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Found 4410 results

  1. prior novel covers look to middle grade. So I kicked it up a notch and gave it a more serious tone. Novel series (The Bloodline of Forrest and Juliette ) Genre Fantasy Drama Age Adult. Book 1 The Truth Hurst Worse than Hell. ( A fantasy Drama Secrets Lies and more. ) here are four Mock Up Designs.Granted the spine part needs extra work to make it Pop More. Tagline and Blurb Truth so deep it strikes to the core Set in Enderria, a world of meadows and mountains. where the solar and lunar eclipse summons the change of seasons. One couple lived an apparently idyllic life in the lumber village of Oakwood Grove. But every relationship has problems. Juliette struggles for years to conceal a deep secret from her husband, Forest. Faint memories of his family haunt him even as his wife and their long-awaited daughter Blossom bring him joy. Blossom’s new friend Amos seems to have problems of his own that make the road to deep friendship rocky. When the many troubles of past and present combine and erupt through craggy hardened hearts…will the families be able to face the truth and rebuilt? Or will the devastation be beyond repair? ————— PROLOGUE The clyanthrians, a furry human-like equine species that has survived and thrived on the planet of Enderria for generations There are many stories that have been told about the species; however, one stands out above the rest. It’s a tale of two unlikely family trees: one that struggled to sprout and flourish, and another with broken branches barely hanging on. I hold out my hand and ask you to follow me into their stories as one family tree begins to bloom while the other struggles to heal. We begin our journey in one very special place: nestled deep within a thick, dense forest, in the peaceful village of Oakwood Grove, the home of Blossom’s family tree. ——- your thoughts. Work in progress of Colouring book series my Partner Alex and I are creating, I send her my Characters... Prince Ottis she sketches them out right now we are working on Character references sheets from infant to adult. Here is her sketch process I do all vector work. You can see Jerricoda below.. he holds one of the relics of magical. Yes I created their gem stones too. you can see her in my vector work process below from Alex sketches. Crystal Frost Now LilyRose is getting a plush design makeover. By Lion Cub creations she sent me a quick sketch. So I done some vector work plus plan notes. Jjj clyony brand four loggers.. Clyanthrian Brand Two ledgers Anthro Style. So they will have a distinctive difference Here is her Anthro Look of LilyRose she loves baseball. Which is a sadly irony. The first book you will understand what I mean. In the Batman Brand they have adult content, movies, Harley Quinn Adult cartoon, Gotham and more. They also have kid friendly content. Super hero girls, teen Titans go. Lego Batman Movie and more that are for kids. So it’s possible to have content made for adults and content for kids and their families. Not sure if I can post up the first chapter considering there is swearing and adult situations within the mix. Perhaps a moderator can clarify this. I would offer up the chapter for someone to have a read howeve4 I need to be careful that I do not sent it to a minor. Must be age Adult. on a side note been tinkering with the Nomad sculpture app your thoughts. I’m new at this stuff. I’m a learn as you go mom Will pop in now and then with more creative updates and news on the progress. kind Regards Laurie
  2. I'm not very good at drawing as demonstated by the contents here but here are some drawing attempts of non-pony artwork I've made, the less bad ones anyway:
  3. I've been working on a lot of other art recently, so I decided to share some here I'm mostly working on my Eddsworld Aus (I know it sounds kinda cringe but sh), currently making a new one with abstract eyebleed dragons at the moment, so there will be some Eddsworld some of that in here I'll probably have some pony stuff to post soon, but I got a Twitter and DA going for some of my other stuff (link in profile if you wanna check those out) and I'm trying to balance all of my socials Anyways, here's the little dump Eyebleed warning for the ones in the spoiler! Some Paint3D art I've been experimenting with Drawing of my main sona I made for my pfps on other socials for October I forgot what this doodle was for but I'm sticking it here anyways because c o n t e n t That's about it, see you in a hundred years when I return with more art <3
  4. So I just started and am getting into the fandom! Having a lot of fun drawing ponies. So far just my OC, Lunar Eclipse, but will see what the future holds!
  5. This is going to be a different sort of topic. For the past few weeks I have been working on a solar system, of my creation. It is a different solar system. It's main star of Galarnast is roughly 10% brighter than ours. I will show other additions to the solar system as they come and go. @LyraLover 💚 and I talked a lot about this. Galarnast is part of a wide trinary system with a pair of brown dwarfs that orbit every 6.5 million years around Galarnast. Valcera is a small, Ceres mass planet orbiting around Galarnast every 7.383 days. Revarga is the first planet from Galarnast (The sun, which is 10% brighter) than ours. It's about 1.5x the mass of our Earth and has a crushing atmosphere of 749x that of our pressure. It's a hell world obscured by clouds and volcanic ash. It's tidally locked and goes around every 36 days. It's much like our Venus but, compared to some of the other planets it looks tame. Average temperature is around 1250 F. Veneration is the second planet. It's 4.5x the mass of our Earth, goes around every 89 days. It's atmosphere is 2030x the pressure of ours. It is at a nice, comfortable temperature of 1100 F. It's a planet that has high gravity. Due to the nature of these 2 planets it is currently impossible to land a probe on their surface. Vesos, a neptune like planet that orbits where Venus would be in this system. It's moon is a moon like Mars, but warmer and more habitable. To survive there all you would need is an oxygen tank. The planet Daeldrum is the main Earth-like world of this solar system. It rotates every 27 hours, has 6% more gravity on it's surface and has a slightly greater air pressure at around 1% greater than ours. The nations of this world are different than ours. The moon Erina. Space-engine doesn't create this moon's volcanism. It goes around every 9.5 days. I imagine a week on Daeldrum is 9.5 days long as a result. You can easily see the volcanic plumes silently crashing back down onto it's surface from Erina. It is dangerous and no person has ever landed there. , It is roughly the same mass and size of our moon. It is so volcanic because it is place between Malmoa and Daeldrum due to tidal forces. Coinciding with intelligent life on Daeldrum, it's surface goes through a periodic ripping and tearing, much like the planet Venus. It's crust is thin, it has a large iron core. It is a world of boiling rock, much like our Io. With the star known to be 1.1 times as far away, we have its tidal effect reduced by 1.3 approximately--but it masses more, 10 percent more, so overall the star's tidal effect is 0.8 that of Sol on Earth. And Sol's tide is about half the strength of Luna's on Earth, so 0.4 Luna units. Now to sum up--the tides are indeed a bit complicated but Erina dominates by far! At at least 7.5 times Luna's influence by itself, I believe the pattern of tidal dipole "fields" is that we get the strongest magnitude when one is lined up with the object, between it and the planet we are standing on's core. When lined up, whether at zenith or at nadir below our feet on the far side of the body we stand on, the effect is to oppose that body's field, "stretching" it. But when the tidal body is at 90 degrees, on the horizon, its effect works with the body we stand on, "squeezing." This makes sense if one visualizes the layout. But the magnitude of the effect is halved IRRC--it might be 1/3 but I believe it is half. Therefore, when Erina and Malmoa are lined up, one eclipsing the other on the same side of the sky or with them at opposite sides of the sky, either way, their maximum "stretching" effect adds up and we would get something like 8.5 or so the effect Luna alone has on Earth. But when they are 90 degrees apart, each cancels the other a bit--bringing the net effect to be equal to reducing Erina's mass to have 7 instead of 7.5 "Luna alone" effect. But Luna is not alone in Earth's sky, there is always the Sun! Again when moon and Sun line up, that is Luna and Sol, we wind up with a "spring tide" 1.5 times as strong as the Moon alone would cause, whereas when Luna is at 90 degrees to the Sun, in half-moon waxing or waning phase, we have a "neap tide" that is only 3/4 as strong as the Moon alone would steadily exert. So normally on Earth, we cycle through tides that are stronger or weaker by a factor of two, and only briefly have the net field be as intense as the Moon alone would cause. Back on Daeldrum, the extra strong 8.5 effect could be compounded by lining up with the star as well, to get a field effect just short of 9 times Luna alone average for Earth. Or Sun and Malmoa might be lined up to weaken Erina's pull by 0.7 down to just 6.8 Luna alone. At the very weakest therefore, the tides of Daeldrum are just under 7 times what we experience on average on Earth, and that is 4.4 times the very strongest Spring Tide we might get on Earth. They range between 7 and 9 or so, and average 8, "Luna-alone" effects. As a percentage variation, the range is tighter than Earth's factor of two, just around 4/3 in fact. There is one more factor to consider--Daeldrum rotates more slowly than Earth. This has no effect on the magnitude of the effective reduction or increase of local gravitational field net strength...but the lower rate of change as the planet rotates through different parts of the field more slowly mitigates the surge experienced at any moment. Taking that into account, we have 8/9 times that range above--6 to 8 averaging 7, lowering it one tick. Even 6 is enough to increase speeds of tidal flows by 2.5 I should note, and the surges affect not only liquid bodies; air too is surging back and forth under tidal effect, and the ground flexes and stretches a bit with it too. As an absolute, the effects are far far stronger than anything we see on Earth. I have to assume animals and plants are just plain adapted to these strong tidal surges. They are just a fact of life on Daeldrum The moon Malmoa. It is basically like ours and goes around every 27 days or so. It is about the same mass as Erina and our moon. Unlike our moon, isn't so significant in Daeldrum's culture and mythos, as Erina dominates the skies. Merina. The small moon mass planet that orbits between Daeldrum and Agarthanon (similar to being between earth and mars). It has its own little 3 moons going around it. It's basically like our moon but like a planet in its own right. Agarthanon was once a habitable world. Either its inhabitants are the ancestors of people of Daeldrum or Daeldrum was once a spacefairing civilization that collapsed thousands of years ago. Its water is fused with many industrial chemicals which have made its oceans remain as most of land has been wept by cold, harsh and unforgiving winds. It's sky, if you were standing on it would look like a pale tan with puffs of remnants of industrial smoke. Due to its greater distance from Galarnast, it had a larger presence of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere that kept it more or less warm. May possibly be the impact of industrialization on it's climate. Enok, the mars mass moon of Agarthanon. It is teeming with microbial and small animal life. None of which are intelligent. Whether or not it's the aspect of bio-engineering or natural evolution is not yet known. Oh no! Another Venus like planet! It's about 4.5x the mass of our Earth, has a crushing atmospheric pressure of 300x that of ours mostly made of water clouds. It's around 304f and has 2 Pluto mass moons. It's name is Trithios. Baoman is a Jupiter mass planet, only 6% more massive than Jupiter. It has 8major moons but I will only show 2 for the sake of convenience. Targara, the hothouse moon that is much like our Io. The closest major moon of Baoman. Baoman has 8 large moons, some of them more lunar mass, others more mars or mercury mass. I will only show Targara and one of the other ones for the sake of time, as the other are most like Ganymede and Europa. Iopia. A frozen world with a thin atmosphere of Baoman. There are much more moons but I'm not going through the trouble of adding 100 more asteroidal moons. Just assume these gas giants have around 90-100 asteroidal moons beyond the major ones like ours. Boettch, the saturn like world. It has massive rings and 8 major moons. Unlike our Saturn though, it has more of a pink-purplish color. It's rings are much larger than Saturn's. Mente, the first major moon. It is meant to be similar to Targara, as both of these large gas giants have 8 moons, and their closest being a yellow one with an atmosphere. Thalnassa. A captured moon of Boettch, or planet rather, about 4 times the mass of our earth. It orbits in a highly inclined and eccentric orbit far away from the other moons. It is tilted on its side like Uranus is. It has oceans of ethane, propane, and liquid methane much like our titan. The planet Lokayla is different. It's about 0.3x the mass of our Earth, a frozen ice world with rings, it goes around every 70 years or so. It has 2 major moons but they aren't that impressive, I will say it has anywhere from 30-40 minor asteroidal moons beyond that. Ersharia is a bit further then where Neptune is. It has 9 major moons. Its ring system is quite impressive I would say. Dorel is a moon of Ersharia, half the mass of mars. It has a thin atmosphere. The others aren't too note-worthy. Domachow is a weird one. It is in a binary pair with an 1.4 Earth mass planet named Ske around a common barycenter. Ske is a frozen ice world. It mostly lacks an atmosphere, and coupled with it's gravity, it would be hard to land on. Amania is a deep blue Ice Giant. More like Neptune if anything. It's moons are similar to the moons of Uranus. Malnassa, the mercury sized moon which is the last moon of Amania. Manning. The last of the Ice Giants. Manning has many small moons but one large one as it's first moon. Vastias, about the size of our moon. It has a thin atmosphere and goes around Manning every 20 hours. Accord. It's moons are roughly Pluto-Lunar mass. 9 major moons. From here on out, these planets are in extreme far away orbits that are highly inclined. Tharkmo is the last large planet of the system. It has a fairly large ring. It's moons aren't impressive and aren't shown here.
  6. I decided to try my hoof at making some VHS/vaporwave type art effects and I thought I should share a couple that I have made. Not bad for my firsts. I'm gonna get back into art and post my non-pony artwork here for now on.
  7. Made a signature for a group I recently discovered and I am already loving them. Something I love is something I often make a signature for, so here it be.
  8. I decided to make a page where I compile all my fursona pics. I will start off with my newest fursona. She is a domestic kitty named Alex. (Warning: These may be borderline slightly suggestive) This first one took me a little while due to the clothing a little. She is in one of her favourite pencil skirts and midriff tops. (if you look closely, she has a pentagram on her top) In this one, she is in one of her favourite open top pentagram swimsuits: This one, she is in one of her favourite Pentagram harnesses. And this one, she is cosplaying as Celeste from Huniepop.
  9. Sometimes I draw non-pony related pictures. Sometimes I like to share them outside my commission shop. Maybe more people will see it beyond a status post. Whatever the case, I felt like making this to share any non-pony art I do. Maybe I'll make one for pony art as well. On a side note, my commissions are always open and I'm willing to draw most things at least once, as long as they're SFW. Link to my commission shop thread below in case anyone might be interested. Midnight's Commission Shop Thread
  10. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart:
  11. I'm not even sure if they are even chibi's cause is my first time drawing them Here's one from a game called Fire Emblem Heroes: Here's one from a anime show call Konohana Kitan:
  12. I REALLY love Rainbow Dash! Next to Pinkie Pie, she's my absolute favorite! Such a feisty attitude and such a tough cookie! BEHOLD MY POORLY DRAWN BACKGROUND!
  13. I'm SO pleased with this, I just wanted to share it with you all <3 I made it myself, by tweaking other pixel bases, and I did and sorted the arms, and made them fit together and everything <3 And them seperate:
  14. Hey guys! This drawing kinda shows how i feel somtimes, and i thought id draw myself as a filly to show it off more. Please let me know what you think Sad Music/Epic By Octavia! http-~~-//
  15. Yesterdays thread: Anyway, as per request of Electrobolt, I drew Twilight Sparkle. I tried to take a closer up picture...meh. I absolutely DETEST the coloring on this. I never should have colored her in the first place, I don't have the right colors. Anyway, please point out the flaws, besides her left back leg... Also, tomorrow I will draw Vinyl Scratch for DJ Clock Work. Hopefully it will be better then this monster...
  16. OKay so this is my first attempt at drawing my favourite pony i hope yu like it lett me know if i should draw more
  17. Only so you know I didn't spend more than 5 min on this pic
  18. Hello there, everyone. After a long time of waiting, I finally got my scanner. Now that I am able to upload my pictures to my computer, I want to share them with you and see what you think. The ones closer to the bottom of the post are the latest ones I drew. Here is a pony version of the avatar I use on most forums. It is a Space Marine Terminator from my chapter. A character I made named Amity Clawhoof
  19. That face of Pinkie's just makes me want to draw it. Now somepony tell the truth!
  20. Yay I made a pony! It is my first attempt and I know I screwed up a little bit with the outline and the shape but whatevs >-< Please don't hate it too much
  21. I am just wondering if the visual art section of non-pony artwork would be the appropriate place to put my photography, or if it would be more appropriate as a blog post? Just for some info on my pictures: they are not just fun pics of friends or updates on what’s going on in my life, they are simply well-planned, serious photos of nature and such. I consider it art, but I just wanted to check that I’m putting it in the appropriate place. Thanks! ~L.G.
  22. gonna start posting here instead of status updates :3!
  23. Just a bit of art I did based on Neptune from the game Hyperdimension; Neptunia Re;Birth 1. First one is of a furry version of Serpah (my take) in her Lady Scarlet Heart form And this one is of her in her casual gear:
  24. Is nothing special is just a snowglobe with random water type pokemons slapped onto it
  25. Here I be again. Back with more of my great(?) signature things. This time I wanted to showcase different sigs that I have made with different bands and musicians in mind, mainly ones that I really enjoy. Gonna share those here with their DeviantArt links. Nero Bellum DeviantArt Link: NoLongerHuman DeviantArt Link: Hocico DeviantArt Link: Static-X DeviantArt Link: SHIV-R DeviantArt Link: Suicide Commando DeviantArt Link: Ludovico Technique DeviantArt Link: Gojira DeviantArt Link: Otep DeviantArt Link: Vitalism DeviantArt Link: Sven Friedrich DeviantArt Link: Nightwish DeviantArt Link: DIO DeviantArt Link: