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Found 98 results

  1. How exactly is a pegasus pony supposed to fight a unicorn? Since unicorns have magic, the odds are against the Pegasi?
  2. In Friendship is Magic, we could see a great variety of (mythological) creatures during the 9 seasons, Equestria grew and extended more and more to other creatures (dragons, faucets, changing were the first), in the epilogue, we could see that all creatures live and share in harmony. Considering that G5 will be a completely new world (no leaks are accepted here), what creatures would you like to see in the next generation? Is any already explored in the series, or is it one that we have not seen? How would these creatures develop with ponies? (Hippogriffs, Dragons, Kirins, Griffins, Crystal Ponies, Yaks, Changelings, Zebras, Breezies, Sea Ponies, Alicorns, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Draconequus?) Personally, in addition to Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasus, I would like to see the sea ponies, I think it is a great opportunity to have them as one of main races, I would also love to have changelings, hippogriffs and kirins. Alicorns are a complicated option for me, since in G4 they were explained as ''rare'' and I don't know if it's a good idea to bring them with the same concept, since it would be redundant. Comments here!
  3. 1) Scootabat, also crossover to Castlevania Isn't Scootaloo as a batpony just fitting? 2) Another Castlevania parody to my friend's character Moorish Delight, who is the queen of a batpony kingdom who always smirk 3) Yet another Castlevania parody 4) Size matters! 5) Six fan arts challenge Not all of them are ponies, but you get the Queen Chrysalis and Echo 6) Moonlight Toccata(oc)'s look in an RP with my friend 7) Darkforest(oc) In lore, she is the descendant of the last Luna' s guard captain before Nightmare Moon's banishment. After the event, a part of the batponies live in the caves, and another part live in forest to not loosen their discipline and training. Darkforest is one of the leader of the forest batpony tribe, who hold a sacred(to them) responsibility to train the batponies inside the forest. 8) Lunardean flag Lunardeal, the land of batponies. The name itself is a combination of Luna and Ardeal(Romanian of Transylvania), and a pun to Lunar + deal as well. This also implies that Lunardeal is both a reference to Transylvania and Romania(or Wallachia in Dracula's age) The batponies there were once pegasi without flight ability, casted out from Pegasopolis(ancient pegasus tribe) in ancient time. Without any racial advantage, they naturally became the victim of other races. As such, they made a deal with young Luna, which turned them into batponies using an ancient recipe and magic, but in exchange, to give out the strongest batponies to be Luna's royal guards. Some of them supported the deal, and some of them didn't. Those who supported it turned into batponies, and those who didn't remain as pegasi. With the night vision and strong combat ability in addition to the regained flight ability, some more traditional Cloudsdale pegasi wanted to reclaim the land of Lunardeal. Especially Luna's banishment, they again started to pester the land. Luckily, Celestia wanted to preserve the land of her beloved sister, helping to prevent Lunardeal from falling each time. Adding to the discrimination towards batponies' 'scary' look, they become a traditional bunch who still possess racial weariness, and seldom go out of Lunardeal except for the guards, making them rarely seen even in the show. With the newfound acceptance of previously known as 'terrifying' creatures like dragon and changelings, and the new emphasis of harmony between species, Lunardeal finally has reached its peace. That's why the flag is highly identical to the Pegasopolis one, with black pegasus wings below the batpony wings(also a parody to the black bird in the Transylvania/Wallachia flag) 9) Scootabat again I just love Scootabat 10) Vesper Flare(ponysona) She is now a filly
  4. The princesses raise the sun and moon. Before that it was a council of unicorns. But what about before that? Who raised the sun and moon back then? Or even worse, what stopped the sun and moon from rising on their own? Life evolved in equestria. Inteligent, sapient life that formed societies and nations. This life evolved before the need to manually control the heavens, during a normal automatic day/night cycle. So what the heck happened that forced the unicorns to start sacrificing the magic of 24 of their own daily just to keep the heavens moving before the princesses arrived?
  5. Unicorns are simply the coolest ponies. Not only do they have magic, but they have Telekinesis! Telekinesis is the perfect replacement for hands. Unicorns don't have to drag heavy things around with their teeth. We can manipulate our world with nothing more than will power. Heavy chores, cleaning, and all sorts of jobs can be done without elbow grease or even getting dirty. Each and every one of us has magic. Even unicorns without formal magic training knows two or three spells. Unicorns in the royal guard are trained with military spells, making them mobile, versatile, magical artillery. That and we have the most beautiful pony of all time: Rarity in our ranks. So please sign up if you think Unicorns are the coolest ponies. and add a link you your Unicorn OC/Ponysona as well. (mine is in my sig) This link takes you to MLP Wiki. It is a list of all the official unicorns in the show. Each entry also lists all the appearances in both the show and in the comics,
  6. Hello. I'm trying to figure out what language and writing system is used by the ponies in Equestria, because I plan to use some of these informations in a fanfic I'm preparing to make. From this snapshot from S01E01 "Mare in the Moon" we can get some informations about the language and writing: I recreated it below as a vector graphics without any perspective to improve the clarity: Below the book there is a transcript of what is supposedly written there in English. I mean, we hear Twilight speaking English in the series, but I consider it just an English dubbing replacing the original Equine language This text couldn't be written in English, because there's lot more letters in it than is visible in the above book page. So the original language must be different, and written more compactly than just plain English when written in Latin alphabet. Besides, why should ponies speak English in the first place instead of some other language of their own? And this is exactly what I'm trying to figure out: what language they use, how does it work, and how is it written. We can see some interesting observations here: Words are separated by spaces. Text is aligned in horizontal lines. The writing system seems to be syllabic (that is, an abjad, like Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese or Ancient Egyptian), because words are quite short: 3 glyphs on average, usually 1...4 glyphs, longer words are rare. In syllabic writing systems words tend to be short, because only consonants are written down, and vowels are default, or known from context, or marked up with additional diacritics. In writing system where vowels are written explicitly, words are usually longer. The alphabet consists probably of only 10 glyphs (see the table below). There may be more, but only these 10 are visible in this particular book page. If you know about any more, please tell me in which episode you've seen them, with time stamp. The writing system seems to be hieroglyphic, similar to Ancient Egyptian or Paleo Hebrew. I suspect these glyphs could have started as ideograms (that is, each one represented only one idea, as a whole). But later on ancient ponies figured out that they can join those ideograms together to make composite words, joining the meanings of the particular ideograms together. And for these words to be possible to pronounce, they read the first syllables of the subsequent glyphs of a word. (I'll explain it further in a minute...) One of the glyphs seems to be some kind of a prefix (or suffix): the Pony Tail glyph. It is often attached to the rump of a Horse glyph, but both these glyphs can also be used alone. In one place it's also attached to a Star glyph, making a "comet". If it's really some kind of a prefix/suffix, it should correspond to a sound which is easily joined to any other sound, like "H", for example. But, maybe it's just a coincidence... I don't know which direction it should be read: left-to-right, or right-to-left, or interleaved. But if it resembles Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in any way, then maybe the direction can be figured out from the glyphs themselves: In Ancient Egyptian one reads a line of glyphs in a way to "meet" subsequent glyphs "from their fronts". For example, if some figure looks to the right, you need to approach it from right to left to "meet it face-to-face". So one could read Egyptian hieroglyphs in both directions, according to the direction of "looking" of these glyphs. In pony alphabet, horse figures are looking to the right, so it is probably read right-to-left, as in Hebrew. But maybe other directions are also possible (when the figures are mirror-imaged and look to the left). There's some evidence for it. For example, when Spike writes his notes in Episode 1, the bump in the papyrus under his feather seem to move right-to-left and left-to-right interchangeably. So it's possible that the direction is switched on line-by-line basis. Also, when Twilight looks through her books in Episode 1, you can clearly see that she always flips pages from right to left (that is, starting from the last page and going "back" to the first page of the book). This may suggest that books are written from the last page to the first, from right to left line/page. I don't know what sounds should be pronounced for those glyphs, but I tried to figure out the sound from the ideograms themselves. For example, I thought the best sound for the Horseshoe glyph would be the clopping "K" sound made by horse hooves clopping on the ground. For the glyph depicting Snake (at least I see a snake there, but it might also be a rope) could correspond to the hissing sound, like "S" or "Sh". The Thunder Bolt glyph could be related to some violent, "bursting" sounds, like "B", "D", or maybe electrical buzzing sound, like "Z". But I really have no clue what sounds these should be. Any ideas? In the following table, I show the whole alphabet: Beside the original hieroglyphs, I also added my own ideas of their corresponding hieratic versions, that is, for quick hand writing purposes. They're simpler and easier to scribble by pen. For each glyph, I also tried to match some sounds (in the Transliteration column). If you have any ideas how these glyphs should be pronounced and you can justify it in some way, feel free to tell me in this post. I hope for some interesting discussion here. Maybe together we can crack this code I also wrote in the table what (in my opinion) any of these glyphs depict (I have some troubles with the 0'th one, so if anypony has some idea, please tell me). Below, I wrote some possible meanings encoded in that particular glyph. Composite words can be formed by joining these glyphs and their meanings together. I've tried some examples below: Some of them are actually there in the fragment of the book shown in the screenshot, so this may be the right track. Now how to read those words? Suppose that the Horn and Crescent glyphs represent sounds for "N" and "M" respectively (I don't know this for sure, this is just a guess, for the sake of the example). So their combination might sound like MaNa, which is really the name for magical energy in many other fantasy worlds! I wonder if the similar trick could be done with the glyphs representing Bright Magic to get the word PraNa, which is also a name for bright life-giving energy in Eastern cultures. Then we'd have "mana" and "prana" for Dark Magic and Bright Magic But this could be possible only if the Star glyph were pronounced as "Pr" sound (which is not so strange for a language of horses you know, this snorting sound horses make sometimes). What other sounds do you think of for the Star glyph to make some interesting word for Bright Magic? Maybe you have some better ideas of how those glyphs should be mapped to sounds? In the table, there are also numerical values assigned to the glyphs. For now, they're just for ordering and reference purposes (let's call them PEGASCII codes though probably UniCode would be a better name for Unicorn's code ), because I don't know anything about what number systems are used by ponies (but I have some guesses; I'll get back to this). But I tried to correlate them on some logical basis. For example, glyph number 4 is the Horse glyph, because the horse has 4 legs. I used the Horn glyph to represent 1, because it's simple, just one straight slash. It's good for tally marks & stuff like that. I used the Star glyph for number 5, because it is a 5-pointed star. The number 3 is Thunder, because it has 3 lines (but this is not necessary). I took the Crescent glyph for number 6, because I wanted it to be just after the Star glyph, but it will probably be better for number 2 (two horns of the crescent). Other glyphs are assigned quite arbitrarily. But there is some interesting pattern, that all glyphs related to Unicorns are distributed in powers of two. More on this later. Also, I wondered if it wouldn't be better to use the Tail glyph as last, and Head glyph as first, but this breaks the pattern a little bit, and the Head is less useful for number 1, because its shape is too much complicated. As to the number system used by ponies, I suspect some place value system or additive system at least, because just plain unary is too limited. And it would be obvious to notice by lots of repeating glyphs for number one. I haven't seen anything like that in any of pony books. If it's place-value system (that is, a small number of digits, reused in different positions representing greater and greater powers of the base), then it could be in base 4 instead of base 10, because ponies don't have fingers to count (with the only exception of Pinkie Pie, as usual ), but they only count their whole legs (4 of them). This is related to that "powers of two" pattern above: 1, 2, 4, 8 (one leg/horn, two legs each front or back or side, foul legs in a pony, eight legs in two ponies etc.). Also, if they were to use base 10 place value system, it could be easily spotted from the first screenshot: we should have some glyph repeated thrice in a row, representing those three zeros in "1000th year". But there isn't any. So either ponies don't use base 10, but some other base (in base 4, 1000 is 33220, but we also don't see any two subsequent pairs of glyphs there), or they use just additive system, which adds values of some glyphs together. But then, we either need many glyphs to depict a number, or we need some bigger values for the glyphs (for example, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000) to write down the number 1000 used in the Transcript. And we need some way to find out which glyphs represent numbers instead of words. But such a system, on the other hand, is more for encoding meanings, like Gematria in the Jewish Kaballah system: you can then count up a value of any word to express some interesting patterns, like similar words having similar numerical values, etc. This is still an open subject, so any ideas are welcome. If you know about any other evidence of pony alphabets, please tell me about where you've found it (what episode, what timestamp). The more cryptograms the better. But for now, my only Rosetta Stone is this single book page from the first screenshot. I hope that this will start an interesting discussion about linguistics of the Ponydom
  7. I was wondering. If there were no unicorn to represent magic, would that role fall on an earth pony or Pegasus?
  8. I'm currently watching the 3 new Equestria Girls shorts- Dance Magic, Movie Magic, and Mirror Magic. I'd heard about these shorts and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch them myself! Mirror Magic in particular was the one I anticipated the most- Because it brought two very similar characters together. Seeing Sunset Shimmer back in equestria is something I've wanted to happen for a long time. But when I heard that Starlight Glimmer was being given an opportunity to visit the human world, I was even more excited. And now as the credits roll for Mirror Magic, I can say that it was a great blend of the canon and an awesome opportunity for Starlight's character to grow. All throughout season 6, Twilight guided Starlight through friendship lessons, and- to be honest, I always thought Starlight would make a much better antagonist. And as I actively watch season 7- I still see very antagonistic tendencies. It takes a while for Starlight to learn her lessons. It takes a few mistakes for her to understand. But- without spoiling Mirror Magic, I honestly think my opinion has changed of Starlight. She has her own place in equestria, and being in the human world for a short time has helped her realize how much she'd actually learned, and the impact it's had on her. Especially when she sees situations mirrored to her own 'tragic flaw'. Any Equestria Girls fan will enjoy these three shorts- they're 21 minutes long each, and they help to flesh out the characters and the universe within this human alternate universe. So I'm interested- What are your guys' opinions on Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer? Do you prefer one over the other? Are they too similar? Let me know! Lets start a discussion!!
  9. Aside from my regular art style, I love to draw in the show style of MLP! I use the same technique as when I draw reference sheets!
  10. Aura was another one of my favorite characters I've drawn! The magic was super fun to experiment with!
  11. I saw this theory on another website and it doesn't sound unreasonable and makes King Sombra the most evil villain the show has ever had. There are statues of unicorns around the Crystal Empire, and even the jousting armor can be fitted for pegasi, that makes a gruesome amount of sense if Sombra's security system for the Crystal Heart involved a spell to open the way to a tall spire, you don't exactly want to keep around subjects that could circumvent it. As well, depending on what kind of racial traits you want to attribute to earth ponies, their enhanced strength and endurance makes them ideal slave labor, and their nature powers wouldn't do them any good deep undergroud where there's no plants or animals to aid them. Sombra might have committed straight-up genocide against those races within his empire.
  12. What kind of episodes and story-lines do you prefer; the ones centred on the Alicorns and Unicorns with their magical powers and artifacts or the episodes where the narrative is more down-to-earth, perhaps even paralleling our own world. An example of the former would be "A Canterlot Wedding" in which Shining Armour is under a spell. One might think it's going to be a realistic story about Twilight's jealousy over her brother's marriage to Cadence, who she imagines as two-faced and mean. But the conflict in this story arc comes from magical spells and the power of the changelings to impersonate ponies. An example of a more down-to-earth-pony episode would be "Look Before You Sleep". The conflict arises as two very different friends are forced to spend time together when they really need some space from each other (a problem us humans can relate to!). The solution also doesn't involve magic, Rarity and Applejack communicate and compromise to fix their relationship. I think I prefer the episodes which deal with real-world problems, as I think it gives the show a mature attitude and respects the kids enough to understand metaphors for stuff that happens here on earth. What say you?
  13. This is an idea I have had for some time. One can note that Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer all have some striking similarities. These being: 1. Their names. All three of their names are formed from two words: a light or color display in the sky + a type of light. 2. A cutie mark which, apparently, symbolizes magic talent (hypothetically in Sunset Shimmer's case), is a kind of heavenly body, and also matches their name. 3. Two toned manes. This is a small detail as many ponies (unicorns included) seem to have two toned manes. Still, it deserves consideration. So, I am curious as to why three random ponies, all potentially from different parts of Equestria, would have such similarities in their names, talents, and appearance. This has led me to ponder the idea that they are all descendants of an ancient unicorn tribe, one which held magic and outer space in high regard. Perhaps they deeply studied these two subjects, maybe even considered them to be related to each other in some way. As a result, all of the tribe would have had magic and space related names and cutie marks. But as time passed, they scattered and their descendants are now far and wide in the world of Equestria. It is also worth noting that while their names do not have the "light or color display in the sky + a type of light" format, Moon Dancer, Starswirl the Bearded, and Sunburst all meet several of the above criteria as well. They have space or light based names, a heavenly body for a cutie mark, apparent magic talent, and two toned manes. Perhaps they too are tied to this hypothetical tribe in some way. What are your thoughts? Why do so many unicorns have these traits? Is is simply a "unicorn" thing?
  14. So, I was just wondering if ponies can, Like I mean in Winter Wrap Up, Applejack saw twilight clearing snow, but at first didn't see she used magic. It's either she wasn't paying attention, or aura couldn't be seen. Also, If ponies couldn't see the aura, then In equestria games, they wouldn't have seen twi putting the thing on fire. Just curious
  15. We know that both Princess Celestia & Princess Luna are over 1000 years old, but how old do the average alicorns, unicorns & ponies live to be?
  16. So, last Sunday I took a stroll through a park gazebo and did something I haven't done in close to a decade-and-a-half; I took a look at today's newspaper comics. Yep, you read that right, an actual physical-print newspaper, just like our parents read back in the 20th century. Most of the stuff that's been there since ancient Egypt is still running; Garfield, Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, *yawn*, but then I saw something I NEVER expected here. There's a new comic featuring a talking unicorn as a regular character, and it's actually a good laugh! Think "Calvin and Hobbes" in an alternate reality, but gender-swapped and not as mean-spirited. Though it really caught my eye because this the LAST place I'd expect to find something this pony-ish in realspace. Linkage: Just figured I'd share it with those who may be interested, since it brightened up an otherwise dull day for me. Let me know what you think, Trin
  17. So I've been working these ponies out over the summer and I love odd-ball pairings which is why I made these ocs! Right now, all six of them is just the bare bones while I work out stories and rework out a few odd things. I just need some basic feedback based on what I have so far on the six of them and trying to think on doing a seventh on Luna and Discord idea...:, I just made outline cards for them for now and no profiles. Feedback wanted: Design Personality Talents Cutie Marks Pairings of the Parents Anything you want to add
  18. Already got used to her alicorn version, but her Unicorn version was good as she was. How about you?
  19. Has anyone else read this series? It was the first book I ever read, now that I think about it. Later I learned there's a whole series following this title, several of which I've never had the chance to read yet. The title character even bears a slight resemblance to princess celestia! Thoughts anyone?
  20. So just to keep things basic: What makes a good oc design or approach ? Like what do you look for in others or even you make your own oc of any kind? (Not just pony ocs) Is it the colors? Mane style? Cutie mark? Something they have on them or do you hit the story and other details on them first then hit up the design? Or in others? Do you have fan made ocs you happen to like the design? Even in helping others in what makes a bad over all design? Bright bleeding colors? Recolors? The Pony Maker?
  21. Hello! So yeah. That's the first time I'm actually posting something about me on this website. Some of you may know me from somewhere else. (Maybe Russia, God knows why the Russians like me!) But anyway. I've been doing pony art for two years or so. I ask for nothing in return, although a watch on DeviantArt is always appreciated. It helps me to reach more people, and make their artworks come true. I'm always available for a good chat, or advice. I work with PhotoShop CS6, Paint Tool SAI for lines, and also traditional art. So yeah, that's it. Here's some of my stuff; the artworks are not in chronological order. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Alright, sorry for the long thread. And my apologies if I messed up with the rules somehow, I'm new here guys. I won't post my entire gallery, of course. I tried to link each artwork to its own page, but it was taking too long to get all the links and it didn't worked. Sorry for that too. But feel free to check my page on if you wish. Everything is there. The best regards! - Pedro Hander
  22. which one do you think. Ask all the questions you need to decide
  23. So a wallpaper I did with more in the minimalist like I have just I spread it out more and hit up Rarity for this wallpaper. Taking in more of a simple layout if anything in the frame and keeping in uses tones of purple around Rare in just something in playful in the feeling of making. I took to the mane and tail and had to brighten it up a bit and give Rare also more white in her body and also did her cutie mark in just using the outlines . This was mostly done in and gimp for the programs:
  24. So I made these two ocs based loosely off Gusty and Fizzy from the Gen one cartoon kinda of like their descendants to the Gen Four. Also I need a small help in naming the one from Fizzy a bit. Tempestas: I took from Gusty her green and red mane/tail but shaded it a bit different in making it brighter just a tad off. No bows, just Tempe keeps her mane in a loose pony tail on her side in a very lady like manner. Colors, no pure whit e in just darkening her a bit in a gray like tone in the mix to off set her a little. Adding in her eyes are a bright cheerful green tends to wrap her out a bit in some sunny like yellow. The cutie mark is simple in green to make it stand out in a whirl to show her talent with wind types of magic. I just feel more could be added or something in coloring if you have any input. Name wise: Her name comes from a wind goddess of Greece/Greeks. [imgur]( Profile: Nameless/Zest: Not to sure on her name all around in still working her out, just she is high energy and out going like Fizzy, just more grounded in using her mind and thinking and a show-boat in her magic/talent of making fire work and things like them with her magic. I lighten her colors the green to more of Lyra's in a tone off and kept in hues of pinks in the mane and tail. The colors seem to mix well in also the cutie mark a pink to stand out. Put in a star on her ear and a necklace also in golds to stand out. The eyes are a color like Fizzy's are in a boost of purple mixed in just a bit. Very on sure on her name: Zest: lively excitement : a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm : a lively quality that increases enjoyment, excitement, or energy Some other insights is a welcome!
  25. So its been in my mind of reworking my ocs to maybe be from the bloodlines of the first Gen On My Little Ponies which I loved the first one is Tempe, based lightly off Gusty the Unicorn. I used her colors for the mane and tail and made her have a pony tail and also not the pure white, but a off shade in toned. She has a talent for wind magic like her ancestry Gusty just a lot more stronger.... So feedback is a welcome! This is all just a rough draft and nothing is set in stone! Tempestas or Tempe Unicorn 23 Bloodline: Gusty the Unicorn Mother: Gale (dead) Father: Thunder Echo (dead) Job: Teaching Part time at Canter lot’s Magic School and helping in weather Magic around the world. Often she is also sent out to deal with odd weathers and spots of wild magic. Goal: Home: Trottingham Moved: Canterlot/Traveling Magic: Wind Magic/Weather Magic Color: A Rosy Pink Clothing: Tend to wear a red scarf with maple leaves on it, looks a little worn, Cutie Mark: A green whirl showing her talent in wind magic Summary: Temp was lost both her parents at a young age in barely having any recall of them sadly. Thankfully a local home full of loving ponies took her in till she was sent to Canterlot in hope of being expected into Magic school for unicorns given she had promise of being strong in magic. Being the the only filly by herself, those of the upper crust cast a low eye on this little mare and her competition made sly remarks about her. Temp only would bite her cheeks and try to stay strong in believing in herself like those back in Trottingham did in having used their own money to send her to Canterlot on the train. Of of the bullies who would later turn out to be a good friend would be no more than Prince Blueblood himself that would act like the push she would need to show her true magic. Mostly he was just taking the test for show, knowing he would get in based on who he was as a prince. Digging in to Temp being an orphan, said “Well good thing on having dead parents, they won't see you fail!” That was just a enough to hit a spot and the right spot to give Tempestas the push, coming to be nose to nose with him, gathering the magic in her to point it felt as if a twisting like a storm! She narrowed her eyes and let her magic push out like a wild wind while shouting at Blueblood, “Least I know I have magic a enough on my own unlike a bully like you!” Shoving Blueblood and many of the other young ones into the wall with the force of wind she had summon out no were! In this maddening moment, it was when a green swirl poof-ed on her flank in showing her talent with wind magic! Later after a long conversation on what happened, explanations and such what and Blueblood getting a long talk from his Aunt Tia on his words and actions. Blueblood was made to say sorry to Tempestas face to face as she only gracefully expected while no other than Princess Celesta watched in a mused smile. Upon learning it was this little filly to make such a strong wind with her magic alone, Princess Celestia placed her into her school for Gift Unicorns and Tempe was on her way! Years after study, Tempestas and making some good friends, even Blueblood which is its own tale and a few adventures with more to come. She is currently on her first solo assignment up to the Crystal Empire to help out with some strange weather caused by wild magics…….. - Insightful - Faithful - Questioning - Extremely Independent - Courageous. -Dark sense of humor - Ruthless - Coarse - Suffers from insomnia if researching -Mood shift