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Found 56 results

  1. Hello friends, our update to 1.13.2 is finally here! So those of you who have not had your build saved for the transfer need to put the co-ords in this thread for staff. Example: x:12000 y:100 z:12000 You can find your co-ords by pressing F3. Some of you may have to press the "Fn" key while pressing F3 if it has more than one use on your keyboard. A minimum of 1000 blocks from spawn is allowed for transfers. Make sure you mark your build accordingly! WE WILL BE ALLOWING YOU TO TRANSFER ITEMS TO THE NEW WORLD! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT ALL YOUR ITEMS NEED TO BE IN YOUR HOUSE. WE WILL /NOT/ MOVE FROM MULTIPLE HOUSES. Regarding heads- I don't think they'll transfer as the head they are. If you've got a large number of heads, please select 5-10 of your favorites! I unfortunately can't replace all of them, but will cycle them all through the shops again at discounted prices! (You're also welcome to try transfering them in a chest, no guarantees! In the past it's been VERY fickle.) One build means one! A build is considered one structure A build has a block limit of 1 million blocks (non negotiable) Underground builds will not be transferred due to underground block clutter If your build has a basement, we're only allowing a depth of 10 blocks If you try to lower the terrain level around you, we'll use the average height for that biome as our "surface height" A build is NOT an entire town Your build must be clearly marked on how you wish to have to moved; if you fail to mark it clearly, then your request to have your build move may be denied You must show an indication that you have reached the co-ordinates on the 1.13.2 map, like a sign or structure. X- ANY PERSON CAUGHT CLAIMING A BUILD TO MOVE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM, WILL LOSE TRANSFER RIGHTS X- THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SPAWNERS THEY WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED. NO EXCEPTIONS. X- WE WILL NOT TELEPORT YOU OUT TO YOUR NEW HOME LOCATION YOU WILL NEED TO TRAVEL THERE YOURSELF. X- WE WILL NOT TRANSFER MOB GRINDERS This is how the red wool should be marked: We thank you for your continued cooperation and hope to see you in 1.13.2 with us! Note:Please only comment with the information regarding the transfer like this: Hello there! IGN:Perish_Song I would like to transfer my house @ 12345 100 -12345 to -26354 89 26432 (PLEASE NOTE NEW SERVER IS NOT UP YET. AFTER IT OPENS YOU WILL NEED TO COME BACK AND PUT THE NEW COORDS IN THE TO AREA. ) Thanks! Please be patient!
  2. Steamgamer27

    4 Years Since Last Log-In

    Well almost. The title sums up what I was suppose to write at length so this will be short. The shortlist is during that time I graduated from College, applied and got employed. On the right track to become an HR Process Owner for IBM here in the Philippines in the next year or so. Took a turn and sought for companionship along the way. Haven't found that one person yet but a love life is a work-in-progress. Kinda lost my interest for Pony for a bit and mostly the brony crowd. But still interested in the fandom that I still came back to this forum after all these years so that must say something huh. Anyway if nobody even reads this it's alright. I'll still try to come back here from time to time and check out what you good people are talking about in every corner I walk myself into After all I'm still a big old loyal Rarity fan up in here
  3. Jonny Music

    Update #11 Vlog

    New Update Vlog regarding what is going on in the world of JonnySel Productions (which Jonny Music is a part of):
  4. I'm back on the MLP forums.....for some time as I'm posting this. I just decided to revisit and "old friend" loaded with a bunch of people I also made friends with on this site. But to all the people who know me on here you might be wondering (or maybe not) "Where did Whirlwind Go"? Well, this blog entry will answer your questions. 1) Life Changes: The obvious response is my life at the moment. I'm currently in a part of life where it's branching off into many different directions. Like the root of a tree, the taproot continues to grow, with supporting roots to make it grow better. For Starters I've been through multiple jobs. I've worked from volunteering at Church to working at two convenient stores for sometime, and currently getting a taste of what I want my career to be. I'm currently an assistant running coach for the intermediate school I went to. It really is an AMAZING place to work at! Helping/coaching kids at the things I Love to do. On the side, I've been laying down various plans to reach my career path and school plans for the future to come. 2) Different forms of communication: For the past year or so, I've been kind of making friends in a different way. I know some of the people reading this found me from different places of social media such as Youtube, Twitter, or even Facebook. But one of the main reasons why I kind of kept my fandom interaction a bit low key was that I would get too distracted with larger community based sites that it would make a change in my behavior in a bad way. It's kinda getting to the point to that I'm falling into a different range of people in this fandom since I make Youtube videos and make music so much. But that being said, I still would pop into EqD or MLP forums just to see whats going on. 3) Music: Piggybacking to what I said in life changes, Music is also making a big change in my life. Not only just by performance or career figures, but also getting involved with different kinds of people. Being a live performer in music and a composer really takes you to different places in this world. I've made friends with local musicians as well as online. The community database for music is ENORMOUS! And that's another reason that made my absence to MLP forums and kind of secluding myself from the brony fandom a bit. Which leads me into the next reason.... 4) New Interests: Yup! aside from music and making youtube videos, I've been finding new hobbies that I've been exploring and getting involved with different communities. I'm INSANELY addicted to physical fitness now. Distance running is my main forms of exercise, but now I'm weight training, mountain bike riding, and sometimes even swimming to challenge myself physically and mentally. I've found a number of people that i've connected with and built friendships through exercise. Another Hobby i'm starting to pick up is photography and modeling. I've been really interested into visual arts lately especially int the photography department. I've been exploring the world and taking pictures that not only look beautiful, but also give emotion. So Uhh yeah.....If you managed to read all of that, then I hope you understand my absence from the mlp forums as well as larger parts of the brony community. One thing that is still true though. I will remain a brony for the rest of my life. But even life offers many different things for your heart to explore. Anyways. Feel free to comment below or ask any questions about me. Thanks guys!
  5. Well, chapter 2 is done, and waiting for proofreading! Now I'm about to start on chapter 3, and after yesterday I'm more than ready to work on a new chapter, what with all the corrections I had to make. For some reason I kept messing RD's dialog - and only hers - that's what was so weird about it, made her sound like she was drunk as hell lol! I mean we had such gems as, "We got fin te uters Rarity!" and lets not forget, "Don't Twilight worry! The cavalry are her!" and the ever memorable, Their Pinkie for it now in!". Seriously, I have NO idea why I couldn't RD with my writing on this one, though I got to admit, now I want to write a scene for Rainbow where she's completely b-snamered off her plot just for the s&g's . Also, because I'm going to have to write some none-English words at some point for my fic, I had to set up an English-international keyboard setting. Care to know how long that took?...2 hours and 44 minutes, of research, setting and resetting my computer, sobbing, screaming and cursing out every deity I could think, and just generally fighting with microsoft...again. I get into it with them at least once a month, and sadly I've got waaaayyyy to much stuff connected to their services to just drop them...and I think they know it, is the worst part, and all just so I could type this, "ö" witch let me tell you - even after all the work I did just to make typing that possible - involves the single most convoluted series of button-input combos just to type that one little letter, that I have ever seen IN MY LIFE, PERIOD! was fun.... That's (hopefully) all behind me now, so its off to chapter 3 with me, see you next time!
  6. Quick mini update, just a little left on chapter two! I've also just finished updating the prolog chapter with all the tweaks and corrections from proofreading! I may release a little teaser-esque thingy or something prior to publishing the first three chapters, so be on the lookout for that! Till next time!
  7. Progress is coming along nicely, With chapter 2 more than halfway done, and chapter 0 (prolog chapter) nearly through proofreading, I hope to have the first three chapters released within approximately 2 months! Now I know that sounds like a long time (mostly because it is) but I have my reasons. #1 My proofreader (who is very good at their job) has really long, really random hours at their job and only has a limited amount of time to work on my fic, though in spite of this she's still making great time! #2 I want to have at least the first three chapters ready to publish together, because I want people to at least give the first three chapters a try before passing judgment as they set up a lot of the rest of the story. #3 I've got other projects I'm working on so there's simply not enough hours in the day or energy in my body to work on everything in one day and still produce anything that meet my standards and if I don't think something is at least somewhat above average IT WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY, PERIOD! So that's why it may still be awhile before publication, I just want it to be the best it can be, though I may release some teaser-espue stuff for it closer to then so keep your eyes pealed for that! Until next time! (by the way esque is a pain to deal with in writing fwi!)
  8. Well after much consideration I've decided to up my fanfic's rating to M. This is do to a number of factors, but namely because there a number of mature issues that I may cover throughout the cores of the story, one of them being when is it necessary to take life (such as when fighting for one's own life) and when it's not (such as when someone does so out of hate or fear) and many other "hot button" issues. Though there the fic as a whole will not be constant death and misery, such elements are key to telling the story I want to tell and watering them down just for the sake of keeping a T rating would be doing both the story and myself a disservice which would be both abhorrent and inexcusable. So...yea, wont be posting a link her to it out of respect to both the rules of this board, the staff, and all you wonderful users out there, fear not though, I'll still let you know when its out, and as long as we obey said site rules we should still be able to talk about it here. If anyone has any questions about this fic (provided your not asking for spoilers) I'll be happy to answer asap, and I may yet post an excerpt fro it that doesn't have anything in it that would violate the rules, so that might be a thing later. Thank you for your patients and understanding, see you around and have a nice day!

    Fanfic log entry #1

    Thought I'd test this blog thing and do a bit of boasting. Been working on a fanfic for the last week or so and stuff just keeps on lining up with little plot device type things. Can't go into too much detail just yet and sadly, do to it likely getting ether a light M rating or a heavy T rating Probably wont be able to post a link to it here, but once it comes out if you go to my Fimfiction account (which is also called CHA0SXIII) you can likely find it. Will post more updates as time passes and hope to see you there once its out! Also, if you have any questions about it, as long as they don't involve spoiling anything, I'd be happy to try and answer them. Just bear in mind that my schedule is very unpredictable and it might take me awhile to get back to you, so sorry in advance. :/
  10. Well it's been a while since I have used this site. Well to explain why I didn't return was the fact that I got into the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The game was so fun I entirely Forgot about the social world I was in. Which was this great site. I'm mostly playing as Peashooter or the All-star class. My brain still hurts from solving puzzle after puzzle in the trials of gnomus. So yeah here I am
  11. Lonk Chase

    Wow, this site has changed

    First off: I'm not back, i'm just revisiting. Second, when did this site get a major UX overhaul? Like, this is what it looked like when I joined back in 2015: And this is what it looks like now: Wha happen?
  12. MLPOCBeats

    Another Map Update

    So I've been reading the comics lately and trying to map places out and I've come to notice something. Almost none of the places match up to the map. San Fransiscolt should be down near Las Pegasus but there's no place it can fit properly. Salt Lick City doesn't seem to exist anywhere but I have my suspicions on stuff. I want to know do you guys think there needs to be a new map update? I'd like to actually know if Saddle Arabia is westerly or easterly, is Salt Lick City where I think it is, and is the geographical layout of Equestria to scale because it honestly doesn't even look correct in the slightest and everything feels super cramped if it is to scale. Mostly I want to see a new map and I want to get someone to start a petition for updating the map in congruence with the show and comics. It's confusing and a tad irritating.
  13. silvermoon15000


    Hello everyone, I'm back with another update. First off, I have a big project coming up, a voice acting thing, I am practicing voices for the time being, like Shining Armor and Big Mac, but I am also trying to extend further, I am not taking requests right now specifically because I want to practice canon voices for the time being. Otherwise here are some story updates, I am almost done with chapter 3 of Everfree Files while chapter 2 of Stressful Nights is slowly coming along. These 2 stories are my priority for now while my other stories are minor. As of other news I recently got Elderscrolls Legends and am enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would. I am also trying to get my computer up and running again to the point where I can record, but the issue of terrible internet stops me. I want to start streaming soon, specifically on Mizer and maybe Twitch, but for now don't get your hopes up. If you have any questions for me or my OC just ask I'm willing to answer. That's all for now, this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!
  14. Rigor Mortis is a young mortician in training in ponyville, her mother owns the local funeral parlor there and she's currently learning/taking trainings about embalming ETC. she's 18 years old, and has mild social anxiety disorder, causing her to frequently blush, stutter, and be bashful with company and newcomers. She often keeps to herself and likes to ponder things in graveyards, forest, any place quiet ETC. when nopony is around, she sings to herself and thinks about her life and such, she has a gorgeous, angelic singing voice that would completely mortify her if anypony found out she had such a beautiful voice and talent, she'd never dream of singing in front of others, HOW EMBARRASSING! When finally comfortable with somepony, rigor is deep, compassionate, silly, bubbly, and mature she wishes to get over her social anxiety so she can be a better part of things, as her mother wants, she has a loving and positive relationship with her mother and never wants to let her down as she loves her but she's such a coward in social situations that she wishes she was different, she's been teased and bullied, some ponies calling her a "freak" or "scaredy pony" she feels sad about this, but always gets reassurance from her mother, she's never depressed, only sad if she shows her true colors she's the most amazing and eye opening friend you could have
  15. InactiveAccount83

    Critique Wanted OC Update

    Okay so I updated my OC but I still need help with the name. I updated my propic already and I wrote a work-in-progress bio&backstory ("Blue" is a placeholder name). Backstory: Blue was born and raised in Manehattan with her parents and two older siblings. Her siblings were extremely abusive and blamed her for their parents divorce. At school she excelled academically but was bullied for just about everything. From this, Blue developed depression and anxiety. She had multiple escapes but those are only temporary. So she built a pair of wings so she could fly away from the tormenting environment. Blue currently moves from place to place every couple of weeks but likes to stay around Ponyville since she finds the ponies there particularly fascinating. Bio: Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Age: 17 Personality in general- Introvert Fatal flaw- Never thinks she’s good enough Likes- Music, movies, learning, exploring Dislikes- Family, social things, herself Place of residence: Doesn’t have a set place Occupation: None Talents: Writing/storytelling, most other things creative Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, writing, creating So if I could get feedback and help with a name I'd appreciate the help! (Reminder that while my OC is self-based I did exaggerate some things)
  16. Nanotek

    There is Hope.

    Just a tiny Update again, there is hope for me and my life. My sister moves out with the dog ( im heavily allergic to ) next week ! And my Mother just told me, that once she moved out ( my sister already signed the contract ), that she is not allowed to come back, as long as she keeps the dog, because she has a job and money enough and if she really cant handle the dog herself, than she just shouldnt have one. Also my current Job place just said, that if i really get a job education there and if the dog would still live by me for some reason, that they have to give me an apartment for myself, since this is like a emergency situation with my health. If it works well and the dog is gone next week, i will finally be happy with my life again and wouldnt be depressed anymore. YAY! Never stupid depressing Updates again! Also im almost trough with watching Smallville, im currently at Season 8. Its not a bad Show, it just has a ton of Episodes that doesnt mean anything and are just filler, but soon i will be done with it, than i can watch the second Series of Human Target. Yeah, thats pretty much all the Update that i have. Oh yeah, Bubsy is back and that makes me happy, because hes a cute furry and i like Furrys and also Dc Comics finally managed to put a Movie out that got positive Reception again. Everything seems to go fine with my life right now. I just hope it stays that way, i really hope everything goes fine, please...
  17. Mesme Rize

    Gonna be away for a little while

    I will take a break from the Forum for a bit. Right now, i am way too much into personal stuff, playing games mostly and i just don't feel like coming to this place right now. I don't know how long i be gone. MIght be one day, or one month. I need to see about that. SSSSSSSSSee you around guyssssssss.
  18. So it has seems i own a gmod server now but i never told anyone about it. I also own a Xbox one i am currently playing killer instinct and i am stuck to it. So hopefully if DOOM (2016) Decides to update the snapmaps menu then i will be gladly to be back playing it but for now i got bored of it. Oh well at least i own doom (2016) now. So if you want to add me my gamertag is Hunterkrovac (Expect me to be playing killer instinct or stay on the home menu. The server i host "UAC Research of ponies' mesa" Is usually on days i am not online the xbox one. So Stay tuned for more updates!
  19. Nova Wings

    1.10 survival?

    So what is happening with 1.10? Normally I would just assume it was taking a long time to get the new plug-in's set up, but ALL of the 1.10 topics have disappeared, including the update list and the "what will transfer" list. Anyone have any information as to what's going on?
  20. cwhip9

    Im back! seriously

    well then im back just rocky -so cwhip what was that last blog about? freaking out mostly things are calming down in terms of drama, while im not homeless thank god im just in a transiction between one place to another. Its what happens when something hit the fans and everybody in the house need their space while freaking out. hence why I had a freak out and needed to get away, while im glad to be more away from my brothers place (the irony of all that sentence is more then amazing but the point is) im slighty sitting on less world shaking stuff. my next blog posts will be less focused on IRL on more on my pony writtings and maybe even a deep rant or two. sorry for the freak out everypony now lets get to the real stuff ponys!
  21. Guess what. i sure as heck am. The update took tf2 as we know it and shoved it down a blender, then poured that blended mess into a new mess that is cs:go. they literally turned my favourite game into Counter Strike: Global offensive. I am dissapointed and mad at the same time. why? because Pubs are no longer. You cannot choose what map you want to play. you're given a random chance of either map in that rotation. no wait, rotations are no more. voting system is disabled on valve servers. THIS PISSES ME OFF! I was waiting an entire 30 minutes just to find a match of attack/defense and they put me in the worst possible map: cp_Junction. i tried again, i got steel, which pleased me seeing as i like cp_steel. but when we were about to win, the entire enemy team left, leaving us in a 5v12 sorta situation. and guess what. No Autobalance. that's right. however some things pleased me about the update. such as the mediguns now using the Quick-fix speed attribute across all mediguns. Blast jump mirroring is however only for the quickfix. and... thats it. they also killed my favourite primary for the scout: the shortstop. you can now PUSH people???? WHY?! that 20% extra Health from Health packs was a big deal and it was to no harm! so yeah.... that's my semi-rant about the meet your match update...... gee wiz, i hope they don't screw us over again like this.
  22. Hi everybody. I know I haven't been here much lately. In fact, this is my first visit to the forum in about two weeks. But life has been pretty hectic lately. Really it all started about a month ago when I learned that my aunt had suffered a stroke and was having a very difficult time. Then I was informed she wasn't expected to make it and was getting in-home hospice care. A few days later I was told the sad news. I think her son put it best when he said "God couldn't let us keep her forever." Indeed. She was 93 and lived every one of those years to the fullest. As with her husband a few years ago, she opted to be remembered in a simple graveside service at the veteran's cemetery. The turnout was phenomenal with relatives including great grandchildren, friends from all over town, and members from the spinning club she belonged to. And despite the sad circumstances, it was nice to see many familiar faces once again. I'm also happy to know that the farm will be staying in the family as a grandson and granddaughter in law have taken over. Since then, it's just been a bunch of little things. First I got sick, then my roommate got sick. And there was stuff going on with SEPTA, an issue regarding the water bill, and a few dead malls I've been keeping tabs on. In short, real life has been keeping me busy. But rest assured I didn't miss the Season 6 opener nor the latest episode on Saturday. I have a few thoughts on them I'd like to express in the appropriate show discussion threads. But for now I'd just like to say that after years of Twilight's parents being virtually silent, I'm surprised they finally gave mom so much to say. Anywho, to anybody who's been wondering how I am or what I'm up to, I'm still here.
  23. Good afternoon, everypony! Just got a minor bit of news for all Poniverse Fimfiction members this afternoon. As some of you may know, recently a number of new story tags were added by the Fimfiction staff to the existing list of story tags. As such, I've taken it upon myself to add folders to our group for any stories labeled with these story tags. The new folders are as follows: (1) 2nd Person, (2) Drama, (3) Equestria Girls, (4) Horror, (5) Mystery, (6) Sci-Fi, and (7) Thriller. If you have any stories marked with any of those tags, feel free to add them to these new folders. That's all for now, though keep your eyes open for a new fanfic contest at the start of December. This is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  24. Currently the reviewing section is offline due to lack of locomotives and rolling stock When we're expecting to be reviewing again: around the 28th of October until we go back offline Thank you for understanding ~ S.S of Derby works
  25. As title suggests, say any thoughts on Windows 10? Good? Bad? Improvements needed? Up to standard? Stuff like that. Go discuss below