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Found 20 results

  1. I am aware of the new deletion process for status updates. When you delete a status, it's supposed to be invisible for everyone except you and the mods. But this is only partially true. The status is gone from the profile feed, but is still visible next to my name on my profile (although when someone tries to click the status, it says it doesn't exist) to everyone until I post another status update...So yeah, I was wondering if anyone else is aware of this issue.
  2. First there was 1.13 (the Aquatic update) and now there is 1.14! I want Poniarcade to be updated for 1.14.2, or 1.14.3. Just look at this article and Minecraft Forum. Is there anywhere I can request this?
  3. Hello, everyone! We've just upgraded the forums to the latest and greatest version of IP.Board. This update has fixed several security issues, which we wanted; it has also introduced some new features, which we didn't want. For example, our likes system seems to have been replaced with some sort of reaction system, which we don't want either. We also need to fix our theme now. We hope to get it all sorted out quickly. If you notice anything broken, please let us know below. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone, I've upgraded the forums to the latest version. It should be much smoother this time, but as always let us know if there's any issues! Thanks!
  5. These days, with many games comes patches and update. The age of the internet allows devs to add more to their game post release or even make fixes to things they missed during development, sometimes to a terrible degree. This thread can be for telling us about anything patch or update related. Any games you play that have been updated recently? Did it add or fix anything? Or did it do the opposite and break stuff? How devs do that is beyond me. Are there any games you play that actually are in need of patching up? Anything related to these things can be brought up. For me, a game that was desperately in need of patching was Killing Floor 2 on Xbox One. The game suffered from crashes and random disconnects for no reason and this went unaddressed for well over a month. Then they added the Halloween update, which was nearly 13gb in size and it seems to have fixed most issues. Most. The crashes are fixed, which, that's the most important thing, but there is an achievement that still doesn't work at all and some inventory loading issues sometimes, though logging out and back in fixes that. The update added new items and weapons as well, so despite a couple of missed things, the update is highly appreciated.
  6. Just a topic where I update on the programs I'm am working on.
  7. Hello hello! Your favorite numerical probability here for the first time! Granted, not the first time I've written, but the first time I've linked to something I've written on this site. Anyways! Since this is a fic in progress I didn't think it appropriate to drop it in the Pony Artwork section, I figured I'd throw it right here and let you all follow along with its progress (if you want!) I can say that by following it along here, you'll most likely be the ones getting snippets of what I work on before I actually post it to the fic proper, so... That's a plus, I think. Anyways, I tend to write longer chapters as the story progresses, and there's no set word length for my chapters, not even an approximation, so please don't be dismayed at the first chapter's... Bite-sizedness. Not a word, but I'll roll with it. I'm gonna stop typing now and let you read the only chapter I've got up so far, next one to be completed within the week!~
  8. Well hello there. It's been a while since I last made a blog, not only because I haven't had the time but mostly because I haven't gotten around to doing it. So, lot of things have happened. For instance, I'm now in University studying business not initially but life lead me down to that path and I enjoy it. Though more things happened, after many years of dealing with depression I finally got help. Now I'm feeling much better then before and it is such a relief to finally have managed to subdue it. I may not be completely out of the woods yet since depression never really disappears although it's good to have more control over your life. My social anxieties, anxiety disorder as well as my depression seem to no longer dictate my life as much as it has done for so many years. Whether you've ever dealt with depression or not, it should go without saying it's a heavy burden that once is lifted off your shoulders is a feeling you simply won't forget. I'm grateful, for having fought to finally get the help which is quite the struggle when there are such high prejudices towards it. Life's been pretty decent.
  9. iOS 8.0 came out... I updated my iPad Air because there are a lot of new things in this updates and the thing excited me the most... 'Metal'. From what I have seen, this is even better than the Unreal engine! Back to the actual updates. I'm using a 16GB iPad Air and it lags a little bit, only a little. It runs quite smoothly for a new update, despite no optimizations and bug fixes yet. Your thoughts everyone?
  10. Hello everyone! Or everypony I should say. This is my updates, what I buy, and other randomness from Comic Con San Diego 2014! I am posting this on Friday night at the moment, so there are still two more days to go! If you wanted to go, let me know something you wanna see some pics of and maybe I can get them! But for now, the Comic Con logo. :3
  11. This is how things will work around here I will always start my posts with- Kitty litter Date Kitten Status With a exception to this one. Will explain my update and show pictures if possible. The, 2-3 posts will NOT be updates, yet instead things like- A names list and other stuff (which I need your help on coming up with). This is also a blog for OTHER cats who are about to have kittens! Just tell me if your cats about to have kittens, and Ill add you to the 'edit' list to where you can add posts about YOUR set of kittens! Everyone loves kittens! Just ask me! (wink) ALSO! To tell the posts apart, I would require you guys to have COLORED letters in your post, like mine is red, if the color is already taken, I'm sorry. You CAN keep posting after the kittens are named and everything! to tell where they went, who owns them, ect. like I said this blog is for kittens from Unborns to fully grown cats! Thank you! -Rain
  12. Boring updates! Much more entertaining EQG Review (part 2!)
  13. Hello everyone I am MrRiderman, and I am in fact alive and well. So yeah I have not been that active on here of a long time because a little project I have been working on. I am not saying what is right now because I am horrible person and will keep you all waiting and guessing. Why have you have been putting this on hold according to MrRiderman, and haven't post anything yet I hear somebody ask. Well I did plan on posting some according to me, but just haven't finished yet. You see when I make on these I mostly just do it all in one go, and what you get on these blogs thingers. However the ones I haven't finished, I thoughts weren't straight and I couldn't get to the point. It was one of them got of topic, and another I just didn't finish. Now with according to me I want not only give my opinions on things, but also try to explain them. I don't want to be all UGH THIS SUCKS BECAUSE IT SUCKS AND IT'S REALLY BAD. Same thing with good things too, I want to explain myself and make sure you know why I feel is way on whatever. Hence why this call according to MrRiderman, I don't just rag on stuff for no good reason or without explaining myself first.This is also why I sort began to move away from rating systems this isn't for reviews, it's for my thoughts and opinions on stuff. Which when I thought about shouldn't be bowled to numbers, and so I replaced with a almost fake rating that might make no sense to some people. So yeah I going to reveal my secret protect to you all sometime this week, and which what I spent so much time working on. Anyways thanks for reading this, and once again this has MrRiderman signing off.
  14. Hello one and all! Just posting this blog post to celebrate the publishing of the last of four recently completed chapters for "Batmare Begins" and give ya'll some news about what comes next. As it now stands, the fic is 6 chapters and +55,000 words long. This'll be the last chapter released for a little while. I'm busy getting underway writing Chapter 7, and even though I'm also getting started with a new part time job, with the holidays coming to a close things should be a little less crazy from now on, so hopefully I'll be able to devote a consistent and fair amount of time to writing on a regular basis. To my old readers, I want to again thank you for all of your patience during this 8 month hiatus; to my new readers, I want to thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope as my story develops that it does not disappoint, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you one and all for your support! To anyone who has yet to check my story out and would like to, you'll find the link to the story itself below. As I've said before, I started writing this fic as a way to give back to both MLP Forums and the brony community as a whole for bringing the show, so many new friends, and thousands of pieces of amazing artwork, fanfiction, music, and videos into my life. I promise you, it's not as goofy, predictable, or ridiculous a story as the premise sounds like; I've tried to put together a serious, dramatic, and original story here, and to anyone who decides to check it out, I hope you enjoy the read! Merry Belated Christmas everypony, and Happy-Late-By-A-Few-Days-New-Year!!!
  15. Sky Chaser here with another survey. In my opinion if you're not using status updates, you're missing out on a large portion of the forums. But no one asked for my opinion, so what's yours? (Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned exactly what to search for to find every single thread that has been locked with "This topic contains very little in the way of content and, as such, would be better suited as a status update or blog...) #SearchFeatureProbs
  16. It has been awhile hasn't it? Well, to keep this post on a light note... Guess what I got in the mail last week? I had been anticipating its arrival for quite some time! My MLP Monopoly game arrived! These are a couple of pictures I took of the day I received it. I will post more goodies at another time. My collection of pony merch is growing at amazing speeds. I also purchased a drawing tablet for my digital pony art. Woot! I might make another post later of some crossovers I did with the anime Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club and MLP. ANYWAYS, here are the pictures. I also purchased the Season 3 trading card binder. :3 I thought it was lovely. I'm also VERY excited about the series 3 trading card game coming out in November!! Sorry for the image heavy post But honestly... I can't wait to play with other MLP fans. Although honestly, Rarity being $1 is kinda insulting to my Rarity fangirl XD. Either way, I will post more pictures another time along with my plushie collection as well as my digital art I've been working on. I've missed everyone! Take care and until next time!
  17. Everyone wasn't sure what Equestria Girls was gonna be. Some of us thought that it was just something a fan made just to troll the fandom, some of us thought it was gonna be a movie, some of us thought that it was a spinoff, some of us thought that Hasbro's is trying to cash-in the success of FiM with humanized ponies. A author I follow on FIMFiction, InsertAuthorHere, made a post of it at 9:35 AM, and it turns out the last three were true. I'm making this thread just to ask one question: What are you're thoughts about this? Are you still looking forward to this? Do you think that this is going to be crap? Are you mixed with this update? Just tell me what you think about this.
  18. It's absolutely no secret that while we promoted many Sectional Moderators to assist us on the sniper front, helping us with individual sections, our Global Mod list has been deteriorating ever since I left to become a God Princess Draconequueen, and our friend Jonke retired altogether. Back when we made those initial promotions, we were all too aware that, at some point down the line, we'd be making a very minor follow-up in transitioning a couple of those recruits to Global status, to help even the fields on both sides. We also knew these decisions would not be off in the distant future. The two candidates we hope will strive to help support their fellow staff members and the community itself are Akita-Ken and Artemis. Akita has not only been an incredibly active and self-motivated force in keeping Octavia's Hall clean, but has also done a few side projects like completely redoing our Staff Organization Chart from scratch, and continually maintaining it. He's friendly, funny, intelligent and, as Octavia's Hall other primary guardian along with Vexx, is definitely worthy of being capable of assisting elsewhere when needed. Artemis is, well, a foreign spy sent to ascend our ranks within the span of a few months, ultimately toppling Feld0 and proclaiming the site as his own centralized office for nefarious projects. In reality, Artemis is a go-getter who has been a non-stop machine ever since he was promoted. Rather than going through a period of time where we needed to see if he had what it took to be a Global, his time as a Sectional was more about gaining experience in the field, for what his leadership skills already had the potential to handle. Both of these guys will be Focused Globals, still retaining their respective 'homestead' forums in Octavia's Hall and Beyond Equestria, alike. We wish them luck, and hope they wield their new responsibility with full capacity to help the forums thrive. -- On a slightly different note, Evilshy has also undergone a transformation as well. While they retain their purple namesake, they've been transitioned from a Sectional for Roleplay World, to a Sectional for Beyond Equestria. To be honest, this is something that I personally feel took too long to do, and something that could have been applied far earlier, but got obstructed with endless other issues. Evilshy was never very active in the Roleplay section, and was only hired to be a Roleplay mod because it was what we desperately needed at that point in time. They've been a great sport for it thus far, helping out when they could, and for that, we're incredibly grateful. Now however, Roleplay World isn't as demanding in maintenance as it used to be, and the MLP:FiM and Beyond Equestria sections can always use assistance, being our most posted in forums, as well as being the discussion hubs of the site. -- Last but not least, a new Developer of whom Feld0 and Key are working with on all the behind the scene things with coding and site planning for the future has joined, known as Nelson. While they have yet to make any major social impact on the forums, I've seen them around in the various staff Skype groups and they are very capable. Good luck. The techies can use all the help they can get. At this time, Nelson's focus is working on with Feld0, and they're making excellent progress together. Expect to hear more on that soon! Psst... feel free to head over and take an early peek at the site! Enough rambling I'm too lazy and in lack of food to WoT like Feld0 or Key atm :'c Let's wish our folks well on their journey through pain and suffering of unimaginable amounts. But that's okay, they're used to it. And besides:
  19. so the title basicy tells it as it is have anypony made a status update and typed something wrong and wanted to change it and cant you can delete it and report it but not edit it so why cant we edit it that would make it so much easyer to get rid of mistakes if you like this idea how a bout being able to brohoof them is well (i know they dont mean nothing just a sugestion but its ok if they dont make brohoofs on status updates plus they get deleted and fade away so that is stupid but just saying) but to edit it will be better and less mistakes will be made so make the status updates to beable to be edited thats i i want i think this is a good idea chattydash
  20. Have you ever seen an awesome, hilarious, motivational, or just plain random status update for this forum? Post it here, please! I'm sure we'd all like to bask in the glory of some of the best status updates from this site! Just put what the status was, and who wrote the status! (please note that if the status is of a more personal note, you should ask the original status updater for permission, or not post it at all.) ((Also, i searched Status, Statuses, and Updates in the search box, and nothing came up like this, so I hope this isn't already made)) I'll start it off, with one of my own statuses! Parties like Pinkie--Headcrabs...... headcrabs everywhere.....