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Found 6 results

  1. A violent storm brewed over equestria it was a storm of chaos. Discord and his party had won control of of the government.. Discord made everything chaotic and insane he and Pinkie Pie now had absolute power anypony who dared support twilight was imprisoned . After establishing his domanice Discord set his sight on the crystal empire and canterlot . Everything became dedicated to killing off these threats . Propaganda now dominated the lives of citizens . Solders marched everywhere preparing for battle a elite unit called the madnessbolts had been set up purely to create chaos Rainbow Dash became their leader with Lightening Dust as second in command . Even the younger generation was greatly affected by the new regime.because now there was a group called chaos youth . Inside the newly set up chaos youth headquarters Scootaloo and Applebloom were arguing with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ." I can't believe that Discord put a blank flank like you in charge!" The pink filly growled ." Well to bad Diamond I'm Dash's sister so I'm the leader suck it up!" Silver Spoon glared at Scootaloo " just because your sister who you were adopted by dosn't give you the right to be in power!" She spat ." Oh that's rich ! Y'all bully us and shove your status in our faces all the time!" Applebloom yelled back . The argument went on for a few minutes before a squeaky voice yelled out " stop!" The four kids turned to see Sweetie Belle glaring sternly at them." Look at you guys ! Fighting at a time like this if we fight each other we won't survive !" But Sweetie they're assholes !" Applebloom protested . Sweetie belle gave her a look " that dosn't mean anything right now ! We've known each other for entire lives and have done nothing but fight ! It's time we fight and join together as friends!" She looked at the other 4 and saw small smiles on their faces . Silver Spoon especially smiled at Sweetie . They noodles and high hoofed each other . Together they took control of chaos youth as equals . Discord and Pinkie got married and soon realized they needed allies . First they teabed up with the griffin empire . Leading to an awkward reunion between Dash and Gilda . Next the alilled themselves with the changelings. Who proved to be powerful teammates . Both griifins and changelings joined the army causeing neighboring countries to fall to their knees . Chrysalis gained land and resources but lost a great deal of power listening to Discord. She decied to convince him to turn a number of his soldiers into changelings by use of her bite . Dash Lightening Dust , Trixie Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara become some of the first and most important changelingfied . Meanwhile Twilight and the princesses set up a government in exile. Vowing to unify the pony race under one banner of freedom . Ponies from all over outside of Discord's sphere of influence came . However their enimies were strong. Twilight knew they needed allies . These wore the Dragons , Diamond dogs , crystal ponies and zebras . Another more dangerous ally . King Sombra had returned and at first tried to ally himself with Discord but the chaos God did not abide by the agreement they made he wanted resources and a vantage point to attack the crystal empire . King Sombra was outraged he used his dark magic to chase Discord's troops of his territory and hastily alled himself with Twilight . Their alliance was careful one but it still counted . As the two sides met in battle more and more often war tactics beagw more intense . Soon as Celestia foretold in a recent prophecy . Blood , gore and tears would soak equestria . To be continued.
  2. Here's part won of my poiyfied spin on word war 2 guys enjoy ! The ten year war part 1 The sun rises greeting a bleak landscape . Equestria once a colorful , beautiful country was now a shadow of its former self . They had barely managed to defeat the equal ponies and a great plague of disease and famine had staked in . In the desperation and chaos that followed Celestia and Luna were forced to relocate to the crystal empire . Now Twilight Sparkile was Ponyviille's only leader . That afternoon Discord the reformed God of chaos was giving a speech in Fluutershy's cottage . The loud sound of arguing could e heard in Fluuershy's once peaceful home ponies were arguing about what to do in this dark time . Discord stood on a stage and spoke ." Everypony settle down !" He yelled loudly everypony up . i thank you now I can tell you all why I called you here ". He smiled " my friends as you know we are on the brink of death we could all disappear ! Tell me everypony who do you think is supposed to look after the citizens of a country ?" Fluttershy raises her hoof timidly " um the government ?" She asked curious if age had answered correctly . Discord called his mismatched hands ." Yes correct Fluurershy the government ! But wait the government isn't helping are they ?! My friends this calls for drastic measures !" Dr Hooves scratched his head " what are you proposing Discord ?" Discord narrowed his eyes " what I'm saying is we've got to rise from the ashes , take matters into our own hooves , reclaim our honor ! We must take what we want and rightfully deserve from other if we are to survive !" Applejack let out a outraged yell " Discord I get your upset we all are but that just ain't Right ! We've got to trust twi and the princesses !" Discord scowled " Oh so we're supposed to trust a monarch who has done nothing to help us but tell us to " believe in friendship " ?! Don't even get me started on those coward sisters we dare call our rulers ! They ran off to their safe little empire and left us here to suffer ! If you ask me the crystal empire and higher ups are the two reasons we're still living like this ! They know how to fix the problem they just won't tell us !" He jumped off the the stage . In the coming hours the huge group of ponies in the cottage split into two groups the ones who agreed with Discord and the ones that didn't . Applejack , Rarity and Fluuteshy all sat on the against side of the house while Pinkie Pie sat in the middle with those who weren't sure . Discord noticed Rainbow Dash trotting toward him . He rolled his eyes he figured she was just going to yell at him ." Let me guess you think my idea is stupid treasonous and evil ." He grumbled . She shook her head " no .. I actually agree with you . This has gone on for long enough something has to be done . If ponies have to due so we can survive then so be it ." Discord nods " glad you see it my way I wasn't expecting that from you ." Dash shrugged " well I don't know if this is the absolute best coarse of action . But we've been friends for a while now so I figure your trustworthy in a time like this . Plus I never fully trusted these uppity types either ." Discord grinned " your a strong Pegasus Rainbow Dash I sensed that you and pinkie were more chaotic then your friends a long time ago . I actually had a meeting with two other ponies about this last night . Since I admire your strength and skill I'm offering you a spot as one of my party's co leaders ." A position of power didn't seem bad at all to Dash she thought about it and quickly accepted . They flew until they reached a small shack at the broader Ponyvilke . Once they were inside Dash saw two familiar unicorns Trixie and Sunset Shimmer siting at a table ." Trixe Sunset what are you guys doing here ?" She shed curious Trixie smirked " Trixie was thre at the cottage . She heard what she you said and she agrees with you . She used to her superior magic to beat you here ." She said smugly . Rainbow rolled her eyes playfully . Trixie would say that . She turned to Sunset Shimmer " what about you Sunset ?" Sunset sighed " well I cage here from that mirror human wold a few years ago . Life was good but then everything changed when the plague struck . I was the first one to agree with Discord's idea ." Dash nodded understanding . Discord turned to face his 3 new minions . " alright girls I feel that before we can expand we will need one final member . Somepony as chaotic and crazy as he . It only took the group a few minutes to select Pinkie Pie They headed back to the cottage and saw Pinkie obviously trying to think her choices over . Discord appeared in front of her ." Hello Pinkie " he said with a smile ." Hey Discord " she said looking rater tired ." Pinkie I know you've Ben pondering your choice and I think the best route is to go with my idea ." Pinkie looked worried " I don't know Dissy AJ says your idea is dangerous .". Discord scoffed " Oh please Pinkie that hick dosn't know dangerous from doughnuts ! Besides just think of a national party meeting like a normal party but with more soldiers and death and we have chocolate rain . Pinkie thought for a few minutes she hadn't partied in a long time . She was also extremely hungry . She gladly accepted his offer pulling a large horn out and blew it . Discord smiled sincerely the randomness that he loved about Pinkie Pie was returning . The group of 5 went back to the shack . Pinkie at first was bored by the talk they had and accused Discord of lying . Discord assured her that there would be parties . He also said that if the didn't succeed they may die and she would never hate cupcakes again . This was the deciding factor that pushed Pinkie onto Discord's sides. The group set up a name DNSP or Discordian national socialist workers part . They preached their extremist , highly racist ideas to the the starving , desperate public . Discord gained more support with each passing day . He beanie even more legitimate now that he had two elements of harmony and two other relatively well known and important ponies assisting him. The the masses. Became brainwashed . A few rouges such as Applejack , Fluttershy , Rarity , Spitfire and Soarin attempted to drum up a small movement to protect the nation's honor but it was to no avail . Not only were most of the citizens loyal to Discord but the friendship between the original 5 had grown stronger they were all closer with Discord especially Pinkie who through reverse psychology admired to having a large crush on him . Dash was getting very fond of Trixie the two arrogant mares often spent time alone together and were now practically best friends. Finally when the army was ready Discord , Pinkie and their generals began a civil war that lasted serval months . Due to larger and stronger forces Discord come out on top . He even imprisoned the royal sisters in stone . Then he exiled his opposers from the land . Twilight begged her former friends to stop abs reconsider but their already chaotic minds had had enough . The princess of friendship vowed to start a kingdom of freedom and choice as well as to free her country from the iron hoof regime of Discord and Pinkie pie . After the civil war had been won there was a huge party thrown by pinkie . Not only that She and Discord began to retransform equestria into a land of chaos . For the first time in his life Discord finally had all he wanted he had won . But he wanted more . To be continued !
  3. I need an editor for a Christian themed fanfic series about World War II happening in Equestria. It's kind of an alternate history story, but I need fellow Bronies who like to write and are interested in every theme I've mentioned. Synopsis: For ten long years nazi ponies have been invading and capturing Equestria piece by piece until finally they've stormed Canterlot and Celestia's favorite student, Twilight, is forced to flee to Ponyville; which is already under nazi occupation. But once there, Twilight believes Celestia had one final mission for her that could drive back the Nazis forever and searches her new home to find the underground resistance. When she rediscovers her friends running the resistance she also discovers their own efforts to fight back the nazis, but their enemy has plans also that could spell devastation for Equestria if they don't do something about it. The story is about espionage and informational warfare, as well as fierce battles and the political drama of war. But Twilight and her friends also discover the devil's influence, as well as God's plan to stop him. The tone of the story paints World War II realistically like it would have happened, but does have exciting moments like Indiana Jones, and stylized moments like Hellboy, and sometimes just plainly resembles My Little Pony like you're all familiar. Needless to say, the project is ambitious and probably won't be completed. But if it sounds at all interesting, I need editors who can review the plotline, tell the difference between good writing and bad writing and know a thing or two about spelling. (And yes, you will be judged by how articulate you make your post sound). I also like creative advice, so if you believe you can add something to this story I would definitely love to review it.
  4. hey guys, i was looking from some old stuff in my gramma's wardrobe.. and i found an old box.. with lot of old pictures and stuff.. and i found a letter from my grand-grand-father, i felt like i had to share it... sorry for the translation but it wasn't in italian but my dialect (Venetian language) so some words are unknown even to me "No one can win the Axis my dear wife, that day will come when we will return home victorious. Together we hope that next attack comes fast, so to exterminate this famous Red Army as soon as possible; as they say to us it is large, but it seems a large sheep without a shepherd, that is a whole army can never mess with the glorious march of the axis of the brave soldiers who walk solid and sure-footed toward the victory . Russian planes came to bomb us. As usual, have not hit anything , not even by mistake. Dear wife, if you can send a package, please put also matches in it: tomorrow they will ship a parcel with inside two tires for bicycle, a bit of coffee, not much, but it is all i could gather, a little bit of tea, two pieces of bread, this evening the captain received TWO packs and in one there was in Tuscany cigars and tobacco, he gave it to me.. may god bless him This morning the General Inspector of the tanks at the Ministry of War Quarra visted us, which is our ultimate authority I was asked to give a taste of driving in front of him . And it went well, although I only had an old man in the hands of half a wrecked wagon breaking … this poor Autoblindo is a mess , travelled all day , we arrived at midnight in Cervignano , where the lieutenant warned us that we had to cross a very dangerous area , where most trains are hit by gusts of machine gun and rifle fire from the rebels Slavs. We distributed a couple of hand grenades and let us load the musket and told us to stay in the leg to cross this area , between Ljubljana and Postojna Cave Mr. Colonel, came to know that we were given little to eat, planted a "romanzina" (lot of complaints) to somebody , if we instantly noticed, ate pasta with a good ration of sausage and butter , and so I filled a good time. In this city there is a large hospital and all the German soldiers that you see are all suffering, those of an arm , some a leg, all veterans from Russia. To see all these mutilated made me feel bad for them, but as dad told me.. I didn’t pay attention and I carried on. In those days also came down from the slopes and a division was a huge mess of machines, the columns were all double and triple in some places , you walked all day to make fifty or sixty km. Those who bring more confusion of all are the Germans , they want to go at all costs and infiltrate our columns , we have fun when you want to switch to cut off the road , turn to him the boxes and more than once the machines are touched the dumper and they tore tarpaulins, broke everything, then came the discussions and we almost felt like beat a pair of punches to a couple of those idiot Germans ... still they are funny guys when you get to catch them from the right side. Soon victory will be ours.. now that I see Frantz or whatever he is called sleeping near me.. and I see all of those panzers and machine guns.. I feel the victory my dear wife.. soon I will be home, soon I will get to see Federico again." but... you all know how history goes... he died in a russian POW camp
  5. When you can't do that, you find someone to carry you the rest of the way. -Mal I was musing today and I figure, let's have a war story. Charles Coward, probably a lesser known hero during the second great war. He testified at the Nuremburg trials as this was the man who had broken into auschwitz during the war and reported his findings back to England on what occured to the prisoners there. Pure badassitude. Charles Coward was captured in May 1940 while serving with the the 8th Reserve Regimental Royal Artillery ; he was sent to Monowitz in December 1943. During those times, he had tried to escape, one time possing as a wounded German soldier in a hospital, he even was pinned with the German Iron Cross for his service and faux wounds. Eventually though he did make it Monowitz, a section of Auschwitz where he was liason for the 1200 British POWs kept there. The Brits were treated okay as they had signed the Genva Convention and Germany held to some of hte standards of that. One night, he traded clothes with British Jewish military doctor and fellow POW and smuggled himself into Aushwitz proper where he saw the 10,000 jewish prisoners, the gas chambers, and their squallid living conditions. He decided to do something about it. He frequently sent coded messages in letters back to England reporting his findings and the state of the British POWs. Then, he bribed German SS guards with chocolate and recieved non-jewish French and Belgain bodies where he then set up a series of ditches in Aushwitz and put the bodies in them. Smuggling back into Auschwitz, Charles was able to free around 400 Jewish prioners by having them fall out into the body lined ditches during the death marches to the gas chambers, switch the document papers and IDs from the dead non jew bodies with hte live prisoners to have them assume those identities, where he then smuggled them out all together. There you have it, the heroic exploits of POW Charles Coward, that despite his namesake, proved great valor in the blackest hell.
  6. 2 Down 4 to go this was more graphic than the other one, but less emotional. This was just as hard as applejack, but it didn't take as long to draw, i like it better than Applejack , mainly the face expression, because its fierce but devastated at the same time almost. Please Reply, share, and scale it from 1/10 . And of you're going to brohoof, please Reply too. *yes it is blurry! its because of my bad crappy camera, please dont point it out)