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Found 7 results

  1. Well, for this utterly random thread, the topic is, how do you prefer to wake up after sleeping, whether it's a good night's sleep or just a little nap? Most people usually stretch and do some little exercises, while others just straight get up from bed and start their business. Not gonna lie, I usually don't stretch and prefer to straight wake up and begin my everyday life, but I do stretch my legs sometimes.
  2. My parents and I have been having his argument for years. When is breakfast? Is it: A. The meal you eat only in the mornings? You wake up at noon, you're having lunch. You wake up in the evening, you're having dinner. You wake up at midnight and you're having 4th meal. B.Or is it the first meal you eat, no matter what time you wake up at? You wake up at noon, but you're having breakfast since it's your first meal since waking up. So on & so forth. Inquiry: You wake up at 3pm in the afternoon. Why? Why not? You eat your first meal of the day. Is it lunch because it's after the morning. Or is it breakfast because it's the first meal you're eating sicne waking up? The fate of that burning question is up for you to decide!
  3. Like the title says.... How long does it take you to get up and get going in the morning time? Does it take you a long time to finally pull yourself out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready for work, etc, whatever your morning routine is. Or, are you a morning person like me who practically hops out of bed as soon as your eyes open? (Okay...that's a bit of a stretch. Even I need at least 5 minutes to lay in bed and pull my thoughts together after waking up. )
  4. Who hates having to wake up early on a Monday after a relaxing weekend?
  5. I feel terrible when I got to wake up at six am just to get ready for school.
  6. What would you do if you woke up somewhere in Equestria? Would you try to find someone to send you home? Would you go to Ponyville?... I want some creative answers! tbh...I just recently became a brony and im looking for someone to hang with or play some games with.
  7. This isn't the most exciting entry I have made but since I didn't get much sleep the other night and am a bit bored I am not at my best today. Since I am a second dairy clerk I sometimes have to be at work at 7AM on the first dairy clerks days off or if he goes on vacation and it is a lot easier for me to get good sleep if I keep a consistent sleep schedule but I have a few other reasons. 1. I don't really do much at night anyway: I hate crowds and loud noises so bars and other places active at night just don't really appeal to me. And since I take the bus and bus schedules are a tad limited where I live I couldn't do much even if I wanted to. I am more likely to stay up late going to a midnight release at Gamestop which has been on my bucket list for a while rather than stay up late at some bar drinking myself into barely even remembering my own name. 2. To quote Pinkie Pie in this one fanfic I read "more sun means more fun." And it also means more time to take care of any errands or other responsibilities. This became really apparent to me when I used to work 4am shifts, it took some getting used to but once I did I loved all the extra time I had during the day. 3. I am at my most creative and productive during that time: whether it is working on a youtube video, writing a fanfic or writing this book I am hoping to get published my brain seems to like the morning and early afternoon hours for some reason. and 4. I sleep better and overeat less: when I stay up late I get a bit bored sometimes and when that happens I sometimes go for the snacks.