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Found 11 results

  1. Write and post your username with your eyes closed! GO! luna swuee
  2. I've counted at least 34 days or so since my last username change. I wish to change my name yet it states that I'm not permitted to make any more changes. Does that mean I'll permanently be unable to change my name and be stuck with my current one or something similar? Or do I have to wait longer and see what happens?
  3. This is kinda fun, who know, it may unintentionally spell something cool! Alright, i'll start... atteoleM fO erutaN.
  4. Hi there! I had recently changed my username but I realized that I had spelled it wrong. I have already made 3 of 3 name changes, so I cannot fix it. I do not want to wait 15 days to alter it. Is there any way a moderator or staff member could fix it? THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED
  5. Basically the aim of this game is to festive-ify the username above you... Make it sound Christmassy! Be as obvious or as creative as you like!
  6. is there anyway to change my username? thank you for helping me
  7. Simple little game that I just thought of, kind of a reverse of the *caption the above user's avatar. In this one, you find an image that would work as the avatar of the above user! Hard for me to do one, no user above me
  8. i need some ideas for usernames if anyone can help out, my Fav pony is Celestia max characters is 16 due to most games and things having a cap. also please no numbers i want an original tag .
  9. Ok, I have a new forum game. In this one, you will make an opposite version of the above user and then rate it. Feel free to add anything else to the rating. Example: Blue Moon could become Red Sun. So the person could put: Red Sun 8/10 Pretty cool. No one above me, so yeah.
  10. I have the power to give any user a great username, and I've decided to use my powers for good (most of the time). Make a post below and prepare to be blown away. I'll also do OC names.
  11. So, I was thinking... Forget the Eeveelutions. Video game characters are better. If anyone wants to join me in my legacy of Nintendo-ness, pick a character and post Megamare-Myself Maria- Sonic- Ponymon Trainer-N Harmonia Link-/b/etez (suggestions for characters are open)