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Found 637 results

  1. heavens-champion

    Gaming Rage or Fallout: Which is better?

    Which is the better post-apocalyptic game? Rage or Fallout?
  2. We always seems to discuss the best of everything, but what about letdowns? So did you ever bought a game that didn't quite live up to the hype or your expectations?
  3. A fair number of us have played and enjoy video games. Which games mean the most to you? It can be a game that you really enjoy, or even a game that you grew up with as a child. You don't need to limit yourself to one. Just name the games that have the most meaning to you and if you want, add a brief explanation. I'll begin: Super Mario 64 DS First Super Mario game I ever played and one of the first video games I played. I have memories of avidly exploring the castle and stages in the game. The variety of stages and the atmosphere of areas such as Jolly Roger Bay, or the mystery of locations such as the Princesses' Secret Slide, were amazing to bear witness too. The minigames were also a great time waster and I have spent time in an attempt to set freakishly high records on them. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 I remember when I finally beat this game at my grandma's house, with my family cheering me on. It was most certainly a rush. Pokémon Platinum Pokemon Platinum is a game which I've wasted many hours on. Whether it was training Pokemon teams, or breeding Pokemon, my mind was always captivated by the game and it's events. There was never truly a dull moment that I faced in my experience with game. Mega Man 2 I will not lie, this game always used to get the better of me. I could never beat any of the robot masters and I always gave up when I failed to progress. Although, as time passed, I got better and better. Eventually, I played through it and beat it. Beating Dr. Wily with just a sliver of health and one life left, is something that I cannot truly describe. There was also a water based racing game on the PC that I played when I was 4-5. I have such fond memories of it, but I cannot remember the name for the life of me.
  4. ultrairongorilla

    Gaming What Games Got You Into Gaming?

    Playing games like the Banjo Kazooie series, War Of The Monsters on Playstation 2, Destroy All Humans, Star Wars Battlefront games, Ratchet and Clank games, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, and oddly enough Simpsons Hit & Run, and Road Rage were the games that really got me into video games. I used to LOVE the atmosphere in Gauntlet Dark Legacy as a kid. It's one of the earliest memories that I have actually playing video games with my Dad, and my cousins.
  5. feeling weird and bored so w/e. Just remember it's the last one you completed, not just the last one you played. Black Ops III, on my side. IDK. I'll definitely stay the fuck away from Zurich and Singapore. That much is a given.
  6. Games. Games are fun! Definitely. Well, not always. Sometimes. games can be frustrating and not in a good way either. A game can sometimes anger us and just make us feel oh so frustrated and the results may not be good. For some of us this may happen rarely but for others it could be a common occurrence due to one reason or another. So I want to ask and discuss, do video games tend to frustrate you easily? What is your history with this? Me, they do frustrate me easily. My whole life I have had anger problems, yay for bad mental health. It has been a big problem in the past and nowadays, I try my hardest to avoid playing games that could potentially frustrate me to a high degree. Often, if I get frustrated enough, this could result in a meltdown and that never ends well, since it can result to me...well, hitting my face. I am autistic before you ask. So those moments are not good, especially in combination with my anxiety problems, so I try to avoid those moments at all costs now.
  7. What is your favorite game in the Mario Kart series? I've played every game in the series but Mario Kart 8, and my favorite is Mario Kart Wii. I love its wide selection of tracks, karts, and players.
  8. Summer Greetings

    Movies/TV Top 10 Anime Guys

    Okay so I sat on that thread that was asking about your favorite anime girls for like 10 minutes and I just COULD NOT think of any for the life of me, but a ton of guys I remembered came up! So instead of just being all "hur dur I can't think of any girls so here's some guys" I decided to make a new topic. So why don't all you lovely ponies tell me about your favorite guys in anime. And maybe some reasons if you're feeling really bold. Whether it be attitude, appearance, the curvature of their spine, whatever! Also it doesn't HAVE to be in order! Honestly I've always been bad at rating my love for things in order so just throw em out as they come to you! 10. Ritsu Kasanoda from Ouran Host Club - "No. I'm not a human weapon. I was just born with this scary-looking face." His whole "rawr I'm a bad ass" persona covering up his desire to have friends and be loved is absolutely adorable. And when he starts "training" to be a part of the Host Club? Priceless. x3 9. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist - "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A RUNT SO TINY HE COULD ONLY BE SEEN WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS, YOU JERK!" Honestly his character is actually pretty annoying to me... But he still makes the list because of the love he shows for his brother and despite being a shrimp, has a gorgeous body build and some pretty luscious hair when he lets it down. lol 8. Crow from Deadman Wonderland - "Ssslice!" He's a tough guy that turns red at the sight of a sexy lady. I know, dime a dozen. But his honorable personality and the fact he actually has a reason to wear an eye patch (ala surgically removed from his skull while he was still awake) make him an awesome character. 7. Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy - "Ku ku ku!" Seriously what can I say about this big lug? He would be the best maid ever! He's got super human strength, he's loyal, he's a master of cooking and cleaning and various other skills. I mean he has no regard for personal space, but that's a small price to pay. ;3 6. Crona from Soul Eater - "Ewww...I don't want to hang out with someone disgusting as poop!" Yeah, yeah, I know they never right out and say if it's a boy or a girl but I don't care. It'll always be a guy in my mind. Crona is probably one of the only characters in this show who didn't bug the ever living shit out of me. I know everyone in the show had their own little OCD or whatever, but being nervous and "not able to deal with something" makes much more sense to me. 5. Shikamaru Nara from Naruto - "Oh, man… those clouds are so lucky… so free…" Calm, calculating and cute as a button. Probably one of the best laid back characters I've seen portrayed in an anime. Might seem lazy and easy to give up but just knows on a deep level when effort won't pay off. 4. L Lawliet from Death Note - "I'll give you a strawberry if you keep this a secret" An eccentric "master detective" that has an insatiable hunger for sweets. What's not to love? Also very cute moment with Light when he was drying off his feet. You try and tell me that wasn't an intimate moment! xD 3. Kamina from Gurren Lagann - "Who the hell do you think I am?!" Because he's just so damn GAR! <3 2. Vyers from Disgaea - "I am the aristocrat who loves beauty and strength above all else. I'm Vyers, The Dark Adonis!" You want elegant? You got it. Despite how much he gets bashed and stomped on by the protagonists he always had an air about him that was akin to James from the Pokemon series. They're both just so... charming! 1. TK from Angel Beats! - "Hey yo check this out it's a moon walk, it's a moon walk, headspin!" This guy is amazing and never fails to crack me up with how out of the loop he always seems to be. Eyes always covered with a bandana, never saving much of anything besides short English phrases and frequently dancing and boppin' around to some beat only he can hear. Love, love, loooove.
  9. Ryzu

    Request 16x16 bit Request

    I need a 16x16 Sprite for the main character in the zelda knock off I'm making. Base it off Link himself please; with some sort of main color that can be changed.
  10. I made an incredible realization about my own mind while playing God of War III. In fact, it's so strange that I'm actually having trouble believing it. There are several mini-games in God of War III that involve flying up and down the Chain of Balance, dodging obstacles and debris. Here is one such scene. In this scene, you use your Icarus wings to fly up the chain. Just watch long enough to get the basic idea. Now, during this scene, I find that I must have the y movement axis inverted. My brain expects this to behave like a flight sim. It feels like it should play like Starfox. I should tilt the stick up and move down, and vice versa. If I use normal axes, I can't play it to save my life. I die every time. With inverted, I pass it on the first try every time. Now check this out. In this scene, you free fall down the chain. During this scene, I have to have normal controls, or I can't do it! With an inverted y-axis, I can't play, and I die every time! With normal controls, I'm flawless every time. There is absolutely no functional difference between these scenes whatsoever. Literally the only difference is that you can see your wings in one, and not the other. The only explanation for this phenomenon is simply the knowledge that I'm ascending in one, and falling in the other. For some reason, my brain expects ascension to behave like a flight sim, but free falling to behave normally. If the devs removed the wings from the first scene, and told me that I was falling, I would probably need normal axes, and vice versa on the second scene. This stunning realization about the expectations of my mind has me reeling. I don't like feeling so uncertain. I'm the type of person who wants all things to make logical sense. I want to be able to play these scenes consistently with ONE control type (I don't really care which). But I can't. This phenomenon duplicates itself every time I play. It's not a problem, and it's kinda neat, really, but it makes my brain itch because it feels like my world won't cohere. This is irrefutable proof of how belief and expectation can radically alter your brain's entire way of functioning. How f*cking crazy is that?!!
  11. Justin_Case001

    Adult Gamers

    I'd like to talk for a few minutes about adult gamers, and the surprising mindset still lingering in a few people today that video games are but a child's toy that a mature adult has no business playing. Considering where I am at the moment, the MLP forums, I'd be willing to make a deal to eat my computer if there's a single person on these forums who harbors this opinion, however, this opinion is still floating around in the world. There are still those who hear about an adult who plays video games, shake their heads, and says, "Ugh. How can a grown man/woman waste their time with children's toys? Grow up." I recently watched a old video by Boogie2988 about this very subject. I'm sure many of you are familiar with him. Here's the video if you're interested. It's old, but not old enough to be irrelevant by any means. The following story is basically a response to that video, and a story you can tell if you ever meet someone who says games are just for kids. I am 31. I have been a die hard gamer for my entire life. I started gaming practically before I could walk. About five or so years ago, my mom got into gaming. She would have been....~57 at the time. She had her first taste of video games, as many older folks have, with Wii Sports. She has never been interested in gaming before. She never gave it much thought. It didn't seem to her like something she'd be interested in, or indeed able to do. It was a young person's thing. But she was instantly intrigued by the Wii Sports. (And props to Nintendo, here; they were really ingenious with Wii Sports, and the Wii in general. It attracted so many people outside of the regular demographic. They expanded their market so much. It really was a smart move, and a brilliant business model.) So, my mom asked if she could try it, and I did it with her, and to all of our surprise, she loved it. She asked me to play it with her all the time, and I gladly made time to do so, even though I wasn't all that interested, to be honest. I'd rather play Final Fantasy, or Skyrim, or Halo or something. After awhile, my mom wanted more, and became curious about what she could do. I took it upon myself to become a gaming mentor to her, and to try to expand her horizons. We bought some simple Wii games to get her started. She loves CSI and Project Runway, so we got the Wii games of those. Little more than animated menus, these games can hardly be called games. They are rudimentary point and click apps that would be best suited to a phone. (Indeed, I have mobile app games that are more robust than those.) She devoured these quickly and was hungry for more. We graduated to some more substantial games, and got her Final Fantasy: Chocobo's Dungeon, Epic Mickey, and Disney Universe. She loved them. I mean, she absolutely loved them. She was just madly in love with Epic Mickey and Chocobo. She played them non-stop. She had a lot of trouble along the way, but I helped her every step of the way. She then had her first experience with a sh*tty game, which every gamer has to square with at some point.. She tried Cursed Mountain on Wii. When she got stuck, and I tried to help, and I can attest to the fact that that game was definitely sh*t. She resold it back to the used game place. She played a few other simple Wii games after that, but she quickly started running out of options. Her needs were growing a bit specific: she needed a real, robust game with enough challenge to be interesting, but not so hard as to become a roadblock when she runs into a boss she can't handle. After all, she was very new at this. A small fish in a small pond. I tried to think of what would fit the bill. I did some research, watched tons of Wii reviews. Nothing where the game would stop if she can't beat a boss. No God of War games. That wouldn't do. She needed freedom. I had a wild idea, and I decided to pitch it out of the blue one day. After helping her with something on Mickey, I said, "So, mom, would you like to learn how to play Skyrim?" She was surprised, a little hesitant, but then said, "Yeah. Absolutely." And so, we undertook the epic journey. I had already mastered Skyrim inside and out, so I would be her guide and mentor. I gave her semi-formal lessons. I even formulated a bit of a curriculum in my head before-hand. We would sort of alternate between lessons on smithing, enchanting, perk constellations and all that stuff, and hands-on combat training. She did amazingly well. Over the months, I watched her grow from bumbling around like an idiot, getting stuck in a corner and helplessly spinning in a circle while looking at the floor, to playing completely proficiently, crafting dual-enchanted Daedric armor, killing Alduin, getting stealth kills, riding her horse, and using an infinite alteration set to hold a piece of fruit with telekinesis to level grind. Oh, she was no pro-gamer by any means, and certainly could not survive Legendary difficulty, but she was absolutely proficient. She LOVED it. So much. She had the most fun she's had in years. She was blown away by how much she loved it. She did everything. Every quest, every house, every thane task, every misc objective. Everything. She milked Skyrim for every drop it was worth, and she wanted more. I recently picked out a new game for her. It was a bold choice, and I wasn't sure how it would work out, but my instincts told me she'd love it. Red Dead Redemption. Now, here's the odd thing--I've never played Red Dead. (Yes, yes, I know--crucify me, right here and now.) I own it for PS3, but I've never played it. It's sitting, along with many other great titles (Last of Us, for one) in my to-play stack. The only reason I haven't gotten to it is simply time constraints. I'm just too busy, and I tend to put more of a priority on the multiplayer games that my friends are into on Steam. But I'm a GTA 4 veteran, and I knew Red Dead would be similar, and I knew enough about it that I knew I could trust the game and the developer. So we bought it for her on 360. She knew I had never played it, so she knew she would be sailing into uncharted (yes, that's in my to-play stack also) waters. She wasn't in the small pond anymore. She was in the middle of the f*cking ocean. I gave her the Celestia-type speech: "I'll still be here to help and guide you, but this is your game now, and you must rely on yourself now. Remember everything I've taught you." I am immensely proud of her. It's amazing. So little experience, such a newbie, such a green gamer, and she is handling herself remarkably well. Sure, she dies a lot, and combat is tough at times, but she plays that game. I mean, she plays the hell out of it. She completes missions, kills the bandits, rides horses, plays mini-games, collects money, harvests resources, hunts animals, explores the world. She really does it, and all on her own, and she f*cking LOVES it. She is so excited to play it. She never imagined that she'd enjoy shooting bandits and hunting game in the wild west; it's so far removed from the norm of her life, but she absolutely f*cking LOVES it. Just loves it. Gaming has become a fantastic new hobby for my mom. Her life was getting a little...shall we say...routine, and gaming has given her so much new fun and excitement. And there's no question that it's sharpening her mind and dexterity as well. And she's even playing Final Fantasy VI from the Wii virtual store on the side! And you know what she loves almost more than gaming? Telling people she's a gamer! She doesn't go around broadcasting it or anything, but when it comes up naturally, she gets such a big kick out telling people, and she just loves their total shock that an older woman plays f*ckin' Skyrim, Final Fantasy, and Red Dead. It just tickles her to death. She is extremely proud of her hobby, and I'm so happy for her. My mother is 62 years old, and she plays the hell out f*cking RED DEAD REDEMPTION, and loves it. Games are for everyone. That's all I have to say. *EDIT* Update a few months later--She's now working on the Halos. Finished 1 and loved it. Nearly done with 2. And she got Fallout 3 for later.
  12. Justin_Case001

    Sexism & Video Games

    Expanding on the recent theme of the last several entries... I've been meaning to tackle this issue for years, and am just now getting around to it. If you're a gamer, and a regular denizen of the various interwebs, then you've probably heard the name Anita Sarkeesian at some point. (In fact, you're probably sick of hearing that name.) I'm not sure how relevant this issue still is, or if it's drifted away from the spotlight, but for some time, Sarkeesian was making quite a bit of noise about sexism and the misrepresentation of women in video games. If you're unfamiliar with Sarkeesian, it will probably only take about one minute of watching her content on youtube to know all you need to. In short, she seems to believe that if a man finds a woman physically, sexually attractive, in any context, under any circumstances, then it's sexist and wrong. (Perhaps a little bit of an unfair generalization of her, but it doesn't seem too far from the mark.) She makes quite a lot of displeased noise about women being depicted as sexual objects in games, and offered as rewards and such. Now, I happen to agree that there is indeed some problems with sexism in video games, but the solution is not what Sarkeesian would propose. (If Sarkeesian got her way, she'd probably just destroy any hint of sex appeal in games.) Let's be blunt and get straight to the point. Let's talk "bikini" armor, or "sexy" armor. Let's talk about this: Is it wrong to have scantily clad women in fantasy games? Or other games? (Mostly fantasy games.) Is it wrong to prominently display sexuality and sex appeal this way? Is it wrong to have women wear a ludicrously impractical metal bikini for armor? If you've read my previous blog entry, you can probably guess that my answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. It's not wrong. I'm one of the most sex positive people you'll ever meet, and a huge proponent of a healthy celebration of sexuality and sex appeal, and beauty in general. This may sound shallow to some, but I don't see it that way. It's just another wonderful aspect of life to enjoy. An appreciation for this part of life doesn't automatically mean an unhealthy objectification of people. In fact, I submit that appreciating and enjoying sexual beauty, and sexually objectifying people are mutually exclusive. I can enjoy beauty and still look at people (or even video game characters) as complex individuals. Back to the bikini armor--Anita Sarkeesian makes the assertion over and over again that such things are not armor. Well, no sh*t P.I. Rarity. Who said it was? Of course these revealing swimsuit outfits aren't going to protect characters in battle. It's a GAME. It doesn't have to be realistic. Why can't we have some sexy outfits if we want 'em? What's the harm in that? Is is really so evil? Well, according to Sarkeesian, you bet your sweet patootie it is. (Oh, whoops. Shouldn't have said patootie. That's evil and sexist, too.) And Sarkeesian's answer to the question, "what's the harm?" is that is will create a society full of men who don't know how to respect women. We're gonna be a horde of Dothraki, that's what it is. Well, it's not true. And I'm going to give the same response I do when it comes to children with respect to NSFW internet content: just comes down to parenting. Watch what your kids are playing, teach them properly, demonstrate how to treat women in real life, both by your words and by example, and don't let your children play mature games until they demonstrate mature behavior. Don't blame your problems on games, and don't expect the ESRB to do your job for you, and definitely, (and I can't stress this one enough), definitely don't take away my goddamn sexy games because you don't like 'em!! I love me some sexy games, and I love me some sexy characters, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I respect women, just as I respect all people, I don't mistreat real women, and I don't objectify them, and yet I still enjoy a scantily clad fantasy game character, a phenomenon that Sarkeesian would probably deem impossible. So, I stated that there is a problem. And here it is: The problem is that we often have sexualized female characters in revealing outfits, but their male counterparts are always these giant tanks wearing so much armor that they look more like a vehicle from Mad Max: Fury Road. This is a double standard, and it's unfair. (Unless you actually have a valid, story based reason for it.) So, what's the solution? Well, it's not to cover up all of the females, as Sarkeesian would like. It's....*drumroll*....yup, you guess it! Let's show some skin on the males! Offer equally revealing, equally sexualized male variants. I'm arguing for equality, but not equality by censorship. I argue for equal celebration of sexual beauty. Depending on the game, it could also make sense to offer "real", practical armor and "sexy" armor for each sex, and let players choose what they want. Now, revealing armor and sexy outfits don't have a place in every game. It all depends on the game. I don't want revealing, silly armor for my Spartans in Halo. Some games are serious business, and it would ruin the story to have impractical garbs. Skyrim was another game that made the right choice to have practical armor. But Final Fantasy games?! Kingdoms of Amalur?! Heck YEAH! Sexy all the way! Just offer both for players who want it, and offer the same types of outfits for male characters. Now, if it seems like this idea wouldn't fly, I'd like to take a moment to point out this: I mean, these guys are in armored bikini briefs, for Celestia's sake. They're heavily sexualized. Now, maybe it was actually more practical for them to be able to move, but the point is that we just need more options like this for male characters in games. But too often, we see the armored bikini goddess, as in that first picture, and the male tank, as in the second. Just, y'know, take a lesson from 300. It's not rocket science. God of War did it. Have realistic attire in games that warrant it, have sexy attire when applicable, offer both when feasible, and offer equally revealing outfits for males. Incidentally, I'd like to place Warframe on a pedestal for managing to simultaneously be the most equal, least sexist, and (in my opinion) sexiest game ever made. It is possible.
  13. mrbronydash85

    best video games played

    what are your guys favorite games
  14. So how do you feel about the current trend of micro-transactions in video games with games like EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 being called out for putting too much weight behind the paywall for progress? I have been seeing this trend for online and offline games more and more recently, especially with triple-A titles, it has always been there but not on the same scale as we have it today. Just how far will some companies push these micro-transactions, one example I can give of it going too far would be in World of Tanks, I saw a bundle being sold for 900 odd dollars for a bundle with virtual tanks (most of which were pretty trash and probably will never use)! Do you think the system should be overhauled, removed or kept the way it's?
  15. Games that you have played, that are unheard of by most, that you enjoy. Games that have been forgotten with time, or games that just never got noticed but are good or enjoyable. For me I'd say the game Scaler is pretty well forgotten, a game which I personally do enjoy :3
  16. DLC or 'downloadable content' is something that can either be done incredibly well and add to a video game in many ways or it can be a corporate tool to get more money from gamers. With this in mind, do you all have a particular favorite DLC's for a game? Or how about your least favorite? There are plenty to find for both categories I am sure. You can also just say what type of DLC is your favorite/least favorite. One of my favorite pieces of DLC has to be The Stone Prisoner from Dragon Age Origins. It gave you many new quests if I remember, a whole new awesome character to have in your party and other additional content, that is how it should be done. The DLC for the Elder Scrolls games are way up there for me as well. Huh, two western RPG's doing DLC right, weird. Both of these games have DLC that actually enhance the experience and lengthen it too. A least favorite of mine has to be the map packs for Call of Duty. Take the newest entry Advanced Warfare as an example. In it's map packs, you get: One zombies map, 4 multiplayer maps, and one new gun. All for $15. Given that the multiplayer maps split the community and that one gun is just that, one gun, these packs are not worth it. This highlights two types of DLC that I cannot stand; Content that is obviously ripped from the base game and sold to us later and DLC that costs a chunk of what the original game costs and does not have the content to justify the price point. That is happening a lot lately. Also, season passes are a pet peeve of mine.
  17. ultrairongorilla

    Gaming Rareware Fan Club

    Rareware is a company that I'm sure many of us are familar with. Whether it be for their side scrolling games on NES, or Super Nintendo, like the Donkey Kong Country Series or Battletoads, the Banjo Kazooie series on N64, or maybe even some games on the Xbox, like Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Whatever the reason, Rareware still has it's place in many gamers hearts even to this day. I grew up with Banjo Kazooie, Tooie, and Conker's Bad Fur Day mostly, and I did play some Diddy Kong Racing when I was really young.
  18. So Shaq Fu 2 just released it's new trailer, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I have the first game on Sega Genesis, and yeah, it's pretty horrible. What do you guys think? The new game is also confirmed to be on the Nintendo Switch.
  19. To elaborate, if YOU, not your avatar or OC, but YOU, were the main character or an NPC in the very last video game you played, how long could you survive? For me, Fallout 4. As main character: Kick everyone's asses. As an NPC: Keep trading with the Lone Survivor and take all of his/her caps. That or wait until he/she kills me, in which case, XP *ded*
  20. IsraelYabuki

    Favorite Boss Battle

    As fellow gamers, we've been fighting loads of RPGs Action and Adventure games. But out of all the bosses we've fought in each game, which of the boss battles was your favorite? My favorite boss battle would be the Groundshaker from Kingdom Hearts 2
  21. I realize I've been a huge fan of the Ratchet and Clank series for about 10 years now, so I thought I'd give my thoughts on it. The games involve Ratchet, a feline alien called a Lombax who goes on Space adventures with his robotic buddy Clank. It's a 3rd person Shooter platformer series. What make this series for me are the extensive amount of creative weapons, the humorous and yet charming dialogue, and the near Pixar level story and presentation of the later games, which amount to making one of my favorite game series of all time. I was introduced to this series back in early 2008 at my local Target, when my parents said I could pick up one game, and I ended up picking up the fourth game, Ratchet Deadlocked (or Gladiator if you live in Europe) and absolutely loving it. What I didn't know at the time, was that Ratchet Deadlocked was vastly different game from the rest of the series, relying more on combat and arena based gameplay than any of the others. (Also with more swearing and being slightly darker). So that same year, I ended getting Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal and not really caring for it. Ratchet and Clank 1 was the next game I got, (oddly enough I remember the choice between this and some Sopranos game, though I think I made the better choice) and I ended up getting stuck on the flooding tunnel on The Black Water City level. I got Ratchet and Clank Going Commando soon after and played the crap out of that one. Though the last level, planet Yeedil really was extremely tough for me at the time, with a cluster mess of protopets and respawing Soldier enemies and with very little checkpoints. So after playing 2, I really grew to appreciate the series more, but I really love 2, for showing me what the series was like without looking at it though the black sheep glasses. I eventually played 1-4 back to back and while I still enjoy all 4, I will admit the first game has aged a bit now a days, with more clunky controls and the fact the weapons can't upgrade until new game plus mode. I also got a PSP a few years later for the non canon game Size Matters, which...yeah it's still mediocre and as is the other non canon PSP Game Secret Agent Clank. And their even worse downgraded PS2 versions.... I remember going to Wal-Mart and playing the Playstation 3 they had set up and the game they had set up was Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction. I was so excited for it I ended up putting it on my Christmas list as soon as I got home that evening. The Christmas of 2008, I got a Playstation 3 and Ratchet and Clank Tools Of Destruction which I remember putting it in and not being able to play it right away due to some memory glitch. So I had to go to the Playstation store and download the demo of Wall-E to just delete it to make some invisible room for TOD. Tools of Destruction ended up being probably the game I've played more than any other. The game at the time was the most like an animated movie I had ever played.II was enthralled with the visual and story direction, I had never played a game like this before. Without spoiling anything, the ending is pretty genius and a tad bit depressing. (also that 2007 end credits music) The ending made me eager to play the next game, which was the short as heck downloadable game Quest for Booty. Not a great game, but a fun little adventure nonetheless. The ending of this one made my jaw drop at the time it was so unexpected. The final of the trilogy, A Crack In Time, was announced and I remember watching the trailers and being more excited for it than any other game at the time. I got it day one, and completed it within 3 days. I was not disappointed in the slightest. This to me, is the series Magnum Opus. Perfect Difficulty balance, customize your own weapons, Engaging Story, Jet Boots, a Ton of Collectibles, Time Travel Puzzles, Space Exploration, More creative weapons, more boss fights, and while not the most conclusive ending in the world, still left me satisfied, and warmed my heart. This game to me is the closest to an animated movie I've ever played. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot. I didn't play All 4 One, Full Frontal Assault, when they came out, and Into the Nexus is.....ok. When the remake game and movie came out in 2016, I replayed every single game in the series(except the PSP games) to get ready for it. Here are my short thoughts on each game individually Ratchet and Clank (2002) - Still a good game but has some serious early installment weirdness. I like Drek as a villain, and his final boss fight is extremely challenging. Best Soundtrack out of the original PS2 games by far. Ratchet and Clank Going Commando - Got me to appreciate the series, Good weapons, Creative levels like the rocket facility and the Sky Storage Unit level. Fun and fast paced Biker and Space combat levels. It does run out of steam just a bit towards the end though. Easiest Final Boss in the series. Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal- Best of the PS2 games. Introduces Doctor Nefarious and his Butler Lawrence which are the best villain in the series. It trims the fat from Going Commando, and creates a more streamlined and fast paced game, and brings back a ton of characters. One of the themes of the game is what does it mean to be a real hero. The game feels bigger than the previous 2 games. Doctor Nefarious is a blast to watch. The perfect combination of threatening and hilarious. The last level getting through the Command Center at the end with no checkpoints and not dying is as exhilarating as it is intense. Deadlocked- My first game in the series that I still have a soft spot for. It's a generally good game, and is probably the shortest of the original games. Though playing this game first left me confused about that the post credits scene was. I actually like the arena stuff, and the game show aspect is a highlight Do not play the HD version on Playstation 3, it's a terrible port filled with bugs like crashing and freezing. The HD ports of the first 3 games are pretty bad too, with tons of glitches and graphical problems. Size Matters - Mediocre watered down version of the rest of the series. bit of a rehash plot of the first game. Not horrible just mediocre. Secret Agent Clank - Only beat this once, weird continuity problems. Kind of boring, weird villain. Just a weird and unnecessary game. Tools Of Destruction - Awesome game from start to finish, epic story, fun ball puzzles, great soundtrack, ton of fun weapons, has the most underrated villain in the series, and adds a ton of depth to Ratchet and Clank as characters. Also Jello gun. Quest For Booty- Short but sweet. Not a lot of replayablity though. The ending was a highlight for me when it came out. A Crack In Time - My favorite game in the series and one of my favorite video games of all time. I love the story, I love the weapons, the atmosphere in some levels is incredible, the time travel puzzles are a ton of fun to figure out, I love the attention to detail and Easter eggs hidden in some of the levels, the space exploration is a blast and the game is absolutely hilarious, and can even be pretty emotional too. Seriously this game has some pretty gut wrenching stuff in it. You can tell they thought this would be their last game, so they put as much effort into it to make the series go out with a bang. All 4 One - I played this single player, and boy did this game drag. Some of the levels go on for far too long, and the game can be kind of childish at times. Also undoes a plot point that A Crack In Time finished, which I was kind of miffed by. Not a bad game, just kind feels like an afterthought. Full Frontal Assault- My least favorite game in the series, the tower defense game aspect doesn't really fit well, a really shoehorned in villain, outdated meme jokes even at the point when this game came out, and most of the game feels like busy work. Probably one the most difficult in the series too. Into the Nexus- A short and very ok game with a massive game breaking bug at the end. It plays like a Ratchet and Clank game, that's really all I can say about the game. Much better than the previous two games. I thought the trippy side scrolling Clank sections were fun and the call back museum at the end was really cool. I really liked Vendra and Neftin as villains. Vendra's goth girl design is great, and anything Nika Futterman voices in is always a plus. I thought their own backstory was a good mirror to Ratchet's own personal story.Still the story basically end with nothing of any importance being concluded, so I ask what was the point, as the game ends on a pretty crappy note, and because the series was rebooted, nothing this game brought up will be concluded. If you play this game, make sure you finish everything before the final boss, because if you don't and leave the final boss area and come back, your jet boots will be won't activate anymore, and they are required for the final boss fight. Ratchet and Clank Remake 2016 - The first time I played this game, I had a dumb grin on my face the whole time. It's a great game, but it's really short, really easy(even on hard) and offers less freedom than in previous games. I actually manged to platinum this game within 3 weeks after I bought it. The game is gorgeous and oozing with personality. I loved all thecallbacks to the other games in the series The biggest gripe I have with it is is that it uses scenes from the movie and puts them into the game, just slightly abridged. Not all of them just some. I definitely would recommend this as your first game in the series if your willing start this series, if not than play 3 or Tools of Destruction first. Definitely the best game in the series since A Crack in Time. Give it a go if you can. The Ratchet and Clank Movie-............It's probably the closest to an accurate video game movie adaptation, but that doesn't mean it's good. Ratchet and Clank barely have enough screen time together, the clever writing of the games is replaced with slapstick humor all throughout, I wasn't a fan of a certain villain they shoehorn in the last act, and a ton of characters are underutilized. It's a shame to because I really liked Elaris's character and design. The movie has a ton of great source material they could work with, instead they go for the most cookie cutter underdog story you've seen a bunch of times over and over again. I liked it when I saw it in theaters, but on subsequent rewatches, it's gotten worse. It's not horrible, just really bland. Angry Birds did a much better job, and that movieof the game didn't have as much of a rich source material to work with as this series does. I love this series and I hope Insomniac's upcoming Spider Man game does well.
  22. This is the thread for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! FF XIV: ARR is an MMO for the PS3/4 and PC. The setting is the fantasy world of Eorzea, which has just entered the 7th Astral Era following the war between the Eorzean Grand Alliance, and the Garlean Empire, which ended when the Primal God Bahamut burst forth from the red moon, Dalamud, and laid waste to the land. You can play as a male or Female of the following races Hyur (Humans) Elezen (Elves) Mi'quote (cat people) Lalafell (hobbits) Roegadyn (very large built, almost animalistic humanoids) You can choose to ally with any of the 3 starting nations Gridania (Very forest-y) Ul'dah (desert climate) Limsa Lominsa (coastal and full of pirates) This game's strength is in it's storyline, and in its not so casual friendly end game content. You won't find a raid that's nearly a face roll, like in other MMOs. I personally find it to be a very rewarding game to play, and feel my PvE accomplishments are well deserved, and never just handed to me. You can easily spend hundreds of hours just getting through the game's story, and exploring its content. What impresses me the most about the game is the music, the stunning graphics, and the sheer vastness of dungeons and end game raiding that can be found, all at different item level difficulties. I would love to see more people in this game, especially with the expansion coming out next month, so please check it out! This is my Lalafell, Star Swirl. I currently play on Behemoth server, AKA the Cool Kid's Table, AKA Best-hemoth.
  23. DDLC is an American-made "anime" dating sim (where anon guy tries to romance cartoon girls), but it's also one of the better ones I've played. The writing is really funny and clever, somewhat MLP-like. In fact, even though there's only four girls, they remind me alot of the Mane Six. The game drags at first, but it gets pretty story heavy later on. Also, there are major spoilers floating around online so it's best to play it flying blind to get the full effect. Even if you're not into anime or dating sims, it's still pretty funny, downright hysterical at times. Also, if you're worried about inappropriate content, it's pretty PG-13. No sex/nudity, etc. You can actually download it for free but I'm not gonna post the link here cause reasons. Minor spoilers below:
  24. Although most people knew about it before it was officially announced, the game was officially announced yesterday at Capcom Cup 2017. Is any one else hyped about it? There is also a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in May.
  25. joanro

    Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

    So, yesterday was Capcom Cup 2017 and it was really exciting. I think Tokido with his Akuma was definitely the favorite to win the tournament, but I think people totally slept on Mena RD and his Birdie. He ended up winning the tournament. Tokido just couldn’t come up with an answer for his Birdie. And after that, Capcom revealed the new character. Everyone already knew what character it was going to be based on the hints they had given, but it was still exciting to finally see Sakura in the game. They also showed the other characters coming to the game which includes Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat. I am definitely excited for Arcade Edition because I am hoping it brings more players to the game. It’s definitely a good point to jump into the game if any one has been thinking about it. Ranks are going to be reset and the meta will probably change due to nerfs and buffs.