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Found 643 results

  1. I'm not much of a completionist, but I'm quite curious. What games have you completed 100%? Do you enjoy doing it, or are you content with just completing the core game? I'm typically fine with just beating a game, but I don't mind going for 100% when given the opportunity. Although, I only engage in the endeavour of going for a full completion rate, with games that don't require hundreds to thousands of hours worth of play time.
  2. So, what is everyponies favorite classic games? As in the older consoles/handhelds such as, NES, SNES, N64 PS1, PS2, gameboy etc. I'll start. My most favorite classic game series was Final Fantasy. I enjoyed playing through them. Especially FFVI. Which is cool that they ported it to steam not to long ago. So I have gotten it again. Out of handhelds, I really enjoyed playing Pokemon back in the day on Gameboy Color. Favroite was Crystal. ^^ So, whats your favorite classic games?
  3. I'm not what you would call a "hardcore gamer" but here are a few of my all-time favorite video games*. *A majority of these will be wrestling games. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 WCW/NwO Revenge WWF WrestleMania 2000 WWF No Mercy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtlles in Time Kingdom Hearts 2 Batman: Arkham City WWE 2K16 WWE 2K20 Fighting Force (A Playstation/N64 beat 'em up I'm sure no one here knows about or remembers.) Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Toy Story Mania! Toy Story 3: The Video Game The banner for this blog is dedicated to my sig making inspiration and Best Forum Friend For Five-ever @Kyoshi!
  4. Fairly simple question here. There are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing games. Major retailers, resell shops, online retailers or simply digital. With all these options, where do you buy your games? Could be any mixture of these of course. I mostly buy my games digitally from Xbox Live. When I don't do that, I either go to Walmart, rarely Gamestop (I feel better supporting Walmart almost. :\) and if I want to go to a resell shop, there is one in Evansville that is quite good. I like to get DS games from there. :3
  5. I know, this will PROBABLY be the wrong place to talk about this (the place of this topic), but I really am too tired to change it. Sorry! (sorry if this is rude, I'm just SO tired, and I have school in the morning)
  6. Games. Games are fun! Definitely. Well, not always. Sometimes. games can be frustrating and not in a good way either. A game can sometimes anger us and just make us feel oh so frustrated and the results may not be good. For some of us this may happen rarely but for others it could be a common occurrence due to one reason or another. So I want to ask and discuss, do video games tend to frustrate you easily? What is your history with this? Me, they do frustrate me easily. My whole life I have had anger problems, yay for bad mental health. It has been a big problem in the past and nowadays, I try my hardest to avoid playing games that could potentially frustrate me to a high degree. Often, if I get frustrated enough, this could result in a meltdown and that never ends well, since it can result to me...well, hitting my face. I am autistic before you ask. So those moments are not good, especially in combination with my anxiety problems, so I try to avoid those moments at all costs now.
  7. For most video games, enemies are a necessity and everypony has enemies they just think are absolutely awesome, me included, well the question is, what are your Top 5 Game Enemies? 5. Necromorphs (Dead Space franchise) 4. Deathclaws (Fallout franchise) 3. Big Daddies/Big Sisters (Bioshock franchise) 2. Timesplitters (Timesplitters franchise) 1. Hyperion Robots/Psycho's (Borderlands franchise)
  8. I recently found a working, downloadable version of Turok Evolution, a game that came out in 2002 (i think)?. And I loved that game to death as a kid, and now that I've played it again, I still do! Some of my other favorite childhood games include Pokemon Gens 2 and 3, The legend of zelda: Ocarina of time, twilight princess and wind waker, Super smash bros. melee, the spiderman games for ps1 and ps2, Timesplitters 2, star wars rebel strike: rougue squadron 3, Sonic adventure 2, Star wars: bounty hunter, and there's probably many I can't remember. My parents used to be gamers, so I've been gaming for as long as i can remember. What are some of your favorite games that you played as a kid?
  9. Hello everyone! Post your youtube channel here so people from the forum can sub if they wish. I don't know if there already is a topic like this, but I'm too lazy to look. Now, shameless self-promotion time: Here is a link to my personal channel: The name is misleading. I make PMV's on this channel. This is my gaming group channel, GamerCorps: It is a group that consists of me (Unr3alGamer) and 4 others where we come together and commentate/make videos of our impressions, reactions, or thoughts on anything video game related. We do post commentaries, let's plays, impressions/rant videos, a series called "Unplanned Mayhem" and Let's Plays. We don't have too many videos out right now, but we do have a planned out schedule. We are also amateurs so respective constructive criticism is welcomed. Games we have commentated/Let's Played: Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Portal 1 Titanfall Games we are currently commentating/Let's Playing: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Episodes 1 and 2) ZombiU Games we plan to do in the future: Batman: Arkham (Series) Destiny Sonic Generations Bioshock 1 If you want, watch a few of our vids and sub. We are trying to grow and expand what we're capable of doing.
  10. I'm going with Bowser and Yoshi. There's something awesome about Bowser and Yoshi is pretty cool too. I also enjoy Luigi and for me: Bowser Yoshi Boo Luigi Dry Bones How about you all? Who do you prefer?
  11. Anyone going to be playing Anthem at release tonight? I'm playing on Xbox One and my GT is CheesyGNacho if anyone will be looking for a wingman
  12. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but I looked. What your favourite video game? Or games? Here's mine: 1. Star Trek 2. Sonic: lost world (I still love it) 3. The sims 3
  13. Which game do you prefer more Fortnite or GTA. For me I’d say GTA it’s a lot more fun.
  14. I recently hooked back up my ps1 and popped in Spyro the Dragon, I forgot how much I loved it! What games do you miss playing, or what was your favorite?
  15. Have you ever enjoyed a videogame from your childhood, found in the internet, or any good game that you noticed people don't even know about it?That it doesn't have the attention it deserves? As for me: 1 Mario Tennis Power Tour GBA 2 Super Mario World 3 Yoshi's Island GBA 3 Baseball Advance GBA 4 Digimon Battle Spirit 2 GBA 5 Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup GBA 6 Pokemon Pinball GBA 7 Punch Out!!! NES 8 Buck Bumble N64 9 Little Samson NES (OH, specially this one, check it out if you have the chance) (With no specific order)
  16. Hello guy/girl who just saw this and click on it i dont have many friends cause they all think im crazy 4 liking this show and well i could use some new friends cause most of my good friends turned into total assholes when i started high school last year and the ones that are still nice to me and people moved away so im looking 4 some new friends will u be my friend random person
  17. What type of MLP:FIM video game would you like there to be? I'd love it if they brought out an RPG where you pick one of the mane 6 to go, or you get to go each of them, and have a main story to follow but you've got lots of little side quests and stuff to do all throughout Ponyville and beyond. Maybe something bit similar to South Park The Stick Of Truth and you could create an original pony who has adventures with all of the mane 6. I'd really like to see an MMORPG too. Imagine creating your own pony in a huge world filled with thousands of other people and you can choose what kind of life your pony is going to have. Maybe you'll be a foal and go to school having adventures/quests there and trying to get your cutie mark or you'll be a member of the royal guard who has to help with duties and protect the princesses/Canterlot from enemies. Or maybe you'll just be a friendly pony who sets up a shop to sell items to other ponies, maybe sending some on quests from time to time. Or perhaps you'd rather be a villain who tries to takeover Equestria. I just really want an MMORPG where you can take on any role you want (but playing within limitations). OT: I've always wanted a Pokemon game like this where for example you could decide to be a gym leader, so you build your own gym and have a theme to your Pokemon team and only keep them at a certain level so that you do lose sometimes. So what kind of MLP game would everypony else like to see made?
  18. Whether fanmade or not. Do you got anything to recommend? What have you played in the past? If you don't know what to play or what does exist, here are some few suggestions: Overview free MLP games in the fandom - Sugarcube Corner - MLP Forums Sooo~~~.... I actually started with the kinda famous Ponyvania, a mockup of Castlevania. It is of surprisingly high quality - The only current class I haven't played yet are Bat ponies. Also, the game can be pretty hard - so I stick to normal difficulty and not hard or brutal. Other games I have played include the MLP RPG 1 & 2 (Cutie Mark Crusader Warriors) by Nurse Dashie, which are pretty Final-Fantasy-ish (NES/SNES era), the former being a ponified version of FF1, and the latter comes with an original storyline but kinda uses the class system of FF3. I also tried out Legends of Equestria quite some time ago, I think when it went public beta, but it felt pretty empty to me. Currently? I still have to finish RPG2: CMCW, for optional stuff, and else I am playing Ponyage:Chronicles, a 2D MMORPG which I am quite impressed with! It lacks some explanation on some stuff, so it doesn't hurt to ask somepony else about your questionmarks in there. Dishonorable mentions are also written in my link above - for me, these are basically these "horror games with seeing ponies dieing, or knowing that they just did a minute ago, with blood or body parts lying around. I find them pretty tasteless to me, unfortunately. So...what about you? @Booker @Steve Piranha @Lex Destrosio @Anneal @SparklingSwirls @Catpone Cerberus @SolarFlare13
  19. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  20. Expanding on the recent theme of the last several entries... I've been meaning to tackle this issue for years, and am just now getting around to it. If you're a gamer, and a regular denizen of the various interwebs, then you've probably heard the name Anita Sarkeesian at some point. (In fact, you're probably sick of hearing that name.) I'm not sure how relevant this issue still is, or if it's drifted away from the spotlight, but for some time, Sarkeesian was making quite a bit of noise about sexism and the misrepresentation of women in video games. If you're unfamiliar with Sarkeesian, it will probably only take about one minute of watching her content on youtube to know all you need to. In short, she seems to believe that if a man finds a woman physically, sexually attractive, in any context, under any circumstances, then it's sexist and wrong. (Perhaps a little bit of an unfair generalization of her, but it doesn't seem too far from the mark.) She makes quite a lot of displeased noise about women being depicted as sexual objects in games, and offered as rewards and such. Now, I happen to agree that there is indeed some problems with sexism in video games, but the solution is not what Sarkeesian would propose. (If Sarkeesian got her way, she'd probably just destroy any hint of sex appeal in games.) Let's be blunt and get straight to the point. Let's talk "bikini" armor, or "sexy" armor. Let's talk about this: Is it wrong to have scantily clad women in fantasy games? Or other games? (Mostly fantasy games.) Is it wrong to prominently display sexuality and sex appeal this way? Is it wrong to have women wear a ludicrously impractical metal bikini for armor? If you've read my previous blog entry, you can probably guess that my answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. It's not wrong. I'm one of the most sex positive people you'll ever meet, and a huge proponent of a healthy celebration of sexuality and sex appeal, and beauty in general. This may sound shallow to some, but I don't see it that way. It's just another wonderful aspect of life to enjoy. An appreciation for this part of life doesn't automatically mean an unhealthy objectification of people. In fact, I submit that appreciating and enjoying sexual beauty, and sexually objectifying people are mutually exclusive. I can enjoy beauty and still look at people (or even video game characters) as complex individuals. Back to the bikini armor--Anita Sarkeesian makes the assertion over and over again that such things are not armor. Well, no sh*t P.I. Rarity. Who said it was? Of course these revealing swimsuit outfits aren't going to protect characters in battle. It's a GAME. It doesn't have to be realistic. Why can't we have some sexy outfits if we want 'em? What's the harm in that? Is is really so evil? Well, according to Sarkeesian, you bet your sweet patootie it is. (Oh, whoops. Shouldn't have said patootie. That's evil and sexist, too.) And Sarkeesian's answer to the question, "what's the harm?" is that is will create a society full of men who don't know how to respect women. We're gonna be a horde of Dothraki, that's what it is. Well, it's not true. And I'm going to give the same response I do when it comes to children with respect to NSFW internet content: just comes down to parenting. Watch what your kids are playing, teach them properly, demonstrate how to treat women in real life, both by your words and by example, and don't let your children play mature games until they demonstrate mature behavior. Don't blame your problems on games, and don't expect the ESRB to do your job for you, and definitely, (and I can't stress this one enough), definitely don't take away my goddamn sexy games because you don't like 'em!! I love me some sexy games, and I love me some sexy characters, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I respect women, just as I respect all people, I don't mistreat real women, and I don't objectify them, and yet I still enjoy a scantily clad fantasy game character, a phenomenon that Sarkeesian would probably deem impossible. So, I stated that there is a problem. And here it is: The problem is that we often have sexualized female characters in revealing outfits, but their male counterparts are always these giant tanks wearing so much armor that they look more like a vehicle from Mad Max: Fury Road. This is a double standard, and it's unfair. (Unless you actually have a valid, story based reason for it.) So, what's the solution? Well, it's not to cover up all of the females, as Sarkeesian would like. It's....*drumroll*....yup, you guess it! Let's show some skin on the males! Offer equally revealing, equally sexualized male variants. I'm arguing for equality, but not equality by censorship. I argue for equal celebration of sexual beauty. Depending on the game, it could also make sense to offer "real", practical armor and "sexy" armor for each sex, and let players choose what they want. Now, revealing armor and sexy outfits don't have a place in every game. It all depends on the game. I don't want revealing, silly armor for my Spartans in Halo. Some games are serious business, and it would ruin the story to have impractical garbs. Skyrim was another game that made the right choice to have practical armor. But Final Fantasy games?! Kingdoms of Amalur?! Heck YEAH! Sexy all the way! Just offer both for players who want it, and offer the same types of outfits for male characters. Now, if it seems like this idea wouldn't fly, I'd like to take a moment to point out this: I mean, these guys are in armored bikini briefs, for Celestia's sake. They're heavily sexualized. Now, maybe it was actually more practical for them to be able to move, but the point is that we just need more options like this for male characters in games. But too often, we see the armored bikini goddess, as in that first picture, and the male tank, as in the second. Just, y'know, take a lesson from 300. It's not rocket science. God of War did it. Have realistic attire in games that warrant it, have sexy attire when applicable, offer both when feasible, and offer equally revealing outfits for males. Incidentally, I'd like to place Warframe on a pedestal for managing to simultaneously be the most equal, least sexist, and (in my opinion) sexiest game ever made. It is possible.
  21. Wasn't sure if i should put it in the Media section, of if it's good enough for a general discussion, so here it goes. I just recently thought of my childhood and the things that i had back then. Back then, for example, i waited for a whole week, to watch my favorite TV Shows and when it came to Video Games, i just had a limited collection of Video Games at my disposal. These days, when i want to watch a certain programm or movie, i just go on my Netflix Account and pick out of 1000 Shows and movies and i also have over 100 video game titles on Steam at my disposal. While i also have other things to entertainment myself. I look at all that and i ask myself "Boy, that's so much." Sometimes, i just don't know what to do, because i am getting buried by all this stuff. Like, do we really need that much? I kinda feel like Back to the future 2 became real, because these days, i feel like watching 6 channels at the same time, just to keep up with everything. Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by that? Would you like it a bit more simple? (If this is the wrong section, please move it)
  22. I'm not sure if someone's created a topic on this recently, but I'm starting a new thread here on the Fire Emblem series. Favorite game? Favorite lord? Favorite hero (non-lord)? Favorite villain? Favorite class?
  23. It seem we got a topic on unpopular Movies and TV series opinion and so I decided to make this. Since we have a lot of gamers here. Here's mine For Five Night at Freddy's I believe the real serial killer is Michael Atfon, and who's also Springtrap. Not his father, Willian Afton. Most of the SW games is a yawn since they keep bringing the "Darth vader" era into the time frame over and over agian. Dark Souls is hard yes, but I also think it fair if you know how to level or equip your characters. That's all I have so far Share!
  24. I've been seeing numerous ads about Google Stadia, and I'm wondering how good it really is. I personally haven't used Google Stadia before, and I don't have an opinion on it yet.