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Found 6 results

  1. We are the Union of Equal Ponies(UEP)! We followed Starlight Glimmer, before she was corrupted by the so called "princess," Twilight Sparkle. Now, we follow our ideals, hoping that someday , all will see the light of equality! The manifesto for the UEP is: We demand that all ponies willingly surrender their cutie marks. Canterlot, Ponyville, Law Pegasus, Manehattan, and all other cities that represent the decadent government should be destroyed, and small villages he instituted instead. All alicorns shall submit to tests, so we may better understand their strange powers. The noble Starlight Glimmer be released from the clutches of the sinister Twilight Sparkle. The six ponies that wield Tue Elements of Harmony she'll surrender their elements and allow themselves to be restrained, as there is no way to tell if their elements have corrupted them. Finally, we demand that a!l centers of government be turned over to our control. Immediately
  2. I have a question to ask. if California leaves the union should we worry about mlp or will it still be fine?
  3. I'm just wondering if there are any construction workers on here just for the heck of it. As for me, I am currently working with my dad in the Drywall Finishing and Plaster Trade (basically, a Drywaller). My dad needs my help this summer and I still get good pay from it (only on the days he needs me though). I've had 7+ months of Drywall working experience so far. Now I'd like to know which trades do the rest of you work for? I'll have a poll up, but I'd also like to see your posts explaining what and why you are working in that particular trade. Post away!
  4. Hello, fellow citizens. It is I, Otty, back from the grave. I'm sure all of you are aware of a growing conflict... Today, Koukatsu violated the agreements found within the Treaty of The Feldian Order and created HIS OWN Chigens Appreciation Day, which goes against our original planned Chigens Appreciation Day. This is an act of war. Fellow members such as Artemis, Chigens, Makusu, Lightwing, Proton, Windhover, Star Gazer, and many more allied members have joined together to recreate the United MLPF Members of the Feldian Order. Join our cause! It's the right thing to do~!
  5. If you have been paying attention to most of my entries they have been rather depressing, I got written up at work the other day because of too many screw ups in the checkstand and am barely keeping myself together for the first time in too long though I think I am finally catching a break. Since I have a mild form of Autism I may actually be able to go back to the way things were before I became a backup checker and just be a dairy clerk. I know I have been bad mouthing my company and of course mean every word of it but despite all the enemies I have made there I also have some pretty powerful allies, one of those allies believe it or not was the company hatchet man at my suspension hearing back in June. I first met him a few months before that unpleasantness occurred when he interviewed me as part of an investigation into this manager I once worked with who has been accused of multiple labor law violations and other abuses of power. Apparently he felt that I dealt with the situation in a dignified and professional manner and was impressed by me as a person and employee, much of this impression was in part due to the influence of a district manager who before she was promoted was the same manager that hired and promoted me. This man apparently may be able to pull some strings and get me out of the checkstands on the condition that I get a doctors note if that works out I will not have to step down and become a General Merchandise Clerk again to avoid getting the inevitable boot from too many checkstand mistake or worse losing my temper. My current manager doofus of course dosen't understand this and dosen't want to understand but with that man behind me and the recent write up having the union seeing red I am going to enjoy seeing him squirm. If only more of the company higher ups were like that guy then I wouldn't have such a problem with them, but things often happen for a reason the fact is that I was never meant to spend the rest of my life there and I now know that I have to for the sake of my sanity implement my plan to get out of there. And while I am still on the subject of good news I just have a few more days before I can unwrap my birthday present to myself, my vacation. Of course I can't let this make me complacent though as reliable sources indicate that this whole checkstand fiasco is part of a plan to get rid of me, to cover my ass I can't go into details about what I did to piss off the higher ups so much but if that is the case then this won't be the last time they try something. All I am going to say was, I did what I thought was right and took the heat for it. Luckily before that whole mess my record was perfect, I had no write ups, warnings or blotches of any kind and was well respected by even most of the managers I worked with. So long as I keep on doing that with the allies I have gathered in my corner, I can keep my job until I find a way to get out of there and even if the worst happens than it just means that my time there is up and I need to move on with my life.
  6. Rewatching the S2 finale I got myself thinking, what are the real chances of Twilight (a.k.a no alicorn) becoming the ruler of both Equestria and The Crystal Empire and those forming a union like the UK or Austro-Hungary? For it to happen we must assume that alicorns are not immortal. Then a succession line for both the monarchies must be formed. I think it would look like this: Equestria: Now, Celestia 2, Luna 3, (4?) Cadence 4, (3?) Blueblood 5, Shining Armor 6, Twilight I am not sure about the Cadence, Blueblood relation to Celestia Crystal Empire: Now, Cadence 2, Shining Armor 3, Twilight I that line is presumed to be correct the union will happen when Shining Armor is the king (prince, emperor?) of both kingdoms. What do you think about a union like that? EDIT: I make my decisions about the inheritance from the Norwegian laws and old Russian laws regarding this matter. If I am wrong correct me and I would be happy to correct the line.