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Found 30 results

  1. Let's say it's the same thing, just that the ponies look exactly like G1 (Generation 1) ponies and the show has the same video quality as G1 (Generation 1) and sound quality as G1 (Generation 1), would you still watch the show? I personally think I would, I don't really think quality is what makes something great
  2. Hi all, What are your favorite subcultures on YouTube? Examples include paramotoring (Tucker Gott), skateboarding (AndrewShrock), modified cars (ThatDudeinBlue), political/societal commentaries/critiques (Sargon of Akkad), etc.
  3. I just want to say that I'm a very sensitive individual and I don't like movies with a lot of shock factor. I just felt like posting a thread on this. Anyone with me?
  4. I know there are plenty of bronies who first started watching MLP through streaming such as youtube or netflix, I'm just wondering if you watched the show all at once or if you take your time watching. And as a follow-up question, do you do the same thing when ever you're streaming another show? For me, I started watching the show since the early episodes of season 2, and I binge watched whenever I wanted to but also knew when I needed to take a break. How I watched a show depends on the show itself and if I have any free time to watch.
  5. Earlier today I came across a post about why someone would start watching MLP, and that caught my interest. I searched the forums for a topic about this, but found nothing. This is why I'm asking you now, why did you ever watch MLP in the first place. For me it was just to ease my curiosity about bronies and why anyone could like it.
  6. Since there was a scene in Scaremaster showing us cutouts of ponified versions of certain anime characters, I've been thinking, what anime/manga would Fluttershy check out and like? I think Fluttershy would like Love Live and Azumanga Daioh.
  7. So, okay, let me just say this isn't for me but for a friend who has not seen season 5 yet but only wants to watch the good episodes from this season. Off the top of my head, I can show him The Cutie Map, Slice of Life and Make Friends but Keep Discord. Are there others you guys can recommend for him?
  8. The title is pretty self explanatory, What would you do if you saw the user above you watch you sleep? Wait...if there's no pony above me am I forever alone?
  9. So, you ever end up flipping through the channels and a show catches your eye, only to go back and find out it's a kid's show? You know, you see it and you scoff but you end up watching it anyway? My daughter watches the Sprout channel and a plethora of shows come on, like Thomas the Tank Engine, Caillou, Berenstain Bears... Well, after having this channel on for a little every day, two shows caught my eye. The first is Astroblast. It's cute as hell. It's funny. They make some good jokes throughout the shows and yes, they even have a moral, which is your normal fare, but tolerable. I found myself looking for fanart and only found one of the pig main character, Sputnik. Why not check it out? What have you got to lose? And then... there's Sarah and Duck. The show with no real point or purpose. It's also cute, it's very calm and injects some interesting humor here and there and... that's about it. The art style is quirky and charming, and frankly, I love how the narrator of the show is not really considered as such. He might as well be standing next to the characters. No real moral to anything; it's just a show about a girl and her pet duck living life. Some episodes are random and crazy, while others just have them dealing with the resulting boredom of a broken toy robot. Oh, and the narrator's voice is sooo calming. How about you guys? Anything that you watch that is normally considered a kid's show?
  10. Afternoon, ponies. Obviously the season 5 premiere is airing tomorrow and I'm soooo looking forward to it () but sadly I'll be busy during the day since I'm working from 9 till about 3 (I live in the UK by the way so I'd be viewing it at about 3 in the afternoon usually) and I'm seeing my cousin afterwards, so I probably won't be able to watch it live. Do you guys reckon it'll be uploaded to Youtube not long after it airs? Or is there ANYWHERE else I could view it? Also, if I AM able to get home early to watch it live, BronyState I'm guessing would be a good place to watch it? Thanks for any help.
  11. I needed a laugh, So my friend link me this video from youtube, and It was very funny XD like I can't control my laughter anymore anymore XD So what are the videos you've seen that are very hilarious from youtube? XD
  12. I've recently re-watched several episodes that I don't often feel like seeing again, because I didn't find them especially memorable or entertaining (though I really like them all). And you know what? I had a blast doing so. There were a ton of little gags and details that I didn't remember/notice, and overall they left me with a much better impression than I had before. So that made me wonder: is the first time you watch an episode actually the least enjoyable? Do early impressions really not do justice to episodes? And yet I remember the first time I've seen my favorite episode, Magical Mystery Cure, and how i felt completely shaken by that amount of awesomeness; I've watched it countless times now, and while I still always get feels, it certainly does not compare to the day it aired. But there are also episodes I absolutely love, like Pinkie Pride, that I didn't really appreciate as much the first time around, but only during the second watch I was able to take it all in, so to speak; I also get this a lot the first time I listen to songs, perhaps because on first listen/watch I'm more focused on absorbing the experience rather than just enjoying it. So what is your stance? Do you like episodes more when they are new or when you've seen them before?
  13. Where do you watch My Little Pony? On what channel? On what site? For me, I don't have the show on the cable we have. I'm not complaining, but what seems to be the only channel in the country that has the show is in another cable network. Since I am outside the USA and since I am not really fond of iTunes, this leaves me with sites like YouTube and Dailymotion - but I believe it is not wholly legal and I have to make a stand on that. That leaves me to having a want to watch the show but couldn't due to both external and internal factors. So, where do you watch it?
  14. Well, Summer is here, and with that, comes the new summer line-up of anime that keep anime fans on their toes about what's hot and what's not these next 12 weeks. However, there are many, many, anime out there that many of us have never heard of. The plethora of anime in a diversity of genres can be daunting for fans that have already have quite a list of anime they've watched behind them, but do not know where to go next due to their particular overall likes and dislikes (such as I). There are quite a few die hard anime fans out there that check out just about everything that comes out (like Digibro), but there are those who try to stay in a smaller niche of anime, because they may not have the time to check absolutely everything out. Me, I don't want to spend all my free time seperating the wheat from the chaff, and thus due to my current overall "meh"-ness towards this summer season, I am at a loss for what to watch. I am sure there are other anime fans on here that run into the same problem, so let's dedicate this thread to helping one another find entertainment in anime that we may have never heard of or tried before! To help out, we should list a few anime that we adore, a list that gives others an idea of what we are looking for in terms of genre and story that also tells us what you have already watched. For those with long lists, that may get difficult because that can get overwhelming, but we can try our best. Secondly, we could ask about what we are in the mood for in terms of genre, because depending on how we are feeling in our own lives, we may not want certain anime at any given time. Thirdly, dub or sub? We all have our preferences, and though an anime may not have a dub, that doesn't mean you should skip it if you prefer dubs. Forthright, be open! Anime goes all the way back to the 1960's (if not earlier) and there is SOOOO much there to check out. Sure, older anime may be harder to find and may not even have a dub, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot if others have seen it and recommend it! For those responding, be specific to who are responding to. Hopefully, this thread will get a bit more people than I enquiring about what to watch. Everyone has different tastes, so it's best to mention people if there are multiple askers and you can answer for more than one person. Also, give a small description if you can or link to MyAnimeList the summery. Makes things easy and quicker that way. And remember, we all have our own knowledge in anime, and though some stuff may not be correct, corrective criticism should be encouraging, not demeaning. We are all fans here, so be respectful. For me right now. I really want to watch Psycho Pass because of Digi, but I am not for gore/violence at all. Ergo Proxy got me into technological future-centric anime, and boy did From the New World get me into psychological/physiological manipulation of the masses (beautiful anime btw). Really anything psychological that isn't gory is what I am looking for. Nothing really mainstream though/well known (i.e. Stein's Gate, NHK, Death Note, Lain, Madoka, etc) because I've most likely watched it. From the New World is fairly underground, so if you are looking for something more slow paced, not really full of action, but very contemplative with beautiful forested backgrounds, check that one out: I am also just looking for something lighthearted, funny, and NOT High School based. I've grown out of High school anime, because I'm settled down, married, and really look back on high school with a bit of disdain. I am interested in college anime (because I am college aged myself and going back in the fall), so stuff like Genshiken is right up my ally. The Devil is a Part-Timer is also quite funny and not set in high school. Any anime that isn't focused on fan-service (i'm a female anyways) and has a cast of characters that isn't in high school for the most part is what I'm looking for there. It doesn't even have to be comedy. Serious plots are good too, just no/little gore/violence. These types of anime I've really had a hard time finding, since the homeland demographics (Japan) really reminisce about high school so much.... I don't care much about dub or sub, although subs are easier to find and thus that's what I am used to more often than not.
  15. Where the hell are all of the uploads for Season 4 on YouTube these days? Being an English Brony is hard, and, like every country that isn't the USA, we don't get The Hub. This drives us to watch Live Streams of new episodes, and for some of us, that just isn't possible, what with time zones and all. I download every episode in glorious 1080P High Definition, and I take great pride in it. Finding the episode the day after it airs and downloading it used to be simple, but now it has become so difficult. Every search on YT results in those god damn reaction videos, like anyone watches them anyway!? What could possibly happen in Flight to the Finish that would make people want to see your reaction!? All in all, I just want to know if there's anyone who uploads in full 1080P every episode as soon as it airs. It has been done for every other season, and I don't want to watch them on YT - I like to sit in comfort and watch my ponies, not watch it from my PC like a hermit. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  16. So, I've got a predicament...... I don't have cable/satellite/anything that can connect to the Hub on TV. Now, last year I was able to subscribe to the 7th season of Doctor Who on iTunes, is it possible to do something like that with MLP: FIM Season 4? I couldn't find anything when I searched it in the iTunes store but maybe I wasn't doing it right.... And if not through iTunes, is there any other way where I could keep up with the episodes online? Preferably as they are released (or even better, streamed)? Thanks ahead of time!
  17. Today we are here to talk a little bit about a movie called A Clockwork Orange. It is based on a book by Anthony Burgess of the same name and as the title unceremoniously spoils it my ultimate goal here is to convince you to give this movie a chance! Reading that I know what question comes to your mind ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! Your question is: Why? Fear not my little droogies for all shall be reveled soon by your humble narrator. You see, A Clockwork Orange takes place in the close future. A future which will seem very retro to today’s viewer since the movie was made in 1971. The story is about a person called Alex DeLarge. Alex is ,in almost every possible way, a horrible person. One of his greatest joys in life is doing wrong. He is also fifteen years old. But hey, a little of the ol’ ultra-violence can get anybody’s blood pumping right? Despite that however Alex is a very relateable character. He is intelligent, well spoken, he enjoys classical music. He is very charismatic and his diabolical enjoyment of what he does is almost infectious. No matter how despicable the act he is committing may seem you still reluctantly cheer him on and when he falls on hard times you genuinely feel sorry for him. However, one day as most people, Alex will have to pay for his sins. This character is portrayed very well by Malcolm McDowell. His performance and director Stanley Kubrick’s direction, help you see a morally bankrupt world where the young go out to prey on others at night and where politics seems to be way to caught up in it’s own game of thrones to be able to handle to problems of the common people. A world where today’s society could very well be heading. The story of our dear Alex DeLarge however is not the only interesting thing about A Clockwork Orange. The events of the movie raise many interesting question. What is a man when his ability to make his own choices is taken away? What makes a person enjoy causing harm to others? Just how much can somebody like that ever realize the error of his ways and redeem himself? This story asks all these question and many more like them and it might just make you question yourselves ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! That is what elevates this piece of cinema above a lot of others.This story is not just about one man but an exploration of human nature in general. Asking questions about ourselves and the nature of things around us is what drives our lives forward after all ,my little droogies. And few things can make you ask questions better than good fiction. The last few things of note I’d like to mention about this movie are connected to it’s history. It was very controversial back in it’s own time. It won’t shock today’s viewer much of course, but back then this was one of the boldest and most violent movies in cinemas. Unfortunately, that led to some people trying to copy the ill chosen past times of our dear Alex in real life. That’s why Stanley Kubrick asked for this movie to not be distributed to the public in the United Kingdom and until his death it remained unavailable in that country. This is one of the events that lead to it’s relative obscurity today. You have seen Clockwork Orange parodied and/or referenced in other works of fiction (The Simpsons, South Park, Tenacious D just to name a few) countless times already ,have no doubt about that my dear reader. And you have surely felt it’s impact on our culture. A Clockwork Orange is a remarkable movie in the history of cinema which stood the test of time. I hope I managed to convince you to give it a chance my dear reader and if not I thank you for making it this far all the same. If you do decide to see „our hero’s” story through grab a glass of milk and get ready for a bit of the ol’ Ultra-Violence...
  18. Hello, as something fun, i was wondering, if the ponies lived in our universe with our current TV shows, what would they watch? I couldn't think of everything... but... Twilight, i would think, would watch a smart comedy like "Arrested Development" Rainbow Dash, i would think, would watch something awesome... 24? Burn notice? The shield? Fluttershy, knowing her, i would think she would watch something like... Breaking bad (lol)... no... maybe... uhh... see this is harder than you think! Pinkie Pie, i would think, would watch something fun and absurdly random... dare i say Family guy? Applejack, i would think, would watch things such as ice road truckers... or like storage hunters, something reality... Rarity... still out on debate. Tell me what you think! I know everyone has different opinions, i'm eager to hear them!
  19. I am interested in getting into some anime, but have no idea where to start. So I ask you, anime fanatics, to recommend me some shows or movies. To give you an idea of my tastes, I really like the Studio Ghibli movies, as well as the Last Airbender...the cartoon, not that crappy movie. So, with that in mind, what do you recommend? Let me know in the comments.
  20. I've become a little interested in Spider-Man lately, but I don't know where to start (in terms of cartoon series). When I looked on Netflix, about 7 different results showed up! Which one would you guys recommend to introduce me to the Amazing world of Spider-Man? (PS: I heard Spider-Man is a brony. Yeah...)
  21. Lol... It's sunday morning and my mum wants to watch a movie. I have no idea what movie to pick. Could someone give me some suggestions? Preferrably a horror movie, action-packed movie, or MAYBE superhero movie. If anyone suggests Finding Nemo 3D I will obliterate you with my bass cannon :3 Kthxbai, Plox reply if you haz mewvie sugjeschun :3
  22. Coming summer, 2014543543543543543543534. The movie of the century. The world has been lost to the enemies. The only ones left to fight are the few remaining soldiers of mlpforums. Can they do this? They are, The Expendables.
  23. Source: Pinkamenace (Pinkie Pie) You guys totally need to watch this. It is very much worth the time! (This is another thing I will be blogging about. Anything I find interesting on the forum. Hope you guys like these! Comment if you do, and comment if you find another post I should blog!) Don't forget to follow my blog guys! Here is Crona saying Goodbye, and have a pleasant evening! Also, don't forget to Brohoof :3