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Found 78 results

  1. Title: Magical Mystery Cure Air Date: February 16th, 2013 Synopsis: When Twilight casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by writing her own magic. Twilight is now a Magic Programmer. @@Feld0 will be very pleased. In other news, I think most of us know what we're really going to be thinking about the entire time. WARNING: Contains spoilers of the cornali variety
  2. Lately, on Deviantart I've seen Bronies complaining about Twilight Sparkle becoming an Alicorn and Princess at the same time and that they said that she's a 'Mary Sue'. How in the hell does that make her a 'Mary Sue'? :| I've nearly watched all five seasons(I missed some episodes) and the first three seasons is that she barely shows signs of being a canon Mary Sue. I don't think that some anti Twilicorn fans(not the sane ones and I'm fine if you don't like her) even knows what Mary Sue is, they just throw it at her without researching her. One Brony(I won't say the name) compares her to Bella Swan from Twilight Book series. The difference between those two is that Twilight has flaws while Bella has none. Twilight had to earn things and learn it the hard way while Bella barely does shit and everyone loves her for it despite that she treats her friends and family like shit and wants to leave them with Edward(she wanted to be a vampire so she won't age and become old and ugly, how shallow is that?) despite that her family is not abusive. If Twilight was a Mary Sue, she would have become a Princess Alicorn on the very first episode without working her way up or that she would have learn a high level magic to defeat Trixie or that she would have gotten her crown back in Equestria Girls without going through all the trouble. What do you guys think?
  3. I don't think it worked. Looks poppy outy though so that's nice.
  4. So I saw this at a Toy R Us store today. While it may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, it's actually quite significant. At first glance, it doesn't look that unusual. It's just any old pony toy set, save one critical detail... Twilight is a unicorn! Sure, you're probably thinking it's just from an older line of toys, right? There's no way this could have been made after 2013. Why is this significant? It shows that Hasbro is finally acknowledging Twilight Sparkle as a unicorn. This is actually quite unusual, especially in a time where they insist on Twilight being an alicorn princess. "Princess Twilight Sparkle" is an official registered trademark that has been used by the marketing department almost non-stop, with literally just about all official (not just licensed) merchandise of Twilight since 2013 being exclusively Twilicorn. Nowadays, whenever you look at anything MLP-related, you don't see the Twilight as an antisocial unicorn bookworm, you see "Princess Twilight Sparkle™" the alicorn princess of friendship and so on. But now, for the first time in years, I'm finally seeing unicorn Twilight in official merchandise again. Could this be a possible sign of unicorn Twilight returning or is this all just wishful overthinking?
  5. would you want to see twilight vs celestia as the finale of season 6? personally I think it would be the best ,most awesome, most triumphant excellent finale EVER! please post thoughts
  6. (the markings on Twilight's horn are the word "Dunce" written in superteeny) Twilight hates white-out. Especially on her horn. Super-especially when it's turned her horn into a permanent hat.
  7. Do you remember what Megan McCarthy answered about Flash Sentry appearance in season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic not Equestria Girls universe ?_? Now its animated! -- Don't forget to like and subscribe for more of my work (: . --
  8. ...VERY angry Twilight. This is my first vector with shading. EDIT:
  9. This is something I've thought about a few times. I've always been interested in the production aspects of movies and cartoons and really like how all the VA's and others working on the show interact with the fandom. This recent video with M.A. Larson talking about Magical Mystery Cure brought it up again. MLP was kind of doomed from the start, seeing that it was being aired on a small new channel available only in higher level cable/satellite subscriptions that not as many people had. Also MLP's history. According to Larson, Magical Mystery Cure was supposed to be the series finale. Had the whole Brony thing not started, I think that would've been the case. There are a couple things to keep in mind: What you see airing now is roughly a year old (a.k.a season 3 was a WIP while S2 was airing- the fandom really started picking up at that point) Hasbro isn't going to keep shelling out cash for the show if it isn't bringing in more money from merchandise sales. I mean look at the end credits, all those people aren't working for free. Even before seeing the video- I figured Hasbro probably would have closed up shop on G4 MLP after season 2 or 3. Being on that small network, I just don't see how Hasbro would have justified the cost without bronies boosting the ratings. That would have been a shame because there is still so much that can be done with the show. HOWEVER, Hasbro now does seem to genuinely interested in the fandom now based on some of season 5's slightly deeper topics, the 100th episode, and some various merchandise licensing agreements. Based on some of the So do you think the fandom actually saved the show? I bet the fandom does bring them a noticeable amount of profit at this point. *EDIT--- If you think about it more, technically the internet saved the show BUT it doesn't directly fork over the cash *
  10. CONTROVERSIAL OPINION TIME! I'm probably going to get some hate for this but the truth is I actually love Twilicorn and think she's a good idea. In fact I prefer Alicorn Twilight far more than unicorn Twilight. Yeah I know it sounds controversial but let me explain why. Now Twilight represents the element of magic and Celestia states she never saw a unicorn with such raw magic abilities so unicorn Twilight probably has more powerful magic than any other unicorn. She is knowledgeable with magic and she reads books on spells like all the time. Also the Elements of Harmony which are probably the most powerful artifacts in Equestria, not the entire world just Equestria. Each element has a trait and quality which are essential to friendship. Twilight represents magic which might be the biggest one. Even before she was an alicorn at the beginning in the series her element was embedded into a crown while the others are in necklaces. In Magical Mystery Cure, Celestia lists the qualities of each element,"Since you've come to Ponyville, you've displayed the charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism, and of course, the leadership of a true princess." So this was planned from the very beginning of the series, it was her destiny to become greater than she was and spread friendship around. I think it would be less appealing to think her destiny is just to send letters about friendship to Celestia. Now I know Twilicorn is considered a Mary Sue or annoyingly perfect but I don't find her to be annoyingly perfect. I thought besides her princess status and wings I don't find her to be much different or more annoying. I don't know why but I think she is less annoying as an alicorn. And also it may seem she's going to ditch her friends but I don't think so. To quote Celestia,"What would the princess of friendship be without her friends". I think that makes sense. And if she was sending most of the friendship letters and whe was instructed by Celestia it would make sense for her to be an alicorn rather than one of her friends. And Twilicorn isn't really accepted because she's an alicorn and others prefer only two alicorns Celestia and Luna. Because they were born as alicorns with immortality and more powerful magic. But I feel there are two kinds of alicorns. Alicorns that were born that way and were descended by deities or something and ones who turned into alicorns because of their powerful abilities but born alicorn or not they are all very powerful like Cadance and of course Twilight. And I actually love Cadance and I actually thought she was a good addition and I felt this show got much more expansive after Season 2. But anyway Cadance and Twilight spread love and friendship, while Celestia and Luna raise and lower the sun and moon respectively. Believe it or not I actually think love and friendship are more powerful and important than raising and lowering the sun and moon even if that world's earth doesn't rotate. I mean raising and lowering the sun and moon respectively takes like only a second once every day that's unimpressive compared to spreading love and friendship. Okay maybe Luna can enter dreams too but that's about it. Also if Twilight became an alicorn I feel the ending for this show is just going to be better than if she stayed an unicorn because it would be really nice to see Twilight fulfill a big destiny as the princess of friendship rather than the ending being about unicorn Twilight just sending friendship letters until she dies. So that's why I actually think Twilicorn is a good idea and that I actually prefer alicorn over unicorn. After Castle Sweet Castle I actually think Twilicorn is getting better and I thought this show felt so much more high quality and more expansive after she became an alicorn. Now this is just what I think and feel like but I felt I had to explain.
  11. That's right--I got 'em all. I have no proof so you'll just have to trust me on this one. 5:1, 5:2 - Princess Celestia accidentally transforms Diamond Tiara into an alicorn princess. Chaos ensues. 5:3 - Flash Sentry from the Equestria Girls universe visits Ponyville. The Mane 6 spend the whole episode talking about how hot he is. 5:4 - Cheerilee goes back to school--in Prance. Sacre bleu! 5:5 - A spell gone awry causes Celestia and Luna to switch bodies with Snips and Snails. Unfortunately, it's permanent. 5:6 - The Apple Family stands in front of their fence drinking cider and saying "yup." 5:7 - Rarity saves Spike's life. The Dragon Code demands that he stay by her side and repay the debt. Little does he know what his pony mistress has in store for him. (Working title: "Fifty Shades of Off-White.") 5:8 - The Changelings take over the Crystal Empire, then give it back because it was just way too easy. (Crystal Heart powered by love + changelings = very bad news.) 5:9 - The background pony episode. Unfortunately, it is based on MTV's Real World where they all must live in an apartment together. 5:10 - In a stunning development, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Ditzy Doo are able to visit the real human world. They spend the whole time in a shopping mall where Rarity just can't find the right color lipstick. 5:11 - Somepony gives Pinkie Pie some mare-a-juana cookies. 5:12 - Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle accept Scootaloo's invitation to a "house party," not realizing her house is a cardboard box in the woods. 5:13 - Princess Luna (still in Snips' body) learns that she owes over 1000 years worth of back taxes from when she was imprisoned on the moon. The entire monarchy goes bankrupt, leaving Mrs. Harshwhinny the new ruler of Equestria. 5:14 - Twilight Sparkle becomes a fan of the Twilight series. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson guest-star. 5:15 - Discord pursues his lifelong dream of being a country singer. 5:16 - Rainbow Dash goes so fast that she accelerates her own evolution and starts turning into a lizard. 5:17 - Silver Spoon reads Nietzsche and concludes that Celestia is dead. 5:18 - King Sombra comes back from the dead to challenge Tirek to a grunting and growling contest. 5:19 - Owloysius visits the Mirror Pool, makes a million copies of himself, and attempts to take over Equestria. 5:20 - Pinkie Pie gets diabetes. 5:21 - Ponyville catches disco fever. 99% of the episode is singing and dancing. Donna Summer guest-stars. 5:22 - Fluttershy wants Celestia to change her into a tree. 5:23 - The CMC messes around with love potions again, causing every Mane 6 pony to fall in love with all the others. 5:24 - With water skiing becoming an increasingly popular sport in Equestria, Rainbow Dash is determined to successfully jump over a shark. Granny Smith raps at the end. 5:25, 5:26 - The finale. A supposed flashback to the ending of 'Over a Barrel' reveals that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are still stranded in the desert, and everything that has happened in the series since then was just stories they were making up to entertain each other. (24 bad ideas. I feel strangely proud.)
  12. Just seeing where the consensus is now that some time has passed and the idea has had some time to sink in in the community. So, now that time has passed, has your opinion of Twilicorn changed?
  13. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that Twilight has grown slightly taller since the Season Three finale. Her horn, her neck, and her legs are longer. You can definitely see this when she's standing next to one of her friends from the Mane Six. However, when you see her standing next to the other princesses, Twilight still appears quite juvenile, even compared to Cadence. Also, her big alicorn wings still look a bit awkward on her small body. I think it's inevitable that she will eventually grow tall enough to match Cadence or Luna in height, and maybe in a long, long time, she'll look like Celestia. But... does the show really need to rush her growth? I mean, if she has the lifespan of Celestia and Luna, then she has a whole eternity to grow. What do you guys think?
  14. So on this day, Twilight's library was destroyed by Tirek. It was a fine library, great for storing all of her books, but it unfortunately was killed. Hopefully in season 5, Twilight's new castle will store her books just as great as the old one.
  15. They claim that they are trying to make MLP:FiM more closer to Lauren Faust's vision, and they are against Hasbro's actions towards Twilight the Unicorn/Alicorn. Go to these websites, and post your views on the ideology and thoughts of this group. Thank you.
  16. For me, Hell no. By the time the two-part Season Four premiere comes out, it's going to be a save-the-world story like previous season premieres, except this time it'll have Twilight sacrifice her wings and princesshood to save her friends from whatever evil threat the writers pit her against. Besides, if you're going to turn Twilight into a princess, you might as well turn Rarity into a world-famous fashion designer, and Rainbow Dash into a Wonderbolt, while making both those characters leave each other and their other friends behind to do so. If Twilight's gonna break up with the Mane Six, the rest might as well do so, too... except maybe Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie, because they'll probably stay in Ponyville for their own reasons (animals, farm-life, and "hey, why not", respectively). And yes, I'm still struggling to get over the shock of seeing Twilight become a princess. And yes, I'd rather the humanized ponies from Equestria Girls, than Princess Twilight, because at the very least the former doesn't break continuity like the latter.
  17. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!
  18. Im still getting used to Twilight as an alicorn. In my opinion, Twilicorn distracts. I always check if she has her wings in each show instead of enjoying it, and i find her flight cycle awkward and weird. On top of that, I felt like it was coming, Twi's wings and all. It doesn't seems to make her more popular, like it should, and I don't understand why she doesn't get mobbed in streets or anything. I don't want it to happen, but it seems to have happened on ly in Twilight Time, where the school ponies wanted to be with her every single moment. I was looking forward to Twilight's princess-hood struggle in some more episodes. What do you think?
  19. It's debatable whether or not all Alicorns are Immortal. But I'd love to see a fan fiction (parallel universe) where Twilight rejects becoming an Alicorn and wants to remain a mere unicorn and wants to die of old age like her friends. Because if Twilight Sparkle does not have the magic to stop her friends (or they all become Alicorns like her) they will all die from old age, so thus she will suffer great heartache. Thus the bitterness of Immortality, everyone you ever knew/cared about/loved will die. Edit 1: But hey, fan fiction is fan fiction. So everyone is happy, for not all parallel universes (fan fiction) have Twilight become an Alicorn. Edit 2: I say any Alicorn can "die by the sword" in other words be killed. Edit 3: If Twilight Sparkle had choice in a parallel universe.
  20. Since the day Twiliight became an alicon I wondered what she would control. Twilights cutie mark represents the stars but they seam to move themselfs or luna is moving them. I thought about this even more when I saw this picture: So what are your thoghts on what twilight might move?
  21. There. I finished it. ... ohgod, how do I wings XD
  22. I got to fooling around with my style last night aaaaand this kind of happened.
  23. I know the creators said that even though Twilight became a princess they were still going to go with slice of life stories for the most part, but at current there seems to be absolutely NO change. In the season premier the only reason Twilight stepped up was because the Luna and Celestia were taken out of commission. She doesn't seem to have any princess duties and can do whatever she wants, although her focus right now is on the box from the tree of harmony. Celestia doesn't even send one or two of her royal guards for protection. I understand that having royal guards following her everyone would be annoying, though. Since they're only bit characters they would probably be as effective as any other time they show up. You can't just keep everything the same when you ascend to royalty. You can't ever use the excuse of not wanting to cause a major shift in the show because simply her transforming to an alicorn and becoming a princess IS a major shift to some. Although for me personally, it didn't bother me a bit that Twilight became an alicorn.
  24. I've joined the MLP:FiM two or three years ago after seeing some clips and parts of different episodes on AMV videos. I kept seeing them on some others, too, so I thought I try and look up the show, BOOM! Look where I am today, but recently, there have been many bad comments and hate going around on Twilight and the episode that follows along with Equestria Girls. I also know we have lost many of fans because of some of these and I this scares me as I know it must scare a few or more other fans because I know MLP:FiM is important to all of us and we don't want to see it go. That is why I'm here to ask how many of you have been hearing good news and info about up coming episodes in season 4. As well as how many news fans we are getting and how many Pro-Twilicorns there are.
  25. While it is only a handful of people one thing that annoys me is how some people just hate something for the sake of hating it. That is not to say that there aren't people with legitimate criticisms or reasons why they might dislike a character or an episode, but there are some people that just dislike something and just try to find whatever reason they can to hate on it they can find regardless of whether it is actually true or not or even makes the slightest bit of sense. There have been a lot of threads for example saying is *insert characters name here* A Mary Sue? The word has been thrown around so much that it is starting to just another way of saying "I don't like this character so I am just going to label them a Mary Sue" when a Mary Sue is clearly a character that is either so perfect that they are boring, so stupidly overpowered that it not even the slightest bit justified in the story, is a blatant self insert or even some combination of those factors or more. Two of those threads were about Rainbow Dash and Rarity when it is clear that they are probably the furthest a character could possibly be from Mary Sues. I will admit that I was concerned about Twilight becoming a Mary Sue because of twilicorn, but I did give actual good reasons for it even if I did flip my shit about it a bit more than I should have at first. But there were some opponents that had some ridiculous, completely unfounded reasons that made no sense like "she will outlives her friends" "she will leave her friends" and stuff like that. I am now currently neutral but do still sympathize with critics so long as they have good reasons. There are two topics about Applejack made by the same user one of which saying that she hates and is afraid of magic, and the other saying that she is a racist neither of which has any truth to it whatsoever and again just smacks of "I don't like this character so I am just going to throw whatever at them until something sticks." I can respect that some people don't like certain characters but all I ask is that they give reasons, for Applejack even something like "I don't like southern accents" would have made more sense.I had rock bottom low expectations for Equestria Girls but didn't any rational reason why I or anyone else should have panicked about a mere spinoff. I gave it a shot though and liked it and for those that didn't I can of course respect that so long as they gave it a fair chance but the panicking about it was so over the top and unnecessary. And there are the clopper haters, I can of course respect that rule 34 is not everyone's thing but the way so many have obsessed over peoples masturbation habits because "it makes us look bad" or "eww you jerk off to ponies" really screams insecurity to me. Every fandom has rule 34 but no other fandom I have ever been in or heard about has ever had such a large portion of it so vehemently scapegoat the segment of said fandom that indulges in the rule 34 side of it.