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Found 155 results

  1. I'm wondering if anyone here has played any of the Watch Dogs video games before. The latest game of the franchise is "Watch Dogs: Legion", which was just released a few days ago, so I'm wondering if anyone has played that as well. As for me, I've played Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs: Legion. I enjoy those games, especially Watch Dogs: Legion!
  2. I just did some research just now to see how much my games were worth! I used NES - Mega Man 5 NO BOX Genesis - Moonwalker NO BOX SNES - either Kirby Super Star NO BOX or Super Mario World NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) N64 - either Dr. Mario 64 NO BOX or Super Smash Bros. NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) If that's the case then let me revise: NES - Pac-Man GREY CART Genesis - Pinocchio (Seriously, Moonwalker is less rare than this! WHY? It should be Moonwalker!) SNES - Bubsy 2 (rarest I got, poor me) N64 - Superman (how can this be slightly more rarer than all the other games I've got?) (BTW game sucks)
  3. Hello everypony, i create this thread to see how you can compare your favorite pony with any videogame character based mainly in her/his personality (it doesn't matter if your pony is female and the character is male) and appereance
  4. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but I looked. What your favourite video game? Or games? Here's mine: 1. Star Trek 2. Sonic: lost world (I still love it) 3. The sims 3
  5. Have you ever played a game where you encounter a pointless or useless power up or weapon? Many games have a great load of stuff to keep you powered up, entertained, or just cool to look at. However, every now and then, there's those power ups where you wonder why are they even there in the first place. I would like to know what useless or pointless power up have you witnessed or encountered and why? I'll give my two examples. In the mario kart series, one of the power ups you get is the fake item box, which looks like an item box, but it's a trap to fool other players and get hit. The problem is that it's TOO OBVIOUS when one is fake, and if your playing online, good luck trying to fool someone with it. In Patapon, (one of my favorite rhythm games) there's this one song you can learn from you army called the "Pon Pon Chaka Chaka" song. It's supposed to make your army stand still for the song, then when you attack or defend, you do it stronger. The problem is that if you've mastered how to get the rhythm right, you won't use it much, and if your already in FEVER mode, it's pointless.
  6. I'll start: i want a Castlevania: SOTN style game, where Dashie would the protagonist, The King "X" has kidnapped her friends and the Elements of Harmony in his Castle and she is the only one who can finish him off her attacks would be like Kirby's Suplex move in Kirby Superstar, there'll be a health bar, a Stamina bar (which indicate how long her flight and initial tackle lasts), a window for 1 use ítems and a window for element of Harmony (which equipped have special properties) When you free your friends they can sell you useful ítems: Twilight Sparkle - Spells for improve powers or open doors Fluttershy - images for the Gallery feature Pinkie Pie - Minigames (you must defeat her as Pinkamena, she will be a boss) Rarity - Armours and clothes Applejack - food/health ítems Zecora - Potions Vinyl Scratch - music tracks the scenario would be like Castlevania games, the gargoles and statues will be ponified and the theme will be a Little happier, with puzzles The enemies would be posessed ponies, dragons, manticore, evil looking animals windigos and the common mythogy in the show also, you must find the CMC several times and ask them for help to open special doors and some puzles sometimes you only need 1 or the three of them, but defend them until you reach the door/puzzle in case I want you to describe your perfect videogame like this -Name of the game -protagonist -antagonist -health/battle system -the story -how do you want the levels or rooms -Special features OR if you want other gender of videogame it's okay (for example a tamagochi style to pet your favourite pony so you can feed her/him wash her play with her etc)
  7. In your opinion what are some of the best, or at least your favorite, VG Music Soundtracks? I'll always have to give props to Sonic for both stage and boss themes (Yeah, I love Crush 40) But other than that I love Wild Guns, Wild Arms 2 and Castlevania. And I haven't played these series' but from the music I've heard of them they could possibly end up my faves. The series' are: Persona and Ys.
  8. What is you favorite video game or games you have played. Mine are Pokemon, The Division 1 and 2, and Gmod,
  9. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  10. Battle Gem Ponies is shaping up nicely. The fun little details are being added in now and we're seeing how far we can run with the little things being implemented in this prototype. We've got villain concept art, working data, cutscene scripts, character animations, working menus like the Ponipedia, and calculations for the battle system all done over the holiday break! Come see the nitty-gritty details to kick of this new year of gamedev over on the 1st Ever 2020 DevLog Post!
  11. So we've finally hit the milestone of getting our own MLP theatrical movie. We're now up there with The Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon and The Simpsons for TV shows that got movies in theaters. So what's next? How about a video game? Preferably one that wasn't just an educational flash game, but a proper release. It would be the first since Pinkie Pie's party for the DS in 2008 for hand helds and Friendship Gardens for the PC in 1997, and could potentially be the first ever console release for the franchise. Who should make an MLP game? What style or genre should it be? Should it be a console/ PC game or a hand held?
  12. Should of done this after finishing Spyro Reignited Trilogy, back in January. Start bought it at November last year. There new Spyro game, remake of old Spyro games from Original Playstaion be coming out, I was execting but it be a long wait. During before game come out, see some good pictures, Sheila look different but like it, so did Elora look great and flirty and Bianca is beautiful and does look like character from WB loony toons. When it meant to be release on Spetember but was move to November. When it release, I pre-order should of got but got it next day. Fall in love with game again, mostly play on weekend and Christmas holiday, wanted to play it during the week days, it so that addictive. I fall in love with Red Dress fairy or call her Check point fairy, she does have a voice (Unlike in Spyro 1 back in Original Playstation) but only say ‘Hi Spyro’. Who love about her is when Spyro flame her or jump near her she goes up and does backward somersault with guggle, love Zoe the Fairy as well she does that Backward somersault when you flame or jump near her. Also love Fairy that kiss Spyro and fanus from Fracture Hillls and Sheila the kangaroo. During playing games, some part was hard, though there parts I might not get past and finish game uncomplete like back in old game but manage to get past it. Speedway, and mini games in Spyro 2 and 3 are ones that stress me. Also stress me more is area that diffcult jump/land on when jumping or flying. There level where you supercharge and get to other side most time can’t make it or unable to go near it. Also during playing Spyro 3, waiting to upload to Starting Screen but seem to take it time and fear lost my game, I turn the game off many time until finally got to start screen, it happen few times. Try to tell some people if experience like this but either can’t find any or don’t tell. Spyro 3 sure is hard. Boss didn’t took long (Unlike in Spyro 1). When complete the game felt sad cos I enjoyed playing the game, it been a journey. Even it there some hard parts. Even use cheat 99 Lives cos keep dying and that cheat was useful for me. Heard there might be new game after Reignited games and Spyro be part in Crash Race team, hope there be. Back in days, when all 3 Spyro games were out on Original Playstation and we haven’t got a Playstation yet and when we had did get a Spyro game right away, I remember play a Spyro 2 on Demo (Only had 2 Spyro 2 levels). My first Spyro game I bought was Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, ever since even unable to fully complete the game I play it many times and use cheat to get to extra sceret level. Did bought Spyro 2 and 1, and played it many times. I didn’t know a company left Spyro games and got new company I was new to all these news thing. I join some fansites and sites. When Enter the Dragonfly come out I was excting I bought and play it. People seem to dislike it and fansite closed down or changed, I was sad that it comes to this and Rachet & Clark seem to take over which annoyed me. Then there’s Spyro A hero’s Tail don’t care it change and different I glad to see a Spyro game and enjoy playing. Mostly play games that Spyro, football and wrestling, do play some adventure games. Look back, these two Spyro games (After Year of the dragon) feel bad to me, and Spyro in A hero’s Taill seem too dumb and game seem a kids’ game that adults can’t enjoy. And there Legend of Spyro, most Spyro fans not happy but I did enjoy the games and love the story. Even Sparx is different, so different and so talkavie. In Legend of Spyro 2 there level in Priate ship, really stuck on so many enermies and less check points. Remember stop playing it but able to get past and complete the game. And there dawn of the Dragon, legend of Spyro 3. After finish with it I wonder there be any more Spyro game. Also Spyro in Legend of Spyro been voice bt Elijah Wood (Who starred in Lord of The Ring). Then there Skylanders, shock how different Spyro is. Played Skylander 1 cos it said Spyro’s Adventure but stuggle at final part cos only wanted to play as Spyro. Skylanders being more than Spyro game as Spyro not main character. Forgot to mention did play a Spyro game on Game Boy Advane I borrow from my brother, but accidentley broke GBA. Then there’s Reignited games. Spyro and Sparx been my life, been my Mario and Luigi. Do think Spyro & Sparx being my sidekick me being a hero/superhero. They are my favorite duo. Which Spyro and Sparx I prefer? used to be duo from Legend of Spyro. But since Reignited games out. Original (/ Reignited) always the best. Hope new Spyro game come out hope Original/Reignited Spyro be powerful as Legend of Spyro. Spyro and Sparx always be part of me. And three fairies and fauns from Fracture Hillls are some of my waifus.
  13. What video game(s) that you just cannot get into no matter how hard you try to enjoy it . I got Arma III as a gift from my cousin. I tried getting into that game, it is just way to difficult and tedious just to do something. What are yours?
  14. So, does any one on here collect retro video games? If so, what consoles do you collect for? Any specific game genres you like to collect for or do you collect them all?
  15. Hey fellow ponies! I am developing a MLP RPG based on the Paper Mario series. I have been working on it for several months and looking for artists to help create the characters, HUD, concept art, and other 2D-related items (3D artists, sound and music composers are also helpful)! To see what I have done so far, the link to the game's development demo is found here. If you want to help contribute, get Spike or Derpy to send a letter to
  16. At BD Studios, we are creating a retro-styled MLP game, and ive been working as a composer for it for 8 months now. However, we'd love the assistance of somebody familiar with the 16-bit style of music! Join us at our development Discord! Here I will fill you in with more details:
  17. DISCLAIMER: Poképon is a project I started like 2 years ago, as a mean to learn Java. Currently, it is in Alpha stage, which means it is playable, but it has some bugs and it lacks a lot of stuff. THE GAME The game itself is a Pokémon-like battle simulator, inspired by Pokémon Showdown, with a client-server structure and multiplayer-only gameplay. Battling is done by connecting to a Poképon server and challenging other players with either a random team or a pre-built one. The game package contains the client, the teambuilder and the server - which means you can not only connect to the official Poképon server, but also host your own on your computer. DOWNLOADING AND PLAYING In order to play, you need to have Java 1.7 or later. If you don't have it, you can download it for free here. The latest version of Poképon can be downloaded from here. Since the game is under development, the latest build changes quite frequently, but it's quite rare that a release breaks the previous one, so you shouldn't be concerned with always having the most updated one: every time I publish a release which forces you to update the game, I publish a post on the home page. The game hasn't a built-in updater, so you need to download the full game each time, but this is not so bad, as it's like 15MB in size. Poképon runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and anything which can run Java. To start the game, you can follow the instructions on this page. Usually you just have to double-click the downloaded Jar file. A launcher will open: to connect to a server, you need to select Client and insert the server IP and port (you can usually leave the port to its default value 12344). The official Poképon server is , port 12344. (You can connect to it by inserting as the server IP in the Client prompt window) Then, basically follow the instructions on the paged linked before ( NOTES Poképon is free software: you can get the source code here, fork the repository, make your own changes (as long as you keep it free software - see the LICENSE file) etc. OFFICIAL SITE All the news, info and stuff about Poképon can be found on There are a typechart and a ponydex too, so you can easily find info about a pony, a move and so on. CONTRIBUTING Since this is a quite big project, any contribution is much appreciated. This means mostly: contribute with art (background music, game sprites, logos, and so on) contribute with code (fix bugs, suggest new features, etc - for all these things, please use GitHub's pull requests and issues) bug reporting (the client has a "open debug window" option; I suggest always checking it, so if the game crashes you can send me a stack trace - usually the most recent lines in the debug window are enough) suggest builds (moves and abilities) for ponies which lack them: many ponies currently have a very poor movepool, so if you want you can invent new moves/abilities and ask me to implement them!
  18. I was just wondering, what's the largest amount of time you've spent on a single video game? Or do you at least have an estimate? The most I know of is a few hours over 100 hours for skyrim and tf2 although I have left each of those games running by themselves to get stuff but you know.What about you?
  19. was working on Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise / Part Time Job 2 but realized that I did not know how I wanted to make the game. now I'm asking for help for inspiration and some base for the game to build from. Please fill in the form at the end of the post in order to help. ZP has given me permission to make this game and to make it however I want. about me: I'm an educated game and website designer, I also have an education in art/illustrations, 3D modeling and texturing. I have programmed in many languishes as C, C++, C#, Java, Lua, Bath, Python, JavaScript, PHP, LEGOs visual programming language for their Mindstorms robots, a imaged based programming language that i made and a minimum amount of Assembly through games.
  20. MY LITTLE PONY: THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP This is a fanmade game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. Princess Twilight and her friends are preparing to Celebrate their one year anniversary picnic of becoming friends. However the very night before the picnic is to take place, a surge of magic flashes through Ponyville! Twilight Sparkle wakes up the next morning to not only find her wings missing but also the fact that no pony remembers who she is! The more Twilight investigates what has happened, the more she discovers that a more sinister magic is at work... Can Twilight rekindle the friendships she lost and fix time itself? Or will she be doomed to her fate of disappearing from existence forever? Ponies! A unique Friendship system inspired by Persona 4's Relationship system! An original story line! Real Time ATB combat!(Using Yanfly's signature ATB combat system) The choices you make MATTER! Unlike other RPGs where they give you choices that have no great impact, every single decision you make for Twilight actively impacts how she will interact with her friends, other ponies, and even the storyline itself! 3 unique endings and a HIDDEN ending! Explore Equestria! There are over 60 HIgh-Definition parallax maps planned!(subject to change) Mini-Games and Puzzles! 20 hours+ of gameplay and more with New Game+! Original Soundtrack!(with credit to Magical Girl Nanoha anime for their awesome soundtracks breathing new life into the game!) The Soundtrack can be found in the same place as the game! Click the download image to be taken to the gamejolt site where this project is currently being hosted! Note: Despite the fact that the version currently reads as 1.0.8 does not by any means imply the game is anywhere near close to being done. at the moment, I'd estimate it being about 15% done at the moment. If this thread gets enough people following it, i'll be sure to update it more frequently TRAILERS:
  21. Hi. Can you hear me? I spoke with Monika earlier, and she said that I could start a chapter of the Doki Doki Literature Club right here on MLP Forums. We can talk about literature, even manga, and of course swear our alliance to our club president. We can even discuss a certain video game that shares the same name of the club.
  22. Hello everypony! Firstly I would like to apologize for my not so good english. Secondly... I am planning to make some kind of MLP FiM adventure and fighting RPG game, but I faced with some copyright and trademark problems that may happen during this project. I am not sure what could cause problems, so here are my questions: If I create a game with “MLP FiM content” (means I would like to use characters, names and graphics style from MLP FiM) and some part of the game would be commercial (special items, characters, services, etc...) then would Hasbro shut this project down? (I guess yes.) Same question but I would NOT use any “MLP FiM content”, except the graphics style (so the story, the characters’ appearance, the characters’ name, the world and the place names, etc... would be different, but your character is still a pony and the game still contains buildings, trees, sceneries, etc... which is not the same but looks familiar to MLP FiM). I would not copy anything directly from the show but I would like to create something similar. Same, but everything would be different, even the graphics style (retro pixel graphics style, but the game is still about ponies and some part of the game is still commercial). (In this case there should be no problems, I guess.) I create the same game that I mentioned in the first point, but it would be totally free. (In this case Hasbro has the rights to shut down the project but they won’t because of the fandom, I guess) Thanks for your answers!
  23. This is as obscure as video games get. Just click on stuff, and watch the unbridled madness unfold....
  24. I sketched two Monster Musume characters and Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect.
  25. You may have heard of this game: First of all let me state that this will be a PAID POSITION as a sprite artist for this game. I will pay per sprite sheet finished at a rate of $20 per sheet I will be commissioning 2 per month from you. I expect both done by the 1st of every month. Failure to do so will result in either a partial payment or no payment.** Payment will be sent out on the 1st of every month. If you remain consistent and provide sprite sheets on time, I will eventually offer you a raise from $20 to $30 per sheet.* Knowledge of RPG Maker MV and its sprite layout is helpful but not required. Please reply to this thread if you're interested or have any questions! *To qualify for a raise you must be able to provide good quality sprite sheets that I am happy with. **If you are only able to provide one sheet within a given month you will receive payment for one sheet but it is not advised to make a habit of this.