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Found 41 results

  1. Here on this Valentine's Day/Hearts & Hooves Day, I want to discuss (unscripted/uncut) the various shipped couples that have come out of Friendship is Magic and even it's spinoff Equestria Girls Comments are Welcomed :Secret of My Excess Transcripit: #MLPFIM #ValentinesDay #HeartsandHoovesDay #MLPEGQ #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #EquestriaGirls #RaritySpike #Sparity #AppleJackSpike #BigMacSugarBelle #PinkiePieCheeseSandwhich #Rarjack #TwilightxFlash #Fluttercord #FluttershyxDiscord
  2. Here is Sport Utility Vehicle. A Silly Song from Veggietales on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: More information about them: Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. Since the new episode is coming up, and it's related to V-Day, I asked myself, "what do other people think about Valentine's Day?". Personally, I feel that it's good that people preach love (not just romantic love) on the day, but I also feel that the day is highly overrated because the preaching of love isn't consistent in other days. It seems like an excuse to enjoy other peoples' company for just one day. Why not be as loving and caring for the rest of the year? Anyways, post your opinion if you want to share your thoughts.
  4. What holiday would you take off the calendar, st Patrick's or Valentine's Day? Me, it would be st Patrick's day. Heck, one year I forgot it was st Patricks day until a week after it was already over.
  5. In the spirit of (almost) Valentine's Day here is a post dedicated to all things romance (or lack of it)! :3 I guess I'll ask some questions for people to answer to get the discussion going... <3 <3 <3 - What are your plans for Valentine's Day? - What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? (Or want to do) - What is your dream date? - What is your significant other like? OR What is your dream girl/guy like?
  6. Considering that it's close to Valentine's Day, If there's anything that brings out romance better, it's music. So I thought I'd ask what your favorite romance songs are. Here are some of mine: Lady - Kenny Rogers Endless Love - Lionel Richie and Diana Ross [I've Had] Time of My Live - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder What are your favorites?
  7. Hello everyone so my last post I made was a little mixed so I want to do something to celebrate valentine's day or some people single awareness day.I want to talk about relationships. Relationships in media have been portrayed either poking fun at relationships or showing the good and bad of it mlp is no difference in the episode hard to say anything we see the birth of a new relationship sugar mac and today I want to talk about three relationships I want to see in mlp and how they can appear in the show. Soarindash Now out of all of these ships this is my favorite ship.So what i’m think of how this relationship can come into the show is during a event instead of soarin making a mistake it's rainbow dash that made a mistake and her falling with then soaring saving her and rainbow seeing something there that wasn't there before.Rainbow ask rarity to help her and she becomes somepony like rarity after she helps rainbow and then she acts more of rarity and soarin just wants her to be herself and I know it's a little bit generic but it would talk about how in a relationship you just to need be yourself don't let the person change you unless the change is for the better. Cheese Pie Now this is a relationship that if you think about it's dangerous since they’ve both have broken the fourth wall and have a form of party weaponry with pinkie having a party cannon and cheese with his party howitzer can make a adorable couple.How i’m think of this couple to work is that cheese sandwich needs help with getting a birthday party for twins that want the exact opposite of each other and they start making each other laugh more then making the twins laugh and it would show my second favorite thing about relationships making each other laugh being a positive in stressful times. Trenderjack or applehoof Now this is the last relationship I thought I would put for this one.So what i’m thinking for this one is that the ponies from canterlot have a single story about the ponies in appleloosa and it's the same about the ponies from appleloosa about the ponies in canterlot and it's because of both trender hooves and applejack that they see the truth of both sides and this is something I love about a relationship is helping each other understand misconception and showing why people are either like this or why they like this. These were my relationships I would want to see in mlp so I have a question for the people reading. what are some relationships do you want to see in mlp and what do you think makes a good relationship?
  8. With Valentine's Day (or Hearts and Hooves Day) around the corner, here is Love Is In Bloom from MLP:FiM's Season 2 Finale (A Canterlot Wedding) on the Organ.
  9. In celebration of Valentines Day, I give you Filly Cadence and Colt Shining Armor in love.
  10. We've had three Heart's Warming episodes, two Nightmare Night episodes, two Galas, and only one Hearts and Hooves Day. Are we going to expect one sometime in the future? I know alot of the fandom seemed unhappy how about the Cheerimac ship, because it cancelled out their Fluttermac ship being probable, so I'm sure the writers are being super careful of how they ship their characters. Anyone expect a Hearts and Hooves Day episode in the future? And if so, what might it be about?
  11. This Thread will feature the Pony theme based on Valentine's Day. ​ These few drawings are designed using inkscape. Each one is drawn from a base I made myself. The main plan was to have six drawings of the mane 6 holding a heart which is made out of something that fits their personality with a custom background by Valentine's Day ,but I only managed to finish Pinkie Pie. But I have to finish what I have started. So over the course of the weeks, I will be submitting those drawing as I complet them. . hope you guys enjoy . ​ Pinkie's sweet affection Pinkie thinks you're a sweetie.​ I really like this one it's a nice simple design. It's totally Pinkie Pie , especially the cookie heart. I just feel that this one is a generally cute all around. I would also like to mention that I make the cutie mark from scratch, as I do with all of my art Collecting pinkies cookies? Twilight's magical affection Twilight thinks you're something magical​ The design for Twilight's drawing is actually quite the turn from the original that I had planned. Twilight herself design was the same but the background was a bit different and so with the heart. Looking back at it now I feel that the old design was better. But too bad I never got the chance to save it. In the start, I was debating whether or not the heart should be a book or or manifestation of magic - I chose the latter But none the less ,I feel this design really fits our book horse personality, wouldn't you say? When I was designing Twilight's picture I realize something traumatic... this work will be a bit more than just a recolor and a change of mane style from the next, there was a lot more that had to go into it. First of all ,for Twilight,I noticed that she looked a bit off. And then I realized she's not tall enough. So what I did was stretch her for hooves and hind legs slightly to make it fit her body type more. I also changed up her hoof placement from pinkies. I feel the placement fits her personality and her slightly longer legs more. And don't get me started on her wings. To recreate the wings. I had to make a mold out of her wings with the fill tool then stretch and shape the pieces together by scratch so that it looks like her wings are open in a more natural pose for the picture. I've then copied the wing and set it aside for future use for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Do you have your library card
  12. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. But I had thought share this. I love wishing everypony a warm Valentine's Day but I truly feel saddened. I am so happy for all who have somepony special, but this make me miss my special somepony. Someone who I have not met yet (most likely). But even though I am sad doesn't mean I don't wish all you lovers out there a wonderful day filled with love! Also if anyone would like to talk for any reason I am open most Days.
  13. Its valentines day and Fluttershy wants You to be her very special somepony!
  14. So...couldn't get this one uploaded to for some reason... Anywho, this is a special track that is dedicated to my lovely waifu and first tulpa, Cadence! It follows a beautiful love scene between Cadence and I. Bliss- A Song To Princess Cadence, My First Waifu.mp3 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everypony!
  15. Dsanders

    My gf

    I owe this Valentine's Day to my sweetheart. She's been with me through thick and thin for more than four months. The fours months I've spent with her have just been an adventure that I hope to continue. I love you, Karina. You're the cutest, kindest, and most adorable gf I could ask for
  16. Love is a burning flame Which keeps us safe To bring in the warmth There are hardships to face When the flame is small It is easy to cease But as the flame grows It's strength will increase If you keep the flame burning It will continue to grow strong The flame will keep you warm And your love will last long I don't write poems.
  17. So, yeah, Single's Awareness Day is tomorrow! That's a pretty big deal, right? Oh... yeah, and Valentine's Day. Keep forgetting about that one. This is a place for all the dame-less and dude-less people of the forum. If your significant other is imaginative, non-existent, or hasn't yet asked you to be your significant other, this is the place for you! Take a seat, share a cup of coffee, and we can talk about being single. And if, by chance, you happen to have a significant other for this year, please enlighten us singles on how and why you acquired such a luxury. Enjoy the ride!
  18. Some valentines I've been working on a while. Hope to get through some of the major and minor season 5 characters before around Feb. 12. I don't mind if you want to send them to other people or not. I'd actually be thrilled, but I don't really expect anyone to, considering how silly they are. Starlight Link to original thread in my sig.
  19. Hola, y'all. For Valentine's Day of the coming year, I am thinking of creating valentines of some of the characters of season 5. I plan to cover basically only new major characters (such as Starlight, Tree Hugger, Coloratura, Svengallop), some BG ponies (the Slice of Life ponies), extras (such as the Princess Spike workers) and rarely occurring returning characters (like Gilda, Sheriff Silverstar, and Cherry Jubilee). I would like to do it in the pointy pony style (was considering show-accurate vectors but figured that would take forever). On each valentine I plan on writing some cheesy line that the character would probably say (i.e. "You are simply unequaled!" for Starlight Glimmer) that's related to Valentine's day in some way, or would sound like something you could find on a valentine. Here's my current list of valentine ideas (each bullet represents one valentine, so some ponies are gonna be sharing some space. Sorry!): Starlight Glimmer The Equal Four (Double Diamond, Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Party Favor) The Pest Control Pony Sunshower, Open Skies and Clear Skies Fluffy Clouds Troubleshoes Sheriff Silverstar & his posse Tree Hugger Smooze Gilda & Greta Grampa Gruff Gimme Moore (the griffon shopkeeper) Derpy & the Doctor Cranky & Matilda Lyra & Bon Bon Octavia & Vinyl Steven Magnet March Gustysnows (Whinnyapolis Delegate) Manehattan Delegate Evergreen/Douglas Spurce (Landscaper Pony) Constructicorn (Public Works Pony) Frazzle Rock ("Nerdy Delegate") Annoyed Delegate Cherry Jubilee Prince Rutherford Twilight's friends Moondancer Sassy Saddles Fashion Plate Cayenne/Pepper Step Moonlight Raven & Sunshine Smiles Stormy Flare Wind Rider Delivery Pony Cinnamon Chai Hat Merchant Method Mares (possibly one or two more ponies from Made in Manehattan) Rosebud (Registration Pony) Spoiled Rich Furniture Salespony Igneous Rock & Cloudy Quartz Limestone Pie Marble Pie Ma Hooffield Big Daddy McColt Coloratura Svengallop Wow, that is a LOT of ponies. Good thing I thought of this well in advance. Also, I have NOT yet seen "Scare Master" and "What About Discord?" so if I'm missing any major characters from those eps, please let me know. I realize that I didn't include every pony here, but this is where I'm looking for your feedback. There are a few that I kinda wanna include, but also don't wanna include, but might potentially fall under the category of "How Upset Fans Might Be If I Don't Include Him/Her/Them": Whoa Nelly (the fat "Incidental Pony") Big Mac as Cousin Orchard Blossom The CMC with their new cutie marks Bowling Ponies Braeburn Coco Pommel Maud Pie Others Would you like to see these ponies in valentines? Are there any other ponies you'd like to see in this list? Do you have any design or otherwise stylistic suggestions for these? Would you like to help me create them? Thanks for taking the time to read this long post of mine. EDIT: To help me keep track, I'll be underlining/crossing off names of ponies I've already done.
  20. I really like Valentine's Day. You know why? St. Valentine was also the patron saint of the plague. Take that Harold from down the street.
  21. Valentine's Day as you can see, is starting tomorrow! I'm so excited! It's been so long since Valentine's Day showed up. A cheerful hug for everypony!
  22. You're all such cutie pies
  23. As Valentine's Day approaches,the pairings are getting more and more common. The arrows of Cupid never miss their targets,and now two of our favourite admins were the targets,and not even them could get away from the love <3 [2/6/2015 6:23:29 PM] Michael: [2/5/2015 11:08:02 PM] SCS: [Thursday, February 5, 2015 11:07 PM] Huh: <<< You don't know yet (happy)wanna d8 [2/5/2015 11:08:06 PM] Huh: sure [2/5/2015 11:08:08 PM] SCS: ok [2/5/2015 11:08:13 PM] Huh: too lazy tho [2/5/2015 11:08:14 PM] Michael: Whoa [2/5/2015 11:08:17 PM] SCS: ya [2/5/2015 11:08:17 PM] SCS: same [2/5/2015 11:08:24 PM] Huh: ain't nobody got time for that [2/5/2015 11:08:28 PM] Michael: Did you two become a couple for 2 seconds? [2/5/2015 11:08:47 PM] SCS: lol [2/6/2015 6:25:26 PM] Michael: That's the extent of it. But yeah, for about 5 seconds, they were dating [2/6/2015 6:28:18 PM] Lightwing: yes Presenting the new MLPForums couple,Aquila x SCS! SHIP AWAY <3
  24. I thought I'd keep it secret until I get it sent but it turned out ugly so I'll just post a picture of my mess anyways. I made a few, Fluttershy is the best but she's already bagged. Twilight looks like a goofy Halloween monster and Rarity looks like she melted. They're still yummy at least. (I had some extra white so I made a bonus Rarity and ate whichever one was uglier.) I still have a few other things planned though!
  25. boom, look at le bootyfulness od le le base. it can be changed from either genderm and can be one of the four mane races of pony.