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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings of Peace and Joy from the United Nations Equestrian Expeditionary Forces! (Warning: Loud sounds, minimize your volume if you have to.) Now with that intro done, let's head straight to the point. I am in need of writers who are capable of creating viable dialogues and speeches, as well as to assist me in getting my story together. Basically, I am trying to develop a massive story, and unfortunately, I might be biting off more than I can chew. I am in need of more ideas, more sequences, and enhancements to the storyline to make it stick more closely to Canon, despite it being different. I want people who understands the basics of MLP:FIM, so I could better improve my concepts and designs. People who could give valuable input to make this story more believable and relatable. The storyline I laid forth could easily work alongside what is currently on display in the Canon Show. I developed this story more than 2 years ago, when I first got into the MLP Fandom, however, I never truly gotten over how to get it in the works nor did I truly pursue it until now. I mostly used this for Roleplays I did with other people before, and believe me or not, some of the scenarios I actually proposed appeared in the show itself, from the Ponyville wedding and Octavia and Vinyl merging their music to create something new, to Friendship conferences, the Mane 6 travelling to different corners of Equestria solving multiple friendship problems, even the Mane 6 preventing a war (The Hooffields and Mccolts episode). Now, I would use everything I have gathered and learned so far to create this story. Now, I listed just a few scenarios which I developed for my comic that actually appeared in the show. Only, mine is on a larger scale and I never truly laid the real groundwork for such scenarios unlike what Hasbro did, and what they did was amazing. Like during the Mane Attraction Episode, I too planned for a concert Charity and Friendship, but the scenario was pretty different with infighting among the performers and it's up to Octavia and Vinyl, with the Mane 6 to help save the concert. The mane Attraction actually gave me a possible new character to be able to utilize for this proposed concert in my story, and perhaps Sapphire Shorts and RaRa would have to work together for the first time to make for a truly amazing show to happen. So yes, there would be planned musical numbers and performances, like in Canon episodes, but that is barely even the tip of the iceberg for what I truly have in store. This story covers just about anything. It has elements of Sci-Fi, Modern, Fantasy, and Medieval, with inspirations from WW2, Vietnam, Korea, and beyond. This story has Romance, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Action, Horror, War, Mystery. New Factions would be added, from the United Nations, to the Independent Liberation Army, to the Independent Changeling Empire. Sombra would also possibly make an comeback as well. No Guarantees. It all depends on perspective. The different races of Equestria would also get involved, from Dragons, to Gryphons, Yaks and Bisons, even Diamond Dogs. Nopony/no-one would be spared. I would also need a complex selection of OCs, to serve as supporting characters, backgrounds, even villains. I already have a small team of writers working with me to help polish out just the first phase of this massive story, which I hope would evolve into a comic series in the future. Which also brings us to advertisements and artworks, which would be discussed on another thread in another section of this forum. Basically, what lies beyond Equestria's borders... What lies across the vast oceans... for sure, Equestria is not the only nation out there, as proven with more and more nations and states being introduced in the show. What if, there was a ripple in time, and everything changed, either for better or worse. How would Equestria fare against a new presence in their nation, and who is to say this new presence is a friend, or a foe... New enemies, or new friends, frienemies... Only time would tell. Note: This is not a human story in Equestria. I prefer to at least try to stick to Canon. Feel free to post your comments or opinions below, and if you would like to take part in this massive project, then I would be happy to have you on board. This project may or may not come true. It simply depends whether it is possible to do or not. And this is the song I chose for the UN Anthem:
  2. Not sure if i should grab a fatpack of innistrad or another commander precon to mess with. I'm leaning towards the fatpack. Also, for the same price I could get the last 4-5 cards for my niv-mizzet EDH. Anyway, I know at least some of you play mtg as well. Can we get a general discussion thread going?
  3. Hey guys! (I don't know if this topic has already surfaced and if so please forgive me, I panicked) I am just sending out some useful information about recent events. Things go on in the world, and I figured this would be a useful topic for people to see. I am not trying to start any kind of panic of any sorts. The information below is about Yellowstone's SUPER Volcano located in Wyoming, US. Share this information. Inform your friends and family. No one should be left out of good info. Important note: I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE VOLCANO IS INDEFINITELY GOING TO ERUPT. I AM JUST SPREADING THE WORD AND BEING CAUTIOUS. THE MAIN ARTICLE: ^ the link above talks in detail about the 4.8 earthquake. The video below shows wild life fleeing the park BEFORE the 4.8 earthquake.
  4. So, for anybody expecting something funny/witty/clever/random, turn back. This blog post is not what you're looking for. So, let me start out by saying that I love these forums, these forums have one of the most varied and lovely communities out there, but now let me continue and say that it has some serious problems. Problems that need to be addressed. Let me also start out by saying that I will never give up on this community, I will continue participating in and helping this community until I have been put in the ground. So don't worry about this by thinking that it is that type of blog posts. This is more like a long string of feedback. The first thing I'd like to mention is that for the longevity of the forums, the "Address problems when we feel like it" model of operation will not work out in the long run. Don't laugh or think that's some kind of joke or poking fun at the forums, that kind of thing actually works on a small scale, but as the forum grows, more systematic moderation will be required to simply keep up with the amount of content being produced. I would recommend making some kind of system where there is at least one moderator always online, maybe by hiring moderator from varied time zones this will work out. Another thing I've noticed is that the Administration does not seem to take the recent problems with the forums' public image very seriously. That is unfortunate, because unless we take steps to enhance that public image, the forums will simply become more and more hated, and users will keep leaving. I recommend we fix this by hiring some kind of section of site-staff meant specifically to address problems with public image. They could do trivial things that in the long run will make the forums look better publicity wise. This solution might not seem necessary, but think about it, do you know how many more users, would, for example, stay on the website if we had staff members that helped them at home by doing things like replying to their welcoming plaza posts, handling issues with name changing so that the Admins do not have to. I would think they'd be a step from between Poniverse staff and moderation. You might think of this as trivial but keep in mind that this would help the mods and Admins by freeing up their time that they would have spent on trivial things like this. Some recommended titles might be things like "Community Representative" or something similar that gives people the idea that these users represent the things that the forums are really about. On to the next problem, inconsistencies in rule enforcement. It should not be set up in such a way that several minor infractions could lead to permanent bans. An example would be making it so that the most ban time a minor offense like backseat moderation or pointless/off topic could only add up to a week ban maximum, while excessive vulgarity could add up to a month maximum, and so on. You might say that users could abuse this, but here's the thing, I don't mean that it could never end up perma banning a user, I simply mean that the severity and intent of an action should be considered. Somebody well-intentioned should not be banned permanently for the site because they simply don't understand what they're doing. In addition,this would help silence those who say things like "It's so easy to get permabanned here", and again, this would help the forums' public image. We should only be perma-banning long time-repeat offenders if they commit minor violations and permabanning extreme things like those who post NSFW content or trolls, etc. The last problem I would like to address is the staff-selection process. The problem is that only staff have a say on somebody's promotion into the staff. The reason this system will fail in the long run is that it means that if it gets to a point where there are a lot of bad mods/admins, no good mods/admins will get added. In the long run, a better alternative would be user-nomination by other members, and then the staff would vote on these nominations. That way, the public could express their support for a user's promotion, but the staff would still have the ultimate say in the matter. There should be some kind of fail-safe in case of staff corruption where if the general user consent is that this user should be promoted, they will at least have to be considered. For example, the staff will receive a notification about it so that they know it would be a good time to make a final decision about it. That way, the staff will not become a completely totalitarian 'Cool kids table' type high school-clique like it would if the staff can only grow by it's own will to do so. I mean, if a user isn't cut out for the job, they can always be demoted at any time. But we should at least give them a shot if the community in general believes they deserve a chance. I mean, the forums needs to put at least some trust in the judgement of it's own members, otherwise, the staff team will seem detached and distant, thus further decaying the public's perspective of said staff team. ----------- In closure, I would like to say that these steps would ultimately help the forums and continue to help it grow and prosper, as opposed to stagnate (Even if the start of Season 4 makes the forums become more active, unless steps are taken, our increasing negative reputation will do much harm) like it is currently starting to do. I am very passionate about this community, and am just worried about it, I want to see it continue to grow and expand it's horizons. I remain cautious but optimistic that the forum can become even better if only we set it on the right path. I love you guys, and want nothing more than to have this forum continue to succeed for years to come. -Harmonic
  5. We are ready. Now is the time. Are you ready, forums? Marco is ready. [8:00:02 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Marco, now is the time. [8:00:17 PM] Marco Paparatto: hm? [8:00:28 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Artemis is ready to initiate the plan [8:00:40 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Are you ready? [8:01:01 PM] Marco Paparatto: wat? [8:01:09 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Alright, you get behind her and I'll push. [8:03:31 PM] Harmonic Revelations: I have the sticks of butter necessary. [8:03:46 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Did you bring the steam roller? Artemis is ready. Chigens and Kay is ready.
  6. hello i need someones help immediately!, My OCD is about to make my head explode, somebody help! i have no clue how to explain it, but if you go here and i can show you what the issue is... somebody who knows of FLASH Cs6 please help!!!