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Found 21 results

  1. You should all be familiar with the game League of Legends. If not check it out on youtube!So here we can discuss anything about it. What lvl are you, want to join our MLP clan? Need friends?You can all add me if you want too. Im currently playing on EU West.Add: Sir PurrPurrI use to play with Lamii and Freckels, and i enjoy every minute of it.So what do you think of this amazing game?::UPDATE::So a lot of people wanted me to update this post with a few features such as where do everybody on this forum play. I can do that, no problem. But if you want to be on the lest you have to either send me a private message OR quote me.EUW EUE NA
  2. No Touhou thread? This is my chance! Yep, one of (if not the) the most prolific doujin games made now has its own thread at the MLPForums! Discuss anything Touhou, including favorite game(s), favorite character(s), and even inside jokes like watermelon Suika and overeating Yuyuko. First question to start off the topic: What's your favorite Touhou game? Mine is a tie for either Imperishable Night or Ten Desires. I don't know why, but they both just stand out to me in their own way.
  3. Hey Guise, Violet here. I've sorta kept quiet about this little project I'm doing, It's a little album called 'Noteblock it!' a album where I create and record my noteblock songs in Minecraft. I'm going to release it here soon, for free of course. I've run out of ideas for tracks right now, and I'd like to make more. What I'd like for people to do is post a response with a song they'd like my to cover / remake. (If you can, please link me to some sheet music for the track, that way I can make it faster, I made Smash TV, Dr.Fetus' Castle, Rainbow Factory, Moog City, and Repentant by ear, and it takes me awhile, so please link me to some sheet music if you can!). So far, I have all 25 tracks: 0. Select Your Fighter 1. Smash TV (Area 1) 2. Corneria (Fixed levels) 3. Dr. Fetus' Castle 4. Harder Better Faster Stronger 5. Moog City 6. Kokiri Forest 7. Rainbow Factory 8. Treasure Trove Cove Rusty Bucket Bay (Replaced due to how I hate how it came out in the end, won't be included in the album.) 9. Repetant 10. Bad Apple!! 11. Azalea Town 12. Cave Story Final Battle Music 13. Onett 14. King Dedede 15. Sonic 3 Ending Music (Stranger in Moscow) 16. Toxic Caves 17. Chemical Plant 18. Dr.Who 19. Windy (Major props to Wax for this one, thanks for fixing up, finishing, and extending the project file.) (Also, a fast version is included.) 20. Hot Top Volcano 21. Chill 22. Act 4 Stage 2 23. Mad World 24. I am the Doctor 25. Super Mario World Ending Theme BONUS TRACK FOR MLP FORUMS: Cave Story - Egg Corridor ...and Earthbound's Winter. ITSOUTANDSTUFF: Spots are open, what are you waiting for, reply Thanks for the suggestions and support! Thanks to Rainbow Dashie for the awesome new cover! Also, Can someone make me some album art for this? Thanks! BONUS! Who ever makes album art for the album, and I like it I'll do a song request for you, give you an unreleased song, and the album early. -VioletLinked --ATTACHED-- Previews in this post: - Treasure Trove Cove (VioletLinked Noteblock Remix).mp3
  4. Hey guys, Violet here with a small request. My friend Ian Boswell has been designing his game 'Rush Bros' for the past year. It is a Racing / Platforming hybrid which takes your MP3 collection and lets you race along to it in real time. Your music changes the traps and environments in real-time. No age-long loading screens analyzing your track. It's instant. You can switch between your music on the fly. The game is multiplayer and single player. You can get a demo here: If you up vote the game on steam, Ian has promised free DLC packs. Please support Indie developers everywhere.
  5. Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm VioletLinked! I make games and sometimes Portal 2 maps! One of my maps was once on the front page! I like making hard maps that challenge people and present Portal 2 in a new way, so, after a few requests here and there on my YouTube channel and steam, I bring you a successor to my 'I Wanna Build a Portal Map' series, The Gauntlet of Evil! The Gauntlet of Evil is a challenging map for either one or two players. You can download it here: (subscribe to the map on it's steam page, and boot up Portal 2!) Here's the bonus! If you record yourself beating the map (instructions below) you can win the featured hat, which is this one right now: Recording rules n' stuff: You must do it in one run. You must make it to the door, go up to it, and then run back and kill yourself. It must be a youtube video. The video description should link to this map's steam workshop page. A link to the video must be posted in the comments below. I'm VioletLinked!
  6. Hi guys! Violet here again for another holiday stream! This time, we have an open schedule, so what ever you want me to do, I'll do it. Whether it be Boshy or Slenderman, Street Fighter or Marvel, I'll do it. So, post below on stuff you'd like me to do or just say so in the stream's chat! I'll be streaming on my twitch channel here: ...or If you'd like, I'm also streaming on My steam is the 6th stream from the top labeled 'Violet's Stream'. Ian and others may also be streaming, who knows! I hope you invite your friends to watch another awesome stream as we count down to the new year! The stream will start tomorrow night, 12/31/12, somewhere around 8 o' clock CST. Follow me on twitter for constant updates on it and test streams here: I'll probably update this post and other stuff when the stream starts, too. Streaming! Link: or Hope you come watch! Movies, Games, and much more! You pick what I play as we count down to 2013! Happy New Year! STREAM IS OVER! TUNA WITH BACON CRASHED THE STREAM LOL
  7. or the 6th stream on Join the fun! Music, Anime, Videogames and much more! Watch me rage at IWBTG: Gaiden: Hard mode! Stream starts at 6 PM, EST! It's OVER! Streams! PART ONE PART TWO
  8. If you are under the age of 16 and / or cannot handle mature content, please do not continue reading. Hi guys. Welcome to a post that's probably going to be taken down in seconds. I'm a programmer and game designer, and I've had this idea on my head that won't go away -- A game about a fetus in his mother's womb that is wanting to get out. Over the course of the game, he learns that she will be getting an abortion, so he has no choice but to kill his own mother from the inside and work his way out alone. The game would be a platformer, possibly a metroidvania type game. Randomly generated content is a possibility. Why do I want to make this? It has a really close connection with me.I feel like I'm constantly trapped and I want to reflect my life into a game. I just want to get this out of my fucking head. Post hate comments below, I read them.
  9. (Read All This text) OH HAY GUISE So you all know school has started again. This year, I wanted to make a 'welcome back' present for my teacher, Mr. Tucker. >=D A bit of back story first.Last year I got my teacher Mr. Tucker addicted to two games: The binding of Isaac and I wanna be the guy. He would play the games during class and we'd all watch him die.This year I made him a version of IWBTG, this time a linear sidescroller with him in it. I Call it IWBTT!! So yeah, I've been just making this the past week and a half and I think it's FINALLY DONE. (Total time, about 26 Hours) The game has 3 worlds, each with 2 levels and 1 boss stage. You might die in these stages.(6 stages, 3 bosses.)So yeah, eat it up. Windows only, sorry. It's an EXE. Use Wine if your despite on a Mac. It's not a virus, so Ignore the blocker. Most blockers likes to freak out at exe's, nothing I can do. Thanks. Here ya go: (VERSION 1.2.0) http://www.mediafire...9hsu9f520jetpsy -Violet (old) Screenies Controls Want the 'Jumper Engine' I built that I made this with? Here is the bare-bones: http://www.mediafire...v4sedynd4qu8yvq Give credit if used
  10. Do you like watching people in pain? Of course you do! So watch my Halloween special: I play IWBTB! I'll be streaming TONIGHT ONLY for about 2 or more hours. It's over, Thanks to all who watched! Recording below! Get your Emotes ready! http-~~-// Promo Pic:
  11. Hay guise, Violet here again. My friend Troggle passed me along this last page of an official French MLP comic. This may have possible season 3 spoilers / hints. Last page shot here: Celestia has a nephew?! Apparently his name is Leon, he's the tiny one. ...and Rarity is with Blueblood?!
  12. Hay Guise! Violet here again. Today I decided to revamp an old game I made very early this year. Battle house. Basically, I had designed a local 2 player Tank Shoot em' up game. It had 6 maps, all death match, blah blah. So... due to boredom, today I decided to up the graphics, add music, have 3 types of maps, 3 of each (total of 9). The game looks and works so much better now. I adjusted the views to strict split screen (Hopefully no more problems!). If you'd like to give it a go, here it is: http://www.mediafire...n0ft8085dmqjbyy Windows Only, Wine works on Mac (I think). This File is an .EXE, so your antivirus may go off. I can assure you this is just a game, no viruses. (Fun fact, Mediafire scans all uploaded files.) Controls: Screenies:
  13. RUSH BROS. Rush Bros. is a game one of my fellow Indie friends Ian Boswell is making. Please spread the video around and help him out. Chip in some money! http://www.kickstart...yxyla/rush-bros
  14. -PLEASE NOTE: THIS ENGINE IS COMPILED IN AN EXE. AND THUS, THIS MAY SET OFF YOUR ANTIVIRUS, BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, THIS DOES NOT HAVE A VIRUS- Hay Guise! VioletLinked here again bringing you a build of an engine I'm working on for a game I'm thinking about making. The game currently has no name (yet). The character's new name is Flik! VERSION 12 IS OUT! GET IT AT THE BOTTOM! You now press and HOLD X to grapple! On release of X, your grapple is reset. This feature will be present in this update! Game is being built right now! I have tons of ideas including... A Death Animation (DONE!) Water you can swim in (Wondering about this... There are no NES games that used a swimming mechanic (In the way that I want to). Don't tell me 'Oh, Super Mario bros, the water levels' because all Nintendo did was allow infinite jumping and lower gravity.) Collectible coins for shops to buy stat ups! Keys and Locked doors (DONE!) Ungrapple-able Block (DONE! Will be added next update) Crumble Blocks! (DONE! Will be added next update) Updated / Fixed Springs (DONE! Will be added next update) Breakable Glass (DONE!) Spikes! (DONE! 4 ways!) Turrets that shoot missles like super meat boy (8 directional shooters) (maybe 4?) Moving traps Springs (DONE!) Sparks and Fire effects? Amazing new music made by KKSlider60! see attached! The engine is a 2d, one player, platforming, grapple engine. Controls: Left and Right Arrows: Move Z: Jump X: Grapple C: Reset Grapple (CUT OUT, UNNEEDED!) R: Reset Player Num pad 1: previous room Num pad 2: next room I'd very much appreciate it if you would try out my engine that I built. I really would like some feed back. I'm trying to make an NES style game, but make the mechanics a little better than normal. (Hopefully you get what I mean. I'm wanting to use NES pallets, 8-bit music, but some mechanics from today. Get it?) How to play it: Face the way you want to grapple, then press (and hold) X. Now, use your grapple cam (Upper left) to see when your grapple will hit a wall. Walk back, then when your grapple hits a wall, run with it to scale large gaps and make it over challenges. Release X to reset the grapple if you set stuck. You can get it here: VERSION 12! http://www.mediafire...1dqvo7ppuab46ma Amazing new music made by KKSlider60! see attached! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTACHED: pixel_remix_v2.mp3 playing with fire_FINAL.mp3
  15. Poll is up! In my last thread, the votes tied off at 8 for the top 2... Beat em' up: 8 (Shock Slayer and Ben N. and Rainboom and parlazente and Dr XFizzle and SrFrog and Hazardus_Havard and Lobstaarr) Kirby: 8 (DJ Shadow and P. Fushia and ArcticMA and Tom TD, and RaccoonBL, and Kirby and Switazoid and Octavia's Cello.) So now, everyone gets to vote again and break the tie! What will be next?
  16. Hey guys, Violet here! Just messing around with OoT again. Look what I found! The Debug menu! If you scroll through menus, you can find cryptic hidden messages like one that says "I LOVE YOU" XD Anyone else ever done this? Using version 1.0 of OoT, rom ID NUS-CZGE-USA. How To:
  17. MAME Arcade Layout V2 (Saturn Style) Thinking about making a MAME cabinet, This is my layout. Still need to find / do behind button art, side art, etc... This layout is much like a Sega Saturn controller, so that's what I'm calling it. Messed up a bit on that total. With the extra 3 buttons, that brings it to 19 buttons, 2 joysticks. Sorry, lol. Thanks to Troggle for the MAME logo vector! I'll be using that almost everywhere on the machine! Thanks! What does everyone think of it? Any ideas?
  18. Though I'm not to into pixel art, I decided to take a shoot at it and I made this. I may put it on a shirt later. =P Inspired for this shirt here: I may update this with a cooler looking version later =P
  19. I'm live streaming Indie game the movie! If you are interested in games AT ALL, you need to watch this movie! This movie is rated PG-13, since of all the swearing. I edited out one of Edmund's disturbing game's footage (You'll know the game I mean if you follow him, it starts with a C.) Them movie is about 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Livestream tomorrow at 8:30 CST! Violet's Livestream here: http://www.livestrea...linked?t=478673 IGTM got many awards, and got flawless reviews: http://www.rottentom...the_movie_2012/
  20. ---Day one complete!--- VioletLinked's July Gamejam! Goal: recreate Smash TV in a week! Watch it live here: http://www.livestrea...linked?t=478673 Join on here: http-~~-// -------------------------- Watch live streaming video from violetlinked at
  21. Hey guys! It's your bro VioletLinked. Many of you should already know I'm a programmer, and I need your opinion on something. I've always wanted to test out some different gameplay Ideas, but I'm wondering which to do first, but keep in mind the game that I would make would (hopefully) be relativity short since I have stuff to do. I'm actully not to busy with The Yogscast game at the moment, and Cupcakes: The game in in Pre-Dev, so I have some time to test out some stuff. So here is the big question: Which would you rather see? A MLP beat em' up like Scott Pilgrim, a Ponified Multiplayer Kirby adventure, or a Hellish and classic NES/SNES style MLPified Castlevania adventure with Rarity? I'm also doing a quick gamejam here: (This and the gamejam are separate, and they are both being done for fun.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Votes so far: (Many are from my steam friends) Beat em' up: 8 (Shock Slayer and Ben N. and Rainboom and parlazente and Dr XFizzle and SrFrog and Hazardus_Havard and Lobstaarr) Kirby: 8 (DJ Shadow and P. Fushia and ArcticMA and Tom TD, and RaccoonBL, and Kirby and Switazoid and Octavia's Cello.) Castlevania: 5 (Troggle and RageDemopan and Jecsa Much and Storm Nova and Tom)