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Found 35 results

  1. Who would you become? A mortal pony that worships puny Princess Celestia. Or an immortal Space Marine of the holy God Emperor of Mankind. Where you get to kill filthy xenos and heretics in the name of the Emperor?
  2. Hello there, everyone. After a long time of waiting, I finally got my scanner. Now that I am able to upload my pictures to my computer, I want to share them with you and see what you think. The ones closer to the bottom of the post are the latest ones I drew. Here is a pony version of the avatar I use on most forums. It is a Space Marine Terminator from my chapter. A character I made named Amity Clawhoof
  3. Okay, for people who play Warhammer 40,000, I am sure you are aware that as of the 8th Edition, the Imperium has a new breed of Space Marines to help in the fight against Chaos: The Primaris Space Marines, said to be tougher than your average Space Marine. I have a question: Are they gonna replace the old Space Marines, or are they just gonna be reinforcements?
  4. Okey everyone, I haven't found this one yet, so I think I will ask you guys. I bet there are some Warhammer 40K fans out there so my question for you is... what is your favourite faction and why? I have a huge hard-on for the Eldar. I haven't played the table-top game yet, but I like their lore and they are pretty cool in the video games. I always love mobile factions and classes that allow for a lot of tactical gameplay and the eldar fill that spot perfectly. They are also very mysterious and "Magic" heavy (As in, they use the warp quite well). Their vehicles also look neat, with all of their swift looking models. I guess that sums it up. I also have a special spot for the necrons, because they are bad-ass and a certain love for the orks... because they are funny with all of their gunz and red vehicles xD
  5. Ponies VS The Imperium of Man? Whom do say would win? Would Pony magic be enough to stop the Imperium of Man? Now, the Ponies are not even interstellar. Remember, it is heresy to say the Ponies would win.
  6. Greetings, everyone. I've failed at finding any such topics on this forum, so... here it is! I'd like to dedicate this topic for sharing your armies and backstories for them (and characters' if you have any), discussing different tactics and general thoughts on things related to Warhammer! Hope this idea will not be dissappointing for anyone in here, heh.
  7. A lot w40k fans like you out there are probably familiar with the black crusades where Abaddon united multiple chaos warbands to strike against the Imperium. While it is true Abaddon's intention was to assault for the part Cadia, it goes deeper than that. Somebody contacts Abaddon and tells him to acquire certain artefacts wich will allow him to control something called the Blackstone Fortress. Basically, it's a giant doomsday weapon, perfect for any follower of chaos to end countless of lives. But here comes the twist, Abaddon had been misled. (in some way.) In this video, I highlighted an important part when you play it and then look at the shadow behind the mysterious figure. Looks familiar? It's the Deceiver (A C'tan) Here is the explanation: The Blackstone fortresses where doomsday weapons build by the old ones that were specifically made to battle the Necrons. Of course if the Eldar were to get their hands on it, it would prove really bad for the Necrons. So the Deceiver tricked Abaddon in trying to use the Blackstone Fortresses but the fortress, in the end, blew itself up just like how the Deceiver had planned. Also for the fact when Captain Spire sees the destruction of the fortress, he says this quote *Such destruction should have been a pleasing sight to see, while I cannot say why. My heart was filled with sorrow. I cannot dismiss the feeling that something... magnificent has died.) The explanation even proves itself further by showing the Deceiver somewhere near the middle of the video where he says the same quote he had said to Abaddon before.
  8. Hey evrypony! You might already know about the upcoming game Dow3. And Gabriel Angelos is returning in dawn of war 3! But damn, he looks like a badass in this game. Wearing modified terminator armour with his daemon hammer Godsplitter. After being crushed near death by Kyras as a Daemon Prince, he comes back from the death, more badass then ever. I am very hyped about it, how about you? Becus i sure am xD.
  9. Who would win? Would the ponies' Royal Guard be able to beat the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k? Or would the Space Marines win?
  10. How would the characters react to the Warhammer 40k setting?
  11. Preface: For those wondering, no this is not meant to be a religious outburst, even though it might read as such since faith is a strong theme in Warhammer 40,000. In the universe of 40k there is something called the Imperial Creed. A book of the words of the Emperor of Mankind meant to inspire soldiers and help them keep faith against the onslaught of daemons, alien hordes, and monstrous horrors of the beyond. Many fans have extrapolated the canonical quotes from the Imperial Creed and turned it into a few posts around the Internet designed to inspire readers to strive for more. What I have here is three posts from one of the more inspiring threads I came across, something I sit down and read whenever I am feeling down and use the words within to pull myself from the slump and gloom. While some of the words in this thread roughly poke at various religions, I chose to left the whole intact as I feel it adds to the weight of the rallying cry of the posts. If you are overly faithful and easily offended, then I recommend stopping reading here. If you want to read something that may help inspire you to reach for the heavens, read on. If you enjoy or dislike what you read below, feel free to comment on it; everyone deserves to have their say. ----------------------------------------------------- The future of Mankind is the stars. Its unity throughout the skies, to see the wonders of the universe laid out before us. There is something special in all of us: The spark of life and joy and happiness. The human soul, pure and incorruptible. Its spirit burns brighter than a billion torches in the dark, banishing the shadows of defeatism and gloom. Never listen to those who tell you that life is suffering and existence is meaningless. That way madness and decay lies. I tell you this, brothers and sisters, a message that needs telling more now than ever. It is a simple message that should be heard in every corner of the globe, echoing from highest mountain to the deepest ocean. We are Humanity. We have Purpose. We are family, all of us. Forget our petty wars and divisions, for the greater struggle lies out there, against a universe that has recognised our greatness and in its fear seeks to lead us astray to destroy ourselves. We can be united, The Emperor has shown us the way forward. Free from the lies of false prophets, the jealous falsehoods of dying gods, united in the great mission that lies ahead. Christ tells you that you are sinful beyond redemption through no fault of your own. The Emperor tells you to be proud. You are human, perfect in form, perfect in mind. Nothing on the face of the world compares to you. Your love, your joy, your anger, and yes even your hate, is to be human. It is to be true to your nature. Christ offers you shame. The Emperor offers you pride in who you are. Allah expects mere obedience, yet what does he offer in return? Nothing, except sparing us his lash as long as we continue our obeisance. The Emperor asks for your loyalty, but only in his cause - that of all Mankind - to build a better future. For that future he gave everything. What has Allah sacrificed? What of the Hindu and Buddhists? They tell us the world is suffering. That to abandon hope and desire is the best a man can achieve. Lies. Every word. These established religions tell you that you are weak and sinful and shameful. The Emperor tells you that you are blessed and holy and powerful. Look at the wonders of Mankind, how together we can create miracles. Join together in brotherhood and unity instead of division. Join together with strength and honor in our Humanity instead of shame. Look to the heavens, and the light of a million stars. This is our destiny. To come together and walk amongst the stars. And to tame them. And there shall be no fear, for The Emperor protects. There are some I know, that these words will not be enough. For fear and doubt still lie heavy on their hearts and souls. So this I say to you: The Emperor watches over all of us. He is with us every moment. His strength is our strength. Guarding us. Protecting us whilst we do his divine work. Death, when it comes, has no power over the servants of The Emperor, and when we die we shall sit in vigil at his side, watching over a better world we helped create. What more could a man ask? Let me tell you of my dreams, brothers and sisters. I dream of a terrible eye The home of that most greatest evil, and I smile. "Why?" You might ask. Because in that all consuming darkness I see a star. A star brighter than any other. It grows, and as it grows the darkness fades. And the star calls out. And I see them. First the angels, the souls of His faithful, all marching in unison. With every step they take, the daemonic cry out in agony. And then I see his armies, the bodies of Mankind. And then I see the dark gods themselves. And they are afraid. Remember what The Emperor has taught us. We are Humanity, and nothing can hope to stop us.
  12. And parties for the party god ! Other people here celebrating the tabletop's anniversary?
  13. Finally Deathwatch gets new content from Games Workshop. Fighting Genestealer cults with unique weaponry and awesome stuff. Of all the Deathwatch models the Salamander Terminator is one of my favorites. combining a heavy flamer with power fist + melta is really awesome. Other Warhammer fans interested in the release? P.S. the White Dwarf has the official 40K rules.
  14. Any story in which you wanted to see Space Marines from Warhammer 40k appear and kill the ponies? As in fan fiction that made you so angry that it would fill your heart with joy to see Space Marines use flame throwers and machines guns to kill the ponies. There has been a few stories I've read where I'd like to see that happen, which shall remain nameless.
  15. Just made a new 40K miniature some days ago. Based on American patriotism.
  16. The God Emperor of Mankind Vs Princess Celestia? Who would win in a fight? Take note, Princess Celestia is canon level of power from the show. Not overpowered mary sue from fan fiction. The God Emperor of Mankind
  17. Hey as is tradition I must awkwardly state I am new to this whole forum shindig, as in I've never been on a forum before so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong :S but anyways.... I've noticed a lot of MLP fans are also totally into the awesomeness of Warhammer Fantasy/40K as well as D&D and other fantasy/sci-fi games. I just wanna know how many of ya'll out there are into all this said awesomeness and why do you think we are so drawn to it all despite the difference between the Grim Darkness and the Cute Ponyness? Don't mean to be too heavy but hey get all philosophical psychological on me Your faithful servant, Pone-Fiend.
  18. Are you a fan of 40k? I know I am. This little hidden gem of a chapter was only recently brought to my attention. More pics are available here. I've got such admiration for all the dedication and work that went into this.
  19. Story that I'm writing. Don't have to know much about the Warhammer 40k universe to read. Tell me anything about it and if I should continue and finish it. ~Thanks
  20. Das Story Ayy, tell me what you think. Don't need to know much about WH40K 2 read. Also, tell your friends that might be interested. Will post updates on the addition of new content!
  21. After a marathon playing through all DoW games again, I had to draw my favorite vehicle of my favorite race. It's also one on the models I own. Sketch in spoiler Enjoy! It was a fun thing to draw.
  22. Now this pairing would gotten me hyped for a cross-universe storyline... Got the idea rattling around in my head for a while, ever since reading through this thread. For those not in the know, tall, dark and handsome on the left is supposed to be the Emperor from Warhammer 40k (or rather 30k). C&C welcome.
  23. I'm honestly curious who the people here believe would win, since a great part of the Fandom thinks of Discord as an God. The Chaos Spirit (or God) vs the that guy who made 4 real Chaos Gods shit themselves. So, would Discord with his reality-bending powers win or would the Emperor simply erase him from existence? So who will win: Chaos or Order?
  24. who in here plays warhammer!?! either fantasy or 40k?!its a strategy war game, its got some games on xbox and the physical figures!!which do you prefer and how long have you been playin?!?!IVE GOT A FANTASY CHAOS ARMY AND A GREY KNIGHT 40K ARMY, THEY STILL NEED PAINTED BUT THEY ARE PRETTY MASSIVE
  25. Any story that made you so angry you wish the Imperium of Man would pay a visit? Normally, I don't really like the Imperium, I much rather the Democratic Order of Planets from Futurama. But sometimes, in a story the ponies really get me angry. As in a story where the ponies are so elitist, misanthropic, egotistical, always think they are right and in general be jerks to humans? That fan fictions, where I hate the ponies so much and kind of wish the Imperium of Man would pay a visit. I'm sure the Imperium would put those ponies in their place.