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Found 4 results

  1. Something really interesting just popped up in my head! Pegasi control the weather over Equestria, and also Everfree controls it's own weather! But something is off with every other race kingdom around Equestria! The changeling hive sits upon a desert wasteland! The yaks live in a snowy wasteland! The dragons live in a desert wasteland! The griffons live in a desert wasteland! Don't you see the pattern here?! The other creatures can't control the weather like the ponies do, and that's why they all live in lifeless wastelands! Most of them don't even grow crops! The ponies are so afraid of these other creatures that they're not sharing their weather! What do you think about this? Don't you see that every other civilized race around Equestria has the same weather while the ponies in Equestria can control their own?
  2. This is something I came up with: Starlight Glimmer clashing against Tirek in an epic battle of some sorts. The whole background is a cross between the battle between Twilight and Tirek from Twilight's Kingdom, along with the Ashen Wasteland of the Cutie Remark
  3. This is something original I did with my Wacom Cintiq and a copy of Artrage Studio Pro(With a bit of Photoshopping). Basically, my character Wanda dressed up as a Knight as she goes through some mud to confront an unknown enemy Wanda is my original character. Do not use without permission.
  4. ^ When I submitted this story the moderators didn't upload till like 4 in the morning eastern time. Which is around a time in which hardly anyone is on, therefore, hardly anyone noticed it and I wasn't able to acquire much feedback.