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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, friends. Hope you're doing well. This hypnosis experiment is still going quite well. It's feeling better and more comfortable to "be a Pegasus" as the days go by. I still can't believe it's working so vividly, you know? Maybe I'm just very susceptible to hypnosis...I don't know. Side note: I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive or something, because fruits and veggies taste like food from Heaven now. Lol. I didn't eat too many fruits or veggies before this experiment, but now I specifically search for them when I'm at the store or at a restaurant. Very interesting... Also, a few days ago, I listened to the hypnosis trigger reinforcement file. Very successful. I read a tip saying you should imagine yourself in your Pony form, in front of a mirror, right after a hypnosis session. I tried it, and I was able to clearly see myself picking up my hooves and smiling at them. It was wild. ***#4 - The First Negative Effect*** Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well. I'm gonna try something different and use bullet points this time around. ...Things are going quite well. Yesterday, on my way home from college, I said a trigger phrase while driving. Probably not the best idea I've had, but I'm glad I did. It was by far the best "transformation" I've had yet. The sensations are definitely getting stronger. ...I hadn't felt any negative effects of this experiment...until a few nights ago. I listened to the Generic Pegasus file, my main hypnosis file, after a long tiring day. It worked well, of course, but afterwards I felt dizzy and kinda nauseous for the rest of the night. So...lesson learned: don't listen to files when I'm dead tired. ...The next night, as I was about to go to sleep, I got some cabin socks out of my drawer and put them over my hands to simulate hooves. Then I got into bed and said a trigger phrase. It worked exceptionally well. It was pretty dark in my room, so I could only make out the shapes of my hands, and they legit looked and felt like hooves! It was amazing! ...Earlier this week, I listened to the Pony Body Reinforcement file. Another great session. I could really feel the change in my neck and hands this time. Well, that pretty much takes this journal up-to-date. Thanks for reading, and have a good rest of the day, y'all.
  2. Hello everypony, I'm sorry if this dosen't qualify as Fan Fiction but I need help with this! I'm by no means a writer and am trying to get better at it. The short bio written below describes my original character named Valiant. I am seeking critique or advice on this story, also any helpful advice / link / magic beans are more than welcome! This is listed in the Character DB but I'm posting it in this thread directly for convenience. Valiant is very shy and reserved around strangers and people he isn't familiar with, he can open up significantly once he knows and trusts someone. He is very intimidated by girls, having never had a girlpony of anysort. Valiant often keeps to himself when he is working or concentrating on something. He can however when the need is dire rise up with unbelieveable courage and bravery, hence his namesake. But this courage is not dependable, he cant turn it "on" and "off" it only comes when it is truly needed, and even then Valiant can't predict it. What he can predict though, is that he will never fail his friends if he can do something to prevent it. Likes: Valiant likes working with his hooves, he enjoys nature and the outdoors and is generally interested in wildlife. He especially loves carrotcake, which is one of his favorite dishes to make when he is baking. Dislikes: Valiant dislikes glamourous or extravagant things he views as unneccessary. He dosen't care for cramped buildings and avoids large crowds. He also cant stand swimming, he hates it, however oddly enough he enjoys the rain. Backstory: Valiant was a normal Earth Pony whom lived a simple life in Ponyville. He was born to his parents whom owned a very small Bakery in the town and he grew up learning how to bake with his mother and do all kinds of handy work with his father, carpentry, hauling, painting, masonry, and farming; His dad was a real know it all when it came to handyman work. Valiant picked up a lot from his parents, learning more towards his fathers interests but never quite feeling like it was his calling. He worked in his parent's store doing what needed to be done until a fateful day when he earned his mark. Valiant was merely 14 years old at the time when he was walking nearby the Everfree forest at an hour he should not have been out. He heard multiple tiny shrieks which he quickly identified as little fillies in panic! He rushed towards the sound without thinking of his own safety! He came upon the sight of two fillies that had gone out exploring and had been cornered by a bear! Valiant raced to their aid throwing himself infront of the animal and rearing up trying to defend the girls. He bought them just enough time, as other ponies had heard the disturbance and arrived about a minute later, if it hadn't been for Valiant's actions that day no one dares think of what might of happened. He still dosen't know to this day where that sudden burst of courage came from; Valiant has always been a shy type, especially around girls. He prefers to keep to himself and work with his hooves. Regardless, the next day, he discovered his cuite mark had appeared. A reversed Fleur De Lis, often used to signify love of king and country, his however was reversed to signify self sacrifice and courage in the face of adversity. Valiant now works in Ponyville still at and around his parent's bakery. However they have both become too old to work and so now Valiant runs the place, along with his own little buisness of fixing and doing whatever work needs to be done, which by the way, is his favorite job. Thanks for reading, -Alax