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Found 8 results

  1. My favorite part from The Walking Dead was the part where Tyrese Hallucinated after being bit by a zombie (walker). The scene to me was very emotional and sad. Especially when the girls were holding his arm, and when they were in the car saying "Everything is better now."
  2. Yea i really shouldn't watch mlp and the walking dead back to back. I'll probably do more of them too, id like to focus on the background ponies, see what i can with them
  3. Honestly, it was just really really sad. I played it just now, and from the ending of episode four, I knew it was going to be a bad one. But surprisingly, it started out ok, better then I thought. Then some important people died, good people, and that was sad. Not so much as the very ending. I played my game and seen all of the alternative endings and everything just goes so bad and sad! I just wanna hug Clementine! ... Ether way, for those that played it, how did you feel about the ending? Was it as sad as when Lee died like it was for me?
  4. I'm not going to hide spoilers so you shouldn't read this if you haven't played the game. This blog will keep, but the few surprises will be ruined if you read on. Consider yourself warned. Damn, this series might be good, but I wish they'd stop with the heartbreaking stuff! I wish you could build up more of a relationship with Sarah, as these bits seem rushed. I saved Nick in the last game and I fear I am going to regret it. I won't replay sections of the game until the end of the season as I want to the story to evolve properly. Nick is the new Kenny. He might be a good guy, but he will commit rash actions with dire consequences. Speaking of the devil, I was delighted to see Kenny again! I was sure my buddy from season one was dead, and the the returner was going tae be Lilly since you never see her dead. I kind of want to see her again, even though she murdered my favourite character (Carley). Early days yet though. I want to see Lilly try to redeem herself, or at least go full psycho so she can be put down one way or the other. But it was great seeing Kenny return. The guy might make the wrong decisions and may be losing his grip on reality a bit (he also still has that damned temper) but he is a good man and a great character. Likewise it was interesting to see Bonnie from 400 Days make a reappearance. Had to remind myself that Clem doesn't know her. I was pissed that 400 Days confirmed Carley's death, but I am very interested in how Bonnie's group did. I don't like this Carver guy as a character or a villain. I'm prepared to wait a bit but I think he's a false messiah type and that he's going tae have a utopia that is going tae fall apart. What do you guys think? Enjoying the game?
  5. Alright, I've had this question for a while now. What famous zombie franchise did it best? Or in other words, what franchise's zombies did you like the most? For me personaly, I like the evil dead zombies the most. They're terrifying and funny! But what do you guys think?
  6. Hi! I'm in a project for a minecraft walking dead machinima with original characters. We need a 16 or up girl to voice the part of Jessica, a big sister to Chloe, and their parents died from Zombies. Tell me if your interested!
  7. I've created this thread to talk about the Walking Dead video game. Here feel free to talk about the choices you made, thoughts on characters, and hopes for season 2. I really would appreciate if we kept this thread solely for the video game and not the comics or TV show involved, Though feel free to share your thoughts on the new game "THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVAL INSTINCT". I'm eager to hear what choices others made during there time with The Walking Dead. Let the discussion begin!!!
  8. It takes a truly special story to have an emotional impact on a player, and a well-crafted journey is the only one worth remembering. The Walking Dead by developer Telltale Games is nothing if not a riveting, expertly designed and, most importantly, immersive adventure. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." This quote by Ursula LeGuin summarizes everything about The Walking Dead, as this is a game finely tuned to react to your decisions, though it all leads to one similar end. The destination is the same for all players, yet the journey itself is something that will be drastically different for every player, and it is this journey which will lend the finale its impact in the first place. Players take the role of Lee Everett, an ex-university professor from Macon, GA, who is just being incarcerated on charges of murder. With no distinct details about him given, the game quickly thrusts him into the harsh new reality of the walkers, or zombies, who now overrun the world. Shortly after his first encounter with the undead, Lee meets up with a young girl who has kept herself safe inside a tree-house. This girl's name is Clementine, and though it isn't directly stated, she is the heart of the game, as well as the one who most closely touches yours. This Clementine, tugger of heartstrings. It doesn't take long for Lee and Clementine to become wrapped up in something more than just a personal endeavor, though. Soon after meeting one another, they are whisked into a situation with more survivors as they desperately try to escape the oncoming walkers. It is in this situation where Lee's morals are first able to be bent to the player's will, and this is the first true glimpse of one of the game's most enthralling features. Each action Lee takes will beget a reaction from other characters, with them taking note of his words and choices for the future, sometimes all the way up through the end of the game. It is Clementine herself who most notes his actions, however, with her young mind being quite impressionable. Lee's choice of words and moral decisions can shape her throughout the entire game, lending for her to become a liar, a coward, or a strong individual. A player with loose morals could end up not only in trouble with other survivors, but also turn her into a poor person, too. Nothing is so black and white as to be simply 'good or evil' in the game, however. Seeing a stranger being attacked by zombies in the street while on a supply run, do you put her out of her misery and alert the walkers with your gun, or leave her as bait and a distraction to buy yourself more time? When two members of your group dispute each other's decisions in a bid for leadership, whose side do you take? They will remember what you say, and it may affect you drastically later on. They're not exactly ones you'd want to piss off, either. It is in this character build-up and interaction that you become completely enthralled with the story, learning to truly care about the fates of everyone involved. Helping one person at one point could lead to them returning the favor, or possibly saving someone else. Chide someone for their cowardice and they may become braver in turn to prove you wrong. These are important factors, as Lee is no superhero, and cannot do everything alone. During what action moments the game has, Lee is often not able to help everyone who needs it at once. Sometimes he simply has to protect himself, other times he has to defend another, and at the worst of times, he has no choice but to save one life over another one. These moments, despite how brief they are, have a level of tension that few other games ever reach, as you have no time to think things over, having to make the decisions in the heat of the moment just as if in reality. You may truly regret actions later in the story, and few games can say such a thing. This ever-evolving story falls into place depending on your every little reaction, and it will be drastically different for one player than it will be for another. However, despite the choices you make on the journey, it is true that the end is always the same, so relish what happens as you go, love the characters you can and do everything to keep them safe as long as you can. And most importantly, stay away from spoilers on the ending! It's hard not to be depressed in the end of times, so keep close those you hold dear. This game is not about action or kicking zombie ass. It is about survival, relationships, and horrifying realities. Despite having moments of intensity and truly thrilling action, the majority of the game is spent in dialogue to create an extraordinarily personal and immersive experience. This is not for everyone, but anyone who loves a good story would be missing out on a golden opportunity to not play this. No other game in 2012, or possibly any other year, really, has created characters who feel so real and generate such true emotions. This is a journey worth taking, and though it may end in tears, it will stick with you forever. Not playing this game is hard to call anything other than ignorant. Find a way to play it, and enjoy it. It doesn't last forever, and that is a good thing in its own right, but it and its characters will be remembered forever to make up for it.