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Found 11 results

  1. While I sit here in the driver’s seat waiting for this Liquid Wrench to loosen up my brake bleeder screws ...I ask this question: How many miles are on your vehicle? My truck has approximately....
  2. Have you ever been in a car accident of any kind? When I was 17, the driver lost control of the car from speeding and lost control. The truck flipped three times, resulting in all the windows breaking and a hospital visit.
  3. I just bought Forza Horizon a couple of days ago when the huge Xbox Live sale was going on, and I discovered that there are a TON of vehicles with pony designs flooding the "most downloaded" section of the custom vehicle design editor. Take a look at these: These aren't all of the most popular cars (I'm missing the Cadence car, the Lyra car, and a few others), but I just thought it was amazing that the pony designs were rising to the top in a game like Forza. I didn't think that many bronies played it, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise to me!
  4. I am more of a WoT player myself and I looooove the Jagdpanzer E-100, The Leopard 1 and AMX ELC bis, for too many good reasons, mostly just cus they're fun tanks with a lot of carry potential in the right matchmaking heheh.
  5. Ever notice how there are planes on Jet Set's cutie mark, but nowhere else? It's just 'plane' weird. My theory is that when he was a colt, Jet Set and one of his parents were mining for diamonds in the Canterlot Caves, when Jet Set spied a plane from the human era. The family fixed it up, and brought it to the airport thing we saw in Becoming Popular. And so Jet Set got his cutie mark.
  6. In case you do not know what a bug out vehicle is. A bug out vehicle is just a vehicle you'll use when you need to leave in a hurry. You are sitting in front of your computer when you suddenly find out a disaster is going to or has strike. You need to leave in a hurry, with supplies (bug out bag) and usually you have a plan as to where you will go and set up camp or find refugee. There are a few things that are important when it comes to a bug out vehicle. Number one is reliability, number two it has to be tough or at least somewhat durable. Number three, it needs to be ready to go places. So, what's up for discussion? What would be your preferred bug out vehicle and why? I have given this a bit of thought number one would be the Toyota Land cruiser 80. In America it is probably known as something else. Here the Land cruiser is known for it's reliability as well as durability. Considering it endures the harsh environment here, rock climbing, ice and other things it surely will do as a bug out vehicle. So, what's yours?
  7. For all you gear heads and non gear heads, lets see what you drive! It can be a car, motorcycle, scooter, pedal bike, skateboard ect. These are my two rides. 2000 and 2001 Toyota Celicas. Daily driver on the right, and weekend warrior on the left.
  8. Hey y'all! I've noticed a disturbing lack of ATV's anywhere on this site, so if you have one (or want one), post a pic of it here! No hating, not everyone has a Can-am or Polaris. I'll start off with a pic of my 3 projects!
  9. In my previous posting ( I ask if anybody (or “any-pony”) has ever ridden a real horse or Pony before. I’m very happy to see that many people who are into MLP:FiM have ridden before; some really enjoy it and like it very much, although some found it uncomfortable. Now, how would you like to ride in some sort of Horse/Pony drawn vehicle (either for practical use or just leasure)? -How about a Pony pulled miniature cart like this (it seems very nifty and fun to get around in one of these): -Maybe you’d like to get your friends together and go for a nice ride in a covered wagon: -If you live in the countryside, perhaps you’d like to give your car a break and settle for a nice relaxing ride into town in a horse pulled buggy: Perhaps you might also be interested in this article from Mother Earth News which talks about Horses as an alternative and eco-friendly mode of transportation ( Of course we can all agree Horses aren’t suitable to be a mode to transportation for all corridors and routes (it can be very, very dangerous, and not to mention atrocious, to try and drive a horse and buggy on the Interstate at 65mph), it does sound like a practical and eco-friendly (at least in some areas of the country) to sometimes use Horses and Buggies in place of Automobiles for small outings into town (for example, to visit a nearby friend, or to go and pick up a few items at the store). Maybe you'd like to plan a Brony convenion that includes rides in such Pony/Horse drawn vehicles. I'm certian it would be lots of fun. Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.
  10. 2015 GMC Vandura 1500 Concept Design For those who have not heard of the GMC Vandura, it was the third generation of General Motors vans through 1971 to 1996. The Vandura was probably made famous most by the popular television show "The A-Team". I come to you today with a attempt to bring back the Vandura as a even more functional vehicle than before; depicting a styling, classy, elegant, functional, & sporty design. My first imression to re-make this vehicle was the impression the 1983 Vandura had on myself, I liked the styling and wanted to bring back a bit of that look to today's automobiles. Secondly, vans have become nearly extinct here in North America. All you see van wise on the roads today are Chrysler mini-vans and your average 1500 & 2500 vans made by ford and dodge, along with some other foreign stuff I don't compare this van to. My main goal to bring back a van such as this is all the things that can be done with it. It'll tow your boat/camper, seat the ol' family, bring style and comfort to the interior, & create the sporty look that vans used to have back in the 70's. This concept design is not a finished product! If you have comments or concerns, feel free to share them, I will do my best to answer. 2015 GMC Vandura 1500 specs & features: (so far...) •Modernized side mirrors designed to replicate the 1983 Vandura's side mirrors. •Front trim & running boards to give the vehicle a streamline look along with functionality. •16 inch polished aluminum GM wheels. •GM style body with bodylines to replicate the 83' Vandura & 2014 GMC Sierra to give it that GMC look. •Interior replicates 1980's GMC/Chevrolet dashboard & steering wheel. •Headlamps (including brights), fog lamps, and extra exterior lights. Engine: •Standard engine: 5.3 Liter Vortec (Includes towing package) •Optional engine: 6.2 Liter Vortec 6200 L92 (Includes towing package) •Vandura SS engine: 427cu in 7.0 Liter LS7 (Includes sport suspension, SS trim package & 18" wheels) Transmission: •Standard transmission: 4-speed 4L80E automatic •Optional engine: 6-speed automatic •Vandura SS transmission: 6-speed manual sport transmission Interior features: •Standard interior (Basic/standard "Sierra" style interior" •Optional interior (High class "Denali" style interior features) •Vandura SS interior (High class badge & interior trim package featuring engraved "Vandura SS" seats) Estimated pricing: •Economy package (features unknown): $21,000 •Standard package: $32,000 •Optional package: $55,000 •Vandura SS luxury/sport package: $58,000
  11. A few weeks ago I got a new car, so I thought i'd make a ponies in real life image with it. I tried to add reflection and shade it a bit more accurately than my other photos, I think it's alright. As always, comments & critiques are always welcome! Please enjoy the photograph.