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Found 5 results

  1. Some unoffical episodes of My Little Pony that everypony has told me about: Double Rainboom: Snowdrop: Doctor Whooves and Assistant Episode 1: (you'll find the other episdoes) Doctor Whooves Adventures: (radio play, not animated) Dusk's Dawn: The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: (radio play, not animated) And tell me of any others that you find, whether it is a radio play or animated.
  2. I saw several people making Feldo Day threads, displaying art for our esteemed overlord, so I thought I would make a thread for everypony to post their art here. So that he can come here and see all the art, appreciation, and other birthday gifts in one location, rather than jump all over the forums. Have fun, and Happy Birthday Feldo.
  3. Unofficial MLP Forums Census With your host, Harmonic Revelations If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that are not addressed below, please post. Discussion of the census itself also belongs in this thread. What is this? What is this? Well I'm glad you asked, hypothetical user that only exists in the darkest crevices of my mind. This is an unofficial census that I hope to do yearly in order to see shifts of opinion and standing in the community, particularly here on the forums. The questions cover a wide variety of topics and provide plenty of choices. If it's a question with another possible answer, I will have included the "other" option, wherein you can specify your beliefs via comment. Every year, voting will start on April 15th, and end on May 1st. After that point, I'm going to tally the results, and generally catalog this data. The data will be posted here. Next year, the same thing will happen. Data will be sorted by year below. This is in essence an extension of my attempt to bring the forums closer together, as I did with my interview series. Through this, we can create a more tightly-knit and friendlier community. Why is there a thread? Since I'm hoping to do this every year, it is much easier on my part if there is a thread to compile the results into, furthermore, it spreads the exposure of the census itself to the users, providing more votes and thus more precise and accurate results. This thread also exists in case you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or just want to talk about the census itself. Another reason for this is that as you may have guessed it's a way more organized way to conduct the census. Where can I participate? Right here (Poll is already closed for this year), it's completely anonymous. Voting starts April 15th and ends May 1st. At the time of this thread's creation, voting has just started. There are no special requirements to participate, if you're here, then you are eligible to participate in the census. What will the results be used for? The results will be kept anonymous, however, the actual percentages and numbers may ,for example, be used in a research paper about wealth distribution on the forums. This can be a useful resource, and since this is planned to be done yearly, it will always be up to date information. As you can probably guess, this will be invaluable to those reporting on our forums, and can just generally lead to a deeper understanding of each other. Results will be tallied and posted in this thread on May 1st. Census Results by Year: 2013: Which of the following do you support (check all that apply)? Gay Marriage (58 votes [29%]) Legal Narcotics (28 votes [14%]) Researching Clean Energy (62 votes [31%]) Animal Rights (54 votes [27%]) None of the above (2 votes [1%]) How many people besides yourself live with you? 0 (1 votes [2%]) 1 (8 votes [11%]) 2 (23 votes [30%]) 3 (26 votes [33%]) 4 (16 votes [21%]) Other (Specify in post) (5 votes [7%]) Do you play sports (And how often)? All the time (4 votes [6%]) Often (5 votes [7%]) Sometimes (30 votes [38%]) Never (39 votes [50%]) Other (Specify) (1 votes [2%]) Have you ever attended Bronycon and do you attend regularly? I attend regularly (2 votes [3%]) I have attended before, but not regularly. (1 votes [2%]) I have not attended Bronycon. (76 votes [97%]) Do you support gun control? Yes (25 votes [32%]) No (27 votes [35%]) Maybe (25 votes [32%]) Other (Specify in post) (2 votes [3%]) What economic standing are you in? I'm in the 1% (2 votes [3%]) Upper Class (5 votes [7%]) Middle Class (63 votes [80%]) Lower Class (8 votes [11%]) Other (Specify in Post) (1 votes [2%]) How often do you use this site? As often as possible (29 votes [37%]) Very often (36 votes [46%]) Often (6 votes [8%]) Sometimes (4 votes [6%]) Infrequently (4 votes [6%]) Are you satisfied with the site's staff team? Yes (66 votes [84%]) Somewhat (9 votes [12%]) No (4 votes [6%]) Other (Specify in Post) (0 votes [0%]) Would you be interested in participating in future census of this type? Yes (61 votes [78%]) No (1 votes [2%]) Possibly (17 votes [22%])
  4. Unofficial MLP Forum Census 2013 More info available in the thread here. This is an unofficial census I'm holding for the community. It will hopefully show our standing both in our beliefs and our standing in society, namely of the forum as a whole. This is a way that we can bring the community together all while generally learning more about the opinions and standing of the fellow members that we may or may not pay attention to otherwise. Some key points to mention: The results are anonymous The voting starts April 15th, and ends Midnight, May 1st (EST) If you quote the results of this census, please properly refer back to the thread or back to this blog if you are using data from this particular year. Answer all questions honestly to avoid distorting the data
  5. Hello Netizens of MLP forums. A couple of days ago, I had an urge to socialize on this wonderful community once again. Now, chances are, you don't even know me. This is entirely my fault, as before I took my leave of absence I changed my name to Modphase. But now, the truth will be revealed, I am Lil' tokyo. So whenever you see Modphase, it's actually Lil' Tokyo, the name with which many shall ring a bell. As I said above, I took a leave of absence. Not permanent, no, but I was finding there was less and less time I could spend on the forums, and that there were more exciting things to do. Now, when I began posting again roughly six or seven days ago, I noticed there was something that didn't seem right about them. This quickly became very relevant, so I decided that there needs to be some rules I should make for myself to ensure that my posts are good. When they were finished, I was told that it seemed like a document which could appeal to anyone. Taking this advice, I edited the document a bit, making changes which would appeal to a wider audience. I hope that it helps. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Always be kind to everyone 2. If you disagree with someone's opinion, agree with one part first, then rebut 3. Never post very personal things (if there's things that you never want to discuss, it's politics and religion) 4. Do not make enemies with people on purpose, make friends 5.(*This step is up to personal preference) I find that it works for me, it may not work for you. Do not post in threads just because you want to attempt to get a lot of posts and brohoofs in, only find threads that you find interesting. (This is very important, as 99% of the time, posts that interest you, you will contribute a lot too, and most likely get brohoofs) 6. Always post with kindness, and a very high level of intelligence. Never make stupid posts. Make posts that are long and informative, give reasons for your opinions, not gibberish. Take time on your posts. If you feel like you're wasting your time making a post, chances are the thread does not appeal to you. I cannot stress this enough. 7. (*Again, another step that is my personal preference) Unless you're feeling like going in the forum games, or forum lounge, then only find posts via the most recently updated posts box. Searching through the thread categories is not only a waste of time, it sucks you into posting in uninteresting threads, and obscures you from the, "eye catching" interesting threads. 8. If someone rustles your jimmies. a. The first level of rustling is a straight out insult. If someone insults you, my advice would be to rebut in a mature way. For example. “Hey Modphase, you’re an untalented simpleton”. Rebuttal: “I may not be as talented as a myriad of other people, but it still doesn’t mean I’m downright untalented.” No counter insults here. The trick is to, I know it sounds crazy, agree with them, and then rebut. Agreeing with them builds your confidence. b. The second level of rustling is an insulting joke. If someone makes a joke towards you that you find insulting, PM them about it, that you are offended, why you think it's offending, and that it's all cool but if it happens again then it would be report-worthy c. The third level of rustling is if someone all out doesn't like you, and in a rare case, is out to harass you. In that case, ignore them, but if they make a very offensive statement report them. 9. (One of the more important rules) Be less serious, have fun, not immature fun, but make a joke when it's okay, don't be so cold all the time. (This may not fit with your personality, but if it does, than this is a good exercise.) 10. Develop friendships. Don't be so distant. Quote peoples posts directly. Not only will you appear to be human, you will also look good as long as long as your post is good. 11. Make "lecture" posts, if it interests you. A “lecture” post is a post in which you state your opinions, theories, or ideas. It is a great way to get respect and brohoofs. 12. Brohoofs. This is a big one. You may strive for brohoofs, which in itself is not a bad thing. It can be, however, depending on how you plan to get them. If you strive too much, it may lead to trouble. So here's the deal, you should do it self-consciously. How do you do this? Make posts that are guaranteed to get at least one brohoof. Not only will this ensure you make a good post, it also helps feed your lust for them in a very healthy way. 13. (*Another personal preference) Go on the general chat thread at least once a day. Not only is it the best place to socialize and make friends on the forums, it's also a great way to get brohoofs (since in the general chat thread it doesn't count your posts but it counts brohoofs) 14. State your opinions more often, in a kind way. It starts a nice, friendly debate. 15. (The most important rule in my opinion), Be a gentleman, or a lady. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed it, and at least got some use out of it. But do remember that it is a guide which was intended to appeal to me. By the way, I need to mention how good it feels to be back. the site didn't change at all, it's still the pleasant, friendly place I fell in love with.