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Found 5 results

  1. Ever since Twilight's castle appeared, I've been puzzled by the fact that it's covered in 8 pointed stars, while Twilight's cutie mark is all 6 pointed. The mystery box had 8 points, despite being 6 sided, which looks a bit odd. And the castle has 8 points on top, as well as on the floor before the map appeared. But while watching Every Little Thing She Does, I noticed Starlight Glimmer's shield has an 8 pointed star. And in fact her cutie mark does as well. So does this mean that the castle is destined to belong to Starlight in the end?
  2. So, here's a question: if the castle that twilight lives in were different from how it looks currently, what asthetic or style/design would you use for it? This is not a "the castle does not exist" scenario, but rather a "the castle is different" scenario: what would you have designed the castle like?
  3. OK, good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." This week's episode was some classic MLP, a delightful combination of entertainment with a well-written story and a excellently executed lesson. It was also a nice return to form for Starlight Glimmer, as well as probably the most she's interacted with the entire group of Mane 6 this season. Without further ado, this is "Every Little Thing She Does." So oddly enough, this episode was kind of a spiritual successor to "Lesson Zero" back in Season 2, albeit not quite as hilarious as that episode. Starlight, as we saw, still has a bit of a problem with how she understands the concept of friendship, namely in that she's quantifying it. She thought, going into this episode, that being good at friendship literally means you're skilled at whatever you do with your friends, and if you're not, then you're being a bad friend. Given that so much of her self-worth her whole life (in her mind) has been measured by how good she is at magic (something that's very much still apparent in this episode as well), this is understandable; even after her reform, her initial friend of the group was Twilight, and one of the things that Twilight was most impressed about Starlight early on was how powerful she was at magic. I won't say that Twilight was a part of this problem, then, because frankly this is on Starlight and her inability to properly convey her anxiety to Twilight, but it's perfectly logical that given that she's now living with Twilight and was trying to distract her with how her magical skills continue to improve, she would in turn think that Twilight similarly would "grade" her when it comes to magic (it does not help that Twilight tends to keep lists and records about EVERYTHING). So the problem that Starlight had was actually really good because it felt believable; some episodes this season have struggled because the problems they dealt with felt like they belonged in earlier seasons of MLP, but here, it did not feel like this lesson learned was inappropriate or the problem forced. Starlight wasn't unnecessarily incompetent, Twilight correctly identified and addressed the problem as soon as she knew it was happening and understood it, and the pacing was just right, with just enough attention given to setting up the problem, seeing it unfold, and having it addressed. In the end, Starlight learned a valuable lesson about what it means to be a good friend, and I imagine that going forward she'll be more comfortable with all of the Mane 6 now, not just Twilight. The only problem I will raise with how this episode unfolded is that I feel like we saw Starlight engaging in many of the same activities she was so nervous about today at the end of last season when she first befriended the Mane 6, but I can forgive that considering it was so quick and took place in song. Overall, this was yet another really, really solid episode for Starlight, and she continues to delight as a member of the main cast. Well now, that certainly doesn't look healthy Not gonna lie, I REALLY want to know the whole story behind this! As I said earlier, as far as the humor and entertainment factor of the episode goes, it (like the lesson) very much resembled and felt like a spiritual successor to "Lesson Zero." Like in that episode, things escalated out of hand FAR more than one could have anticipated going into this episode to the point of insanity, yet it felt like an insanity that could actually happen in this setting. Just like how Twilight melting down and freaking out was completely believable in "Lesson Zero," things going crazy after Starlight cast a number of mind control spells on the Mane 6 made, well, perfect sense. The fact that the insanity "made sense" only made the humor all the more enjoyable to see as it unfolded, and the Mane 6 under Starlight's mind control spell were a delightful combination of hilarious, creepy, and utterly useless. I myself particularly enjoyed Applejack, and give major props to both the writers and Ashleigh Ball on a hilarious turn as our favorite country mare. The 'chillaxing' running gag was pretty hilarious as well, more so when they were joking about understanding the concept as opposed to just saying the word a bunch. And it was also hilarious to see Pinkie Pie as the most pissed off of all of the Mane 6 about the mind control spell, and what's more because she burned cakes while under Starlight's influence. Finally, in a turn for a joke I never thought I'd see even on this show, I'm pretty sure that the Mane 6, after being freed from Starlight's powerful mind control spell, were intentionally depicted the next day in a state that resembled having a hangover. Some of the gags they pulled at the start of that scene were hilarious, particularly Rarity's insisting that the Mane 6 make as little noise as possible, and it's a great use of adult humor in a kid's show because obviously most kids would never understand that that was being referenced. D'awww, the poor, adorable dear... she has no idea how much she just bucked up That's it Twilight, you let her know! So, you got it now Starlight? Damn it :ninja: Animation-wise, everything was top notch as usual, particularly the facial expressions, which really felt spot on here. It was nice getting to see an episode that wasn't just set in Twilight's castle but actually explored it a ton as well; we got to see the kitchen, the library, the foyer, the basement, Starlight's room (which we'd never seen before), and even the roof at the end! It really felt like we got to explore the castle more than ever before, and that's always nice when we get to see not just a new setting, but more of a setting we've seen plenty before, but haven't necessarily explored in-depth. Finally, I thought the final shot of this episode was just really nice; it feels like it's been awhile since we got to see all the girls just relaxing with each other to end an episode, and seeing that (with the addition of Starlight awkwardly trying to relax with them) was really nice to see yet again, especially all the different ways they were unwinding, or rather, chillaxing at the end. Overall, this was just a really, really solid episode and I can't really find a fault with it. It wasn't quite the level of amazing that "Lesson Zero" is, but it was very exceptional all the same, and a solid addition into Starlight's existing canon and ongoing character arc. That's all I've got for ya'll today everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. This is a drawing of my oc, Amethyst Pages, in one of the rooms of Twilight's castle. Basically, she was a human that was turned into a pony and became one of Twilight's student's, but she can't remember anything about her life as a human or her transformation.
  5. OOC @@Khajiit Princess Luna had finally arrived in Ponyville. Judging by her sister's sun, she would guess it to be sometime in the early afternoon. Normally she would have been still asleep at this time, however she would make an exception today. One of Princess Luna's spell books had been found during a recent expedition into the castle of the two sisters. Normally this would not require the princess's attention however this particular book had a magic lock, one that only Luna herself placed many moons before that dark day. As the princess walked up to the door, she knocked three times and waited a few moments. She turned her head to each side, smiling awkwardly to each citizen as they passed. Knocking once more, she would wait once again before looking up to the clock tower near by, watching each moment tick away before deciding to show herself in. "Twilight Sparkle, I have arrived as requested, though nopony appears to be at home," the princess of the night would say in a voice just loud enough to be heard throughout the castle. If somepony where there, they surely would have heard her. Looking around, Luna would eventually find the library, the book in question sitting on the table. She would stair at it a few moment before being taken in awe by the shear size of the collection that Twilight had amassed so quickly after her previous collection was destroyed, along with the library. Make herself comfortable, the princess levitated a much newer book off a shelf. 'Daring Do and the Eternal Flower...Chapter one...' as she began to read to herself, hoping that somepony would meet her eventually.