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Found 8 results

  1. I thought to make this game after watching some really horrible videos of Saw movie. So game works like that: First user will think of a trap, briefly describe the situations he wants next user to put in, and then tell him the consequences. Next user will try to think of a way to escape trap. If next user couldn't think of a way to escape then he'll have to describe what happened to him when he failed at escaping. Then next user will setup a trap for upcoming user and so on. Got the idea. Okay, I'll go first. You're traped in a room, sitting on a chair which is attached to a bomb. There are five keys of different colors hidden in your front armoire, one of them is your key to freedom, the others to your death. Once you'll get up from the chair, you'll 60 seconds to find the right key. But beware with every wrong key your timer will rapidly drop by 10 seconds. Could you be able to find the right key at the time. Your clue: The color associate with both life and death. (Edit: Brohoof the person who guessed the right solution just so, he know whether he/she guessed that right or wrong.)
  2. Trap is a hybrid of hip hop/crunk and electronica (often dubstep). While dating back to the early 2000s, it recently has regained popularity. So who's ready to make the bass drop?
  3. cruising down the street in my Mercedes/tipping my fedora to all m'ladies New non-pony related track. Dedicated to the kid at my school nonchalantly wearing 2 fedoras simultaneously; the future of our generation lies in your hands.
  4. I had to rephrase this topic because I didn't like how I wrote it and I didn't want to come across as a hypocrite because admittedly I like some trap songs. I made it seem like I absolutely hate trap music which is not true so in advance sorry about the confusion and the brand new post. One my way to Glendale to visit some friends I wanted to listen to so music because I was bored due to heavy traffic on the 405. Also I didn’t bring a aux vcord with me so I couldn’t listen to music on my phone. I started listen to different radio stations until I came across Power 106, the so called station “where hip-hop lives”. Only to discover that this radio station isn’t where hip-hop lives, it’s where trap lives. A new and rising genre of hip-hop that I somewhat have a love-hate for. Trap music usually has a beat that mainly consists of synthesizers, snares, bass, and a utilization of string, brass and keyboard. Which in turn can be a muddy mess or be pretty good. Now the lyrics can be questionable, most trap songs I've heard so far talk about money, being poor, drugs, sex, street life, etc. Just your usual hip-hop topics and in turn it can either be good or bad. But the thing that strikes me most is can it really be considered hip-hop? Maybe I'm just overthinking it but the only thing hip-hop in the trap songs is the beat. What do you think is it hip-hop or not? Trap songs I consider good: Traps songs I consider horrible: So in a ending note I believe that trap music could somewhat be a promising new genre of hip-hop, what do you think post your thoughts below.
  5. For @@SCS Allow me to tell you my evil plan: Stage One: Mention SCS in the blog post so that he'll get a notification and be lured into the blog. Stage Two: Wait until he posts something in the blog. (come on SCS, you know you want to...) Stage Three: Misquote whatever he says into something hilarious. Stage Four: Use said misquote as my signature. (sorry Jeric, but it's time I moved on) Stage Five: Hope I don't get banned. No one can stop me! NO ONE!!!
  6. I remember while watching Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 that I loved Tirek's dialogue between Discord and him. I have to say, there is a bit of truth to Triek's word suggesting that friendship can be a trap. Now before we all call me out on this. I'm not saying that I really agree fully with what Tirek said. (He did say this as a lie afterall in order to try and manipulate Discord to join his side, he was the main villain afterall). I'm just saying I might think there's a bit of truth to his words, but not the truth he would expect. (Transcript reference) Discord: I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual. [snaps fingers] [chain clinking] Lord Tirek: Oh, I should have known you would want to have Equestria all to yourself. Discord: Oh, I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing it for my friends. [hushed] Just between the two of us, it's mostly for Fluttershy. [squee] Lord Tirek: Fluttershy? You're not saying you're friends with ponies? Discord: Surprise! Lord Tirek: I am surprised that someone with your intellect does not see this 'friendship' is but a new form of imprisonment. Clearly you've had to abandon your true nature to stay in their good graces. [harp playing] Discord: I have done nothing of the sort! Lord Tirek: Oh, please, I've seen this before. But he was always weak minded. You are Discord, you are legend, you cannot fall into the same trap that claimed my brother! Help me to grow strong, and be rewarded with something far greater than friendship. Freedom. Once I've stripped these ponies of their magic, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see their world turned upside down. Who better to do so than the master of chaos himself? Join me, Discord, and reclaim your greatness. Unless, of course, 'pony errand boy' is the role you've always wanted to play in this world. It's funny because, originally, Discord's friendship was actually planned (which is one of the few times Celestia actually planned something out). Remember, Celestia did want Discord to be befriended by mane cast because she believed that she could put Discord's powers to good use, okay technically also wanting to reform him to be good (or at least reasonably trustworthy) (transcript reference from "Keep Calm and Flutter On") Twilight Sparkle: With all due respect, Princess Celestia, how could you bring Discord here?! [clears throat] Your majesty. Princess Celestia: I'm fully aware that the last time Discord was here, he created serious havoc. Rainbow Dash: If by "serious havoc" you mean "turning Ponyville into the chaos capital of the world"... Rarity: ...and tricking us all into being the opposite of our true selves... Pinkie Pie: And making yummy delicious chocolate milk rain all over the place without a single dollop of whipped cream to go with it anywhere in sight! Not a single dollop! Princess Celestia: Yes, I understand. But I have use for Discord's magic if it can be reformed to serve good instead of evil. This is why I've brought Discord here, because I believe that you are the ponies who can help him do just that. ..... (later) Princess Celestia: I realize that this is a tall order, but I wouldn't ask if I weren't confident you could get him to use magic obediently of his own free will. Fluttershy: And... you really think I'll know best how to do that? Princess Celestia: I do. Now, I must return to Canterlot for Equestria's royal summit. You may release Discord when ready. Now befriending Discord had a real purpose to it, so Tirek was a bit right in that sense. However, I'm not saying Tirek was right fully. Afterall, Discord really did gain something when he befriended Fluttershy, his first real friend and he was no longer a loner. So Discord went into that friendship gaining something he never had, of course this also meant he needed to dial back on his antics (and also why I loved 'Three's a crowd' that addressed another issue). There was an expected responsibility of him from that point, but it also offered him the company and enjoyment of being friends with Fluttershy. (I'm not going in real detail here, since I'm a bit sleepy). So yeah, what would you say to Tirek's words? Refute him? Or such (I think that was the original ask question I had for making this thread). The other thing I'd like to ask is, do you think this was a rather (maybe subtle) mature message that was being said there about friendships? Moving towards the sliding scale of cynicism vs idealism?
  7. Trap music and Dubstep music are so much alike. I mainly consider Trap music to be Dubstep if it were pubertized. I honestly could prefer Trap music over it, and Dubstep over Trap. But I love both. It can be agreeable that Trap music is underrated because none of my friends exactly know what it is. It's like Dubstep with a hardcore mix that you'd hear at a club or awesome parties. What do you guys think?
  8. Video: Hi everybody, on my channel you can find a bunch of pony music, but for this one I decided to make it non-pony, so that's why im postin it here. Let me know what you think!