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Found 10 results

  1. In season 2 the episode "Read it and Weep" Rainbow reads the title on the front page of being "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone" but on the front page it shows a statue not a stone and in "her fantasy"? it has a statue as well, Rainbow even calling it the sapphire statue when she was reading, but later in the episode Twilight says the title of being "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue". In season 4 the episode "Trade Ya!" Rainbow says "Daring Do and the Quest of the Sapphire Statue", it's possible she might have just misspoke and messed up the title. In season 6 the episode "Stranger than Fan Fiction" when Quibble Pants was quoting the books he called one of being "Sapphire Stone" In season 9 episode "Daring Doubt", Fluttershy said the title of being "Daring Do and the Sapphire Statue".
  2. Hey guys, I hope all of you're fine. So, this is an art for story trade. You make a picture for me, and in return I'll try my best to provide you with a 1000 words story of your request. I can sometimes write poems as well, so I will do that too. I am going to work on a PMV project, that will be something entirely new for me, and I am hoping to get some help from you artist bronies and pegasisters out there. I need at least 30 art pieces for this project. No need to be done by a single artist. I won't mind them if they're different. You can pick any image you like to do, and in return I'll make a 1000 word story for you. Though I'll prefer if images in sequence are done by same artist. I'll give credits to respective artists, so no worries about that. This PMV is about my three+1 OCs. The details is as follows. 1) Earth Pony/Pegasus/ Unicorn mare (she's able to switch between any of three races), white coat, green mane&tail, deep blue eyes, name: Eden 2)a thestral (bat pony) mare, fangs, white coat, red mane&tail, light green (cat-like) eyes, and black bat wings, name: Rose 3) a human, with almost fair skin, black hairs, nearly trimmered facial hairs, a green hoody and a blue jeans/a gray sweater and black jeans/a blue t-shirt with gray trousers, name: Johnny (you can show him in whatever clothes you like, but when in bedroom he'll be wearing his t-shirt and trousers) 4) a thestral filly, cute small fangs, gray coat with a few occasional silvery stripes on her back, dark slivery gray mane, voilet eyes, name: Dream (daughter of Rose) So here are the images I needed. 1- Eden (as an Earth Pony), and Rose are standing in front of John while both of them are smiling and John is looking towards them and is confused, background: a room without much details 2- Rose's looking sad, and shedding tears while John has kept her in a hug, while Eden (as an Earth Pony) looks at them and pass them a sad expression, background: a room without much details. 3- John's sitting on the couch while both of them (sitting on their haunches) are hugging him from either side and also wrapping their wings around him, while nuzzling his cheeks, (Eden's in her pegasus form.) background: same 4- John's lying on the bed, giving a confused smile, while Rose is about to bite his neck with her fangs, background: slightly darkened room. 5- John's entering the house while Dream grab him in a hug, and other two mares watches with greeting expression, background: room without much details. Next four pictures are in a sequence. 6- Rose with sad expression while sitting on the couch with a thought cloud in which glowing red eyes could be seen in darkness. 7- Dream came towards her with a gleeful expression, with a thought cloud be seen in which "Daddy loves you" is written. 8- the thought cloud on Rose's head from before puffed and disappeares. 9- Rose hugging Dream. Next three pictures are also in sequence 10- Edlen looking into the mirror and instead of herself she sees a digital grid in her shape. 11- then she imagine the John standing beside hler. 12- then she saw her true self in the mirror once more. 13- Dream hugging a gameboy like device (only this device looks far far futuristic), with a speech bubble which is saying thanks. 14- Eden reading a story to Dream from a tablet-like device. 15- Rose lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on but still smiling, while Eden, John, and Dream are standing beside bed smiling at her with a get well soon card on the other side of the bed. That'll be all for now. I'll update this time to time to add details for remaining 15 pictures. Thanks in advance, and I will be waiting for your response. Please don't leave me hanging, I have a lots of expectations for this project.
  3. dear beloved bronies! today i sharpen my claws with this furricious offer. As you can see on the title i am willing to trade pics of kitties for pics of ponies, how it works simple! the instructions are: send me 2 pics of: Lions, Tigers, Ocelots, Lynx, Cougars, Cheetahs, Panthers or cats, you can search for them in the internet, you may say: sounds ridiculous but hey! listen to me. the important thing is to write on the picture: I SUPPORT FELYDAE WORLD on it and your username with these () you can put the words on ms paint, doesn't matter and in exchange you will rceive a simple vector draw of your favorite pony or OC doing anything you want. example: can be a cartoon, can be a drawing, NO MEMES or pictures with words just like the examples i mentioned above and only the species i am asking for, no manticores, chimeras, sabretooths or leopards, theses will be add later and most important: NO ANTHRO OR HUMANIZED PICS so no anime girl with cat ears or felines with human body just pic of animals, any questions, feel free to ask Waiting list: 1.- Fractured 2.- VinylWubs 3.- Damien & Flash 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.- 8.- 9.- 10.-
  4. Wh ...Really? ...Hmm...I must've been smoking something (likely weed, given that quote is from 4/20), 'cause I always remembered this as a really bad episode. Eh, well, let's see which two evils I go with. This is "Trade Ya". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this episode opens up with some of the worst exposition I've ever heard. Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, explaining to the other ponies why they're at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange thing....WHILE THEY'VE JUST ARRIVED BY TRAIN TO THE RAINBOW FALLS TRADERS EXCHANGE. Like, the other four had no idea why they were going to this place? Why did they spend time packing all their luggage to go, then? Just fucking awful exposition. 0/10. As they enter the event...............oh yeah, "triggered 'cuz Ranbaow Fauls is shit episud", there you go.............*ahem*.............they find that Twilight Sparkle has a whole welcoming committee considering she's a special guest. Why, you my ask? Uh, gee, I don't know, maybe because she's A FUCKING PRINCESS? How nice of the show to acknowledge such a pivotal plot-point once more. After the Skip Intro button skips introductions and cuts right to the dirty sex, we see all of our main characters indulging in the festivities. Rarity notes that you can get anything you want here, which is actually true. I went there myself once, in search of a crotchitizer, a syringe full of toothpaste for anal injection, and a chair with seven legs, and there was a whole stand dedicated to those specific items! They even had a combo deal. Buy one chair with seven legs and get three syringes full of toothpaste for anal injection free! That's when I traded my sister off to that pimp, if you can remember that joke from ages ago. Anyways, we finally see Twilight here at her bookstand. "I've got twelve copies of 50 Shades Darker I need to expel." So now it's time for our main characters to split up into groups of two as per course of the writers. Rainbow Dash explains that they have a signed first edition of a Daring Do book out there, and she's gonna get it. Hey, Rainbow Dash. Since we're referencing a bunch of shitty episodes in this story, from "Rainbow Falls" to "Spike at Your Service" and even "Power Ponies"....why are you leaving out "DARING DON'T"?! Don't you fucking KNOW DARING DO PERSONALLY? Can you not ask her to sign any old first edition book yourself? Right, so Rainbow Dash's storyline is already bullshit, therefore Fluttershy decides "I'll just insert myself into this subplot for later use". Meanwhile, Rarity and Applejack decide to pool their stashes since they're both out in search of vintage shit, all the while Pinkie Pie stays with Twilight to help her auction off the books she doesn't want. Okay, so now our stories are set. Let's follow the worst one first: Rainbow Dash. She finds the book she's looking for, but the trader says she does not want Rainbow Dash's rusty horseshoe. She's instead in the market for a blowjob an Orthrus, which one of the other traders has. Ah, I see, so not only is this plotline going to be convoluted from the jump, but it's also going to propel forward through the dullest shit imaginable. Rainbow Dash is going to go from trader to trader getting things for the previous trader to get the trade from the original trader just to get the book. Wash, rinse, repeat. Rainbow Dash stands in horror as she realizes her subplot in this episode is doomed to suck. Let's take our minds off of that, though, and focus on Rarity and Applejack's story. Both ponies happen to have found a super rare "vintage" item that's going to cost all of their collective stuff. As each opposing member examines the other's vintage item, we find that they're both extremely petty things. Applejack wants a rusted pan, and Rarity wants a broach she already owns that's just slightly aged. Both ponies think the other's item is shit, which leads to a clashing of the viewpoints. We'll return to this momentarily, we now have to focus on Twi-.........err..........back to Rainbow Dash's story? Uh.....okay. That's a bit odd. You'd think they'd got through the three subplots in a cyclic manner but....ugh, whatever. The Orthrus guy does not want Rainbow Dash's horseshoe either, but instead wants a new lamp in exchange for the Orthrus. So they go to a stand full of Discord lamps to find that the guy at the stand wants an antique chicken statue, and the antique chicken statue guy wants a crystal chalice, and the crystal chalice girl happens to want a rusty horseshoe. Perfect. So they trade that rusty horseshoe only to find that the chalice instantly breaks upon being touched. Fuck. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie saves Twilight from selling all her books for some kid's broken pen. This proceeds to occur: ...Okay, it's clear to see which subplot is the best. Weanmhile, Applejack and Rarity have practically reversed their positions. Now they're competing to be the "better friend" by letting the other pony get what they want with the stuff they've pooled. This...actually got a little bit of a smile out of me. Not bad. Back to Rainbow's Shit Story. The chicken guy actually wanted a broken chalice for his broken chalice mural, so they trade the chicken to find that the lamp guy is out to lunch. Fuckity shit fuck. Meangirls, Pinkie Pie is exploiting Twilight's princess status to auction the books off. There's this pretty funny joke that got a chuckle out of me where Pinkie Pie says that Twilight was a big fat zero before she was a princess right in her presence. Anyways, back to Reading Rainbow. They finally manage to get all the items through everyone to trade the Orthrus for the book only to find that the bookseller no longer wants an Orthrus. God this Trader's Exchange is contrived. At least when I went you could hold people by gunpoint. Fuckin' pansies. Anyways, when Fluttershy shows her that the Orthrus just needs to be trained, the bookseller decides to give her the book IF Fluttershy stays with her and her house until it's trained. Rainbow Dash...........agrees. ..........Whore. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFActually, you know what I just realized. As much as this part of the episode forces the mediocre moral down the chimney, it's actually a little more believable that Rainbow Dash would do this when you consider they paid extra close attention in the dialogue to make sure the audience realizes that Rainbow Dash doesn't realize what just happened. If you look at her in the moments when this is said, she's almost in a trance. Given last episode focused on her inability to focus, I'm actually less pissed with this part of the episode than I was when it aired. It's still shoddy, but not as shitty. Besides, she realizes she fucked up pretty quick. Menopause, Pinkie Pie has finally set the price too high for the books by noting how valuable they are to Twilight, which sends traders away but makes Twilight appreciate the books more, deciding she doesn't want to get rid of them. So, is the lesson here to hoard your shit? Huh. Too bad the best of the subplots gets a sour ending. Rainbow Dash comes in to interrupt everything by trying to get Twilight to say that the trade between Rainbow Dash and the bookseller was which Twilight explains that it unfortunately is. Most people are like "BUT TWILIT THATS UR FRIEND TOO"....and I call bullshit. Yes, Fluttershy is Twilight's friend too, but someone in a position of power needs to be unbiased to make decisions. Twilight would've been accused of bias if she said the trade was unfair. I'm actually more impressed with this trial scene than anything else, despite it being a completely useless 50 seconds in the story that could've been saved if Rainbow Dash had just rejected the offer in the first place. So who ever thought we'd see a purple pony up on that stool, huh? Huhhhh? Hehheheh. I'm a racist! In the end, Rarity and Applejack make up (because their plot got completely sidelined) and everyone learns that friends are more valuable than objects...which you'd have to be a serial killer in order to think this moral's pretty much only for me. Doesn't make it any less shit. So concludes "Trade Ya". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...EHhhhhhee.eHEH. This episode's kind of off and on. While I have very few complaints with the Twilight/Pinkie and Applejack/Rarity stories, the Rainbow/Fluttershy one was pretty bad. It had a sloppy setup that I've refuted in the beginning of the review, a pretty dull string-along, and an ultimately shoddy resolve. I mean, it wasn't as bad as I remember, but that doesn't mean it wasn't poorly done. The other two were okay and rather good subplots that fell off the end due to the pacing of the episode. Twilight's story ended up virtually promoting hoarding considering Twilight decided to keep books she wanted to get rid of because she had no room for them, and the "Rarijack" plot was ultimately relegated to a running gag that was just "resolved" by the epilogue 'cause they very literally ran out of time. There's some pretty funny moments here and there in the episode, but with all these plots kind of tangling each other up and resulting in a pretty vapid moral, I'd have to say this episode's a bit of a clunker. "Castle Mane-ia" was the better episode in terms of splitting the group into twos. I'll have to give "Trade Ya" a 5/10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ethnicity I hate the least is the most recent one.
  5. Hello! I see that you have stumbled upon my very own Trade Ya! thread. (That, or you saw the tirtle and you were like "Ah! I want my pony OC drawn in chibi form!") Either works! What i'm looking for: I would really appreciate it if you could draw a photo of my pony OC doing something cute with one of her husbandos. However, her husbandos are anime characters and I would like them drawn in pony form. That way, the picture all comes together nicely. For example: If you look up a photo of Kakashi Hatake, you'll see that he's, well, a human. I would like him drawn as a pony to go along with my pony OC. What can I give to you in return?: I can draw up a chibi form of your pony OC! By "chibi", I mean the style that was introduced in the season two finale of MLP; A Canterlot Wedding. Rules/restrictions: - NOTHING NSFW - Pictures you offer can be drawn digitally or on paper. - Please do not pester me about your photo, and I promise I won't pester you about yours! - Cutie marks are not my strong point; so they may not come out perfect on my end. Should you decide to take part in this anime mancandy-obsessed girl's art trade, just tell me that you accept and I will provide you a photo of the anime character to be ponified. (I can also provide their cutie marks) At the same time, you provide a reference of your pony OC for me to hang onto. My pony OC: What do you think? Can you handle the hottness?
  6. This was an interesting episode for the fanbase not to like all that much...
  7. OK. So i was looking at swap meets and flea markets in the UK. But all they sell are Antiques. What i want is i want to trade items so i can get a Racing seat and a Gaming PC. Is there anything similar in the UK i can go to? I Really want a Racing seat bad. But what do people who own a racing seat want? Because i am worried they are not going to want my items or be contempt with what they have got from me. Any ideas?
  8. OK. I am confused about the Message of Trade Ya. Although not as confusing as Pinkie Sense. The problem is is that it is favouring barter trade instead of economy. And so is Minecraft(Which on xbox will be updated in 4 updates). The thing is. Barter is communism. Because Communists have no money. I do not like the message. I am proud we have money. Like Eric Idle ''There is nothing quite as wonderful as money!!!''. And it is better to go to Antique cellars then swap meets. What do you think?
  9. Hey you guys. I'm happy for a good trade for this song I made you! Tell me what you think!! BPM: 140 Genre: Uplifting Trance Time Spent: 8 hours
  10. For a while I was on the fence about how I had felt about several episodes of the show, because they had slightly botched up morals. The three that come to mind are: A Dog and Pony Show, A Friend In Deed, and Trade Ya! I came to the realization that I don't really care enough about the execution of the moral to have effect my enjoyment after watching Trade Ya! yesterday and wondering "Why do I want to say that I love this episode, despite its unfortunate implications within the sentimental value moral?" The answer to this is fairly simple in actuality: all of these episodes, in my opinion, were solid in every other aspect, and while I still think that the common flaws are definitely there, I have decided that they will not affect my enjoyment of the episode at hand. Yea, this blog was fairly brief, but don't worry I have brought you all a picture! Twilight isn't too fond of it, though.