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Found 15 results

  1. So who?I say celestia, but lunas not bad either, celestia is more of the benevolent dictator, which i try to be in tropico, but kinda fail at it.
  2. Greetings minions! It is I, your benevolent trollness, come to grace you with my presence! OK, I lied, I really can't stand any of you ; the truth is, now that the "Twilight Princess hath cometh," I've got even less to do around Canterlot than I did before. Little Ms. Hotshot-Princess thinks she's so special, and is constantly on the lookout for something new to do, but never any trolling! Honestly, how can she pass up the opportunity to screw with anypony you desire to your heart's content when you have unlimited power and can't be prosecuted by the law?!?! Just blows my mind I tell ya! Blows my royal mind! -_- Anyways, things are boring around the castle, and I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with new and unique ways to troll my subjects at the moment, so feel free to ask me any questions you desire, and maybe, just maybe, I will graciously respond! Whatever you do though, don't be like that troll-student of mine; turd always sends me the same bucking picture of her and her friends every week!!! Anypony thinks of pulling any funny business, and some filly's gonna get her flank sent to the moon, ya understand?!?! So ask away my faithful subjects! I won't bite... much.
  3. Now I have heard this specific idea or theory from some other people, and it's really got me thinking, does Princess Celestia really even care about the Mane 6? Now when I say this I don't mean she hates them (unless the whole "Celestia is Evil" theory is true), but that she doesn't really see how great they are. She is always giving the attention to Twilight. Not just making her a princess, but also giving her the real treatment that the other 5 deserve just as much. At the Equestria Games she's sitting up in V.I.P, but not the others! They have to sit on regular old benches. She's always giving the special missions to Twilight and rarely even buys the fact that her friends are pretty much HEROES OF EQUESTRIA. If anything she treats Spike better than them. But the worst part is that before Twilight becomes a princess, Celestia tells her that making friends was part of the test. REALLY?! So the reason they all risked there lives against Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra was so Twilight could get a big crowd kneeling before her? HOW MANIPULATIVE CAN YOU BE? Actually now I know why the Trollestia meme is so funny. Now I guess you could say that she's planning on making them princesses, but she doesn't act like it. Celestia never says 'you are all powerful great ponies' or 'someday your friendship will finally pay off'. The most she does is give an occasional thank you, but it never compares to how Twilight is living off servants in her castle. At least that Friendship Tree thing from Season 4 gave them a throne the same as Twilight's, and that's nice I guess. So really the message is that trees are smarter than alicorns.
  4. Trollestia Strikes Again! Is no tea safe?? Is no hot caffeinated beverage SACRED??? Whatever is this world coming to? And what was derpy doing snooping on our protagonist? See, these are life's big questions. Hope everyone enjoys the animation!
  5. Particularly amongst her modern-day subjects. She dun effed up pretty hard in the span of what- a year and a half, in the canon timeline? I mean, just looking at the latest episode of “Make new friends, but keep Discord”, she invites Twilight, a pony who she knows is meticulous in planning, deadlines, and organization, to co-organize the Gala, only to invite the spirit of chaos, without telling said co-organizer, to eff everything up. Let's not forget, she sat idly by as Discord, in front of all the Gala guests, threatened one of her subjects, (which she's supposed to be protecting) with a one way trip to a different dimension. Did no one wonder why Celestia, grand, esteemed, hailed leader of Equestria, didn't lift a hoof to prevent that? Or ensure that shouldn't have happened in the first place? No one thinks that talk of this will spread (especially amongst Canterlot gossipers, no less), and ponies who didn't attend the Gala will have their faith and trust shaken in Celestia, and question if she's really looking out for their well-being, if she can so readily toss being their guardian aside for shits and giggles? What about her defeat by Chrysalis, in “A Canterlot Wedding”? There was a rather significant attendance of ponies there, too, Surely word had started to spread about Celestia not being the almighty alicorn leader they believed her to be. Making fun of the student she groomed, when she becomes the butt of a joke? Is that really acceptable for someone in Celestia's position, and in public, no less? Or leaving the protection of en entire empire under threat of attack to one pony? I don't care how much she believed in Twilight at the time, that's just massive levels of stupidity. And that time, she put Cadance's subjects, not just her own, at risk. Giving all her- and 3 other alicorn's magic to Twilight to face off against Tirek, without some kind of backup plan? Another instance of stupidity and putting her kingdom and citizens at risk. It boggles the mind to believe that any pony in Equestria or the Crystal Empire is still willing to place their faith and trust in Celestia, given her track record in the more modern era. (though even in the past, as far as comic canon goes, she was also putting her subjects- neigh, the entire world at risk, with her little trysts with AU Sombra, and the different worlds were on the verge of merging together) I, for one, think Celestia's far past her reigning expiration date, and just doesn't seem to value her (or others) subjects well-being, anymore- if ever she did, to begin with. I don't think she should be any kind of ruler or so-called "guardian" (see the Journal of the Two Sisters) if she's willing to put fun above the well-being of the world or her own kingdom and subjects.
  6. In the past both fans and critics of Celestia alike have been known describe her as some nigh omniscient entity that does things for the best intentions, or knows how to manipulate them towards her advantage. Hence we get the infamous nickname Trollestia and the depiction of Celestia as a almost god like, if not already god like being, that ranges from manipulative, to sympathetic but almost always distant and delegating except when necessary or on her own behalf. Often, readers and the audience are led implicitly to accept that everything will turn out fine, and the show is no exception. After all PG13 shows teaching morality are supposed to have happy and perfect endings right? …Just like Grimm’s Fairy Tales. But past episodes have challenged this notion. Sure Celestia is still viewed, at least by the ponies, as some heroic leader that delegates her authority, and more than most of the time fails to interact with her subjects and allies or lift a hoof, but more than ever now she shows flaws, making her if not mortal, then at least more 3 dimensional. As we saw in A Canterlot Wedding, she could not foresee Queen Chrsysalis’ invasion, nor thwart it herself. The Elements of Harmony she sent the Mane 6 to get – useless and she herself overpowered and imprisoned. Season 4 had plenty more of these moments. In the pilot she saw herself trapped with Luna in the chaos vines, and in the finale saw herself at the mercy of Tirek and Equestria on the verge of being conquered and destroyed. Even the most hardline supporters of Celestia here should realize that in many, if not most of these cases, it would be an incredibly risky gambit for her to subject herself and others to grave danger just to have a plan play out. No that’s the writers’ jobs to be omniscient. Celestia is as flawed as anyone. Do I want see Celestia fall and suffer? Honestly yes, I do. But its not because I’m some sadist that enjoys seeing her, (and Twilight), fail. I want to see Celestia develop more as a character considering that she plays such a major role in the show as a supporting character as I dunno, The Immortal Sun Goddess and Ruler of Equestria. Instead of having her as some archaic monotheistic god that we just blindly put faith into, why not have her be more relatable, like Dumbledore, who despite his wizened experience, knowledge and understanding was just as frail and petty a person as anyone else, with his share of mistakes that haunt him. Lest people forget it, great leaders are defined just as much by their failures and flaws, as they are by their successes. Just ask Caesar and Lincoln.
  7. Just scroll to the bottom if your lazy I live my life, one day at a time. A good portion of those days are uneventful, always falling in the same routine: I wake up, walk to work, work, walk home, then bum around until I go to bed. Some times I'll hang with my few friends, while other times I'll just play video games or watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Every so often, something new and interesting happens: I meet an old friend, I find a dollar on the ground, or I get chased by a stray dog. Living in a dying city isn't very fun or interesting. This city was once full of life and color, but now... now most of the houses are sagging, the businesses sit empty and abandoned, and several open fields lay barren of the once great factories that helped drive the economy. I had never seen this city during those times in person, but I have seen pictures. My mother and father lived happy, and they could only wish the same for me growing up. Sadly, I cannot say I have achieved that wish of theirs. I've fallen into the same dull routine: Wake, work, sleep, repeat. I do have some moments of bliss, but the daily struggles I go through outweigh the small moments of joy I have. My Little Pony has helped, but it's still just another thing to give my hopes up on. Every time I see the show, or one of the ponies on a fan site, I recoil a bit at the bright colors, the joyful faces of the ponies, and the peaceful scenery of their world. It's so hard to look at that beautiful world, having it so close to my grasp; I reach out to touch it's warm colors and bright, smiling faces of the ponies. Only to be stopped by my computer screen. I snapped back to reality. It gets to the point where I will simply shut down my computer and walk away. I do that a lot, especially after my parents death. I go for a walk. When I feel sad, I walk. When I feel tired, I walk. When I feel like walking... I walk. Walking has become my second life in a sense; I spend at least half my day outside along the crumbling side-walks and decaying suburbs. I've seen people come and go. I've seen buildings torn down, burned up, or have so much graffiti on its walls that its original color is unrecognizable. I very rarely pass any other people on my strolls. Most people don't like to look at their once beautiful city, their homes or former businesses. I don't blame them. In fact I envy them. They saw this place with their own two eyes, seeing the buildings still standing tall and proud, the lawns freshly cut, the paved roads, and sidewalks still intact. The only thing I've ever seen that even comes close is my mother's paintings, each of them colorful scenes of this concrete world. She started painting once everything crumbled beneath her feet, making the sad scenery before her look beautiful. Her masterpiece is of an open field that yielded a parking garage. Over it, she drew an amazing rainbow. My favorite picture. I guess that is part of why I like Rainbow Dash the most out of all the other ponies. Her colors, the amazing sonic rainboom, all remind me of that picture. There have been times I wished I had my own Rainbow Dash, or more realistically a plushie of her, to curl up in bed with. I've made an old Simba into a "temporary" replacement, until I am able to save enough money for one. It helps, in a way. Like holding it close will heal my wounds, my pain, and my sorrow. My feet, after countless hours of walking in my old shoes, pulsate under the sheet, and all the while, I'll hold that stuffed animal harder than a mother protecting her child. It's the only thing I can look at and feel true joy, even if it isn't physically the Rainbow Dash I want. It will have to do. ---------- Today, as usual, I walked to work. It was the same shit, just a different day, watching the same people enter the store, grab their merchandise and pay, then walk out with bags in tow. My shift ended after several hours of this. I clocked out and started walking home. I decided to use a different route this time, for a change in pace, a little something different from the normal path I walk. This part of town was hit the worst; only a few houses still stand, and none of them occupied. It truly is a sad sight to see. Then again, it's really the only sight I see. The only sight I'll ever see. Or so I thought. I was stopped by something unusual; a stray cardboard box in the middle of the sidewalk. Now, living in this kind of area I see trash all the time. Boxes, McDonalds cups, and plastic bags litter the streets and empty fields, but rarely will I see a cardboard box that isn't crushed in one way or another. I noticed this particular box because it happened to be in my way. During my younger years, I tried to do what I could for the community. I'd pick up trash when I saw it, or I'd attempt to help my neighbors. It was a losing battle. Now-a-days, I'd given up any hope of cleaning this city, much less my neighborhood. Now I'll just pass the trash by, letting it blow away in the breeze or sit there and decompose. I let what's left of the "people" do their own things, since most of them don't care about anyone other than themselves. Why should I be any different? I walked past the box, barely giving it a glance. Nothing about it caught my attention right away. I continued on, my home not far away now. Upon arriving, I sat down down and played some games, attempting to push the box out of my mind. I had little luck, as the box somehow managed to push it's way back in. Time crept on by, and I soon found myself wanting to go for another walk. I left the house and started down my usual route when I stopped. What was it about that box that made it stick out in my mind? I turned around, starting down the path I had taken to get home, the path that I only walk once in a blue moon. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted some closure. Within minutes I found it, still sitting there, sad and alone among the broken concrete and over-grown grass. It didn't move, it didn't stand out as if it were special. It was an ordinary, brown cardboard box. I didn't want to say I came out here for nothing, so I walked closer to it. As I drew closer, however, I began to notice something inside. It was brightly colored, multiple colors in fact, and was quite small. Maybe the size of a few month old Labrador puppy. I stopped beside the box, and looked down at the colorful blob inside. This is where I currently stand: looking into the box at a small... something. No, I know exactly what it is, but my brain isn't allowing me to fully realize it just yet. At first I want to say it's simply a toy, left to die along with all the other things in this block. But then I saw it breathing. In fact, it appears to be sleeping. My hands are sweating, my breathing erratic, and I'm blinking my eyes trying to refresh my vision. Each time, the image stays the same. Inside, is a sleeping... filly... Rainbow mom got scared, and said, 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.' I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, 'Nah, forget it. Yo, holmes to Bel-Air!' I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, 'Yo homes smell ya later!' Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air
  8. Dear MLPforums, My most faithful student: Now that you have become my earnest pupil, I can give you words of wisdom or terrible advice, and you have no choice but to accept it. I hope that you will learn much. Don't get eliminated. Yours truly, Princess Trolles I mean Luna
  9. Heyeyey Its trollestia! Ask me any question that you desire!
  10. Immediately after you read this sentence, an anomaly appears just outside Manhattan. Measuring at two kilometers across and one kilometer high, the anomaly has the appearance of a huge window. When a science team is sent to investigate, they discover the (even more) impossible: ponies. It's a portal to Equestria. The initial portal connects Manhattan with Manehattan, but within days, more portals appear around the world. Those from both worlds can freely leave and enter the portals. Two scenarios arise: 1) Humans remain human when they cross; ponies remain ponies when they cross. 2) Humans become ponies when they cross; ponies become human when they cross. How does this event affect the two universes? How will the humans react? How will the ponies react? How will you react? What happens (besides the collective brony fangasm) in this what-if situation? Bonus scenario:
  11. I see so many people that seem to think Celestia's some kind of tyrant. I've seen the Trollestia joke used to many times, and it's really my least favorite brony joke. So, I ask of you this, readers. Do you really believe Celestia is a tyrant? Do you think Celestia's a troll? And if you do or don't, do you enjoy the Trollestia joke anyways?
  12. Canon Celestia (Good Celestia ) Vs Her Evil Counterparts? Let's list some some. Tyrant Celestia if is she just as powerful as canon Celestia. The Ponies from the that would see canon Celestia and Luna as liberators against the rule of Tyrant Celestia, and ultimately after Tyrant Celestia is defeated, Celestia and Luna would have a long talk with Tyrant Celestia on how to treat your subjects with kindness. ------ Xenolestia, the genocidal, egotistical maniac of the The Conversion Bureau war fan fictions. First off canon Celestia would be utterly horrified that such a monster version of herself exists and would get extremely angry what she is doing. If canon Celestia comes to the aid of Humanity against the TCB Pony invaders, I think unfortunately Xenolestia would win due to her sheer raw magical power, for example the Barrier, billions of Zombie Newfoals (former Humans) at her command. None of these powers canon Celestia has. Celestia would have to unite every sapient race on her planet to fight the vast hordes of Newfoal Zombies and find a way to make her just as magically powerful yet not become Xenolestia herself, she could not possibly win. That or get help from many powerful magical beings like Discord and whatnot. Xenolestia won't just kill all Humans, she will destroy literally any sapient race that isn't a Pony and conquer lesser Equestrias across the multiverse that have not yet seen the 'light' to expand her interdimensional empire.
  13. Funny memes need to be shared... right? So I thought it would be fun to start a forum where people could share their funny pictures memes. Poor derpy, but maybe if derpy didn't put everything into the muffins pinke would approve.
  14. LUNA SAVE US! Oh no! Solar storm is coming ;( Everypony hide! Before Celest... Trollestia kills you your electronic devices with her sun! Ok it's kind of a joke This solar storm won't be probably that harmful ;P A video for today http-~~-//
  15. AN: This was a fanfic inspired by a comic by MadMax. FiMFiction Link Description Luna's Biggest Fan “Luna! Luna, look at this!” Celestia sounded excited. Luna was having tea in her room, quietly reading. She looked up when she heard Celestia coming down the hallway. When she threw open the door, Luna nearly dropped her tea. “LUNA!” Celestia yelled. “Come look at this!” she telepathically waved an open scroll through the air. Luna sighed and closed her book, setting it on a side table with her tea before she hopped down. “What is it?” she asked as she walked over to Celestia. She was actually curious now. Celestia looked as though she would burst with excitement. “It's a letter from one of our subjects! He's been a fan of you for a long time, and wants to meet you!” “Let me see that!” Luna said, grabbing the parchment with her own magic. Scanning it over, there could be no mistake. “I—I have a—” she said disbelievingly. Luna had thought that everypony had forgotten who she was, and was somepony who really, truly cared. Celestia grinned at her, her smiled only widening as Luna looked up. Her eyes welled up with tears—not of unhappiness, but of joy. Real, true joy, something that Luna had not had the pleasure of experiencing since her return. Celestia kept the huge smile on her face as she spoke. “I've already arranged for him to meet you in the royal garden later today. Now go and put on your best saddle!” Celestia nearly skipped from the room, leaving Luna alone with the letter. Luna read over it again to be sure, but there it was, plain as day. Somepony, and a Stallion at that, really, truly, wanted to meet her. Her heart beat faster as she moved over to her rather lacking wardrobe, which held just one frilly cloth saddle on a mannequin. Such a simple and yet beautiful thing. Celestia brought it for Luna just a few days earlier, as a gift. Suddenly, Luna was in a frenzy. She quickly slipped on the saddle, and then moved over to a mirror—goodness, it wouldn't do to meet a charming Stallion looking like this. So, after an hour or two of primping, Luna still felt that she wasn't ready—but it was time. She had pinned her hair up, trying to keep up to date with the latest trends...but she had no idea if it looked good or right. She had a pink bow around her tail, and even a ring on her horn—she'd thought that last bit had been too much, but Celestia said she looked perfect. Nervously, Luna walked down the hallway to the door leading to the castle garden. Celestia was alongside her, still smiling brilliantly. She opened the door, ushering Luna out, when Luna suddenly got cold feet. Her legs wobbled, and she stood, frozen. “What if—what if he doesn't like me?” she said, voicing her concerns to Celestia. “Nonsense!” Celestia assured her. “He'll love you. He IS your biggest fan, after all.” Luna swallowed, taking the first step onto the cool tall grass of the garden. Celestia butted her with her nose, and then Luna found herself standing alone. Luna took a deep breath and sighed, taking a couple more steps and glancing around for her mysterious admirer. She spread her wings one more time, laying them lightly against her sides and making sure her feathers were straight. “Hello?” Luna called tentatively, when simply looking yielded nothing. There was no answer, and Luna glanced back to look at Celestia—but she had gone, and the door was shut. Walking through the garden, Luna glanced this way and that...he had to be here. Celestia herself had arranged it. Clearing her throat, Luna once again called out, just a bit louder, “Hello?” Still no answer. Turning to the side in order to search elsewhere, Luna came face to face with—no, it couldn't be. Celestia wouldn't. But...she had. There was the fan. A fan. An actual, real, three bladed fan. Luna stared at it in shock and disbelief. While her mind struggled to comprehend Celestia's cruel joke, Luna suddenly heard laughing. Very loud laughing, echoing off the mountain and through the garden. Luna turned and looked up toward one of the castle balconies overlooking the garden, where Celestia was clearly visible. There she was, her head tilted back, her hooves holding her stomach as she shook with laughter. Things had always been this way. Celestia had always been a prankster, playing tricks on Luna. But why now. Luna had thought Celestia had grown out of her days of foolery and pranks. When they were foals, it was common for her sister to trick her. But they hadn't seen each other in a thousand years...and this was how Celestia was going to treat her? Luna's face and throat burned, fighting back tears as she turned back to the fan. Kicking it over with a hoof, Luna ran back to the castle door, Celestia's laughing ringing in her ears. Tears threatened to break free of her eyes, but Luna held them back. Not yet. Telepathically reaching for the door handle, Luna had the sudden feeling that Celestia may have locked the door...but to her relief, the door gave way, and Luna hurried inside, shutting it behind herself. She could still hear Celestia's insistent laughter through the door, and she ran as fast as she could back to her chambers. Once safely inside her room, Luna locked the door. Then the tears fell, heavy and fast. Luna tore the saddle off and ripped the hair pins from her mane, scattering the objects where they fell. The ribbon on her tail and the ring on her horn came off as well, falling to the floor and nearly being trampled in Luna's haste. Throwing herself onto the bed, Luna sobbed. It wasn't so much the prank as it was the nature of it. They hadn't seen each other in so long, and yet—Celestia had not changed. Luna needed her sister's love more than ever now. Most ponies in Equestria were not very fond of Luna due to her recent escapade. And in spite of that, Celestia still saw fit to make Luna suffer. How could Celestia do that? For once, just once, Luna had thought that maybe she would have a real friend. Somepony who had waited and wanted to meet her. Somepony other than Celestia that actually cared about her. But there seemed to be no such thing. Even though Luna was back in Equestria, she was still just as lonely as she had been during her imprisonment. But this time, ponies could choose whether or not they wanted to meet her or talk with her. And so far, no pony had. But Luna had dared to hope that once...just this once...that things were different. Things were no different, things had not changed. Celestia was still Celestia, loved by all Equestria. Everypony went on with their lives as if Luna did not exist. And for the amount of attention they paid to her, Luna may as well not have. As Luna cried into her already damp pillow, her sobs shaking her body as they ran like shivers through her, cut-off from the world and betrayed by her only sister, she felt completely alone.