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Found 6 results

  1. I'm not looking for free legal advice; I've just had an experience enough times to pique my curiosity. When I see a long terms-of-service agreement or contract or something the like that asks for my signature (especially in real life), I tend to read it before signing. But one thing I've noticed several times now is that there are often minor mistakes---two section F's and no section E, paragraph 2-a having a roman-numerals list that goes from (iv) to (vi) with no (v) in between, that kind of thing. My question is: do attorneys deliberately put minor mistakes in these contracts to see if anyone points them out, to check to see if we're paying attention?
  2. Hiya! So for those who know me around here...I usually like to review and critique people's music. So after tutoring quite a few people in music...I figured I'd open up a place where people can ask questions about music theory, in order to help them in their compositions. Here are my specialties 1. Basic Theory 2. Scales and Chords 3. Chord Progressions 4. Modulations 5. Rhythm Patterns and fills 6. Phrasing 7. Effects So, if you have any questions about music in terms of theory and chord progressions, leave them right here and I'll be sure to answer them!
  3. The fake-out, as I have coined, is a technique that was quite common in the late impressionist eras of music. The fake-out can come in many varieties, ranging from dynamic fake-outs, to progression fake-outs to key shift fake-outs. The fake-outs I mentioned above are the three basic type of musical fake-outs. I will go over all three in depth. 1. The Dynamic fake-out A dynamic fake-out occurs when there in an increase in volume. The listener automatically thinks that there will be a sudden loudness. However, instead of going loud, the piece backs down to soft. For example, listen carefully to the end of this original piece by me: Dynamic fake-outs are really effective, especially when you have a piece that has a lot of buildups. Here's a visual of what a dynamic fake-out looks like: Notice how in bar 16, the dynamic is at mezzo-piano, or medium soft. At measure 22, there's a crescendo. Immediately, one thinks it would go up to mezzo-forte (medium-loud) or forte (loud) or higher. But instead, it backs down to piano (soft). In terms of electronic music, dynamic fake-outs are very effective when there have been small buildups. These buildups usually occur during a fill, which occurs after a 12 quarter-beat phrase. A phrase is usually 16 beats. The last 4 beats of a phrase are what make the buildup fill-in. After several of these, comes the dynamic fake-out, which is then followed by a very slow buildup. The progression fake-out, as it's name entails, occurs when there is an abrupt shift in chord progression. Take the most common jazz chord progression out there: the ii-V-I or two five one. This progression occurs at the last phrase of a blues progression. Here's a visual: In what is known as: a two five fake-out, the two chord and the five chord (the dominant) are played, but the one chord (the root), is not. Instead, the ii-V pattern is left unresolved and either another two five pattern is followed or, another chord other than the I is played. Take this pattern from Charlie Parker's "Conformation" F-E1/2dim-A7+9-Dm7G7Cm7F7Bb7 The chords in bold indicate the two five fake-outs. The progression fake-out can also occur during transitions. Take this progression: F-C-Dm-Bb A fake-out can be used to transition to another progression like this F-C-Dm-G7 Notice there's a two five pattern here. Progression fake-outs can lead to just about anything. Just make sure the chord fits appropriately and does not leave one thinking about "that one chord". Last but not least A key shift fake-out, or a modulation fake-out, occurs during a certain progression, where a key change could be taken. Take this progression for instance. C-D-G-Em-G-D-G Clearly, this progression takes the key of C and modulates to G. But, in some cases, this could be faked like this: C-D-Gm-Bb... This pattern could have also been made to fake out the G modulation and instead modulate to F like this: C-D-Gm-C7-F Look at this, it's the return of the two five one pattern. But wait, there are many more ways to modulate. Still, since the fake-out is very versatile, it can adapt to other situations, like when the modulation is a half-step, like this: F-Eb9-C#7-F# This half-step modulation progression can also be faked, by switching the arrival chord (the one in bold shown above), to minor. This produces F-Eb9-C#7-F#m-E7-A Notice, that instead of modulating to F#, the fake-out to F# produced a modulation to A major. In conclusion, if executed in the right manner, the fake-out can be a useful tool to sort of "throw off" your audience and make your music less predictable. Questions? PM me, or just reply to this topic (hopefully I'm putting this in the right place)
  4. Step one: Take your age Step two: Subtract two Step three: Add two That is your age.
  5. le Here is how le game works. le person le above you says le Trick or Treat! You put a random item that does not have to be candy, into their bags. Then, you say trick or treat, and so on and so forth. Example: Dumbass1: TRICK OR TREEAAEEAEEAEAEEOOEAEEOEEAAAET! Dumbass2: *Puts a bottle of wine in bag* (Hit enter a couple times) TRICK OR TREAT! Etc. I felt we should have a retarded game like this because it's halloween and it is crawling with 8 - 12 year olds that come out at like 5:30 PM and start ringing your doorbell as you smash a brick over your head and yell, "ITS ONLY 5:30 NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE." let le forum game le begin! TRICK OR TREAT
  6. Ok, I'm still a bit pissed off but here is the story. So me and three of my other friends went into McDonalds and we all asked for a Happy meal with girls toys, Now it just happened to be the manager(I would assume) working the till, and he said "I know about you faggots, I'm not going to help you with your creepy bullshit", There may have been some conversation between this but i don't remember but what i said was "Go get us our fucking food you fat, stupid, homophobic piece of shit" in a loud voice, My friend said i was ready to punch the guy out(He stopped me, I have been arrested for assault in the past) and i remember him saying something reluctant but doing it. So thats my story of what happened today, just thought i needed to share it.