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Found 55 results

  1. So sometimes we all tend to have bad days and just feel bad in general whether it's something that did, something someone did to you, or something that happened in general that made us feel this way. We all have our different coping mechanisms but I'd like to know how you try to cheer yourself up when you feel this way. Personally, I always find myself ending up back at this video from my favorite cartoon (OMG it's not MLP) Steven Universe in which Steven put's in his fathers CD of his old song "Let me drive my van into your heart" which most of you may know from that one fluffle puff animation. I honestly can't feel bad listening to it. For some reason it makes me feel at home when I don't even have a place that I call home besides maybe the forums. It's a nice feeling. Oh and here's the fluffle puff version if you haven't seen it yet.
  2. As title says. The reason I'm wondering this is because, my profile is pretty long. And, seeing as it is so long, I do want people to read it. So, my question is; Does anyone actually read profiles? Silly question? Of course. Kthxbye.
  3. WARNING: TACTICAL HYPOTHETICAL THREAD INCOMING Lets say you're traveling to work one day right. Everything is A-OK. Meanwhile, in some alternate dimension, some Unicorn somewhere is doing a spell to switch their Mane style with somepony else's. However, it goes horribly wrong, and it swaps your body with somepony's in Equestria! What pony would you want to swap with? Now remember, you're in two different dimensions, and you're in this pony's body, and they're in your body. No pony knows you've swapped bodies except you and the other pony who is in an entirely different dimension. And the chances of switching bodies back is very very very very very slim. Now, for my opinion, I would want to switch bodies with Twilight. Why? Very simple. You see, most ponies would assume I would want to switch with Trixie, and while I would be her, she wouldn't be in the same dimension as me, keeping us apart. So if I was somepony else, that relationship would work. And I chose Twilight because Twixie shipping is so popular, and Twilight would probably have a better time coping with being a human then somepony else. So, who would you swap with, and for bonus points, what would you do?
  4. According to this, there's more Trix in the way
  5. Greetings ponies and bronies alike!! Welcome to the Great and Powerful Trixie's Ask Thread!! Seize this opportunity, and ask Trixie anything you like! I will bestow upon you some of my vast knowledge, or simply tell you more about myself. Please forgive the temporary blandness of this thread. My thread lackey ShadO is currently typing this on an inadequate machine at the moment, but that will be remedied soon. Now ask away my friends!!
  6. A simple game. What would happen if the above poster turned into your favorite pony? For example; Get the idea? Lets begin then! : D
  7. Seriously, we were hoping to see Trixie in S2, and he returned in S3. We think the same of Gilda, and well, since she was a weak and flat character she obviously didn´t return. Then Flim and Flam return and...ufff... But, why those one-shot characters can´t return? I refer to: Lightning Dust Cheese Sandwich Maud Pie Suri Diamond Dogs Steven Magnet The reason of why the two characters mentiond above returned and the other don´t was because they were fresh and really good characters, a large amount of fans, and because they serve to do a contrast to the protagonist, showing what they could have become. AND WHY THESE CHARACTERS CAN´T RETURN WHEN THEY HAVE A LOT TO SHOW!! LD served to show the bad aspects of Rainbow Dash, and since a lot of Wonderbolts episodes are coming, i can see her returning. Cheese Sandwich good development and is not really fair that they only use him for the keys. Suri was another counterpart to Rarity. These two last characters (Magnet and DD) got a lot of fans and fanfics, and the first one was a FUCKING MEME GODDAMNIT!! So, ¿What are the reasons to not bring they back? I WANT ANSWERS!!! I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!! YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! FORGET IT, IT´S CHINATOWN!! PD: I want Chrysalis and Zecora to return also, duh.
  8. Leafeon


    Welcome to the thread devoted to the religion of which we worship Trixie. Trixieism. Anyone may be converted, as there is no fee, and we accept all members. Even former Twilight Sparkle worshipers. Our flag is the following: You may use the following to help convert neigh-sayers: Well, anyway, welcome to the true religion.
  9. Here, a story I wrote up about Trixie. Here's the desc and the link. Since deciding to try her hoof at performing for the residents of Saddlearabia one more time at the insistence of her new friend, Twilight Sparkle, after the alicorn amulet incident she figured it would be a walk in the park. To woo the crowd before her, the Great and Powerful Trixie attempted something so magnificent and so dangerous. Something she would regret for the rest of her life, or would she?
  10. Now, here's a question that I have that came from over thinking things... which I do all the time... anyway, I would like your opinion on it (if you want to, that is). From the animated shorts of the new Equestria Girls movie that will come out in a couple of months, seeing the different human counterparts of the main characters holding the musical instruments, we can tell that they are right handed (as can be seen in this screenshots): In scenes from the first movie when we see them writing, we can see that the counterpart of Cheerilee and Celestia are also right handed: And even when Twilight crossed the other side of the portal, and had to use her hands for the very first time to do something, her first "natural instinct" (to call it something), was to pick up a pen with her right hand (sure, she was terrible at writing with it, but that's because she had never had hands before) However, when the human counterpart of Trixie holds a guitar, we see that she's left handed. Does that mean anything in regards to the Pony Trixie, which Human Trixie is a counterpart for? I mean, she's a unicorn and all that, but how does her human counterpart being Left Handed reflect on her? Does it mean that Trixie's magical abilities function different from other unicorns? If so, then how is it different? Is it simply a meaningless detail, and it doesn't reflect on Trixie's magic, but on which Hoof she favors? (In Magic Duel, when Trixie was gesticulating and uncovering her face from the hood, she was always using her left hoof) So there... is Trixie simply left hoofed, and by extension her Human counterpart is left handed? Of does being left handed-hoof also reflect somehow in her magic?
  11. I am a HUGE Trixie fan are you and I want to know your opinions on her? I like her because she does something the elements of harmony never do.And after she tricked everypony into liking her is a bad thing but it is hard to explain I really feel bad for Trixie and I have been in the same possession as Trixie! I like Trixie for who she is and I wonder how do you like Trixie I am one of her fans and I really like her. now I did not like Trixie until I played a game where you had to say stuff to the characters in My Little Pony and when I got to the part to see Trixie I was not exited I first liked Pinkie Pie but Trixie ends up getting angry and leaving the stage because she only had 2 ponies watching her it was me and the stallion from Equestria Daily. I go up to her cart-house and comfort her she gave me a paper with her name on it and I really started to like Trixie so anyways how do you like Trixie?
  12. Is it real? Maybe not, but it's a real blast! Next time: Archer Rants About Dumb won't be pretty.
  13. Doom wads are back in action with the follow up of a new DooM WAD project I am currently making. I am proud to announce LulaDooM. A DooM WAD where you play as Trixie fragging angry Mages and Wizards who for some reason want to frag her. More news will come in the future discussing my progression, and hopefully I don't give up and abandon it. In fact I won't give up, I'm gonna beat this project even if it kills me. Anyway, I could do with some more pixel artist for the sprites (I currently have two including myself). If you want to help then PM me and we'll get straight to work. P.S. Moderators, you know what to do if I've stuck this in the wrong place AGAIN. Cover art (made by me):
  14. Here's something I did a while ago, it's an Equestria Girls Trixie theme for the PS3. It has 4 backgrounds and edited icons. The backgrounds change from time to time. I made it my self and uploaded it here: I'm still waiting for more EQG Trixie backgrounds, I may even just make an EQG theme all together. Would you like that? Anyway enjoy
  15. Heyo everypony its me Lightning Dash -draws something- Oh hey im Lightning Sketch Ask us anything!!!
  16. As a die-hard Trixie fan, I really want to see her again but not pictured as a villain this time. Will she be returning or not? She deserves better than what she got and I did feel sorry for her in Magic Duel with the flashbacks and everything
  17. All of the Mane Six, all of the major background and secondary ponies, and all of the princesses are coming to Earth in Pony form to attend a Party you are being forced to host for them. You are given a 10,000 Dollar Budget to work with plus any personal wealth you would be willing to use. You have three months to prepare the party. You can invite any friends you want also. What would be your reaction to this? How would you handle this? Do you even think you could manage it?
  18. I generally get you're realistic show-based Roleplays people partake in on these forums but there's these ones that make no sense to me. In particular the Grimdark ones and the ones that you take a completely other franchise but just puke ponies all over it. Grimdark - I can kind-of see why these show up, but I don't get how someone would commit there time to just Roleplaying out some violent RP/creepy RP and completely ditch the message of the show. Other franchises - I like the artwork/parodies some people do of franchises with Ponies, but if you just swap out the normal protagonists and put ponies in there place it looks rather dumb and plays out rather dumb. Why not just RP the normal universe not pony affected. I don't hate our Forum Rpers... I play Pen and Paper games like every weekend with my friends and family. I am even considering putting together a pony one if I can find people. It's just some of these Roleplays on the forum ditch the shows nice-spirit or put it in places that make it and the franchise it's in laughable.
  19. As with the Fic I recently posted in the Forums, I also have drawn Trixie a few times before. The following image is in tangem with said flick, which explains why she is levitating a certain book of spells... And over here, I drew her impersonating Dr. Doom from Marvel comics. I figured both have the same personality and always speak in First Person Perspective:
  20. (This was my very first pony fic I had written and it features my favorite antagonist, The Great and Powerful Trixie in her misadventure to another world. It may not make much sense to some, but I simply had fun writing it based on Magician Lord, one of Neo Geo's best fantasy arcade games.) THE GREAT AND POWERFUL MAGICIAN TRIXIE By RedDragonKan In a land of fantasy, where humans dare not tread, there exists a castle whose owner stole the mystical books of ancient magic and intends to resurrect a powerful demon that he intends to use to conquer this magical realm. But for every villain that dares to tip the balance of life, a hero surfaces to defy him, and thus...the adventure begins. A flash of light sparked on a bridge of the castle, it manifested as a young blue-hued unicorn mare, with a cape and wizard's hat covered in stars and planets, her clothes simple, the same color of her coat. She opened her eyes and examined her sorroundings. Nothing seemed to be familiar to her and to make things interesting, she noticed that she was not in fact, quadruped at all, she examined her limbs, hands replaced hoofs, legs longer than what she used to have. She blinked. "What the hay...?" Before she could the situation she was in, she heard screams and laughter in front of her as imps materialised drawing swords in their skeletal hands. The imps charged at her with murderous intent, swinging said blades in the air as their eyeless sockets shined in red. The Magician Pony reacted swiftly and without thinking, sending bolts of blue energy at the foes and watching as they exploded in a mist of red smoke. She was pleased with her skills at this. A smirk appeared in her face as she turned around to find a way out of this newfound place she was in. As soon as she tried to walk away however, she heard a voice in her head. Trixie... "What? Who's there? How do you know the name of the Great and Power-" No time must go into that castle and retrieve the magical tomes that were stolen. This world now is in your hands...GO! Save our world! With a sigh, Trixie turned back to face the structure the mysterious voice was talking about. If THAT was a castle, she wondered what normal buildings in this strange world would look like. She walked towards it. With a flashy display, she sent forth bolts of magic at them, one by one they dissapeared in a similar fashion. She found this way too easy to achieve, surely the quest ahead would be easy as pie. "Pie...why did Trixie think of pie?" As she walked on the bridge to the peculiar looking castle, she noticed her surroundings and saw floating obelisks in the sky, with little dirt on the bottom. She also noticed the more she neared the structure, the more it seemed to resemble a garden of sorts, trunks of trees hanging everywhere and odd-looking plants sprouting along. As soon as she stepped inside the gate, a humongous imp rushed at her. Trixie set a series of bolts at it, but it seemed to bounce off as it got hit. Suddenly the beast extended one of its clawed arms at her, trying to snatch her. Trixie rolled to the side before being caught and send more bolts at the larger imp. After a few more hits, it also exploded in a puff of red mist, leaving nothing behind of its presence. Once she stepped into higher ground, odd-looking birds popped from the floor and extended their wings, lighting trying to zap her from their beaks. Trixie dodged them as fast as she could, sending her own bolts at them in retaliation Soon enough, they all vanished, leaving the path open to continue her quest. Trixie climbed up one of the stairs at the end of the hallway, dodging more foes and getting rid of them as soon as she muster. Boulders hung in chains threatened to crush her, while flying creatures spewed pellets of energy at her. She realized that the more she ventured into this place, the more difficult it was to dodge and to attack everything that was being thrown at her, but she still managed. She avoided one of the spiky balls as she slid down a ladder. Soon, she was met with a new kind of enemy. A bunch of humanoids sat in front of a gate, and as soon as they noticed her, they got up and lurched at her moaning in incoherent manner. Trixie kept shooting her bolts at them but realized that there were too many of them for her alone. "Horseapples...just when I though I was getting the advantage." Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in front of her and a small chest formed. Looking at the zombie-like creatures who were yet not near her, she chanced the opportunity to open said chest. A small black orb popped out along with some silver coins. Trixie blinked at it, not knowing what she should do with it in a time like this. Touch will help you with these fiends... "Well, alright, but if this is a sad attempt at a joke, I WILL find you and-" As soon as she touched it, she was enveloped by more orbs of magic and felt her physical form change. When the orbs dissapeared, she looked at herself again, instead of the blue hands she just had, clawed talons covered in red scales were visible. She looked at her body and she noticed that the scales were covered entirely, complete with black armor covering her chest and hips. She looked at the zombies who were growing near, and tried to use her hands to send more bolts, but found that nothing happened. Trixie panicked and tried to think how to do away with the fiends. "Yeah, thanks a lot voice, now what the hay am I supposed to do?" Exhale... "Beg pardon?" Use your newfound power from within you, and exhale the flames at the enemy... "Ooookay, this must be good..." She took a large gulp of air, filling her lungs and letting it rest for a while. She then exhaled and was surprised to find out that she was breathing fire at the oncoming group of pale beings. As soon as the flames engulfed them, they all exploded in similar fashion, not even leaving their charred remains behind. At this, Trixie was highly pleased. She then walked on her taloned feet and decided to enter the gate, since it was the only thing that she realised would make her advance on this weird world. She ended up in another section of the castle, this time with more of the zombies and a few imps trying to rush her. Trixie breathed fire at them, making them dissapear and clearing the way for her to advance. Although she liked being this dragon-like creature she found out that her flames were short ranged, and if she found more enemies that could fly or difficult to hit without being dangerously close to them, she would need to get back to her original form...and fast. As expected, she found later in the dungeon like room that there were more flying enemies and imps trying to slice her up. Imps were not a problem, but she had to dodge the flying foes without being able to fight back. She was getting tired of this rather quickly. "Um...voice? Any chance you can make things easier for little ol' me? I promise to buy you a HUGE cake if you do..." As if she was heard, another chest popped into existence. She quickly opened it and another orb with more coins and a small chalice came out. She ignored the treasure and touched the orb. Again she was covered in orbs and when they dissapeared, she was now transformed into a different form. She looked at herself and noticed that she was covered in dark blue garments, along with a mask on her face that covered most of it except her eyes. "I'm...a ninja now? This is getting quite weird for me, but oh well..." She tried her hand at shooting at the flying menaces and found out that she could shoot magical shuriken at them with deadly accuracy. She laughed under her mask and went wild shooting at anything that moved while her nimble feet ran through the place. Soon, she found yet another gate and opened it, walking through and finding herself in another chamber different from the place she was just in. She noticed an engraving on the wall but soon ignored it as she noticed another imp-looking foe with a sword and a shield laughing maniacally and running towards her. "Great, it seems these things don't know when to quit. Away with you!" She shot a series of shuriken at it, but the foe kept its shield up, deflecting everything she threw at it. It soon caught up to her and tried to slice her midsection with his blade. Trixie gasped and jumped out of the way before it connected and then noticed the imp jumping backwards, laughing as it did so. Trixie narrowed her eyes and took the short time she knew it was vulnerable, sending shuriken at its bare body as the imp didn't bother to shield itself when it jumped backwards. The imp flinched but landed upright, and charged again. Once more, Trixie dodged the attack, the blade almost cutting her throat a the fiend got better at its attacks. She hit him when he jumped away, aiming at the unprotected parts of its body until it finally exploded. Trixie drew a breath of relief under her mask and kneeled down to rest her tired legs from running all about the place. Before she decided what to do next, a tunnel of light appeared above her, and then she was envelpoed in darkness. Trixie found herself on a floating pedestal, she could not make her sorroundings as it was too dark to see. Then, a human appeared above her. He was quite tall, dressed in extensive blue and golden robes. His face had a short looking brown mane and facial hair was around his mouth and chin. His black eyes glared at her from above. "Who in Equestria are you?" she asked, "You sure don't look as anything I've encountered so far..." "Silence heathen!" He exclaimed, his voice filling the empty darkness. "Face now the wrath of God!" "The what? And how dare you calling the Great and Powerful Trixie a heathen? I will have you know Trixie is a very-" Another flash of light and she was found in a closed chamber. Trixie had little time to react when she felt the ground tremble beneath her. As soon as she tried to gain her composure, a stalactite fell in front of her, almost crushing her body. She looked up and noticed there were several of them shaking and falling down. Trixie moved around to avoid them, which was growing to be a difficult task until they suddenly stopped falling. She took a breather and looked at heer surroundings She noticed several windows on either side of the platform she was standing on, and when she looked behind her, there were no gate or anything that would help her rget out. When she thought of what options she had in case the ceiling decided to rain down on her again, she looked in front of her, noticing a weird looking pink mound exposed from the wall. All of the sudden said mound shook and opened from the middle, revealing a grotesque eye covered in tendrils. Trixie made a face but was not prepared when the thing shot a series of red bolts at her, taking a hit by surprise. An amount of orbs circled her again and when they dissapeared, she was reverted to her original, magician form. "Aw great, just when I was enjoying being a deadly ninja...whoa!" She dodged another turn of stalactites around her. For a few moments more, she endured the troublesome sharpened dangers falling on her. Just as before, when it stopped, the wall once again opened up to reveal the grotesque eye and shot a barrage of fireballs at her once more. Trixie moved aside to dodge most of them, but one caught her in the chest. Doubling over, she glared at the monster on the wall. "Augh! You miserable eyeball! That STUNG!" patting herself to put out the residual flames, Trixie then shot a series of bolts back at the eye before it closed again. The monster upon being hit, groaned in pain as it shut again. Trixie gave a victorious smile. "So that's your weakspot...pretty predictable." Once again she dodged the falling projectiles from above, and again, dodged the shots from the eye as she countered with bolts from her own, hitting it as it was closing and retreating away. It was like this for several minutes until the creature on the wall couldn't take any more hits and it started shaking. It soon exploded and the smoke diminished the fiend back into nothing, leaving a trail of golden dust as it dissapeared. Trixie gave a shout of triumph, only to hold her chest as it seared in pain. If anything, she guessed she wouldn't be able to take another shot from that thing. Still, she righted herself and placed her hands on her hips. She began looking for a way out now that she dealt with the danger at hand. Just when she was about to give up, another pillar of light enveloped her, and teleported out of the room. Trixie appeared in another room within the castle, but this time, there were no enemies in sight. Trixie noticed a floating book on top of a pedestal. That's it! the voice announced you did it! You were able to recollect one of the seven tomes within this castle. Now pick it up and keep it safe until you find another one. "Well then..let's see what's this about." Trixie walked over to the book and reached out to it. The book stopped floating once it was held in her hands. It looked pretty simple, just a blue hardcover with no letters embedded on it. Trixie's curiosity led her to open it and inspect what was inside. Her eyes bulged as she read the contents. "This...this is what I've been looking for! If this is one of seven, I can finally get my revenge on those pesky little-" Suddenly, everything went dark and Trixie felt a pull to another place. Her screams echoed in the darkness as she vanished. Trixie's eyes opened with a start. She found herself holding nothing with her hoofs extended. Looking at them she waved them around, noticing she was no longer holding the book. She looked around and noticed she was now inside her own stagecoach, on her bed. She groaned and placed her hooves on her face. "Oh, of course...a dream. Trixie misses having hands." With a heavy sigh, she got out bed and went straight to the tiny cupboard to get something to eat. At least she had enough bits to buy provisions at the last town she performed. Rummaging trough the shelf, she heard a knock on the door. With a roll of her eyes, she walked towards the sole door in her stagecoach, and opened the door. She looked straight at a grey pegasus, one eye looking at her while the other was aimed elsewhere. Trixie exclaimed at this, but then regained her composure as the pegasus extended a package with her hooves. "Package delivering. Signage please." Trixie levitated the package inside her stagecoach while the mail pegasus held a clipboard with a quill strapped on it. Trixie signed the document with her magic and then placed the quill back in place. The mail pegasus saluted and flew away. Closing the door, Trixie looked at the package resting on a small table. She raised an eyebrow and began opening it up magically. After it was opened, she peered inside to find a familiar blue book inside. One with no lettering on the front. Trixie gasped. "This couldn't be...could it?" She levitated the book and placed it close to her face, opening it up and inspecting its contents. Trixie closed it quickly with a wide eyed look on her face...then her expression changed to that of a malicious grin, narrowing her eyes. "Oh yes...Trixie will have her revenge...excellent." THE END...?
  21. Trixie tries her hoof at being a manager, putting her at odds with her recent ally Jack Swagger. Will this work out, or will it lead to animosity between her and her partner?
  22. The second entry shows us why Trixie is the GREAT and POWERFUL among them all. My Little Comic Strip- Know your Pony My Little Comic Strip- Alicorns
  23. Did her pay per view win catapult Trixie to greatness, or has her career still stalled? I hope you like this new series! Please, any comments, whether you like it or not, is appreciated. Constructive criticisms GREATLY appreciated, I need you help to get better!
  24. I have found a new banner for which ill use form now on, (THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE SAYS, SPREAD THE PEACE New Banner VVVVV