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Found 164 results

  1. I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread. This also includes any merchandise you recived as gift. Here's what I just bought today. These are the only new toys my Walmart has right now. I'm planning on going to Target and Toys R Us some time this week to see what they have.
  2. Should there be a lego mlp set? I personally would love it (I'm a huge fan of legos), but what you you guys think?
  3. Hey guys check it out. I heard this on the news this morning. My Little Pony toys are one of the finalists to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at Here's the link to the ballot with all the finalists: Naturally, you should pick your favorite, even if it's not MLP. But I know who I'm voting for, and I figured my fellow bronies would want the chance to vote too. EDIT: Side note. It’s one vote PER DAY. So feel free to keep coming back!
  4. Post pictures of your pony merch. It doesn't matter if it's official or fan-made, clothing or toys. Show us what you've got! Here's my current collection.
  5. Today went to Target go more Bakugan rpg toys found two new ones and the upgraded Pegatrix Ultra,( aurelus) Gillator (pyro) and Eenochs (dark)
  6. A collection focus is when you decide to mostly collect a certain character or type of toy, like a plushie. So, does anybody else here have a focus? If so, what do you have? I've got a Rainbow Dash focus, and have 4 figures and 5 plushies!
  7. Doesn't need to have anything to do with ponies... My largest collection are my baseball cards: Around 10,000 since I stopped counting My Pony Collection: 0, still havn't gotten my hands on a pony item.
  8. Anypony been able to find My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle in any stores? Not a big fan of ordering online, to many bad experiences.
  9. What is the best MLP Merch? You have have or you wanted?
  10. I know there's a pretty large group of people here who collect the MLP merchandise and toys, but are there any other toys that any of you collect or have a fondness for? Me, personally, I've always adored the cutesy 80's/early 90's toys. I have a small collection of Polly Pockets amassed from my childhood, and I think I still have a tub of old Littlest Pet Shops. I've also been considering collecting some of the old Popples, Rainbow Brites and Care Bears.
  11. I don't know if there's a thread for this or not but I'm wondering if there's anyone else who's big into toy collecting as a hobby. I used to fancy myself a big time 1/6 (GI Joe size) figure collector until the market got too expensive. I have a pretty extensive collection of GI Joe size figures (although now they're all sitting in boxes) from various companies like Sideshow, Hasbro, Dragon etc. I've also got a pretty decent collection of those fancy MLP "fan series" sculptures like Discord and Chrysalis (as well as a few decent plushies). Anyone else here a toy collector?
  12. I don't know if there's a thread on this already but I'm starting to rack up a bit of a plushy collection and most of 'em are of good quality. The Funrise plushies seem to be the most basic. I bought a Rarity only to have her eyes scrape off in the wash (it was creepy). I have two 4th Dimension plushies (Dr. Whooves and Trixie) and they're practically top notch custom quality. I also have a bootleg Chrysalis from the infamous Only Factory who apparently steals custom designs. So any thoughts on who makes the best/worst plush toys?
  13. Hey all! Man it's been a while since I've posted here I was wondering where you all go to get your pony supplies online. Living in Canada it's all but impossible to find any MLP stuff besides the mane 6 (- fluttershy) 2" figs or the standard brushables. I'm talking about Brony shirts, bags, posters, customs and the blind bag figures such as Lyra and Carrot Top, and the new 3-piece sets. Ebay is a decent place to shop, and I know Amazon has a high reputation (I've never used it before) but it can be tricky to narrow down your searches to find exactly what you want. When I run the search on Amazon for instance, it doesn't show half the stuff that I know they do sell through other links I've encounters (such as on the sidebar of EqD). So I'm wondering if anyone has a good site they like to go to for all their pony needs? I really need to finish my blind bag collection Thanks!
  14. Sometime int he future, I am thinking of getting the Equestria Girls Minis Movie Set. But while it's available at Toys R us in the original packaging for $40(Before Tax and Shipping), I realize that they sell the same thing at Amazon for the same price(Minus the Shipping). The key difference? They are not in the Standard Packaging and are only available in a Cardboard Box of some sorts. HEre's the link for anyone who's curious. The pricier version has the standard packaging that you would see at Toys R Us. Now the big question is: Should I get the figure set in this kind of packaging, or buy it at Toys R Us in the original packaging?
  15. What do you guys think are the best and worst Pop Figures? For best I'm going to go with the Adventure Times ones, because I think the art style of the show matches the pop figures quite nicely. The Overwatch ones look really good too. Especially Dva. For worst looking, I'm going to go with Bojack Horseman, Donkey from Shrek, Dory, or Doghan from Valerian.
  16. You may have seen these earlier in derpibooru, but there's coming a new line of cute chibi horses (and at least two chibi humans as well) I want that Cewestia
  17. Hi everypony, I was wondering what different forms of MLP merchandise everypony has been enjoying lately? Unlike many I actually love how the new brushable ponies look, even better than before! What do you guys think?
  18. So on a Portugal FB page there are crafts of the mane six... I decided to download them, bring one into edit them around and make the true heroes of MLP (imo)..
  19. I'm very picky when it comes to plushies. However, I found one today that really changed my thought pattern on how I buy them. Meet Donatsu!!! He's a donut kitty! He's from a company called TokiDoki which makes really good plush characters. I named him after the Japanese word for donut. What about you guys? Show and tell about your plushies!
  20. So I only really collect the Guardians of Harmony range in terms of merch, and I had a few questions regarding them! I'd love to have the mane six, and of course they've done everyone but Rarity as far as I know! Do you think a Rarity will be made?? And also what do you think are the chances of us getting a general release Fluttershy? I know she came in the SDCC set, but I want one I can debox, I wouldn't feel right deboxing her from that gorgeous packaging! Also; who would you like to see made into these kinds of figures?? I'd personally love to see articulated figure versions of Celestia, Luna, Nightmare moon etc (and maybe a discord but he'd need to be immensely articulated haha) Aside from them I'd love to see; - A cutie mark crusader three pack - Big Mac (either in a two pack with Granny Smith or with a vehicle playset? Like a wagon?) - Cadance (and flurryheart?? hehe) - Zecora! - Gilda! -Palace guards (Luna's and Celestia' building maybe?)
  21. Look what I found on Derpibooru. Granted, they didn't source the leaks, so these may or may not be fake.
  22. Surprising no one, its rarity, twilight and pinkie pie leading the pack for first movie toys out. Also not surprising, they're toys of them transformed into Seaponies, like the russian conference leaked. but at least its confirmed official here.
  23. Hello! Welcome to my EQG Minis Review blog! Let me know what to review next! Okay, so on Saturday, Kmart was having a closing sale. Everything was 70 to 90% OFF! Being myself, I found the EQG Minis Canterlot High set! (Basically the dance) The original price was 19.99, but with he sale, it was 5 DOLLARS! I freaking RAN with it. Plus, Kmart was almost EMPTY. When I got home, I had some help from my mother to get all the stuff out. The set included.. - 1 EQG Minis Twilight - 20+ accessories - Photo-booth - And the dance setting! I did a thing to where Twilight was alone at the dance. She went crazy in the process.. The one thing I didn't like about the set was the arms. They could bend, but to a little space though. Overall, I can give this a 9.9/10. I recommend this for bronies that are fans of Equestria Girls. That's all for now. I'll probably do another review on a Pinkie-Pie set. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you in that next review!
  24. Is it just me or does it seem strange that there didn't appear to be any toys shown at toyfair dedicated to S7? Like, there didn't appear to be a toyline with a theme tying into the season like with explore equestria or Rainbow power or cutie mark magic-- not even any Guardians of harmony toys for S7 shown at the toyfair. I understand that they wanted to showcase the movie primarily, but ruminating on it, I'm left to wonder if there even IS a toyline for this season? Or if this is going to be a "filler" season just there to fill space until the movie hits, without any changes to the world or status quo?