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Found 85 results

  1. I started a thread on this before, but that was just to say I was stuck. But now that I've gotten the gumption to start this hack again, I figured I would start this anew. I am making a pony hack of Final Fantasy 1! It works out, because there are six main characters in the show, and six classes in game! I have a bunch of ideas that I would love to start working on, but the biggest issue I'm going to have is sprites, and I would love your help with that. I'm going to devote an entire section to ideas I have about who goes where, and I'm going to have a section about sprites,. If you don't know what the story of Final Fantasy 1 is: The four orbs/crystals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, have lost their light, and the four light warriors have come to fix that. They discover that the four fiends have taken control of the elements. Their first mission is to rescue the princess from Garland, a knight who went bad. Once they get the orbs back,They head back to the temple where they found Garland, use the orbs to travel to 2000 years back, where they find that Garland is the one who set the fiends, the fiends send him back, creating a loop. Garland uses the four powers to become Chaos, the final boss, who gets defeated. For the pony version, it's going to be the powers of four of the Elements of Harmony, but it won't be specific which ones, since the player picks the characters, and the four fiends are Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. However, the Element of Magic has been stolen too... I will post role ideas and town ideas and such soon, but first I just want to make the thread and get interest. The main thing though, is that for Garland, I wanted to pick Sunset Shimmer, particularly pre reform. They both became bad guys who turned on the kingdom. in the final fight, Shimmer would use the Element of Magic to become her powerful form like in Equestria Girls, just a pony version. Is anyone a good spriter and would like to help? I feel like seeing a good sprite is just the inspiration and motivation I could use to keep working at this. The sprite rules for the NES aren't too complicated. In general, the rule is, Four colors per sprite. three colors are used, and one transparency. For example, I wanted the Garland sprite to be Shimmer, and this is the one I seemed to like the most. The sprite would be 32x32. I could try to do it, but I don't know how well I would do. this sprite is only used once with no recolors, but most of the other sprites do that. Does anyone here have skill with sprite making? Some of them would be easier to do since I could find vectors to base from, but some would be more unique and more difficult. There are a lot of ideas I have, and I would love to discuss them with you in another post soon. Thanks! Here is a sample screenshot of what I started to work on years ago. Notice the TWO thrones? (Would this go in Trixie's Tricks since it's asking for help, or since this is a game thread, it's fine in this board?)
  2. Title: Canterlot Boutique Air Date: September 12. 2015 Written By: Amy Keating Rogers Synopsis: Rarity's dream of owning a boutique in Canterlot finally comes true, but it comes at a price Rarity may not be willing to pay. :grin2:
  3. Been burning time in Starbound lately - I've found a ruined starship wreck on an ocean planet and I've been gradually converting it to a colony. I might keep posting updates as I progress, but I am wondering - should I keep the ship's population ponyish, or fill it with random species?
  4. There's a text file I've had on my computer that I was going to post one day when I was ready to really start this project of mine, but I had to cancel it. What is it? I had an idea to make a pony rom hack of Final Fantasy 1. It was too perfect. Six classes. Six ponies! Adapt the ponies like in Pony Fantasy 6! I was going to ask for help and get ideas and such. But I had to stop because of a big technical hurdle. I'll tell you what in a sec. Regardless, I thought I would discuss the ideas I had with you anyway. The plot of FF1, for anyone who doesn't know, is: The four orbs/crystals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, have lost their light, and the four light warriors have come to fix that. They discover that the four fiends have taken control of the elements. Their first mission is to rescue the princess from Garland, a knight who went bad. Once they get the orbs back,They head back to the temple where they found Garland, use the orbs to travel to 2000 years back, where they find that Garland is the one who set the fiends, the fiends send him back, creating a loop. Garland uses the four powers to become Chaos, the final boss, who gets defeated. The idea of Sunset Shimmer pre-reformed being the bad guy because she was a former student who went bad and wanting to conquer the world started this idea, so she would fit for Garland. Here's what I wanted for the pony version: Five of the Elements of Harmony, as well as Princess Cadance, have been stolen. Four of the ponies (that the player picks) find that it's Shunset Shimmer who stole them. They rescue Cadance, but the Elements aren't there. They have to find them. They find that theyve been given to Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. Once they get them back, they head to the Castle of the Two Sisters and head deep in it (instead of 2000 years) to find Shimmer, who has the Element of Magic, and becomes her demonic form from Equestria Girls. (only a pony version). They defeat her. I experimented with some screens and text editing. See, two thrones instead of one! The slash marks in the text, I was going to try to get those ironed out on another board. They had a patch that let you put more text and things into the game. And sometimes it wouldn't like when you edited map data with the patch like the other screen, and it messed with other graphics. I had some good ideas and I really wanted to try to make this. I found a cool FF1 NES editing program. I could make my own spells, tweak some things, boost everyone's stats to be closer to the fighter to make it easier, but have the bosses be tougher too. But I had to stop before I started to really get into it. Why, you may ask? This. Freaking PALETTES. There are four palettes are the only ones that characters can pick from. These two are used for characters. A third one changes depending on what attack is being used. A fourth is for the cursor and when a character is petrified. This only leaves two choices of three colors. The black is transparency. And you know the ponies are quite the colorful cast. I tried to see if I could fit everyone in this small space. Palette 1 could be Orange, Pink, and Yellow. Try to fit Fluttershy, AJ, and Pinkie. But pinkie would be one shade of pink only. Palette 2 could be white, purple, and blue., try to fit RD, Twi, and Rarity. The pinkie being one color thing is the thing that made me decide to drop the project, there wasn't a way to get around that. Simulation. So that's it, I was going to ask for sprite help and input, but this stopped me. regardless, I wanted to share this anyway. I thought, maybe I could jump to the GBA version of the game? But there really aren't any programs that can edit that. HOWEVER, if anyone really wants to see this and has a good idea for a workaround, do tell me! ...I couldn't do it.
  5. A story is being told.. Will you dare to listen? Introduction The world is changing, yet so few ones want to believe it. Brace yourselves, foolish ponies, your Princess will not save you this time. ________________________________________ All legends have a beginning. This one starts with a brave filly. About the game Premise Alright, alright... enough with the narrative thing.. I am not a writer! Oh by the way, greetings, I am Pasta and I am a (quite newbie) game developer. Blender user since I was 13, I have always had this dream about a Daring Do fangame since I was a kid. Relatively recently, I discovered Blender has a rather acceptable game engine, and, woah, it was like a dream coming true to me. My ambition is to make a completely free fan-series of video games revolving around Daring Do and her adventures. Daring Do: Origins The name is still to be fully decided, it might change during the development, however, the first game should tell about the early adventures of Daring Do, and how did she become an adventurer, which should be set around 10 and 15 years before the episode 1 of season 1 of My Little Pony Friendship Magic. A demo level is already in development. The gameplay The genre of the game goes a bit all over the place. Let's say it is an action-adventure game, however, it features a couple RPG mechanics, and I have to say I have been inspired by many great ol' games...Welp, too many to name them. The game itself will feature a combo system, an adventurous and colorful gameplay, probably non-linear plot, smart movement system, stealth, platformer parts, puzzles, and a lot more. I really want to do my best in order to not make the gameplay to feel repetitive and boring. As the plot goes on, sometimes Daring Do might have some friends following her. In these cases, the player can switch to any character in the crew, or customize their inventory! You will soon realize every characters has different qualities. For example, Daring Do tends to agility, while some characters might have other abilities, or even use magic, in the case of unicorns or other magic creatures. The level design probably will not have open world layout, but rather, every map will be huge, like if each one was a little world by itself. I want players to explore the lands, scavenge around temples, visit small towns.. and pretty much live their own adventure, in the most immersive way possible. Lots other things are still to be decided, but this is an overall so far. Screenshots Please, notice that some things were cut away from the screenshots in order to avoid spoilers. Please, consider that this game is still in early development, so, I think you will have to wait a bit before we publish a build. Feel free to ask questions, give constructive criticism or make terrible puns. Disclaimer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all the characters, locations and brands cited in the lore of the show belong to Hasbro. I do not own any of them. This is just a fan game with no profit intended at all. please don't C&D me Hasbro :c
  6. Hey everypony! I'll just be using this thread to update the progress of Cinnamon Rose's first piece Critique is always appreciated!~ First: sketch numuro un! Wanted to show her cutie mark so I put her body in the profile/side view position, and gave her my favourite classic pose: one hoof slightly raised. Made her turn her head to that nice 3/4 view to best show her mane style.
  7. Been feeling a bit uninspired to draw. My request shop started to wear me down and then college came around. I feel bad about not getting to some requests. Maybe one day. I’m trying to get back into wanting to draw. Heres a quick sketch. Gonna ink it later and maybe color it with crayons.
  8. So, currently composing a theme for Rainbow Dash for a contest in which the first round is finished monday. I'm on my third and final WIP for this Rainbow Dash theme. As of now, all that's left to do is add the 4th and final section of the song and then it'll be finished. I'd like some critique on what I've got so far to make sure I won't have to make too many changes. 3.wav?dl=0
  9. Hi all!, I have posted this a while back, I don't have much time on my hands at the moment due to study and work, but I have made a bit of progress. The eye patch is just temporary as I only had time to finish one eye , but it does look cool. I hate painting hair and am currently looking at different techniques, the above hair technique also isn't finished. On that note, does anyone have any advice on painting hair? I also plan on redrawing and repainting the ears into a different style.
  10. Katze

    Luna WIP

    A while back I created a Luna emblem for Battlefield 1. I decided to paint it, work in progress.
  11. hey everyone! just wanna give out that I got plans for making an animated series of me (Weak Freak), tripping into the world of My Little Pony. I can´t promise to make awesome quality to what I animate or with my stories, but I think it´ll be great fun and good practice to do some animation I already got the storyboards made for the introduction and a few episodes of my series, so I still gotta work on background, animation and voice my character. I won´t release too much details, but it´ll basically go along the story to the official MLP series, but with my own twist in the background. there´ll be some swears and some classic physical jokes to go along, but nothing gory or anything. hopefully, this will go well, and that I´ll get some different people to this over time after I´ve made a few eps first but we just have to see how much I get done by summer. I´ll do my best! -Weak Freak
  12. Getting close, only the hair and fine tuning left. This is the first time I have tried this style, and I'm really loving it! I'm posting this at 3:00 AM just after I stopped painting... so I'm going to sleep, so I wont respond for a few hours
  13. No, this is not click bait. Yes, it's kinda related to my previous thread. Yes, it's legal. (Nope, nothin fishy heheh) Yes, I want you. So, yadda yadda, I want Voice Actors for these characters in this short anime: TWILIGHT: Available BUTTERSCOTCH (Fluttershy male): Available RAINBOW BLITZ (R.D. male): Available This whole anime thing is just a way to kill time and have an experience for me, as the animator and you, as the voice actor. Meaning, no. No payments. (I'm not even working yet haha). STORY: Just a lighthearted RomCom And if you don't believe me cuz I'm young, Here ya go! (No sharing without permission) **I decided to not make a full on animated(mentioned in prev. thread), because I am one person and it takes too long (with drama in highschool and all), so I might make it into a webcomic instead. This is just a short.
  14. Herro! I spam a lot around here don't I? Haha nah :v Well I have been working on new pony species and I'd like some advise or a little help on what I could change or could add! Pictures of a Rare pony will be down below! So Here it goes ✿ I still have no name for them,if you want to help with the name just go ahead. ✿ So far these ponies are usually shorter than regular ponies. ✿ Males sometimes tend to look like a female,sometimes it confuses straight males. ✿ Their ears are very diffrent looking . They can be feathers,thin skin,diffrent shape. ✿ Some have glow bulbs on their head and butt. ✿ They always have gradient har colours! ✿ Their tail are long like dragons but they have smoke and spikes on one side. They are so thin it looks like fur. ✿ They usually have looking wings on their butt and spikes on it too like on the tail. ✿ The spikes are usually very smooth but if they get scared it might actually hurt someone and becomes hard and poisonous. ✿ They also love flowers! Meaningly they become friends with plant ponies very easily ✿ They also have sharp teeth! ✿ Common traits: ✿ Feather / Very thin skin ears 2 Gradient hair colour/smoke Looking wings on the butt Spikes on their butt. ✿ Uncommon traits: ✿ Diffrent shaped ears. 3 Gradient hair colour. Vibrant marks on their body that glow in the dark. (Only vibrant colours! And to keep glowing they eat small gems that match their mane colours!) Glow bulbs on their heads. ✿ Rare: ✿ 4 + gradient hair colours. Light bulbs on near their butt wings. Spikes on the tail. More than one head glow bulbs. So heres a few examples~ (Btw they are all adoptables :DD) Enjoy~
  15. Oh God, Lonk is doing fanfics again, everyone run So I made another concept. This time it's not finished. GASP Wondering if I should continue this concept and see where it goes. Maybe do a little colab-type thing. If you wanna, guess who the main character is in the reply box. I think I hinted at it pretty blatantly in here, but I want to see how blatant it is to you guys. -------Slit-------- Rochester opens his eyes to see the wood floor of his bedroom. This is boring. He turns his body to look on the other side of the bed. A window peers out into the night, with a crisp, clear view of the streets of Ponyville below the second floor of his house. Nopony is out yet except for some right outside his front door with lit torches and pitchfor-wait what? He sits up and looks again. Those ponies don't look happy. In fact, they look pretty angry to him. One pony is trying to kick down the front door. Another group is bringing back a huge log, possibly to use as a battering ram. All of them wear black robes. This is a mob. And they're wanting blood. One of the ponies sees Rochester standing in the window. She yells to the rest. Some scramble below the window and try to build a equestrian ladder up to it. One's holding a hammer, possibly to use to break crap in the house and now the window. Rochester is now yelling obscenities in his head. This is bad. Terribly bad. Thankfully there's a back window. He wonders if they're guarding it too. He almost--key word being "almost"--flies off of the bed and to the door. In the middle of opening it, a smash is heard behind him. The window. He slams the door shut. Something hits it right behind his head. Those ponies have good aim. Too good maybe? Nah. They've probably been training for this all their lives. They even have the attire for it. He opens the second door, into the bathroom. He peers out the back window. Nopony there. Maybe right below the window, but not anywhere else. He opens the dresser and grabs a screwdriver. He slams the pointed end through the window, cutting himself in the process as the shards fly towards him. It doesn't matter though. He can take care of it later. He spreads his wings and shoots out of the window. He looks back to make sure and yep, nopony was at the back. Stupid Equestrians. As he flies into the night, he doesn't even stop to think of the contradiction he's posing here: Rochester is an Earth Pony. --------------------------------------------- Whatcha guys think? Post your opinions in the comments. Summoning @@MLS_Brony because he's interested in this sort of crap.
  16. Doing the pokedex challenge within my own terms! If more than one evolution I'm only doing the first.
  17. I was gonna post it when it was done but I couldn't wait to show you all what I've been working on! about a year ago I did some power ponies in circles but I redid them and put them all on a divider for my binder. I'll post as I finish more. Enjoy what I have so far!
  18. I know I want Spike as an NPC in my fangame, so I found some frames of Spike walking in profile (it was from the Inspiration Manifestation episode, where he's just let Rarity keep the spellbook and is walking to the right when Owliscious stops him), and I found some images of Spike standing next to the mane six for a size reference. Putting together what I had, I created this animation from scratch: It's incomplete; if you look closely, Spike doesn't have any arms. Before I committed myself to an animation of him, I wanted to get some feedback about how well I did and whether I should change anything, in particular, the bobbing---I know that animations of a character walking need to bob up and down a bit, otherwise, it looks like they're just suspended in midair and swinging their legs. Did I do a good job with the bobbing as it is? I have him go one pixel down on frames 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 (out of 10).
  19. So... I'm thinking about dumping a whole lot of $#!T, I mean... posting my arts here hope you all like it
  20. What do you think of this?
  21. people often complain so much about the rain...but i love it. i'm definitely a winter person c: duuurrr its funny coz my mums name is sarah hurrhurr i really like Luna's original design...but her more commonly used design is also just as pretty... look out, noodle legs coming through! choochoo! okay so i'm a sucker for twilight as well...and twilight helping an introverted and emotionally guarded character like MoonDancer was just...yeah ok i'm a real sucker for these two and i easily relate to MoonDancer, so here we go... peace to all, -WP
  22. i had an idea for an anthro!celestia at one never really went anywhere, but here's the sketch - luna and celestia's struggle and nightmare moon's becoming was one of my favourite parts of the opening episodes of season naturally.... another sketch, another celestia ;A; XD and last but not least for today, there's the DeadFall project. a short story i wrote back in 2013 about a pony who wakens to find themselves in a Limbo-like world of shadows and silhouettes, and once again, the project didn't go much further than the initial concepts and ideas. i've decided that once i've finished my current MLP work and actually created the webcomic i'm designing, i'd like to try to revive DeadFall, but with Twilight Sparkle instead of a random pony. so here's the original cover design - versus the newly designed cover with Twilight that i may (someday) do something more productive with... anyhoo - thanks for joining me here, stay tuned for tomorrows art dump! peace and a very merry christmas to all, -Wandering ps- bah humbug.
  23. So i'm usually known by a different name; Mercy Antebellum. here's a few bits and pieces (most of these are actually older works, but still)... whooooa okay that's really big...i'll have to look into downsizing a whole bunch of these so i'll only post another two...anyway this is Sliepnir, Grea test of the Changelings. well, my take on him in the mlp universe, anyway... here's one that's a much better size...i've always had a soft spot for young!Celestia, and the idea of her meeting philomena was just a really cute idea okay? this ones nothing flashy, just a sketch/wip piece i thought i'd share.'s another huge one i'll have to work on resizing at some point ^^" anyway...once again, young!celestia - this one does have more of a story to go with it; whilst listening to the song "Winter" by Tori Amos, it brought about the inspiration of a small story about Celestia wanting to refuse her royal duties and in defiance of her father and his gruelling ways of trying to teach his daughters the ways of royalty, Celestia releases the imprisoned Windigo's from beneath her father's castle, bringing about a terrible blizzard that she becomes lost in. She is eventually found by her father and the castle guards, although none of them know why the windigo's didn't devour her for the anger in her heart. Celestia learns to fear and respect the Windigo's for their power, and for allowing her to live, as they sensed the anger in her heart was not true hatred. also, one of the OC's i designed waaaaaay back when i first really got into trying to create my own characters; this is Chamomile Brew; she's always just sorta stuck with me throughout my mlp journey, and i've always had a use for her as a character wherever. she's also one of the 'mane 6' primary characters in my soon-to-be webcomic, which still has yet to even have a working title =_=" however, though her design may change and vary a bit, she's still the same old Chammie i've always had tucked away for good use ^^ so yes...that's a couple of pieces that don't look as terrible as some of the others ^^" let me know if you're interested in seeing any more of my art, or if you're interested in comissioning me in the future ^^ peace to all, -WanderingPony
  24. Something I was wondering as a music creator: I love to make music, and I try to post on my youtube channel as often as I can, but there is often long gaps in between my posts because I write at a relatively slow pace (especially when juggling grad school). Do you think it is better to post little previews of Work in Progress (WIP), or wait until it is completely finished to post?
  25. From the FIMFiction long description: Vinyl Scratch is, of course, an EDM artist. But she always liked something else better... And there's a certain bluish-gray mare who will help her come out of her shell and start not giving a crap about it. This is a WIP story in a parallel universe where pretty much everything we have here except the ponies of Equestria exist. I have the concept of this story, Vinyl actually liking 80's rock (like I do, WHAT A COINKIDINK!!!11!!), but I'm really just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks. It feels a little taboo to be writing the text "Vinyl Scratch always did electronic music, but her heart is in another place..." and stuff like that. Just... EEEEEEEEEHHHHHH. So, my ramble-y description. I'll morph it into something substantial later. REASON FOR THE TEEN RATING, THEN E RATING, THEN T RATING AGAIN: Eeeeeh... I feel like because there's maybe a lovie-dovie relationship going on, I feel like an E rating won't do. Sorry. So yeah. Check it out: