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Found 32 results

  1. Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles I'm sure many know that there are slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles. Muscle type 1 and 2 and then 2a and 2b. If you already know what type, then share if you don't then read! On here: So please read it, Twilight says so. Now for me, I think I'm type 2a, I'm a good sprinter but I also seem to be able to last for a little. Although I can say that I don't fit number 1 perfectly since I do become tired rather quickly. Maybe because of my asthma but I would think it's the muscles too. I don't really have a good example other then that I'm a fast runner but I can last for a long time more of a sprinter. So 2a fits, since it's mix between the two. So what's your muscle type, type 1 slow twitch or type 2 fast twitch.
  2. What would you do before a fight? Do you stand still? Do you wipe your lips? What do you do? Personally, I squint my eyes a bit at them and rub my chin with my index finger while holding it with my thumb. Edit (forgot this): And, I always carry a lighter, so everytime somepony will start a fight, I turn on my lighter. That scares them.
  3. Hello, everyone! I have been trying to come up with a name for the past five years, but nothing seems to satisfy me. If you could help me out, that would be awesome! I know that you're supposed to come up with your own username so that it has more meaning, but I just can't. I'll leave the details for my new username down below. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from y'all soon! Details No more than seven letters Must have little to no results on YouTube and Twitch Must not be taken on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Must be made up. (Ex: Ziovo, Kizzon, Vonix, Ceezy.) I know that this seems like a lot to ask from y'all, but its 2017, and usernames are becoming harder and harder to come up with. So, I'd really appreciate all the help I could get.
  4. Come join me on #Twitch as I host the Final Episode of this epic #SuperMarioGalaxy Live Let's Play series on July 19th @ 7 PM EDT. Can't wait to be with you guys. #RoadToOdyssey
  5. Everyone who isn't busy today, is very welcome to join me in my WWE 2k17 stream today. I will play some online matches for probably around 2 hours. I sadly don't have a microphone yet, but i can speak with you in the chat between matches. Hope you're all coming. EDIT: I might be able to use a mic after all, so come in if you want to hear me trashtalking during gameplay. EDIT 2: Stream is cancelled. I will try it again tomorrow
  6. So I have been involved in you tube for quite some time now. I have three Youtube Channels. I started in 2012 when I went to Japan to work, and started doing videos just for fun (Which is still what I do) So my travel channel has a few thousand views. 44 Subs. Not really that impressive. I think I make about $1.40 a month off of it. Last year I started two extra channels. One was just public domain audio books And I donate the money from that channel to Charity. I have about 7 subs and a few thousand views on that one. T:hen I have my third one.. Started last year. And its.. Well its just a crappy little youtube channel. I have done Let'sPlays for Fallout 4, Stardew valley and a few others. Right now I just put up a Stardew valley thing once a week. And I have done some stuff where I just talk about Nerdy Topics. Movies I went to see. Books, stuff like that. And this channel has 203 subs and about 37k views. Almost all of those I got in a span of 4 days a few months ago on a little review of StarTrek... That's it.. And I kind of want to pay more attention to this channel, but I really don't know how.. Because I really have been getting no response to the channel.... I have no ideal what the people watching like? And I need to learn to make /edit videos better but have no ideal where to start. _ Really same thing with Twitch to be honest. _ Anyone interested in working with me or helping me out. I can do the same. really all I need is some one who knows a little bit to look at my stuff and give me advice. I would not mind some examples also. It would also be interesting (We might already have this) To start a place on the forums to share our work? Maybe, maybe not...
  7. Friday 8:00PM EST: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics on Steam (May ask for requests, I'm only playing the games from the 5 DLC packs. Feel free to request a mod from the steam workshop!) DLC Pack 1 DLC Pack 2 DLC Pack 3 DLC Pack 4 DLC Pack 5 Saturday 8:00PM EST: Godzilla vs Goku Painting + more(?) (Hopefully I don't get sick again) See You Soon!
  8. Friday-Gaming (8:00PM EST) Knuckles Chaotix and Pokemon TCG Online (No Crashes this time) Saturday-Art (8:00PM EST) Godzilla vs Goku Painting Progress + More(?) See you soon!
  9. Hey Guys! I decided to make a thread dedicated to announcing my streams on Twitch Every Friday at 8:00pm EST I stream games. On Saturdays at 8:00pm EST I stream art progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tonight, I'm streaming my progress on Beyond Oasis (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) and Random N64 Games. Tommorow I'm Streaming my progress on a fan animation for Joel from Vinesauce Hope to see you there!
  10. I just wanted to start by placing those two links. *Ahem* Welcome! You know me as SacredHooves; and I host a gaming show on both & known as The Gaming Brony. On this show I play games of all kinds, both within my expertise and out of it. I do not claim to be an expert: but I do aim to please as best as I can with what I do. I stream just about every day, and I am working on getting better stuff to stream more current and recent games. Come stop by and join us!
  11. Hey there everypony! I'm V1NYL_DA5H! Very very few people know me by the name of Eclipse CeLL but I'm a streamer, aspiring Call of Duty professional, and all around good guy. I started this thread to maybe just maybe help others and myself who are known as nobodies in the big huge world of social media, YouTube, and streaming! Or anything that comes to mind. Basically, just post whatever you'd like I guess! Here's my Twitch channel to get things started! Happy Streaming! Jake (Eclipse CeLL or V1NYL_DA5H)
  12. The forum is lacking in a Twitch thread, so here it is! For those of you who are unaware what is, it's a livestreaming service which allows users to stream games to audiences. It's become the biggest livestreaming website out there, with some channels drawing in tens of thousands of people each day. My favourite streamers are: CohhCarnage AimostFamous Syndicate So, to those who use it often, I wanted to know who your favourite streamers are
  13. In 9 hours, the Twitch community will try to install Arch Linux, apparently one of the hardest versions of Linux to install. I just thought I'd share it here for those who are interested in seeing the inevitable chaos that will ensue:
  14. Alright everypony, the New Lunar Republic (NLR) is going live next week!!! Quick overview for those who might not know; I will be playing the NLR as a custom faction in Galactic Civilization 3, this is a turn based strategy game, so I will be taking constant input from chat, yes all who show up will help me build the NLR. The date for this will be Sep 19 (next sat) at 10am EST, channel (TBA). I will be using a variety of custom ships and a few custom races from the Steam workshop along with this, so some possibility to look forward to are: NLR Starfleet ships Encounters with Klingons (no really) The Solar Empire (maybe) Space monsters And interactive play from chat I hope to see you all there!
  15. I have a centrino duo 2.6 gh 4 gb ram 512 mb graphics and 1mb upload speed. I was planing on playing faster then light and nuclear throne they run well but I know my system is very old do you think I can even stream at a watchable quality?
  16. Alright, well, I'm looking for people to either join me every time I stream certain stuff, or just someone to join in on one or two, For the first one, I'll just be doing one of the jackbox games, (you don't know jack or fibbage) If you wanna join in, I'll show you the room code when we start (Or if you just wanna watch, I'll be streaming on "Bronykaymen")
  17. N_e_v_e_r_m_i_n_d ok dont read lmao
  18. Hello, As of yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to make a twitch account. I love video games and I would be so very happy if I could make people smile right along with me! If your interested: (I'd love if you join or support me as this is totally New to me) Question is: do you have a twitch?
  19. Hello people! I'm looking for someone to play games with me to play on twitch, it would be doubley awesome if you had a twitch too so we could both/all stream stuff together! Well, if you're interested, my PS ID is "Bloobloodbluhert"
  20. Hello, I was wondering if there were any fellow twitch streamers out there that could give me a hand? I use XSplit on PC and when I use a microphone, it echos during the stream. I'm not sure what the problem is. Would someone be so kind as to help me figure this out? XSplit forums hasn't help out so either the answer is just common knownledge and I'm just stupid with the set up or no one else has this issue. I can hear myself when the microphone is on if that has something to do with it but I'm not sure if that is the issue or how to fix it if it is the issue.
  21. okay so i just started test streaming on twitch with OBS today and don't know a thing about it, although i love watching streams lol 1) OBS keeps (crashing) but still runs in the background so i am able to stream but can't get back into my OBS to fiddle with settings, 2) i run PJ64 emu at the moment with an N64 usb controller 3) my laptop is a Asus G73JW with an SSD and 8gb of ram and a quad core I7 with overclock up to 3.0 ghz what do you guys think of my setup etc my twitch channel is micaiah1 of you'd like to follow and give feedback on my stream when i am live just an FYI
  22. Anyone else here a fan of Vinesauce? You know, like the video of Joel destroying Windows XP or Joel playing bootleg games. If you've never seen one of their videos, then here, take a look:
  23. Many people have suggested that I should livestream when I create signatures and other cool things when I have Photoshop open. I'll be livestreaming every now and then whenever I feel like it, so if you don't wanna miss out, follow me on Twitch to catch all the livestreams! I'll be tossing all of the signatures I make during the livestreams both on this main thread and posts below which will be done at the end of every livestream. I'd love it if everypony could post requests down below and comment on the Twitch live chat if you're watching and what kind of things you'd like me to create, whether it be an avatar, a signature, or a wallpaper! Archive
  24. Hey all my Bronies and Pegasisters, You may know Kyoshi from the forums, he a wonderful artist, and a very nice person. A lot of you know him for mostly his Signatures, and more recently His avatars. Well now I am here to tell you this. He has started up Livestreaming. He has gone about three streams before this post, and plans to keep up with it. However there is a catch, what good is a live stream without views? If you can, and I know you can pull together a community, come watch KyoshiLonehearted stream on Twitch.Tv StreamStatus: Offline. Game Tonight: Child of Light. Tomorrow Night: Possibly more Child of Light? Here is the link to the Channel: Here is a Link to His Sig/Avatar Thread: If you come here, please post your Twitch name, and any helpful suggestions! Also type this in the Chat: #ForumHype! My Twitch Name is Metalicantar.
  25. Any loyal fans of TPP here? TPP has been unpopular lately with a usual 1000-2500 viewer count. It's just that sad. Good thing I am still watching it If you are loyal. Answer these 1.What is TPP first pokemon that reached lvl 100? 2.Did we choose helix again in Firered? [Yes/No] 3.How many attempts we have to beat the E4 and the champion? 4. Is the False Prophet forgiven? [Yes/No] 5. What is the nickname of our character in Firered? Platinum? 6. What's next after platinum? Answers ¡pןobʇɹɐǝɥ˙9 uoǝןodɐu 'ǝɔıןɐ˙5 ɯnuıʇɐןd uıʍ sn sdןǝɥ ǝɥ 'sǝʎ ˙4 301˙3 (:< ou ˙2 ןןıɹɐɯnzɐ ˙1 But seriously, I don't want to be the only one