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Found 13 results

  1. hello :3 i hope enjoying my draws, i'm training to get better at this content (I'm learning to do background, so I'll improve on it.) starting with this, my =3
  2. Hi! ^^ So, I've recently taken an interest in drawing pony fan art, and I'm at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, I literally just started drawing last night (ponies, anyways!) I finally got a chance today to put all my practice together and try to put a little something on paper. ^^ The video that helped me learn (or at least helped me get started) was on YouTube, by the Everfree Network. A great piece of advice they gave me, was to do my best, and seek guidance and advise from more experienced artists. I'd really like to start drawing the good stuff, but of course, it will take time and practice. So, here's what I've drawn already. ^^ A few comments of my own on this real quick: I know the front legs look a little bit stubby, and the back legs look a little weird. Just remember, this is my first time and I'm just now learning how to do this stuff. ^^" The mane...I know, it looks terrible. ^^" Just felt like I had to throw something on there so she wouldn't be bald. ^^" Tips, compliments, and advice would all be appreciated. ^^" Like I said, I am very new at this, and I know it may look like crud, that's why I come to experienced artists who can hopefully (please?) give me some advice on what I should do. ^^" I don't know how to ink this, or really what it means. Really, all I can do is draw. ^^" I may smack this on Photoshop later and see if I can pretty it up. So, that's it! ^^ I'll probably keep updating this topic with drawings until I feel I'm good enough to put this stuff on Deviant Art. ^^" Oh, and another thing, if you see kind of a little fade drawing behind the pony, that's just a different drawing behind. ^^" Thanks!
  3. How often do you exercise, and what exercises do you do? I personally work on cardio, speed and strength as much as possible. I'm young, but my family doesn't really have the best history when it comes to health. I'd like to become healthier, so I exercise. What about you guys?
  4. RD:C'mon! Twilight! Flap those wings! TS:But... I'm... Tired! RD:You wanna fly like a real flier or not? TS:...
  5. How's it going tankers! I'm starting on a fresh account, but I need some help. I'm not very experienced at tanking. In fact, the stats on my last account are borderline shite. Therefore, it would be much appreciated if someone could help train me with each tank. In the process, we could turn it into a training group for other newcomers. What do you think?
  6. just a general thread about fitness and healf if you have any questions on the subject i would be happy to help and im sure other ponys would to . or just general discussion. i got the image from
  7. I wonder who would be better? And thanks to everyone who voted . I also like Pokemon ( do not judge). Stay cool my friends- Derpy Muffins.
  8. I had no clue where to put this topic since it covers a wide variety of topics, but it's a game, so it goes here. I enjoy playing chess, but I'm quite terrible at it. Since this is a community that reaches out to everybody, I feel that there is someone out there that's really good at chess and I was wondering if they could teach/tutor me on chess. It's one of my favorite games, and I want to be able to give anyone that asks me a good game of chess. Is there anyone out there that is willing to make me their apprentice? I would gladly serve you, my lord. Sincerely, Your Loyal Subject, @@GammaDove,
  9. to get an idea of original colour look at my profile pic colour might be changed .... we see =). btw she's a earth pony, talent is bird training and she is a strong but emotional character note, picture isn't finished properly, needs final outlining and colouring in
  10. It is said that ponies (real ones, like Shetlands) are smarter than horses, owing to their ancestors' intelligence in the wilder and harsher regions of the world.
  11. My sister in law makes $200000000000000000000000000000 a year training monkies to kill world leaders from home. You can too! Just visit! It's 100% free! My sister in law quit her job because of! Note: this is a parody of spam e-mails and comments. does not exist.
  12. Here is my arrangement the BGM of when Fluttershy is training, put to a piano cover. If you want the sheet music for it, just send me a pm with your email adress and I'll give you instructions on how to view the file.
  13. So I though I'd just post the drawings I've made so far for the EQD (Newbie) Artist Training Grounds here, so you can comment and tell me what I can do to improve (if that's necessary at all, which it will).Additional info for each drawing can be found at my dA~ Day 1 - Draw an idle ponyI actually had to look up 'idle' before I could start working on this one... Day 2 - Draw a pony in motion/on the goDerpy~For the first time ever:1. I drew a canon pony.2. I drew wings.3. I made a background.4. I used this pose.5. I used these brushes and preset-things. Loads of new stuff! (And I kind of gusta~) Day 4 - Draw a pony at a hilltop/at the summit (or something along these lines...) Once again: I drew a canon pony! My favourite BG-pony Lyra! And it might look a bit weird... Still going on with the pencil-on-paper-setting-thing... Day 9 - Dress a pony as a character from your favourite novel/video-game Final Fantasy XII is one of my favourite games of all time, and the assignment was to dress up a pony as a character from there so... I ponyfied Vaan from the game, and dressed him up as himself~ Also kind of going back to the old style... Whatever that is, seeing as I tend to use slightly different styles every time... I've decided that I won't draw any more for the EQD's NATG unless the assignment is really interesting... Why? I have other things to do at the moment, and school will start soon! So what do you think so far?