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Found 1015 results

  1. This forum is for the last YouYube video you watched, in case you had not noticed from the title. If the last one you watched is worth sharing, or might apply to others, then go right ahead! Also keep in mind that they should be appropriate for lower age levels, if you know what I mean. Keep it SFW, ponies. Don't make it too heavy on swearing, nothing too inappropriate, you guys know the drill! And the only video that you are certainly not allowed to post: Please, let them not include knitting. OK! We're all set! The last video I watched was the Beatles studio outtakes. I find it to be pretty funny, if you have the same kind for sense of humor as I do. It's 7 minuets long sooo do what you will with it.
  2. Back again with more siggy wiggies. I would have had 3 more parts but I screwed up the recording on the other one. Learned something about that so I guess it works out. Anywho, here be the two new ones. One for Alastor from Hazbin Hotel and another for the band Tesseract.
  3. Sooo, as the title says, respond with a video! Make Equestria great again
  4. Part 2 of my series, this time featuring Angel Dust.
  5. Post your funny or creepy YouTube finds here! going to the store Halo: Reach Fanboy Orgasm.
  6. I ADORE a good lets play! I recently discovered a very funny, and really entertaining one names phycadellicsnake I was just wondering if anypony else watches let's plays, and if so, what are their names and what have they played?
  7. Rules: Please give a reason so that we can understand your decision No speaking of midichlorians Have a pleasant day and may the force be with you!
  8. My OC was created in MSPaint last year (December of 2018) in MSPaint, by mistake. I was drawing freehand with the mouse. I had previously drawn what I would look like in Equestria Girls style, but I had an idea to make the pony version more "crazy hair", and because of mistakes with the mouse, I got a look that almost spoke directly back to me as being an independent drawing not drawn by myself (I have never experienced that before). In the Equestria Girls version, I had chosen to use the psychopath eyes style (that is eyes you can find in Anime/Manga that have tiny pupils, usually really evil guys (Zarbon when he goes mad, Android 17 in the later part of the series, etc). But what if you put those eyes on a pony? And Splashee was born (even before his name was invented, which was much later). The first drawings are my Vector Art (click on them for larger views). They are all done in Adobe Illustrator so that I can export them in any dimensions ever possible, and with any effects applied afterwards: The other drawings you have seen around are drawn in Adobe Photoshop. Except for the animated profile picture, which was drawn and animated in a pixel/palette program called GraphicsGale (used to do pixel art for retro games, it's free and the best palette managing program you can find). Here is Splashee as a duck for the Role Play (Transformation Time!) which I am part of: Last we have the fun one. Here I am speed drawing Splashee (blank flank, because the cutie mark is not friendly to draw by hand) from a nice side view. The speed is 400% the normal, and the video takes 5 minutes of your time: Other than that, Splashee's name is fun to pronounce, and fun to draw! Any OC related information can be found in the RP Character Sheets on the forum LOL
  9. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  10. So while watching the news this morning, I witnessed possibly the most I don't know what to call this news of all time. The World Health Organization will soon recognize "excessive video gaming" as a mental disorder. For me, as an avid gamer, this is a major insult to the gaming community. By doing this, the WHO will essentially cause a huge storm of discrimination and bigotry on the gaming community. We like to play video games simply because it's entertaining and it helps us de-stress. Others argue that it "keeps us away from society" and that "it always becomes an addiction", and other sort of Starlight Glimmer philosophies. I bet you this thread is gonna blow up sooner or later... Links:
  11. This made me cry a little. Please watch it, and post your response.
  12. HELLO, FOLKS! It's time for another development update! PHEW... I've been hard at work adding various new systems to the game in order to make it more enjoyable, as well as polishing up some other things that needed bugfixing for some time now. And I'm glad to say: Demo V0.2.0 has finally been released! There is A LOT to unpack in this new release, so I'll make it very brief ( I am writing this at midnight, after all; I need to go to bed soon! ): *** NEW IN THIS UPDATE *** - Removed the music from the previous release and replaced it with the enhanced Golden Sun soundtrack from the games alpha, due to our composer having left the project. - Re-balanced the EXP system. - Added the alchemy system! - Added an "Options" menu with various settings to adjust! - Added the first handful of Equestria zones, including the first part of the San Palomino Desert and the Equality Shrine! - Added Lightning Storm as a party member! - Added the Power Orb system! - Added 2 additional equipment slots: One extra Accessory slot and a special slot for Power Orbs! - Added the "Special" and "Summon" tabs to the Magic menu. - Reworked the Ember Pony into a melee-based damage class. - Readjusted the stats of the seven player classes and the monsters to fix a few issues found in the previous demo build. - Fixed a few glitches related to skills. - Rewrote the descriptions of the seven classes on the startup menu. - Several other changes and minor bug fixes. Always remember, if you encounter any bugs in the newest build of the game, let me know right away so I can patch them out! This will very likely be the FINAL demo release before the full game comes out. So enjoy all the new stuff! See you on the flip side, everypony!
  13. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  14. Youtube is a great source for entertainment, but are Youtube videos becoming inappropriate? Even though some of the content on Youtube is beginning to be offensive, is there any other videos you know that shouldn't be on Youtube? If so post them below and give us your opinions. Please make sure they aren't too offensive. Do you think Youtube is doing a good job with managing mature content.
  15. As the title says, I’m looking for people to join my independent studio, Universe Animation. Do keep in mind, this is an unpaid part-time offer for those interested in joining a 3D animation studio over at a Discord server. If anyone would like to know my studio’s goals, here they are: 1. Short films 2. Animated series (Storm the Fox is a long-term CGI series with around 700 episodes) 3. Feature films (10 for the manga-based animated series) 4. To keep being independent and untouched by major studios So, those are the goals for my independent studio. Here’s a little more information about it: About the founder: Daniel (undergoing by his username “Dawn Darkness”) has been wanting to make animations and films since he was six years old. By age 20, his dream is becoming realized with a 3D creation suite, Blender 3D. Daniel founded the independent studio, Universe Animation, with a friend from school and kept it open for people to join on a Discord server. Wishing for his future with animated films, he hopes for volunteers to help him in completing his first major project: Storm the Fox, based on an idea he had intentions to draw but abandoned until it resurfaced as a 3D CGI series. About the studio: The independent studio, Universe Animation, was founded in March, 2019, by two school students. Daniel, the founder of the studio, moved it to the Internet for people to join as they wish. The studio’s future lies in animation made in Blender 3D, the main program Daniel wanted to use instead of industry standard, Maya. He wants to make projects with people from all over, be it from Europe or United States. His wish is to have as many people as possible to help him on his journey as an animator. So, there you have a little history of my studio and dreams. If you wish to join, send me a DM or reply here. Thank you for your time.
  16. I am looking for two artists that might be interested in working with me for a 3D film project. What I am looking for, is a storyboard artist and a 2D artist designer for background and character designs to my film. I’ll be explaining on what project I’ll make in a private message if there’s someone who’d like to assist me in making this a reality. A small requirement is to have Discord for me to get to know you a little better. I don’t want strangers to be in my film’s credits, would I? That is all. I await a response.
  17. As the title suggests, I’m in an early search for voice actors to play the characters in my 3D Blender project, Space Wars, which is set in the future, around the 23rd century (in the year 2234 to 2238), in our Milky Way galaxy. The amount of minutes is yet to be determined once animation process begins. Influences include Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5. I am going to be releasing the pilot film worldwide in the cinemas of the globe after its completion. Voices needed are for main characters, supporting and antagonist characters. Their names will be told once I’ve thought of original characters to use in the project, along with original galactic species from my endless ideas. I await any responses if you’re interested in my 3D project.
  18. So I found this video by chance and it has an actually really interesting idea for Gen 5... I doubt it'll end up anything like this but I'd love to see it! Thought ya'll might like to see it too~
  19. You’ve probably seen these remixes of Toy Story and SpongeBob made by Pogo: I would like to see Pogo to do one for MLP:FiM? How about you?
  20. What I am about to say, is that this one is going to be a big project for me and a friend of mine who is very interested into making an original anime series on YouTube. Please, this is our first time making a project together. So, be nice to either his or my work. I've asked him to draw a simple art of one of the antagonists in the series for me to have me select it and possibly making it look better. I'll do the latter on the computer as it'll look much greater there than on paper. The story for the series is coming soon, so be prepared for when that time comes. For now, I'll just say that it is currently in pre-production and is heading off to be a good start for us as we are making it into a reality. Before I dive into the help or assistant needed for the real animation, I'll need the story for the anime from my friend who is currently writing it. I just hope he'll get it done soon, or that it'll take him some time to get it finished. I'll speak to him about the plot for our anime series in a month of how it goes with both the first art and the story. Until when I have more information to the anime, I'll come back and potentially let you know about it. But, I won't be revealing too much for it as that'll spoil the surprise we have in store for it. It'll have to wait till the first episode is finished and produced.
  21. So, I am hoping to start a Horror Youtube Channel. It will have the usual sort of thing you'd expect. Analysis of creepy youtube videos, creepy pasta readings, etc.. the question is, and this is what the first poll will be, what should I start with?
  22. Hello fellow pony fans and I am here to pretty much advertise my Youtube Channel. Normally I don't like doing something like this, but I do want to make myself known and maybe get somewhere with it. I'm not sure if this is against a rule, so if it is then please close or even delete this thread. Moving onto the point, I have been playing games since I was not even five and I still play a lot to this very day (now 29). I like to play most types of games and can be pretty good at them in most cases, though fighting games seem to be the exception to the rule; so to speak, because I am really bad at them. I have a wide range of consoles and even have over 320K Gamerscore for Xbox. This is why I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to record and share my gaming with everyone, rather than just have it as a long going and none profit based hobby. I'm still learning and adding things to improve the video quality (First lot of videos aren't great quality because of not having a strong enough device), but things have improved now. I am also looking for any feed back and advice on what to do better and any support is very much appreciated. Also going to say, there will be nothing MLP related on the channel so I can keep it a channel that everyone would like to go too. Some people are easily scared off because of seeing even the smallest hint of MLP. Don't get me wrong though, I am still a fan of the series (G4) and won't give it up for anything. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my content and support me in any way possible.
  23. Like really early in December last year I started making an anthology series for Action League Now!, so far it’s only got 3 out of 4 of the videos it will have because the series that showed the shorts on had 4 seasons. Here’s a link to the google drive folder with all 3 parts so far I’m around 60 or so percent done with 4. Until then do tell me what you think of them.
  24. I am thinking of creating my own anime series in Toon Boom Harmony. However, I am in the novice level when it comes to drawing, so I could use some help on that regard. You will be credited as the art designer and creator if I use it in the episode of the anime series. I also could use help with sound effects, voice acting, music, and co-writing of the plot. I’m in my thinking state of what it should be about, how it shall have a beginning, middle, and ending. The middle could be in the third season of the anime series, while the ending is the fifth season of the series, the first season is the beginning of the show. Sounds reasonable, right? So, with that outta the way, here’s some rough details about the anime series. Keep in mind, this is going to change in the future. Description: Alain is a young, fourteen year old kid who had lost one of his best friends in the world. He’s thrust into a world of magic, and dragons once he set foot out to the outside beyond from his village. He’ll meet allies, enemies, and most importantly, friendship along the way. What will await for him, only the world may know. So, there you have it. The rough concept idea of my anime series. As stated above, the idea may change in the future to a more suitable description that is better than what I have now. What do you guys say? Willing to lend a hand with my anime?
  25. I am in need of an screenplay writer that can write the screenplay for my film, The Legend of Spyro 3D. This is going to be an 30th anniversary for Spyro the Dragon video game series. The writer for the screenplay will be credited at the end of the movie. The movie will be having humans as Dragon Riders, contrary to what the proposed 3D animated film was to be in 2008. I have humans in mine, because I felt that I should at least make a HTTYD-like film with possibly Activision’s permission. However, just because there are humans in my movie, doesn’t mean there’ll be copyright from DreamWorks. This is an Legend of Spyro only film, by the people who know of the franchise and is making it for fun. No copyright infringement is intended from a future permission by Activision, hopefully. I am currently thinking of the plot for the movie, so a screenplay writer and an manuscript writer could be useful for the movie if any of you are interested in my project. I’ll begin on it in 2026, after publishing my original book trilogy. The manuscript writer will also be credited for writing the script at the end credits of the film.