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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry, couldn't help myself, what with 'Murica Day right around the corner. It's in my DNA ya'll!!! Anyways, now that I have your attention, bronies and pegasisters of Poniverse, lend me your ears! OK, ew. Man, ya'll take things so literally sometimes. Anyways, good afternoon one and all, on this gorgeous summer day! I hope your summers are all going well so far. Seeing as it's summer, a time for merriment and revelry galore, Poniverse itself has a rather exciting event for you all. It's... another fanfiction contest hosted by the Poniverse Fimfiction group!!! Shut up. :okiedokielokie: OK, I know, I know, "Batbrony, we always have fanfiction contests around here!" Well I'm happy to announce that this is not just any ordinary fanfiction contest. Nope, no sir, this contest is actually going to leave an impression on all of Poniverse as we know it. How, you may ask? Well it's quite simple really. For this contest, we would like you, any and all of our lovely members of Poniverse, to write stories about mascots! No, not those mascots! I'm talking about the Poniverse mascots of course! For those of you who don't know, Poniverse and each of its websites (MLP Forums,,, PoniArcade, and Pony Roleplay) actually all have mascots of their own. The sad thing is, though, these mascots have no stories of their own. No backstory, nothing really fleshing them out as characters. So, rather than just come up with some stories for them ourselves, we'd like you, our beloved members, to make some stories of your own. Below you'll find all the rules you need to know: (1) Entries submitted to this contest must feature one or more of the Poniverse Mascots (Pixel Wavelength, Buffy, Viola, Viridian Meadows, Nova Blast, and Wordplay) in a starring role. Stories may fall into any genre and cover any subject the author desires, but we'd especially love to see backgrounds for the mascots fleshed out. Maybe an author has a story about how the mascot got their cutie mark and came to love what they love, or even how somepony like Pixel Wavelength became an alicorn in the first place! Maybe someone has a story up their sleeve about all the mascots meeting each other and forming a band of thick-as-thieves friends. Maybe you just have a silly slice-of-life story to tell about one or more of them, or a rollicking adventure, or a romance. Whatever the fic, we will accept and judge it, so long as it features these characters. Now, the characters aren't going to be total blank slates; that'd be kind of unfair asking you to work with characters with nothing to go off of but a few pics of them and nothing else. Thankfully, our staff has put together personality profiles for each character, which you will find in the spoiler tag below. These profiles do not provide background information about specific events or anything in these mascots lives, just some information about their personality traits and characteristics. You don't even have to follow them if you don't want to, though preference will be given in judging to fics that more closely follow these profiles. If you have any questions about something you'd like to do with a character, feel free to PM me about it. Disclaimer: As these mascots are intellectual property of, judges reserve the right to ask for minor content changes from submissions from finalists. (2) Entries should be no longer than 25,000 words. We'd prefer that all entries be one-shot fics, but if the author requires multiple chapters for their fic, that's fine, so long as the fic does not exceed 25,000 words and is complete upon entry. (3) Entries cannot exceed a Teen rating. We will not accept any Mature rated fics, whether they be Gore fics, Slash fics, Clop fics, etc. That's not to say that you can't enter scary or even sensual (to a certain extent) fics, but our group has a strict policy of not accepting Mature rated fics. If any Mature rated fics are entered, we will not read or review them. (4) Fics can be submitted to the contest in the folder titled "Mascot Summerpalooza Contest Entries". (5) Contestants can enter no more than 1 submission of their own work (and please, do not enter any other author's work into the contest, even if you're doing it for them; if they'd like to enter the contest, they can do so themselves). (6) Entries will be accepted until Sunday, August 9, the last day of BronyCon 2015; after that date, we will accept no new submissions. We hope to announce the contest winners in the middle or towards the end of August, although that time-slot may change depending on whatever real life demands may arise in the next month. Unlike our usual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place format, winning entries will be selected based on the best fic for each of the respective mascots. Don't let that stop you from using multiple mascots in a fic, cause if a fic's well-written enough, there's certainly no reason it couldn't qualify as the best fic about 2 or more of the mascots. Just do whatever you feel is most manageable. Once the winning entries have been selected, special prizes will be awarded to those writers of the best entries for each respective character, which will be announced as the contest gets underway. In addition, as usual, all winning entries will be featured on MLP Forums, our Fimfiction group, and in the next Poniverse newsletter, along with reviews published for each one. Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, the winning entries for each mascot will be accepted as official Poniverse canon for these characters. We hope you all enjoy this contest as much as the last one, and hope to see some wonderful entries that help us to celebrate summer and continue to expand Poniverse! So get to it writers, and show us what you've got up your sleeves! I'm sure many of you have some very interesting stories in mind for each of these characters, and can't wait to see your ideas in action. If you have any questions about the contest, do not hesitate to post them here or to PM me, and feel free to share this contest prompt with any friends of yours here on MLP Forums, Fimfiction, or any other pony site you can think of! Have a pleasant day, everypony, and happy writing one and all! MAJOR UPDATE #1: Any writers who were interested in Pony Roleplay's mascots, I have an update for you all. Pony Roleplay has some new information about their mascots, which you will find below (as well as above underneath the spoiler tag below Wordplay's original personality profile). Art may be forthcoming in the future, but for now if you have any questions about their appearance or what pony species they are, or any other questions about them you think might be important, send a message to Fhaolan (who runs PRP) and he should be able to help you out. Wordplay is the stallion depicted in the various artworks, and is the storyteller and RPer of the family. Fair Dice is his fractionally younger twin sister, and is far more interested in the mechanical aspects of RPs, with resolution systems, min/maxing, and so on. The little-seen Road Map is the much older brother who spends his time in the basement running massive, overenthusastic wargame scenarios such as the War of the Sun and Moon, or the Fall of the Crystal Empire. And painting all those miniatures. Can't use unpainted miniatures, you know! That would ruin the experience. MAJOR UPDATE #2: Mascot Copyright Disclaimer, PLEASE READ!!! Authors of winning entries will be required to sign a formal agreement that transfers intellectual property rights for the use and publicly available free publication of the fic in its entirety to in order for their entries to be fully accepted as Poniverse canon and claim their prizes. Poniverse's intellectual property rights will not include the ability to publish the stories for sale or monetize the stories beyond publishing them in a publicly available format on any of Poniverse's websites. MAJOR UPDATE #3: Mascot Contest Prizes!!! As of today, Poniverse is officially offering a total of $300 USD cash prizes for the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest! $50 USD will be offered for the winning fic for each mascot character, coming out to a total of six $50 prizes altogether, and will be offered as cash or used at the winner's request to purchase non-cash prizes.