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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there everypony! I didn't really bother looking through all the new topics about Nightmare Night/Halloween/Scary-a*s-holiday/whatever-you-wanna-call it. So I just decided to make one that I thought would be interesting. Topic: What is the most candy you've gotten from Trick-or-Treating? I used to live in a relatively rich neighborhood, so I got lots of candy then. The most I've ever gotten was 3 trash-bags full (large trash bags, not the crappy little ones). And the candy I got was all normal sized, not that tiny "snack-size" waste of money sh*t. That's not "snack-size" you lying b*stards! It's one bite! Give me something more! Anyway... I weighed the bags, and they each weighed around 43 pounds (19.5 Kilos). And I had to drag each bag for an hour until I got the next bag. On another note: What the hell is with people trick-or-treating on a day that's not Halloween, when the sun is still up?! I've gone to a few towns around me, and asked the people there what the cities trick-or-treating 'rules' were. Most of them told me "Halloween from 5:30PM to 7PM". Mind you, it starts getting dark at 6:30PM where I live. So for people to start an hour early... I just find that offensive. Like seriously, who gets scared when the sun is still up and you can clearly tell that things are fake and dead people are just actors meant to come alive and scare you. I hate people... I really do. Especially when they do stupid sh*t like this. I miss the good old days (I know I'm 17, but I remember some actual good times) when we started trick-or-treating at 7:30PM and stopped at 10PM. The main reason I've stopped getting free candy...