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Found 10 results

  1. (Combine if there's a thread like this; not exactly good with the search box for some reason ) Anyway, what are some weird things you've said or done in your sleep? Here are some things I've said in my sleep: My mom said I said, "Do you even lift?" in my sleep. My mom said I said, "'Merica!" in my sleep as well. I can't recall much else...How about you all?
  2. This is a kind of a weird question, and I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to ask it (sorry if it isn't). First, the context: I've been asked to do a pixelart animation of Celestia walking, and I know I'll need animations of her for my fangame in the long run. But I couldn't find any bases of her, let alone bases that were to scale with the pixelart I'm using for the ponies in my fangame (see my signature for an example). So I'm going to need to make a base, myself (it'll be available for everyone to use once I'm done). With that context in mind, I need to find an episode of the show that has an animation of Celestia walking that shows her in profile, but I'm having difficulty finding an episode of the show that gives me what I'm looking for. Can anyone point me to an episode with Celestia walking that shows her from the side? I don't even need to see her to taking more than two steps to get the full animation, but finding an episode that gives me this isn't easy.
  3. Check it out, please :3 Also, please check out my let's play channel. I've been working hard on a lot of things to try to make the channel better and been doing more editing and updates than ever before. It would mean a lot to me if you'd take a look at my channel! ^-^
  4. Okay, guys. I’m starting a blog where I write out the weird dreams I might have from time to time. I won’t be writing here every day because I don’t always write my dreams down. Note that for literary purposes or JUST BECAUSE IT’S MY DREAM AND I WANT TO ADD A FEW DESCRIPTIVE DETAILS HERE AND THERE, what you see will not be what I originally noted. Because you forget dreams quickly. When I write my first draft, I have only the most important details, which are mostly just events. When I go back, I will then create the environment, while trying my best to stay true to the integrity of my dreams. Finally, be aware that any names I mention in these will have been changed from the names I know in real life to protect the identities of the people I know IRL. That said, let’s get this going. HEADS UP: My dreams might have some language in them. Mostly English. You might also see some swearing in here. Viewer discretion is advised. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bitter wind cuts straight through my coat. It was almost as though I wasn’t wearing one. At least I had the sun hitting my back, keeping it some kind of warm. I had to go to this other town. For some reason, I wasn’t driving my car. The total trip would have been about 30 or so miles walking. Why was I doing it? I don’t know. I don’t know what compelled me to go for such a demanding walk, but I did it anyway. About halfway into the walk, I pull out my trusty map to make sure I’m headed the right way. I’m making great progress, but the wind kicks up and I lose my map. Great. I forge on. Eventually I get lost and I cannot figure out where I am. I stumbled upon this house. It wasn’t a very nice house. It was tucked away in a wooded area in the countryside. There were children’s toys scattered throughout the yard. Off to the left was a barn with some rusted cars sitting outside. I thought this was where I was supposed to go. Like this is where I was walking. I don’t remember why I was even going to a house in the first place, but I just walked right in without knocking. Perhaps I was told to do that? I removed my coat and hung it on a hook. Then I sat at the kitchen table. And waited. Suddenly I felt a sting on my back. Like blunt force caused by a small object. I try to determine the source when I feel it again. After a few minutes of searching, I found this little kid (maybe 7 years old) with a pellet gun. It hurt like hell, and I figured that if someone wanted me there, they wouldn’t leave their kids there or even have kids at a place like this in the first place. It was pretty much a shack! I get up to retrieve my coat, but it’s gone. It turns out another little kid (who may be a couple years older) has it and is running away with it. I’m scrambling about trying to get my coat from Little Shit 2 while trying not to get shot by Little Shit 1. After a couple minutes of tumbling around, my brother Grant walks in. Now Grant never came with me. As far as I knew, he was at home. And I was quite a way out. I had been walking a long time. So why he was there left me confused. But I wasn’t complaining because we did get my coat back. We walk away from the house toward my brother’s car. I told him that I didn’t think anyone was home. I was right….kind of. As we’re walking down the road, an Audi is driving toward us. We get on opposite sides of the road. The car stops in between us, and the rear windows roll down. There is a Hispanic man in the backseat. He is wearing a nice suit and smoking a cigar. “What are you doing at my house?...Last time I checked, this wasn’t your house. This was mine…now…You’re being very disrespectful by being at my house without my permission. And I have kids, hermano. That worries me. Now…please enlighten me…why are you at my house?” Then he tells me to walk behind the car to the other side. When I do, it starts backing up. Fast. I reacted quickly and jumped out of the way. He laughs, “There you go…doing this shit again…coward.” It must have pissed him off, but he didn’t get time to start yelling at me because a bunch of men were walking toward us carrying a variety of melee weapons. Axes, baseball bats (some with nails driven through them)…I thought I was going to die so I blurted out, “Oh God…we are so dead…” The man in the car said, “No. Not yet, anyway. These fuckers kidnapped me once.” Maybe they were a rival gang? Grant and I looked at him and shrugged our shoulders. “Oh. Okay then.” The man gets out of the car and starts shooting the other men. They had evidently not considered this man having a gun because they started rushing him with their melee weapons. However, Grant and I didn’t stay around for the action. We used the opportunity while he was distracted to run away. And that’s when I woke up.
  5. Hey guys, I saw the digital version of this image and it made me laugh for a long time. Then again, I'm boring but still I drew this Enjoy and critique how you see fit. P.S, I know there's a line above Celestia's head I'm tired >.> Also my friend (Pfft yeah right..) Stole my Camera so, my iPod will have to do
  6. This game really knows how to tug at your heartstrings. I cries at certain parts,like when Kenny came back and Clementine had to kill us. U screamed when Lily shot Carley. If I end up having kids,my girls name will be Clementine without a doubt.
  7. This question came to attention when a friend mentioned that one of my OCs was flying into a rock, not a cloud....but if a pegasus can walk on clouds, can they not fly through them then? My theory that I came up with a few seconds ago thinking about Super Smash Bros, is that they can probably fly through them, but get slowed down when they pass through it. They can also walk on them, but can just "push through" the cloud's top to get to the lower side. Thoughts and theories?
  8. What did you think of the movie? Let me tell you I broke into tears. Watch it if you haven't already. It was based on a fanfiction.
  9. So there was a new Walking Dead game that was based off the show called "Survival Instinct". It's an fps, and while it plays out really well, people have been complaining that the game is bad; mainly because of the sub-par graphics and stuff like that. I don't see what's wrong with it. I thought it was a good game...
  10. So I decided to make a trotting pixel gif of Pinkazoid's OC Sugar Rush.I made it in a few different sizes I hope it looks good 47x43px (emoticon sized) 59x54px 141x129px (original unresized) 150x137px (avatar size):3