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Found 6 results

  1. HELLO EVERYPONY!!! as you may know the MLP:FiM gameloft app is now out for IOS!, dont know anything about android but it should be out for it as well... Videos now to enjoy this game to the max youl need friends to play with! *Brohoof? so add everypony in this list! to be added to the list add: villan97 gameloft live friends: Tips and Tricks Bugs: the game is buggy... im not listing every bug... Current Sales No current sales
  2. (Slightly inspired by WheatlyCore) I'm just curious how often you change your username/avatar. I change my avatar about once a week, but my username I don't change untill about a month, month and a half later. I used to go by the name The Philosopher. My username I pick after Death songs.
  3. So tell me.What was the weirdest or funniest username you ever heard of.It can be on the internet,online gaming,real life ETC. Heres the two usernames I have ever thought were funny: *SLURPMYBUTT:I saw this username when I was playing battlefield 2 But hey.It's the internet.Of course your going to expect this stuff.
  4. I've counted at least 34 days or so since my last username change. I wish to change my name yet it states that I'm not permitted to make any more changes. Does that mean I'll permanently be unable to change my name and be stuck with my current one or something similar? Or do I have to wait longer and see what happens?
  5. You have seen it. It's all over the internet, and especially common here. I'm talking about people who use canon pony names, or other fictional character's names as their online pseudonym. I've seen countless Rainbow Dashes, Rarities, Pinkie Pies, et cetera, et cetera, and honestly, it's a little jarring. Confusing, to say the least. Now my question is, why? You have a brain that is capable of wondrous things. You can use the power of imagination to come up with a unique, and meaningful username that speaks to you. You can combine words together and make a clever username. You can be silly, and have a comical username. So why take the incredibly dull, easy, unoriginal route and use a fictional character's name as your pseudonym? It's almost a waste of opportunity, if I do say so myself. Now, I don't have anything against the Pseudoponies here, but I just think it's rather silly that people can't think outside the box, and express their artistic values when choosing usernames. It's no doubt hard to take them seriously sometimes, especially when they roleplay as the character with every post they make... *shudders* Now those are just my briskly worded opinions. What are your views on the subject?
  6. In games, websites and forums such as this one, some people grab usernames from their favourite characters, while others come up with the most clever ones. Post some of your favourite usernames that you've either seen or created, and if there is one, give the story behind it. (If you're thinking I made this topic due to my lack of creativity and desperation for a good username that I can steal...Congratulations, you're right! Just kidding.) I would say how my username was formulated, but that would be inappropriate.