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Found 10 results

  1. I gathered some info and Im seeing that Twilight is kinda hogging the spotlight from other mane 6 ponies I mean Always Twilight saves the day in season finale why there cant be episode where the other members of the mane 6 would need to save her ? and Twilight has been in center of every season and most episodes of them beating out the other ponies Anyway Lines Sentences Words Letters
  2. Do you guys think there's going to be an Equestria girls 3? Considering the credits scene I think it is very possible since the movie was very good (way better than the first one) and was received pretty well Off topic: Thank god for rainbow rocks because if it was the first Equestria girls that was playing on tv then I would discover the magic of friendship
  3. Atention people who want to be intrested in animation, I need to find someone who is a talented in art.. I'm great at animation but i suck at art. If your intrested ill interview you at my skype @Untitled_01.exe. Short and sweet, Thanks and have a nice day
  4. I think Twilestia, PinkieDash and Sparity are all possible. What with Twilight's complete devotion to her master, Pinkie's kinda blatant crush I even have to explain the last one? And in case you're wondering, no it doesn't have to be strictly lesbian, or gay or anything. Just anyone that you could seriously see getting together, oh and why.
  5. Hi ponies my name is Twilight Sparkle WHAT IF YOUR NAME WAS TWILIGHT SPINKLE? And my energetic friend is Pinkie Pie MMMM SPRINKLES Yeah ok so anyway a lopt of ponies have questions and I have the answers. OH CAN I HELP? Sure we will answer them
  6. just a human portrayal of Twilight Sparkle, let me know what you think
  7. Hey everypony, Because supreme commander Tara Strong orders it, I just made a version of Twilightlicious. Now, get out there and work it, girl! YouTube: SoundCloud: Download:
  8. I'm going to try my hand at a Twilightlicious remix... I don't think it'll have any WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP, but maybe it'll have some ROWROWROWRRRR PTHEEEAAAAAHHH beep beep FWOOOOOOSSSHHHH beedoobadoobeedoobadoo KKHHHTTTHHHHSSSSHHHHXXXX!! Or something like that...
  9. Anyways, for those of you that haven't heard, Tara Strong tweeted a little sound file yesterday of her joking around, which was then quickly turned into an , , then remixed again by Alex S. Well, he didn't really remix it. According to him its just the beat to another song he worked on, but it sounds legit.