a day. So what style/theme do you think the toys and the movie toyline will be about? Now, what's significant here is that the toys and the show are a two way street: They each influence each other, Usually. like for example we got rainbow power for Season 4 toys and we got a meta-arc leading up to the box and rainbow power. Hasbro wanted a giant deluxe Twilight doll for the Friendship games toyline, they gave us midnight sparkle. Ect. So what do you think will go on with the movie? They will most likely want to do deluxe toys for each of the mane six rather than just make an applejack toy without any changes and stamp "Movie edition" on it, and if they make a deluxe toy they'll have to have the characters in the movie, at some point, alter their appearance to advertise those toys as tie ins. Do you see them making the mane six dress up in armor or special gear for the movie, ala Guardians of harmony? Super forms of some type for characters ala rainbow power? Ect.?
  18. Hey guys! So here's a thing: Not to waste your time - my boyfriend and i made this plushie Vinyl (It was mostly my bf work). She likes to lie on coach or under the blankets and her hair is so soft, i can comb it all my life And I think thats good but what r u guys thinking ab it? c: Thanks for comments \\0 P.S. She is on eBay already and we hope that she will be purchased by someone with golden heart and caring hands :3
  19. The same official German MLP which announced Flurry Heart, the supposed name of Cadance and Shining Armor, revealed a due to September toy set of the Crystal Empiyah. Sadly, no images yet, but I'll keep this updated once something else comes Alongside the second sneak peek of S6, and Princess McFlurry, we now got pics of the set, which couldn't leave behind the new death by diabeetus incarnate
  20. Hi =)=)=)=)=)=) do you play with your pony toys =)=)=)=)=)=)=)? or pony merchandise =)=)=)=)=)=)=) If you play what kind of play you do =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) I play that Rarity was with the ponies =)=)=)=)=) then she found these jewels =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) but the big dragon was there =)=)=)=) protecting the jewels =)=)? Then the mane 6 ponies fight the evil dragon and get the jewel so Rarity can make the beautiful dresses for all ponies =)=)=)=) YAY
  21. Sooo, I've been working on this for a little bit, and she's juuust about ready for posing, painting, all that fun stuff. I've been thinking about uploading to shapeways to be a 3d print there! What do you guys think?
  22. This is a thread dedicated to remote controlled objects. Whether it is a drone, rc car, boat, helicopter, plane and etc. It can be hobby grade or toys, doesn't matter. Personally I have a couple of remote controlled boats. I feel they're the most durable, I also have ordered a drone which has yet to come though will be fun as well. Here's a picture of one of my boats, it's a Ft009. Good boat and a lot of fun, feel free to share pictures of yours as well. Whether it's your own picture or really just any discussion regarding the hobby.
  23. Have 3 Blind Bag Ponies – (Left to Right) Sunshower Raindrops, Strawberry Sunrise, Snipsy Snap. First to PM me with a mailing address gets all three. I’ll pay postage, just don’t want to toss ‘em. We have a winner! Silver Letter was first to respond.
  24. Hello, everypony look what I've found yesterday at DOLLARTREE something almost like a Rubix Cube called a Lazer Magic Cube it's 20% COOLER in Rainboom colors and it's larger then the Rubix Cube itself enjoy !