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Found 9 results

  1. What songs and music would suit a tragic villain?
  2. Chapter 1: The Dreamscape Nopony would ever expect Equestria to fall into a war, but it did. Every race was against eachother, this could have been avoided had Celestia just listened to her younger sister. This story among others will tell a tale, the only difference is... there will never be a happy ending. Luna had just finished her job of raising the moon, and now it was time to move into the part of her job she loved the most. She enjoyed being the hero when it came to dreams and whatever nightmares floated about she was sure to stomp them out. Now of course seeing ponys dreams meant keeping them a secret, she wasn't allowed to tell anypony what she saw and so far she hasn't. Luna closed her eyes and entered the dream realm. One of the first stops she always made was her sisters dreams. Making sure her sister, Celestia, would have enough sleep so that she could rule the day happily. Just like always her sister was dreaming about raising the sun. Luna shook her head 'She always has the same dream'. Just as before Luna closed her eyes and entered another dream. She knew who's dream it was before she opened her eyes. "Mmm, cupcakes." she said. She knew Pinkie Pie always had partys in her dreams and that she would never have any nightmares, because lets face it, all she does is laugh at them. "Heya Luna!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Hay Pinkie, who's party is it today?" Luna asked. "Silly filly don't you know?" Pinkie giggled. Luna thought for sometime, "No I don't." she replied. Pinkie Pie giggled again "It's yours silly, after all it will be your last." she said. This startled the princess, 'Last party? What is she talking about? Maybe she doesn't know that alicorns live forever.' "Okay listen Pinkie Pie i'm going to get going. I have alot of dreams to visit tonight." Luna said. She watched as Pinkies hair somehow deflated, losing all her curls and becoming straight. Pinkie Pie sighed. "If you must." Luna continiued to visit dreams, stopping at each one to make sure there was no nightmares. She was halfway done with ponyville when she came upon a dream that worried her. This dream belonged to a pony called Night Flame, this dream was placed in Ponyville and yet, it wasn't Ponyville. Instead of houses there waws piles of ashes, and within the streets lay bodies. "This will be your last." Pinkie Pie's words bounced around in Luna's head. 'I wonder if is what she was talking about.' Luna began to fly around in the dream hoping to find at least on survivor, but instead she found none. She wondered what had happened to cause this much damage. She stopped thinking the worst and started to work her magic, turning the dead bodies back into live ones, putting houses were ashes were and returning things to their former glory. When she finished, Luna looked around and admired her work. Just befoer she left the nightmare came bac. This has never happened before, a nightmare turning into a dream and then back to a nightmare. Before Luna could try again the sun started to rise blinding her as Night Flame woke up. With questions unanswered Luna returned to her mind. She knew Celestia was raising the sun, but for what reason she didn't know. There was still supposed to be several more hours of night. When Luna opened her eyes she starte looking for answers, and she knew where to look first.
  3. Just post sad artwork of your favorite characters. I drew this a while ago:
  4. Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as a new writer. I will say I'm not the best and I do get hate about my stories almost everyday. So anyways I have 2 fics that I have up on FIMfiction, which I'm beginning to hate(For reasons). Anyways when you do go look at the stories I will say chapter 1 of both are not my best, but the rest seem ok. Just please help a new writer. First let me say this: My OC is an alicorn, let me stop you right there, he is in no way OP or Mary Sue and I made sure of that. And don't just say the story suck, tell me why. Story 1: Story 2: Please do help me
  5. I can't tell whether it is a problem or not, But I know it brings trouble a lot. Pain it does not bring for anyone, It feeds from me until I'm gone. Eaten alive I will probably get, By this monster of my mind. If it continues, you can bet, I can no longer be this kind. Nothing but darkness can be seen, With methods to light up this place You won't believe, I am keen, However I still end up in disgrace. This monster inside of me, It just will not let me be, There is no time for me to waste, I must really consider to haste. A friend to talk to is what I require, Get rid of this loneliness is what I desire. But this sweet pain won't let go of me, A misarable fool is what you see. Thus ends my life, hesitation I have none, The one you knew, forever gone, Bear with this burden, bear with this grief, My pain is yours, I received relief.
  6. I have recently sat down and drew (which is something I haven't done in a long time). This is my first true attempt at digitally drawing ponies. now, for a short summary of whats going on in this pic; Unholy Sight (the half-zebra, half-pony in the middle of the picture) is mourning over her parent's graves. Zecora (obviously not my design) is supporting the young filly who was left in her care by Unholy's father. the "floating heads" in the background are Unholy's parents. the zebra on the left is her father(Sightless) and the pony on the right is her mother(Frost). the whole "floating head" idea i got from the lion king, it was basically meant to signify that Unholy's parent's spirits are always watching over her. (im still working on the back story a bit, but i'm thinking about starting a comic for Unholy's story)
  7. here is my latest paint picture. WARNING! if you don't like blood + ponies, go to another thread. I came across the background on google, all credit of background goes to the respectful owner. I tried to create a Tragic Event scene tell me what you think, this is the first tragic themed picture I've ever done, anything i can improve?
  8. I've had an idea floating in my head for quite awhile now. I've been image editing with photoshop for a long time, but it was always just tinkering around with it. I've had an idea to parody Lucky Charms but I never had the right character to fit the role. Thanks to MLP: Friendship is Magic, someone finally fits the role. Edit Original
  9. This is my first fanfic of anything ever and I'm not a writer but if you like Trixie and don't mind reading a sad story then this might be worth a read. There's only as much background on Trixie that is given in the show, thus there's virtually nothing. I'm very dedicated to canon and wouldn't want to add things that aren't really there. I even added quite a few little references in the show apart from the overall retelling of Boast Busters from her point of view. My biggest assumption is that the "Great and Powerful" Trixie was all a stage persona and how she's grossly misunderstood. Anyways, if you read then please tell me what you think. A Diary of Trixie - A Boast Busters retelling I used to be a travelling performer promoting my business. Made my money during short stops in many towns. I advertised my expertise, but, I admit, like most, I embellished it. But I had to sell myself and my skill. As a performer, I need to, um, I needed to impress to make money. About one third of the ponies are unicorns and like all unicorns, I have a magical ability. But, unlike most unicorns, mine isn’t to one special talent. Well, kinda... My magical ability is in my special talent of showponyship. I entertained others with a magical performance. It’s a show: it’s my show. I kept the audience in the mood by talking about myself and my talents. Unfortunately, having a unique talent can give one an ego. Even more unfortunately, show biz can as well. Ever since I got my cutie mark a long time ago, every successful show made me feel as happy as school filly with fancy new ribbons. I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t it strange and even sad that a unicorn with innate magical ability uses hers to put on a show of stage magic to imitate actual magic?”. I understand the irony, but it’s my cutie mark and it makes me me (I couldn’t change; I cannot change). My unicorn magic is only powerful in my talent and my talent is tricks. And it’s my trick, as a showpony, to make it appear as if I am powerful in many things. My magic ability allows me to do various magic tricks but they aren’t very powerful since I’m not a specialist in that specific talent. btw, I’m no con-artist or fraud. I think? I had no real magical ability other than showing I had actual ability. I tried to believe and pretended it was real but I always knew it wasn’t. But I could never say this to my audience because that would spoil the illusion. (An actor saying it’s all an act?) And that’s what my magic is all about: illusion… It’s tricky, I know, but hopefully somepony understands. I couldn’t do anything else (anything ‘real’) even if I tried. I’m not powerful enough in other kinds of magic to do anything practical. I guess I tried to give the impression I was a unicorn who had real and multiple talents. To emphasize the illusion, I even added flash and fireworks to my traveling wagon. Ah, my wagon. A homemade cart with foldable stage set, all my props, stage curtains, special effects, and more. I invested most of my earnings in that capital good. Invested almost all actually back in the early days when I was a starving artist who lived hoof to mouth. That wagon was my home and we went everywhere. Together we moved around, never doing the same old tricks to the same old audience. Always wanted, always needed something fresh. And besides, I kinda like traveling; it’s kinda uncomfortable being in the same place for too long. Makes me anxious. That wagon had carried me though the ups and downs. Always been there for me at my side. Always reliable. Now this might sound crazy, but it was my friend. Gave me what nopony else could give: independence, freedom, possibility, opportunity. It was everything a performer could want. It had everything. It was everything. And it was all mine (I had actually just finished the payments on it)… It had my whole life in it, it was. Anyways. I called myself “the Great and Powerful Trixie!” It was my stage persona during my performance and it gave a great effect. It was an image of myself as something great and powerful. This image also shielded my personal image as well. (Unfortunately, doesn’t look like it shielded me from failure?) I might have come off as boasting, but seriously, what could I boast about? The Great and Powerful Trixie was all an image. It was the image of everything I hoped to be but couldn’t. I knew this and I kept it in mind as needed for professional detachment, but it was hard since I had developed that persona ever since earning my cutie mark. That was my life as a show-pony. When I arrived to Ponyville, I had already drawn a crowd. A positive reaction and ponies seemed impressed by my introduction as the Great and Powerful Trixie. I wow’ed the crowed with the beginnings of a spectacular performance. I used harmless and casual hyperbole that any street performer would use. As usual, I hoped to show them the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes. I agree it was egotistical and that personality flaw of mine might have undermined my performance a little it but didn’t seem to matter too much. The audience was awe-struck with the character I was creating. I continued on. Eventually, and unfortunately, I made some claims (ursa major and being the most talented pony, etc.) I apparently shouldn’t have but, at the time, how was I to know? It was just a story. A tall-tale about an Ursa Major that was unlikely to be disproved. In retrospect, I probably should have made up something more plausible or something less specific. Oh well, doesn’t matter now…Anyways, a little embellishment isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s very virtuous in expressive arts such as mine. Just like my magic tricks, it’s not really real. And in the context of my show, that fanciful fabrication with all its grandeur and hyperbole was only to add to the aura of the act. It wasn’t a lie else my magic would be a lie. Everything about me would be a lie. I’m just a showpony and it was just for show. Unfortunately, there were hecklers. Well, “hecklers” may be too strong a word but it’s safe to say there was some sort of misunderstanding. Soon after my introduction I realized there were some ponies in the front row who didn’t think too much of my show. They were some distance away from the stage but they made comments loud enough for me to hear. I’m sorry they felt this way. I just wanted them to know that I wasn’t “showing-off” but rather putting on a “show”. But no, it seemed like they wondered “who does this stranger think she is?” and “lets put this show-off in her place”. But, if I could hear it then certainly other ponies in the audience could? If they continued on they would ruin the whole mood of the show that I had worked so hard to make. The audience pays to see the performer, not the fellow audience. Imagine, being upstaged by the average pony? At your own art and craft, even! It looked like the other ponies in the audience were too polite to tell them to be quiet and I’d rather not draw attention to them by telling them myself. It’s not like I haven’t had hecklers before, but they just say something and then leave. I could have ignored that distraction but I couldn’t since they might change others opinions of me and since reputation means a lot to a performer I could have lost my reputation in that town, or even elsewhere? I’m sorry, but they had to be stopped. One seemed to be a simple yet practical cowpony. Quite the opposite of showponyship. But don’t cowponies do rodeo shows? The other seemed to be some fashionable pony. I really liked her mane but she said that “Just because one has the ability to perform lots of magic does not make one better than the rest of us.” I had never made such a claim (well, not yet.) But certainly she could understand where I was coming from, hasn’t she been the centre of attention in a fashion show before? And yet another one, a tomboy Pegasus dared to say “Magic, Shmagic” and then boo’ed me!... now I know attacking my opponents is bad practice but those neighsayers could have cost me money. Also, if I had let their comments stand then I might have just proved their point? If only I could have afforded security to tell them “it’s only a show and it’s an act and either don’t take it so seriously or don’t watch” (There was also a baby dragon with a purple unicorn. As a showpony, I know appearances can be deceiving but this pony really proved that true as I would later find out) Although it was a practiced and staged performance, interacting with these neighsaying ponies might help make the show look more realistic and organic. I decided to play along with them and incorporated them into my show somewhat. It’s fun to feed off the audience but I never thought I’d do it like this. What I think happened was that they let their egos get the best of them. I know, it happened to me as well… Anyways, I was caught up in the moment as it was my show at stake and I was centre of attention. Not to mention my cutie mark, my calling, my identity, was being threatened. As everypony knows, that’s bound to cause trouble. Since showponyship was my calling, I would revert to showponyship in my time of need. Rather than them humiliate me, I would humiliate them. Only these few ponies were upset and they went out of their way to call me out. I decided to play a little game with them. It was harmless even if it was a bit dirty. I might have been too condescending or insulting but it wasn’t that bad, relatively speaking… This was my show and I challenged them to outdo me. Hopefully they would take the bait and hopefully they would ultimately look like another prop/tool in my show. My plan was this: ask them to challenge me and I’d wait till one of them accepts, then they would make the first move as I’d watch, then I’d adapt one my tricks to their particular skill and then in one simple action I’d trump their move! I would make sure I’d get the final word and hopefully I’d make it look like it too little effort. (At the time I was still the Great and Powerful Trixie and certainly she wouldn’t miss a chance to flaunt her supposed greatness?) It wouldn’t be a harsh retaliation, only a brief humiliation. I decided to humiliate them to silence them. I didn’t know if I could actually beat them but I could make them look stupid with very little effort. I’ve heard that was a common way of dealing with heckler; doesn’t justify it though. The cowpony did some lasso trick and ate an apple, thus I hogtied her up and put an apple in her mouth. A simple little trick: dirty but effective. The audience liked both our shows. The Pegasus did some flying around, thus I made her fly around again. But seriously, I cannot fly so what was I supposed to do? Btw, that pony also seemed to have an ego but I guess she can talk if she can back up her claims. Having claimed my second victory, in an antagonistic way, I zapped her. I probably shouldn’t have but she wasn’t hurt and the other ponies laughed. (I’m really proud of my cloud trick. It’s an actual cloud and lightning bolt, and not just the appearance of one). For the unicorn, I noticed her hair was really nice so I made a hair-specific taunt. Anyway, the unicorn made a dress but I couldn’t do that so I just followed up with my taunt and gave her green hair. Interesting she likes a showy dress but not my show? I guess she has a difference sense of what’s “fabulous” and what’s not. My methods were mean but it did silence quickly and effectively. The cowpony had an apple in her mouth, the Pegasus was too dizzy to talk, and the unicorn ran away. Hopefully with that I could continue on with my shows in Ponyville. They were little pranks not to be taken too seriously or objectively. I was still doing my show and I was staying in character. In a way, after all those years as a self-taught showpony, that little show was a display of my experience and ability to adapt. (It’s not as if I was a gifted child prodigy who was hoof-picked by the Princess or something? or an asocial nerd who studies and practices different magic spells all the time?) All in all, the reaction from the citizens of Ponyville was good. The crowd liked the show and my showiness and they didn’t seem to mind my one-upponyship. Besides, if it went the wrong way and if they didn’t like me I could possibly take that negative reception to my advantage? As an shock artist or insult comic? No such thing as bad publicity, right? Oh well, it was an interesting thought. Anyways, after that incident I suppose neither of us were ‘innocent’ buy, hey, no pony is perfect. Everypony involved just got caught up in the moment. Afterwards, These two fancolts who were at my show delivered me a hay smoothie. Although they were kinda cute, they were also kinda annoying. They also seemed to a bit too involved in my theatrical persona and it was my mistake to continue to humour them. That mistake would turn out to be a very big mistake. (In retrospect, I guess I was more spoiled than I thought or maybe because I just had a successful show, I too, got carried away with myself?) Maybe they were too young? Maybe they were too stupid? But I thought everypony realized it was a ‘show’ kind of magic and not a ‘strong’ kind of magic. I suppose my enthusiastic little admirers got too carried away in the illusion and the stories. It was all drama. And, I got caught up in my own drama and, unfortunately, that would turn out to be a disaster that would ruin me. Those two fancolts actually brought an Ursa Major, which would turn out to be a baby, an Ursa Minor. They actually brought one! I thought they were out of their little pony minds. I could have ran away since it’s not my town. But no - I was going to try, knowing I couldn’t do anything. I made some rather ineffectual attempts at vanquishing it. As always, I’m a show pony whose magic is all cool explosions and smoke; I’m not all that great and powerful. (I could have perhaps lied and say I was too tired but that probably wouldn’t have done any good either). I did, however, make another storm cloud - but it only slightly annoyed the Major. Being beaten at my own game, and having lost everything, all I could do is admit defeat. The Great and Powerful Trixie persona was no more. I regretfully shed my stage character and started talking honestly, like I normally do when I’m all alone. Talking in first-person. I don’t want to write about that purple pony. Outclassed in virtually every way. (I’m so lucky that purple pony didn’t take me on) btw, I’m not mad at those two fancolts who pretty much ruined everything. I guess I could be, but it doesn’t help. (Just had a random thought, maybe I might inspire them to do a magic show for a school talent show? Hmm…) All my confidence was revealed to be helplessness and my so-called talent was only a pathetic show. That’s the life of a showpony, I guess. Easy come, easy go. Anyways, I couldn’t stay there. I decided fleeing was the best thing. I would only face further ridicule with my lost persona having been shown up by another unicorn. Even though I was the primary victim of the Minor’s rage, I might have been blamed for the whole incident. Hey, the audience might even want their money back? At best, I might be able to restart somewhere else and regain another reputation? (I hope I’m as resourceful and adaptable as I used to be) I just need to be a showpony and fulfill my cutie mark else I’d go insane. With all the bravery and strength I could muster, I had one last say as the Great and Powerful Trixie. And it was true, I did have amazing, show-stopping ability. (The catch: it was my show) Ponyville. I was supposed to come, set up, entertain, earn my money, and moved along. But now, all I could do is move along. Hopefully my retreating hoofbeats covered the sounds of my whimpering and crying. No wagon: I’m homeless. No props: I have to restart. No clothes: I’m naked. No reputation: I might be jobless. I’m alone. I’m tired. I’m cold. and I’m also hungry… I really have few means of earning a living. Believe it or not, I’m a very social pony but as a travelling performer I’m perpetually lost and almost always alone. I’m the kind of pony who gives herself flowers. I was the kind of filly who would receive only one Hearts and Hooves day card, sent from myself. Even in the crowd, I’m alone. Even if I got to know somepony, would they really know me? The true me. Alas... But I got used to the loneliness of the road. At least I thought… I’m, I’m still the Great and Powerful Trixie, Right?