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Found 27 results

  1. So here is another random question from me. I am in a wondering mood tonight. XD TAP WATER. Something that is usually split on who drinks it. Some people do with no issues while others might avoid it like the plague. This could be for quality reasons, trust reasons, personal preference or a combination. Could be anything. Makes me want to ask, do you drink tap water at all? Why or why not? Do you drink it only with a filter of some kind? Tell us your tap story! : D Me, I don't drink tap water. At least not in my town. Over 10 years ago, there were reports sent out that there might have been a decent amount of lead in the water. Yeah, sounds wonderful. Ever since then, I don't bother with tap water at all around here. Maybe if I get one of those uber fancy filters sometime, but I haven't done that yet.
  2. I hate bottled water so much. It makes me want to puke and just taste nyehyeyheyhehyehyeh bleh. On the other and I think water from a sink taste amazing. It has much more flavor and has much more of a pure feeling to it.
  3. Stages: 1 (No evolution, Legendary) Type: Psychic/Water Abilities: Madness* Base Stats: (Total- 600) Max HP: 140 Attack: 60 Defense: 100 Sp Atk: 120 Sp Def: 140 Speed: 40 Learnset: Lv. 01- Confuse Ray Lv. 01- Confusion Lv. 01- Whirlpool Lv. 09- Bubble Beam Lv. 16- Rain Dance Lv. 22- Water Pulse Lv. 28- Nasty Plot Lv. 34- Calm Mind Lv. 40- Stored Power Lv. 47- Psychic Lv. 55- Hydro Pump Lv. 62- Psyshock Lv. 70- Sanity’s End* Lv. 79- Future Sight ABILITY: Madness- Makes moves of the same type have a chance of applying confusion based on power (1% per 5 power), up to a cap of 30% added confuse chance. Moves that already have a chance have that percentage added to their current chance. "Whenever the Pokemon uses a move of its own type, it gains an added chance to confuse the opponent." UNIQUE MOVE: Sanity’s End- PP: 5 Power: 90 Accuracy: 90% Attacks the opponent with a mental onslaught of dread, has a high chance to inflict confusion (30%).
  4. Just imagine this scenario. You're stuck out in a desert, you have no idea how many miles in either direction the desert goes, not even a rough estimate in miles (or kilometers for you plebs). You more or less have vultures circling you right now. You haven't eaten or drinken (drunk? drank? Idk) anything for 5 days. Verge of death. Suddenly, a bottle of water appears out of no where. Not a mirage, completely 100% legit bottle of water. Filled to the brim, average-sized bottled water (I don't know exact measurements, you know what bottled water looks like). With no more items except the clothes on your back, would you drink that bottle of water, and try to make it back to civilization (or at least get out of the desert), or is the risk of simply prolonging your miserable existence not worth the chances of getting out?
  5. I'm just going to say this bluntly, human population is growing but clean drinkable (potable) water is declining, and it will be the big issue facing humanity in the coming years unless something happens that changes our current trajectory. More so than global warming or terrorism or oil prices or food prices, or immigration. because the water shortage ties into all of those. In 2050, our Earths population will be about 9 billion, it takes water to grow the crops we eat, water the livestock we consume, and help in the process of generating the electricity we use, in addition to the direct uses of water we have, its just simply not sustainable. This 4 year drought in California is just the start. I found this video about it. The solution that I can think of are desalination plants, but those are expensive because they require a lot of energy to make potable water from seawater, so we would need more sources of energy for those to work, preferable clean energy sources like solar and wind. So if that doesn't happen then at best we can expect there to be more competitive world over a basic necessity of life, and if If things come to worse then... I hope you are able to farm your own food. So this is a thread about preparing for this crisis, and ways to prevent it from happening.
  6. I just got back from the pool. Did 20 laps with a mix of butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. That's not much and I could only go for 30 minutes but I haven't really been super active in years due to my heart condition. Doc says exercise will strengthen it and so I went back to my favorite sport. Anyone else sharing the love for water? :3 ALSO! I know this is going to sound CRAZY but this anime influenced me back into the sport I really love and encouraged me. XD
  7. The last time I tried the server, it did not work! I am on the "latest snapshot" setting looking for a way to play PoniArcade on Minecraft 1.13. I need help!
  8. Previously in 2016, Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V campaign was raising money for an organization called Charity: Water. Just like this year, there were many events happening on the forums as the goals were achieved. Since I was unable to donate, I decided to give my time and effort instead. I offered you all a side event, where I was giving little gifts to those, who donated. "Very generous indeed!" -PiratePony More information about my little, yet demanding project: Now it's been a while since it went quiet, due to me completing the requests. ...But there was still something I had planned, so the project wasn't truly finished. Until now... This year in June, @PiratePony has announced the final update of MCM V, sharing the results of that campaign. Quoting his post; Under the links he provided you can find more information about the achieved goals with photos attached. And this was the time for me to provide the final gift for everypony, who took part in my little project... This gift is a ponified group photo of some sort, that is summarizing the MCM V and my project. It is also based on the real photos found under the links mentioned above. So first things first, please meet the last pony, that I designed for this gift: She represents the ones in need (see the real photos for reference). I gave her name "Hope Sprinkle", which is a reference to the charity's goal of bringing the clean water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. And now it is my turn to say thank you to everyone who donated and kept me busy with all those requests. PONIES INCLUDED IN PHOTO (in order of request queue) @Lightwing ● @Creamtastic Jeric ● @Creamimaxis ● @JonasDarkmane ● @Troblems ● @Creme Horse ● @Mr Dash ● @Amorphis ● @Mesme Rize ● @Raritas ● @Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man ● @Compeador ● @Buzz ● @Totally Totally ● @Mentis Soliloquy ● @Yoshi89 ● @Derplight Sperkle ● @Vera Veil ● @Glacies Frost ● @Mohawk Blaze ● @VengefulStrudel ● @PiratePony ● @Buffy ● Pixel Wavelength ● @Rikifive ● Hope Sprinkle You can find more details about ponies and their owners here. It's nothing amazing I know, but all I had were these pixel ponies facing towards the same direction. Nevertheless, I believe it does the job. Oh I cannot even express how many days--weeks--months it took me to get that all done, despite it looking so simple. For me it was a good practice and an amazing opportunity to do and share something with the others. It was a pleasure to work with you, for you all. And finally the time has come to officially announce, that this project is COMPLETED! My gift thread has been updated. Thank you once again!
  9. Sorry for the size...
  10. Our resident corporal of chaos, @Randimaxis, has decided to spin the wheel of song for us, and has landed on everyone’s favorite draconequus to be his muse (honestly, I’m pretty sure that Randi is Discord in human form, but don’t tell him I said that.) What’s this got to do with Christmas? Um...I dunno. Chaos! actually it's water. The charity is about water and the song is about water. I'm a little slow this morning. By the way, I want to just give a shout out to Randi. He was very instrumental in getting this year's MCM up and running and the team owes him a lot of gratitude. Thanks for keeping the Christmas spirit alive, good sir.
  11. This is a bottle of water. You can buy it at CVS or any local pharmacy. It is easily accessible and affordable for just about everyone. The price of such a bottle of water -- about one dollar and nineteen cents. On December 19th, I would like to challenge you to buy a bottle of water for the people that our charity is striving to help. Of course I don't mean go to CVS and drop a buck nineteen and mail it across the world, instead, I would like for you to go to our donation page, and symbolically leave a very small $1.19 on our page rather than spend it on a bottle at your pharmacy, corner store or bodega. Let's see how many bottles of water can add up in one day to help those who really need it. I'll see you next Monday! -Pirate
  12. I wonder how many of you actually remember Ecco the Dolphin? He was a character created by Sega in 1993. He had two great games on the Genesis/Mega Drive and a Dreamcast game i never played. Even less remember that there was a Sega CD version of the original Ecco the Dolphin game. It's pretty much the same game. But what sets it apart is an amazing soundtrack, that takes full use of it's CD based technology at that time and is probably one of the most underrated soundtracks, of the 16-bit era. Here it is:
  13. This is a piece I've made for the 21st birthday of the Brony who introduced me to MLP-FiM. It's a 6x8 canvas panel and acrylic. It was my first attempt at water transparency, and I'm pretty happy with the result.
  14. I don't know about any of you but when it comes to this type of stuff... I will geek out about it... Is that a word?. Get excited i mean basically. If you haven't heard then not so long ago they discovered "Flowing" water on Mars and now are planning to send people as soon as possible to check it out including tons of probes. The reason I'm so excited about this is because it might mean life is on Mars. It most likely would be micro-organisms but that's still life on another planet meaning aliens!!. I want to know what you think on the matter and if your as excited as i am
  15. So, for this thread, I'd like to know, have you been to water parks? Which ones have you liked the most? Have you had lots of fun in them? My country has many water parks, but the best one we have visited is called "Agua Caliente" (spanish for Hot Water) It has lots of amusing attractions and relaxing pools too. The only downside was that dad and me got a sunburned skin because we got stubborn about sunblock, but overall it was a great experience
  16. To quote IGN "Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire get 7.8 because there's too much water" Yeah well the originals had too much water too and got 9.5 Super Mario Sunshine has too much water too Wind Waker has too much water too Legendary Starfy has too much water Little Mermaid has too much water Titanic has too much water Spongebob has too much water Hawaii has too much water which means it's not that great of a vacation spot And the Earth in general is not that great to live because there's too much water My point is water is essential to life and even most of our bodies are made of mostly water which means we are made of too much water. If you hate water so much then go live in the desert. It's so much better than places with water if that's what you like. Desert = automatic 11/10
  17. Literally the best thing ever. It took hours to carefully spray those drops of water in just the right places. I r8 it 8/8 m8.
  18. Alright, I made another wallpaper, but this one isn't really abstract like my last one. I was just messing around with brushes and smudging when I got this cool pond-y look, so I added some effects and made a moon and put that in there too. Hope you like it! 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080
  19. Pokemon, the games to be specific, one of the best and funnest parts of the games has to be challenging all of the gym leaders to advance more into the game and earn the respective badge to prove you are becoming the new champion of the region! However, I thought it would be nice to know if things went different, like switching the tables around. A great question for today is to ask you guys, if you were a gym leader or one of the elite four, decision is up to you, what would be your main specialty type? And if so, what pokemons would you have ready for those who challenge you? I would so happen to be an elite 4 leader who specializes in Psychic types! A serious, powerful, and very intelligent group of pokemons fits me entirely for battle against anyone. With Gallade, Gardevoir, Metagross, and Malamar as my pokemons! Psychic types FTW!
  20. OUR DONATION PAGE We are happily taking donations, all donations over 5 dollars will get a drawing or type of art from a randomly picked artist! You can opt out of the free drawing, however, if you would prefer! ==================================================================== More Info: Our email We are still searching for artists and people who would be willing to spare some time for the cause. Any type of art will be appreciated! This includes, but is not limited to; Visual art, Music, or even a Livestream. Our goal is to give people who donate something over a certain amount to be awarded with a free piece of art from the community to show our gratitude. ======= Can't donate art or money and want to help? You can put a link to this page in your signature or go to THIS website to help people get the food they need.
  21. So you thought that Volt is just an engineer and a bucked up in the mind freak that likes to experiment on ponies? well, heck yes! but.. sometime he has his cute side too... all of that water near the electric dam is inviting sometimes
  22. So I was just surfing the web and found this saying scientists may have found another planet similar to earth in which it has water very similar to earth... This is pretty awesome.
  23. Yeah, I know the file is huge as ass, but I don't care. Forever. Anyway, on kind of a MST3K/Rifftrax kick lately, and this image popped up in my head. Have no idea what those are? Educate yourself. Have a deviantART link. Also, in case you're wondering...
  24. Unicorn~ Unicorn Ponies~ Unicorn Marines, like average ponies, have one magic-wielding horn. However, webbing from this horn connects it to many fins that make it's way up along the pony's back from it's hip to it's forehead directly up the middle. When in use, the magic is more concentrated and visible, resulting in an almost fire-like appearance. When using their abilities, the eyes of unicorn Marines also release magic, which generally flows off of the corners of their eyes. Unicorn Marines only specialize in one element (ice, water, fire, lightning, shadow, etc..), becoming a master of the subject. Unicorn Marines pose a unique adaption, because their hair is unable to sprout the way it does with average ponies. Instead, their hair tends to develop in more interesting manners and forms around their fins. Pegasus Ponies~ Pegasus Marines don't actually have wings. Instead, they have somewhat dragon-like webbed fins that extend from their shoulder blades and mimic the appearance of traditional wings. They're generally the fastest swimmers around, using their "wings" to propel themselves through the water. When on land, they are unable to fly, but are capable of gliding and hovering above ground if desired. Their legs, while still more muscular and longer than that of average ponies, are somewhat weak, but still stronger than that of the general pegasi ponies because their bones aren't completely hollow. Rather than folding their wings, the fins just overlap over one another, and the webbing corresponds. Earth Ponies~ Earth pony Marines often have the strongest legs. They generally keep to the depths of the ocean or lakes, and take up most of the duties concerning agriculture and much of the duties involving animals. In retrospect, they are very similar to average earth ponies, aside from the the addition of webbed fins and their obvious multi-colored coats. When on land, their leg strength makes them exemplary runners. Alicorn Ponies~ Alicorn Marines are incredibly rare, and sport features from all 3 of the different Marine types. They are incredibly tall, and are known to be somewhat more expressive than the average Marine, due to the fact that, over time, alicorn Marines can develop facial fins as well, which typically close and open based upon their mood. Marines as a whole~ All Marines sport webbed, immobile fins. Generally, these fins only sprout from the hind hooves, but on occasion can be seen on the front hooves and even the ears or flank. Marines have incredibly thin fur, and tend to be more colorful than average ponies as a result because their skin can be seen through their coats where the fluff is shortest. Their skin tones can range from the normal pink or grey, to more exotic colors such as orange or blue. On rare occasions, they can have up to three body colors, if the skin underneath is spotted in any way. Marines are normally somewhat taller and sleeker than average ponies, but come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, on rare occasions, they have even been known to be shorter than their earthly counterparts. Female marines are known to be somewhat taller than males, and have designs that generally sprout from their bottom eyelash (swirls, teardrops, anything really). Males, on the other hand, have a bulkier build and wider bodies, as well as somewhat broader faces and the addition of naturally colored hooves. Marines do not have hair. What appears to be hair is actually just thin external gill fragments that allows them to breath under water with ease, Marines that do not have large amounts of "hair" (or have no "hair" at all) tend to have gills to either side of their throats (male) or beneath the rib cage (female). Marines are unable to stay out of water for long amounts of time, because their skin is incredibly delicate and will dry out after a while. The webbing of their fins is incredibly thick and is not see-through, it can be basically any color. During rituals, such as weddings or traditional events, the Marines generally paint their fur and fins with the colors and patterns of native fish. There are both fresh water and sea water Marines. Marines are capable of interacting in different biomes, but can become sick if kept in the wrong water type for too long. Fins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are two-toned. Marines towards other species~ Marines and Ponies can generally get along fairly well, but tend to clash with other species such as griffins due to rivalries over hunting grounds. Marines are entirely omnivorous, and generally tend to prefer fish over seaweed (they have fangs that are visible when the mouth is opened). Since Ponies are herbivores, this has never really been a problem. Marines and Ponies can, in fact, breed, and their offspring have a 50% chance of being a Marine or a Pony. This is the same with any other species that is capable of breeding with others. Getting your own Marine OC~ You must apply for your OC with a full-detail explanation of your character. Rules~ * You can only CREATE 1 Marine OC, all other OCs must be adopted. * Only Admins are allowed to create designs for adoption or create multiple OCs. * If you would like to breed your Marine, please contact an admin. * You may NOT create or own an alicorn Marine. * You MUST credit me for the creation of the species. * You MUST join the group before creating or adopting a Marine. * You MUST link back to the group whenever you create artwork of any form including a Marine. * DO NOT STEAL Group~ Link~ PLEASE REMEMBER TO JOIN BEFORE CREATING OR ADOPTING A MARINE Marine Ponies © NEKROMANTIAFOX NOTE: My scanner like...really hates me some of the colors might be dulled and the transitions might be messed up.