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Found 8 results

  1. So after looking under the hood of my truck I began to think to myself: where are my comrades? I know that there are some Bronies out there who drive a truck or have in their lifetime. So it is my mission to gather information on you guys and start a Brotherhood of 2x4 or 4x4 truck drivers. Share you truck pictures. extra points if its an action shot. I also want your guys' feedback on your experiences on the road and off. I will start off by saying mine. Driving a truck wasn't tricky at all for me. in fact seeing as how my truck is my first vehicle i have more skills then those who drive a cheap little Honda. i can pull of parallel parking with no trouble. parking in tight spots are a breeze for me. I found that small car drivers act like their car is a limo or a Cadillac. As for other trucks on the road the deciding factor is the size of their truck. where i live Full size trucks are complete jerks. they tailgate me and have their brights on. Small trucks are really courteous when on the road. mid-size trucks are a hybrid of nice and jerky. Depending on where you all are i was going to put a group together to drive off-road and on road. so basically make a club that would meet in real life.
  2. So, because my job has really been tearing me down (mentally), I decided on a whim that I am going to not only go to MLP-MSP, but also Midwest Bronyfest. However, being a brony without IRL brony friends, and a husband who is a big closet brony (and thus one con was enough for him), I am deciding to truck it alone. However, hotels are extremely expensive when all by myself, and I not only feel awkward, but also very unsure of the idea of rooming with strangers for everyone to get a discount on overall cost (maybe after the first day if I make friends, but that's just not practical). On top of that, the hotels that are available for Midwest Bronyfest are expensive! I am just not a hotel-y kind of person anyways....I would rather camp out. Camping would be a good thing considering all campgrounds open Memorial Day weekend (Midwest Bronyfest is that weekend and MLP-MSP is in June). But I also know, EVERYONE and their brothers are going to take the family out for the first summer camping trip and I really don't want to compete with late night shenanigans of screaming kids and yapping dogs in an overflowing campground . Plus, in places like Kansas City and Minneaoplis, campgrounds are not found in the cities, and those that are I believe are strange (isn't the point to camp out in know, away from city life? ) not to mention expensive and usually RV only (I'm a tenter). So if I want to camp out, I'd have to travel out of the city, and after the night concerts that may go into the early morning hours, I know I wouldn't to drive to a campground, sleep for a few hours, and then go right back....leaving all my camping stuff completely unattended on top of that. So I thought of combining the two problems into one solution. Camping in my pickup! I have a topper for our bigger pickup and since it's just me, it won't be too difficult. I actually plan to do this for my trip up to Fargo for my steam engine stuff (I will also be alone on that trip since it will be a week long). I am used to camping, so sleeping arrangements and stuff will not be too difficult. Parking laws, and vagrancy laws can be researched. The biggest thing I worry about is getting a shower. I could ask someone to use their shower at a con, but that would be awkward and I am not counting on it. I know I could use truck stop showers, but so far, my research has turned up potential truck stops as being nearly an hour away from the cons! So....has anyone ever done this? What are your thoughts on this idea? (I actually wasn't sure where to put this topic)
  3. This years running of the annual Dakar Rally in South America began on January 4th and ended on January 17th. The competitors in the motorbike, quad, car, and truck classes made their way from Buenos Aires in Argentina, heading into the dunes of Chile, going through Bolivia before heading back into Chile and Argentina where the rally ended back at Buenos Aires. Overall the competitors who actually finished the rally covered over 9,000km (5,600 miles). While the Dakar Rally and the related sport of rally raid is still a competition, it is also an adventure as the competitors have to rely on their resources while going fast in some of the roughest and most remote terrain in the world. The riders and drivers traversed over mud, gravel, rocks, deserts, and even a salt flat in what was one of the hardest Dakar Rally's on record. What Is the Dakar Rally? The Dakar Rally is part of a group of sport called a rally raid; specifically a cross country rally. While the term rally might indicate it's similarities to the rallies that make up the World Rally Championship, and it is true they do share some similarities, rally raids also have plenty of similarities to various off road and desert racing events like the famed Baja 1000. In any case results are determined by time; as opposed to physical finishing positions like in NASCAR or Formula 1. Over the course of a rally raid event, competitors compete for individual stage wins, and their times from each stage are added together to form the overall results. The types of vehicles allowed to participate are quite open compared to other motorsports. Bikes, Quads/ATVs, Cars (including prototypes, production-based vehicles, buggies, cars, pickups, etc.), and big trucks that are related to semi trucks all participate in various cross country events; though some rules may vary from event to event. For example, while the general rules are similar, some slight difference may exist between the Dakar Rally and various FIA and FIM-sanctioned events; such as the shorter cross country bajas. In short, the Dakar Rally is the biggest rally raid of them all; essentially the Super Bowl or World Cup of the sport. It gets the most drivers/riders, the most media attention, the most sponsorship, and the most hype. Those who know their geography might note a discrepancy. While the event is called the Dakar Rally, it doesn't actually have much to do with the city of Dakar; located in Senegal, Africa. Before it was moved to South America in 2009, the traditional home of the rally was actually in Africa. It would normally start in Europe (Paris, Lisbon, etc.) and on most occasions end in the city of Dakar. Thank to terrorist threats in 2008, the rally was cancelled and subsequently moved. Of course not everyone agreed with this, and as such a separate rally called the Africa Eco Race now currently races where the Dakar once did. The 2015 Edition Motorbikes The motorbike category was headed by the always strong KTM squad; with defending winner Spaniard Marc Coma largely expected to with the event. Their direct rivals were the factory Honda squad, with fellow Spaniard Joan Barreda Bort and Portugese Paolo Goncalves among the favorites there. Factory teams from Yamaha and Sherco were also present, though in the end the fight was KTM vs. Honda. Of course, let's not forget that around 161 bikes started the event, so there was more out there than the fight for the win. For most, just making it to the end is victory in itself. As the rally went on, Barreda lead for most of the first week heading into towards the rest day. Honda riders were showing plenty of speed and had won most of the weeks stages, but it in the end it wasn't meant to be. The eventual winner, Marc Coma, outlasted everyone to claim his fifth Dakar triumph. Barreda, while fast, fell victim to the salt flats in Bolivia. While a large part of the bike and quad field was affected, Barreda lost too much time and couldn't recover. Eventual runner-up Goncalves tried his best to claw back time, but a 15-minute time penalty ended his challenge. KTM rider and Dakar rookie Toby Price from Australia managed an impressive third place finish. Of special note, Spanish female rider Laia Sanz of the factory KTM squad finished 9th in the overall bike standing; the highest finish ever for a woman in the Dakar bike category. Sadly, one rider, Michael Hernick of Poland, died in the early stages of the rally after an apparent crash. This is just a reminder of how dangerous this event truly his. Competitors, especially the riders, can sometimes suffer the ultimate consequence as the chase their dreams. Of the 161 bikes, only 79 made it to the finish. Quads While no true factory team exists in the quad category, the Yamaha riders make up the bulk. Eventual winner Rafael Sonik of Poland had a fight on his hands in the early stages with challenges from Chilean Ignacio Casale and Sergio Lafuente of Uruguay. However, mechanical problems sidelined Casale in the later stages while a crash damaged Lafuente's machine. As a result, Sonik outlasted his opponents to claim his first victory. Of the 45 quads at the start, only 18 made it to the finish. Cars The story of the car category was whether or not anyone could knock off the German X-Raid Team and their bulletproof Mini vehicles. The team, twice with 11-time winner Stephane Peterhansel of France and last year with Spaniard Nani Roma, had claimed the overall victory in the car category with their diesel-powered 4x4 machine the last three years, though ether was some hope for the competitors. After Peterhansel's departure, Roma nows leads the team along with quick Argentine Orlando Terranova and Krzysztof Holowcyzc of Poland. Qatari and Olympic Bronze Medalist Nasser Al-Attiyah, a former winner in 2011, would also participate in a Mini while X-Raid would also test out a buggy vehicle with Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit. Supported by the Belgian Overdrive team, a number of gas-powered Toyota Hilux pickups, lead by South African Giniel de Villiers, would prove a decent challenge. Among their ranks also included Saudi driver and Dakar rookie Yazeed AlRajhi and Dutchman Bernard ten Brinke. Making a return to the Dakar was the factory squad from French manufacturer Peugeot. Their three two-wheel drive buggy-based vehicles would be riven by Peterhansel, WRC-veteran Carlos Sainz from Spain, and Frenchman Cyril Despres who was making his transition from bikes to cars. Other notable entries included the SMG-buggy team, as well as the lone American entry from Baja and NASCAR star Robby Gordon in his custom-made Gordini buggy. In a show of flat-out dominance Nasser Al-Attiyah would take the overall victory as once again the X-Raid Minis showed themselves to be the car of choice for the Dakar; taking four of the top-five places in the overall standings. Only de Villier's Toyota in 2nd kept the German team from taking a top-three sweep of the podium for a second year running. Likewise, the only non-Minis to win stages this year was Yazeed in the Toyota, and Robby Gordon's Gordini. While showing some promise, the factory Peugeot's had a variety of mechanical issues that kept them down the order. Sainz trashed out, while both Peterhansel and Depres made it to the finish. Likewise the Gordini of Robby Gordon suffered mechanical issues in the early going; but finished the rally in 19th overall. As for other notable results, Ronan Chabot of France in the SMG buggy won the two-wheel drive class with Gordon winning the Open Category (cars conforming to SCORE regulations). The T2 sub-class was won by Jun Mitsuhashi of Japan in his production-based Toyota Land Cruiser while T3 went to William Alcarez of France in his Polaris RXR XP. Of the 137 cars that started, only 67 finished. Trucks Lastly, it is the big boys. Russian manufacturer Kamaz was back with four trucks piloted by defending winner Andrey Karginov, 2013 winner Eduard Nicolaev, Airat Mardeev, and Dimitry Sotnikov. The Dutch De Rooy team with their green Iveco trucks with Gerard De Rooy, Hans Stacey, and Spaniard Pep Vila Roca would try to get back to winning ways with Czech driver Ales Loprais in his MAN truck would also go for glory. In the end it was Kamaz finishing 1-2-3-5 with Mardeev the eventual winner. Loprais would finish fourth with the De Rooy suffering a disappointing rally. Out of 63 trucks, only 43 finished. Final Thoughts Overall the 2015 edition of the Dakar Rally was one for the ages. While Nasser dominated in the cars; it was a dog-fight elsewhere in the standings. Likewise, KTM solidified their dominance in the bikes, but Honda will be back next year. In any case, it was once again a thrilling events, and the vistas themselves once again never failed to disappoint. I can't wait to see what Peugeot does when the come back for 2016. You can bet they will not rest on their laurels. Likewise, it will be interesting to see what Robby Gordon can do; being an independent team with a smaller budget. As it stands, rally raid is my favorite sport, and I will try my best to follow the other events that will follow in the year. With the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship, there will be plenty of events to follow. If only we had coverage of these in the States. In any case, thank you for reading, and I leave you with an excellent video serving as highlights of the rally.
  4. Not entirely sure if there is already a topic for this game but i somehow doubt it very much XD I've always been intrigued by Simulation games, not because i liked the look of them, more so that i couldn't understand why people played them, i tried out a few simulators, 2 Flight ones (both Microsoft) a bus simulator and a ship simulator, none of them really entertained me, so when i saw this on sale and with a demo on steam i decided to give it a go, i've been playing it for months now and it is still yet to bore me. Many people i know who dont actually like simulation games really enjoy playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, its a surprisingly fun and calming game to play, you are a truck driver, starting off at the bottom where you work for other people, eventually you can afford to buy your own truck and haul cargo in it, growing your business and getting more trucks and hiring drivers of your own in the process. There is a leveling system, you gain XP and money for making your deliveries, you loose XP and money if you damage the goods you are delivering or if you are late. I've pulled a few screenshots of the game from my steam so you can see it, note that they are all in the same truck, my current favorite truck, a Volvo FH16 with a 750hp engine, there are a few trucks in the game but leveling up will unlock more upgrades for them for you to buy, everything from bigger engines to different lights. The game has a full Day/Night cycle and a sped up version of time, i believe its around 5 seconds to a minute, but i may be wrong on that one. It also has a weather system, driving in rain will mean for slippery roads and poor visibility, you'll need to turn on your windshield wipers to deal with it. AND finally, the top speed i have managed to get to in my truck, i removed the speed limiter (which is set to 65) and managed to achieve 100mph, this screenshot was taken just before i plowed into that wall and suffered massive repair bills. So, does anypony else play this game? You all should give it a go, there is a demo version on steam that you can try out P.S, if you're wondering what everything on that dashboard in the screenshot is: From top-left to top-right: I believe that is the turbo/supercharger, it goes up when i accelerate , Rev counter, speedometer and i believe that the last one is coolant or something like that. From bottom-left to bottom-right: Oil level, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Air-brake level. The center thing is display that can be changed, i usually have it tell me how much fuel and approximate miles of fuel i have left, but in those screenshots you can see it also set to temperature/Cruise control speed. Thats only what the inside of the FH16 looks like, all other trucks look different inside
  5. So you know those days where you are all like "Dude, I should like totally like make a really stupid drawing of something even I don't like even understand!" So that is what I did, I drew a picture of the interior of my 1982 Chevrolet Silverado and threw a Rainbow Dash in there. Now what she is doing in there is beyond my knowledge, man. Because obviously she is sitting on here legs and cannot used the given pedals to drive. Plus, she's all like "Where the fuck am I and what am I doing here" so yeah, this drawing has no real point but it exists. I would have shaded it in, but my pencil ran out of lead. Yeah, it's one of those twisty ones that are real cheap and are sold promptly at Wal-Mart. The only thing about em' is that you cannot replace the lead in them, when they are done, they are done. So I had to go rummaging for a regular pencil to finish the drawing in desks that didn't belong to me, which is where I got the mechanical pencil to begin with. Well here it is folks, what do you freakin' think man... I guess she's honking?? or something. I really have no idea. I wish I could say I was like stoned or something while I drew this, but I wasn't.
  6. Found this beautiful gem on the back of someone's truck a while back. How lovely? O.o
  7. A assignment for English class "ponified". The assignment was to create a word and provide a description, pronunciation, sentence and picture. The whole inspiration for this word came from the "Ferd F-Teenthousand" Youtube video which stated the line "Want to haul a bale of hay? Snore. The Ferd F-Teenthousand can haul a bale of horses." and thus this "Borse" was born. A Borse is a bale of horses, so whats closest to horses? Ponies. Yes, ponies. and since I cannot draw real horses, I drew a bale of ponies in the back of this "Ferd F-Teenthousand" (Same truck drawn here as in the video, the Ferd is really just a 1966 Ford pickup)
  8. I have been partially involved in drawing some anthropomorphic ponies lately, thus allowing myself to expand my drawing skills to a new level other than what I know already. So, as most of you may know from viewing my other posts, vehicles are my thing especially American vehicles. After many random time intervals in school working on this drawing, I ended up with my anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash sitting on the tailgate of a 1985 Chevrolet C/K (Scottsdale/Custom Deluxe) Stepside, of course with a 350cu in 5.7 Liter V8 under the hood with a stock 175 hp with 275 foot-pounds of torque. You can't have that without a four speed on the floor and a cherry bombed exhaust with dual pipes coming out both sides. It'd sound mean. And on the looks portion, of course we have the BF Goodrich T/A Radial tires on her (same ones as the 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500 used in the hit 1980's TV series "The A-Team" had) The truck is probably sitting on a four-inch lift plus the tires. Other than that, she's stock. Anyways, enough of my random rambling on about vehicles, here's the picture (drawn in pencil) & under it is my first drawing of Rainbow Dash in a anthropomorphic style. As usual, comments, questions & concerns are much obliged.