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Found 7 results

  1. So how do you feel about the current trend of micro-transactions in video games with games like EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 being called out for putting too much weight behind the paywall for progress? I have been seeing this trend for online and offline games more and more recently, especially with triple-A titles, it has always been there but not on the same scale as we have it today. Just how far will some companies push these micro-transactions, one example I can give of it going too far would be in World of Tanks, I saw a bundle being sold for 900 odd dollars for a bundle with virtual tanks (most of which were pretty trash and probably will never use)! Do you think the system should be overhauled, removed or kept the way it's?
  2. What are some of your personal trends in the fandom you wish would just die. A fab, a trend of things that people jump onto and create stuff around it's premise, before it fade away into obscurity. Some stuff of it made here now and then, but it doesn't get much attention, but then it suddenly does for some reason and it walks into the spotlight like a walking dead zombie, before walking away again back into the shadows. Get's a lot of attention before being cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came into obscurity. Top three things. Evil Celestia Fan Fiction (3) ... stories where somehow the quite possibly the most good pony in the show is turned into a monstrous tyrant. Human vs. Pony (2) ... been done to death and never has been good. It's either humans are all bastards or ponies are all bastards. The stories have no middle ground, it's either kill all the humans or kill all the ponies. It seems impossible to find a story where there is shades of grey, where both sides reach a compromise after the war. The Conversion Bureau (1)... throw it into the sun. Pretty much exactly the same as human vs pony, only even worse. The message is the same, it's either humans are all bastards or ponies are all bastards. ... That or it's the 'evil humans' are evil for fighting against the good and 'friendly alien invaders' that want to kill convert them all.
  3. Can you guys list to me as many trends that "Equestria Girls" has promoted? (e.g. mean girl vs new girl and friends, over-emphasis on fashion, girls wear boots and ankle-length skirts/dresses, you should join/form a rock band, etc.)
  4. You might be worrying that such popular trends used in recent films may be at risk of becoming cliches ...
  5. If MLP:FiM never existed at all, would entertainment be any better? Or would it remain at the same level? Please also list to me specific things in modern entertainment that you think "MLP:FiM can help fight against", e.g. cliches, undesirable/"disgusting" trends, pop entertainment/art "plagues", etc.
  6. Do you think Rarity is best pony? If so then maybe you'll wanna keep reading because I'm gonna talk about FASHION! Now previously I used to scoff at "High Fashion" and the people who were into it. But as with most haters this was primarily because I just did not see the appeal of staring at outfits I would never be able to afford. But then a friend showed me what it is really about and even taught me to sew.. lol. Since then i have changed my opinion I think fashion is very cool now. Its been something I've been into for the past few years now. Before then I could care less about what I wear. And to be honest I still don't really but I do have a keen eye for piecing outfits together. The reason for this was because financially i am not able to sit and pick through new clothes to buy all the time i wasn't raised this way. We went to the thrift shop and found clothes that fit.. not looked pretty. Once I realized how much the designers actually try to innovate it began to capture me and it got more interesting. "The Devil Wears Prada" is now like one of my favorite movies I just have to keep watching it over and over again. So if you were like me and you didn't like Fashion or you just wanna know a lil more just keep on readin'! The Categories of Fashion Firstly, to understand ... Fashion trends you have to understand the different categories of Fashion. Every design isn't judged the same its not a matter of "oh this looks pretty and that doesn't." There are several different layers of Fashion and each one is effected by the one above it. It all starts with Haute Couture designs. These are mostly known to people like you and me as the outfits that runway models wear up and down the catwalks at the best fashion shows across the world. From Paris to London, Milan, New York even Tokyo. These designs are known as "made to measure" I'll explain why. The word Couture usually refers to the designs that are shown on the catwalks made by the designers and the trends change each season. The materials that go in to making these designs are of the HIGHEST possible quality and only a master seamstress can make them . They are made to fit one person specifically and custom made to order. The attention to detail really is amazing here. They measure everything about you even the way you like to stand and sit down. This means that the outfit always feels the same and fits the same standing or sitting. The very interesting thing about Haute Couture is that Fashion designers actually lose a lot of money making these designs because NOONE buys them. They can cost around $60,000 and even rich people aren't paying that much for one outfit. So much so that most designers now don't even bother making Haute Couture fashion lines anymore only the real big names still do. Because of this the designers are "Selective" about who they let wear there new designs. This is why the arrival at award's ceremonies like the Academy Awards is so important to the designers. They give their outfits to movie stars to show to the public and its a non fashion venture that gets them attention. These are the only bit of "practical" Haute Couture designs. The next layer is called "Ready-to-Wear" Fashion. These are clothes designed to mimic the look of Haute Couture designs and are again made from higher quality materials. They are designed by a big name company and a Fashion House together to provide people with fashionable clothes that can be worn everyday. Because even if you bought a $60,000 dress you probably wouldn't wear it often. . These designs are featured at the higher end stores you see and the prices usually reflect. But that's the price of fashion. The practice of doing this began at the end of WWII im told, The world needed to look beautiful again. The last layer is Mass Produced Fashion. This basically refers to everything that you don't find at a high end retailer. These are clothes that you and I (normal people) wear everyday. The people that design them aren't as focused on how it makes you look or feel just about the profits made off of them. Recently however the designers of mass market fashion have themselves put in small touches into their designs which are again those that were inspired buy Haute Couture fashion. There is a very interesting scene in The Devil Wears Prada. The main character is witnessing a "run through" of all of the clothes to be modeled in a fashion magazine. She scoffs because she does not believe that any of the things the people in the room are worrying about affect her. She is then given a detailed history about the color of her sweater she bought in a discount store and that the color didn't appear in stores until a fashion designer started using that color. In my opinion this section of fashion is getting more important because Fashion Houses know that they need money and they can make more if they can cater to everyone. To further understand Fashion you have to follow your favorite designers! Rarity, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior. Recognize any of these names? They are all (or were) fashion designers. The designers are the ones that are pioneering the new trends trying to create new ones and sometimes bringing back old ones. Not all of their designs are successful and this is the reason why fashion critics have such an "important" job because they spend A LOT of money designing these styles and if they have to many failures they will not be able to maintain their reputation or customer base. Usually the more established fashion designers found their Fashion "House". This is where they make their new designs, model them and sometimes they even bring on more "Junior" designers to help them design. Where they base their fashion house is important. It reflects one "who" they are trying to design for. Some styles may not be well received elsewhere, it also reflects the type of fashion they are doing. This is why its important to know your "Fashion Capitals". Ever by a new perfume or cologne and wonder why on the bottom it says "New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo" ? These are some of the main fashion capitals. There are emerging markets but those are the more established ones. Beijing/Hong Kong has become a fashion capital but China is plagued with so many knockoffs most fashion houses don't bother to venture into China. If you really get into it the best way to stay on top of the latest trends is to read the famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle. The magazine follows the designers and their latest styles. They usually have no other option but to follow around celebrities because these are the people who get the Ready to Wear Fashion first. Remember, when Fancypants said of Rarity's dress "Everymare in Canterlot will be wanting one". We never got to see it but it was defiantly true because the magazines and celebrities have a huge following the opinions of important fashion critics matters a great deal. If you ever get into it and wanna even sketch your own design be sure to learn about COLOR. Color defines the "mood" of the design. I recall a scene where Rarity said "This shade of brown should only be used as an accent" which to us may sound silly but in the world of fashion means everything. A bad color choice can ruin the entire design and after the critics have seen it you cant just change the color because then you will be accused of being lazy and reusing the design is now out of the question. You must design a whole new outfit. Again.. yet another reason the critics have such an important job. It could ruin a designers career instantly. The last major things about fashion are the Seasons and Accessories. The styles of clothing in most places changes with the seasons because the climate does. As a result this opens the door to a whole new bit of Winter and Fall Fashion. Most designers pay more attention to their Summer and Spring lines. Some can't do Winter or Fall fashion primarily because their fashion house is in an area that's the same all year round. Accessories are extremely important because they change even more often than the trends themselves....... yea i know that sounds crazy but its true. And the type of accessories being shown in recent Haute Couture is more than just a Necklace, Handbag, Scarf, Ring.. Its become its own sub category of fashion. Some designers only design accessories. Louis Vuitton for example made things with leather starting out. They made travel trunks of the highest quality and only important rich people could afford them. Now they make hand bags and purses and a few things in between. So yea. There ya have it. If you didn't know why people were so crazy about fashion. Perhaps you know why, and if ya didn't care... you LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY. (proud of you!) Here's a video for you to watch now. You earned it. Its the song that played during Fluttlershy's time as a model. I think you'll like it.
  7. So as much as anyone else here really I am a huge fan of My Little Pony related art. Though one area of Pony art that people have mixed opinions about is the Humanization art. I guess I can see why some people don't like it. It is taking favorite characters from the show from lovable Ponies to boring humans like you and me. Others don't like it because it does cause some debate on finding an impossible "canon" human version on the Ponies. Truth is these arguments are silly and pointless seeing that there is no correct answer. The human look all depends on the artist's imagination. Though I have been spotting a few popular trends with the art style, some I agree with some I don't. So let's look into these trends. Twilight Sparkle Applejack Rainbow Dash Rarity Fluttershy Pinkie Pie So what are some of your opinions on humanization styles of Ponies? How do you imagine them? What other popular trends have you noticed that I may have not mentioned?