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Found 20 results

  1. So who is then there are 43 to choose from.
  2. This was a top 10 list with lengthy explanations for each choice, but then I realized that it would be way too much of a hassle to get through the rest of it, so have this tier list instead. I'd rather not deal with just having a perpetually unfinished list and not really being able to do what I had otherwise planned to without it weighing me down. Not to mention, I'd pretty much just be repeating myself with different statistics and a different dumb line at the end so it isn't a wall of facts, and I'd have to rearrange the list to keep up with certain things. Also your welcome Mr. Nitpick (that grammatical error is there on purpose). This list is primarily based on statistics, though there is a little bit of personal bias here and there. S+: None S-: Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont A+: Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Virginia, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho A-: Minnesota, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin B+: Florida, South Dakota, Delaware, Oregon, North Dakota, Rhode Island B-: North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming, New Jersey C+: Indiana, Illinois, New York, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina C-: Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Kentucky D+: Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska D-: Louisiana, Alabama Washington D.C.: D+ (It's not a state, I know, why it's not on the actual list) Changes: Utah (-1): I didn't entirely take into account the bias this state has for Mormons. Hawaii (-2): Tulsi's beginning to make her state look a lot worse with how she keeps cozying up to the right for no real reason... Starting to think she should have ran as a moderate Republican, because at times she actually sounds like one... She's definitely not a progressive like she pretends to be sometimes. Also Washington has moved down a tier, because I'm really losing faith in the country as a whole.
  3. With Thanksgiving coming around in the US, I feel it would be appropriate to have a thread for giving our thanks. You don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving to post, of course! I'll start. My parents are the first that come to mind. They brought me into this world and worked hard to raise me into who I am today. I've known people who grew up with one or no parents. Some of them are happy, but more of them crash and burn. I've frequently worked with the disadvantaged when I volunteer, and one thing that strikes me is the relationship--or lack thereof--between the children and the parents. It's sad, but it really drives home how fortunate I am to have loving parents. When I was younger, I didn't know how hard it was to raise kids, and I am infinitely grateful that they continued to love and support me despite the inconvenience. It makes me feel guilty for even sometimes being rebellious or defiant, because I know that they just want what's best for me. So, thank you Mom, and thank you, Dad. I'm alive. That's enough to be thankful for right there. And, of course, no thank you post on this site is complete without mentioning My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don't have a touching story about how MLP saved me from killing myself or anything, but MLP--and the wonderful fandom that comes with it--reintroduced me to my childhood. Something about the show managed to break my hard exterior and warm my icy heart. Thanks! I'd give more, but I don't want to bore you with TL;DR stuff. So, what are you thankful for? And don't forget to tell those you give thanks to!
  4. So I live in Washington state USA right? Well, we have our fair share of weirdness like the rest of the states. The weirdest thing about us washingtonians is our obsession with bigfoot... we have people literally all over world coming here to our forests looking for him. It's quite entertaining. Another thing that's weird about Washington is our amount of Starbucks here. Coffee is like our fountain of rejuvenation.
  5. Happy 4th of July to my fellow American neighbours! #IndependenceDay #4thofJuly #Organ #PipeOrgan
  6. I noticed there wasn't a thread like this so I wanted to make it. This thread is for people in the military or military enthusiasts or just for military related posts... (Optional) As your first post put what division, battalion, squard, you were in or If you were never in the military just put what you want to be. After that just post whatever want that is military related... I want to be in US Marine Corps, I am not entirely sure of my specialty yet.... One of my favorite Combat Videos....
  7. How did all of the countries around the world come up with their own flag? Like, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark how did they all come up with their own flag designs and so many other countries. I'm making my own custom flag with a large cloth its, Blue > Freedom White > Purity/Peace Yellow > Justice And it's setup like the French flag, 3 colors going to the right.
  8. Okay. The time has finally come to conclude my political opinion on Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's no surprise to see me go against Hillary and have my vote to Donald Trump. I myself am a standard Republican. Though that doesn't mean I will vote for a Republican candidate for anything every time. We all have our personal views on our Nation and can vote for whoever we want. AND THATS HOW I ALWAYS WANT POLITICS TO BE! It should always be policies vs policies and for me I believe Donald Trump has better policies than Hillary Clinton. But I have NO PROBLEM with anybody voting for Hillary because she has better policies. I mean I can't control your opinion. But the outcome of the DNC and Hillary Clinton at this stage is just wrong. It's a complete disgrace to our country. And WikiLeaks was right saying she has one face in public and another face in private. She cannot be trusted. She's insulted the Catholics calling their religion Bastartdized, insulted Trump supporters calling them deplorable, calling Bernie Sanders supporters "Basement Dwellers". I am completely surprised that nobody has asked this women who has commited crimes, corrupted our FBI, corrupted our Justice department, why hasn't anybody tell her to step down. It is unbelivable that this is happening with our country and makes me cry that the mainstream media is so evil to cover this up and not think it's a big deal. I love seeing our nation safe but I truly think our nation is at full risk of danger and corruption if Hillary is elected in office. But again your vote matters. Whoever you vote for regarding policies is important to see that America has a political view. I don't care who you vote for. But let me be honest here......If you vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a women, you're dead to me.
  9. Looks I'm going to my first screening of Shin Godzilla...I'm going with my two friends from High school on the 12th of October...I am feeling nervouscited for this! Who is going to the October 12th screening of Shin Godzilla in Canada? Because I will be there!
  10. Why do i always go into these threads? They just turn into fingerpointing and achieve nothing whatsoever.
  11. The US Airforce has recently carried out bombing tests to test their nuclear bombing effectiveness. The Nuke used in the training is a dud and will not cause any harm. The dud nuke used is an exact replica in every way and form to the real thing minus the explosion. Please share your thoughts on the content below, thank you.
  12. This could happen honestly especially with the political turmoil in america these days,So what would you do what side would you support? Personally I would fight for my home state of illionis and go with the side that made my family safe The sides would most likely be Loyalists Seperatists Communists and Facists all having there own ideals unwilling to let the other side win I'll be more specific say the Democratic Goverment Falls on to very hard times poverty and such and the states talk about Revolting I do know this is highly u likely and I don't want it to happen its not a whether or not Should question its A What If
  13. Hi, I'm planning some sort of vacation/roadtrip thingy with my friends in the US and Canada. I'm hoping to visit all 50 states and most of the provinces/territories. Its obvious what I'm going to do in places like New York, Hawaii, Toronto etc. What about places like New Jersey, Alaska or The Yukon? Can you give me some good but obscure tourism spots? The only reason why I would go to cities like Baltimore would be for Bronycon because I don't know much about them. Also Delaware. What's in Delaware? PS: The trip will be split throughout the months/years because if I do it all in one go it would probably take ages
  14. I think I can remember maybe 20-30 and I'm not even american Do you have to learn all states at school there in America? How many you can remember?
  15. Serbon div

    Volunteers in Crimea

    Some volunteers decided to join the war and fight for Russia in Ukraine... They are joining the army of the autonomous republic, to help defend the endangered citizens if needed. The situation there is stabilizing, but the presence of USS Truxtun in the Black Sea is not promising. The movement is getting larger and larger each day, although they are mostly Serbs, Russians from Novgorod started joining. Have a nice day I guess.
  16. You know how when a political election is on the horizon, people like to dig up dirt on the politicians so they can possibly make or break their campaign with info about what they were like when they were younger? What if, in about 20 years from now, one of those politicians running for president was previously a brony? And not just a casual one either. He/she would have been deeply into the fandom at the time that the show was popular, and he/she had even written a fanfic or two. Do you think that information could cost someone the presidency? There are still a good portion of people in society who would be a little put off by it, especially if whoever was running for the presidency was into the show when they were 19 or older. What do you think?
  17. Okay, so a friend of mine was just checking a website that hosts URL videos from youtube of MLP ( Which is how I found all the full length episodes, but he noted that almost all of the videos are being blocked! Youtube is automatically blocking the videos now due to Hasbro copyright infringement, and I was wondering, why all of a sudden are they deciding to take down the videos? Alright so assumption time: Did the Brony community do anything, as of late, that would, for lack of better words, piss off hasbro? Is Hasbro willing to risk it's largest viewer population? Is it just Youtube? Could this just be a standard policy of Internet browsing now? (Which it has been, but now enforced) Anyways, so if you are like me, you enjoy watching ponies at anypoint in the day without question. That means you use the Internet for it. So are they finally restricting it to television? Tell me your thoughts.... PS- This could be me freaking out for nothing, but it's happening so...
  18. I will start off by saying that this should go in the life advice section, but alas I am not a cupcake so I can't post there. Sorry mods! I am wondering if anyone on here has immigrated to the United States, and could give me personal experience with such. I'd like to know every piece of information, because as much as Google can tell me, it can't tell me everything I need to know. I am a little Canadian girl who is moving to the states before Halloween. I will be moving to New York, we were hoping that I could move next year but I need to be out of the place I live by the end of October, that was thrown on my shoulders about an hour ago >.<. I already have a place to live down there thankfully, and I know what I need to ship and sell. I'm really stressed out right now. Excited, but still stressed. Is it possible to immigrate in 3 months? How much of a shit storm am I getting myself into?
  19. It was today, 236 years ago, that the Thirteen Colonies declared there independance from Great Britain. Sure America's been going through some rough times, sure our leaders have been total idiots lately, sure a lot of us are ignorant morons, but hey! We're America! We rule! and yes, I did make this pic
  20. Feast eyes and click heels if ya got 'em! On August 21, 2017, Princess Luna will be making a personal tour of our great America, visiting many cities in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina! This event will have bronies turning their heads towards the convergence! Wanna know why? It's the First total eclipse on American soil since 1991, First on the mainland since 1979, and... First to sweep across the entire country since 1918! So it's a pretty big deal. If you want to know if you're in the shadow, post a comment on the picture comments saying what city in what state you live in so I can determine if you're in the path of Totality! Here's the code: __ * You're right on the centerline, and that's as good as you can get! Stay put and enjoy the show (given good weather, of course)! __ n This city is close to the northern edge of the path. You'll see totality, but if you can head south about 30-50 miles or so, then you'll see more of the show! __ s This city is close to the southern edge of the path. You'll see totality, but if you can head north about 30-50 miles or so, then you'll see more of the show! __ n* This city is right on the northern edge of the path. You need to get to the southern part of the city to see totality, or better yet, get about 46-60 miles south! And if you're at all north or northeast of this city (or even in the northern part of town), you won't see totality at all! __ s* This city is right on the southern edge of the path. You need to get to the northern part of the city to see totality, or better yet, get about 40-60 miles north! And if you're at all south or southwest of this city (or even in the southern part of town), you won't see totality at all! ________________________ No code, but your city is listed You're good! You're in the path of totality, and you should either stay put, or get to a city that's got even more totality (on the centerline would be best!)! Check the weather to make sure you'll be able to see the sun! _______________ Your city isn't listed Most likely, you're not in the path! Look through the list to find a city you can get to, and get there! (If you find a city that is within ten miles of you, that has lots of totality duration, then it's likely I just missed your city. E-mail us to ask that we include it!) _________________ Your state isn't listed Aaaaagh! Even worse! Get to one of the states that's in the path, and find a city in that state to view totality from! So yeah, post your city and state in the posting area below so i can determine if you're in the shadow!