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Found 13 results

  1. I'm a relatively new Pyro main (only at about 75 hours as of typing this out, and in fact at this point it's only my 3rd most played class after Sniper, who was initially my main and remains my top secondary, and Demoman, who's always been one of my secondaries), 300+ hour Pyro mains go easy on me. Also, I'll just leave you all with the list for now. I will say that pretty much every Pyro weapon above D is viable in my experience and f*** even D-tier weapons can be useful aside from stock melee which is worse than every other option than the dumpster fire that is the SVF and the Phlog is more than viable as well if it isn't properly countered by a Direct Hit/Liberty Launcher/Air Strike Soldier or really anybody else (except spies and Degreaser/Flare Pyros) with two brain cells. I will say that I think a couple of these placements are probably controversial, my Detonator placement is likely the best example. Also Dragon's Fury is underrated, even if it still isn't very good. EDIT: A couple of adjusted placements and Rainblower added because of the taunt (which makes it slightly better than stock even if other than that and the Pyroland it's identical). I will however note this list will have no duplicates otherwise because all others offer no improvements over stock.
  2. Well, I'm curious. Being the human that I am, I am fascinated by weapons. The look, the feel, the power... I was just wondering what kinds of weapons you guys have. No Guns No tiny razors or like little swiss army knives Exotic and/or Bladed weapons only Here is a small portion of my collection. May post more at some point in the future...
  3. So, I was kind of thinking today as I was shopping in toys R us and noticed all the bright pink swords and other weapons on the shelves for little girls, and thought about how they're doing the guardians of harmony series. If the show did a more traditional magical girl thing (even for an episode or just the comics) and each of them had a specialized/unique weapon or power, what weapon or power would you see assigning to each of them? If you want, you could even state a weapon or power that you think would work for their equestria girls selves but not necessarily their pony selves.
  4. I haven't seen anything about how ponies defend themselves. Magic is only good if you're really skilled, just flying in to tackle has it's risks, and running in head first is just as dangerous so... What do ponies have as far as weapons? My first guess would be lances.
  5. As the thread title says, I have made a couple of PVC Lightsabers. I'll go over both of them, but first, a reminder: These are my first two sabers, so perfection or even greatness is not to be expected. Feedback is welcome, as long as it is constructive. So, first up, the RAVAGED HUNTER. The RAVAGED HUNTER was my first saber. It is of the design of dark siders and has a red blade. As you can see, as the name implies, it is rather 'ravaged'. This was kind of a happy little accident. I decided to say it has seen a LOT of wear and tear and been used a LOT. It's been from one end of the galaxy to the other and back again. Next up, we have the SILVER HUNTER. The SILVER HUNTER is the big brother to the RAVAGED HUNTER. It hasn't seen as much use, is bigger and has more reach. On the topic of models: I make my sabers with the idea that every type of lightsaber, be it normal, crossguard, pike, double-bladed or whatever, depending on the size of the wielder, it can come in two basic sizes, outside of Shoto sabers. These are normal and big models. So, what do you think? I'm planning on making more, but I need a valid source of income first. I was thinking of doing more PVC sabers as commissions once I get good enough at this. PS: NO ELECTRONICS. I added the blades via special effects.
  6. Any kinds of weapons, melee weapons, throwing weapons, projectile weapons, bullet weapons, anything! My OCs would be his Freezerang, a special boomerang made of ice that freezes anything that it comes in contact with. He could also alter it to explode, slice through anything, and lots of other things!
  7. So... This isn't exactly what I imagined. The armor was supposed to be a bit more realistic, and the character contrast doesn't fit a lot with the background... But it could've been worse. So, here it is: What do you guys think? Any feedback?
  8. Come at me, Kingdom Hearts fans! I just remembered I made this back in 2011 with a buddy. A real, wooden keyblade! The design is not obviously the same as what the final version happened to be, simply because it would've required more work...I also wanted to revise it a bit. Anyways, I still have the keyblade lying in my corner.
  9. What're your guys' favorites? It can be from any game! Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, you name it! Mine is the DMR. I love it's accuracy and flexibility. It can be used in a wide variety of situations, even in close-quarters if your calm enough and don't panic. My second favorite is probably the Needler. It's satisfying getting multiple super-combine kills in a row, and it just looks cool (it's design in Reach is probably my favorite)
  10. Ok I named my 1911's Luna and Celestia awhile back and have been looking for matching grips. But im having a hard time choosing the wood type/carving. I do plan on having the cutie marks carved into the wood at a later date though. (Note that only the ones with "smooth" halves can be carved) I have found These are what they look like. But I'm sort of torn between them. Charcoal and Blue Dymondwood Charcoal and Blue Dymondwood - Tactical Half Checkered Charcoal and Blue Dymondwood - Double Diamond Checkered Charcoal and Blue Dymondwood - Herringbone Tactical Half Checkered Charcoal and Blue Dymondwood - Herringbone Double Diamond Checkered Timberland Dymondwood Timberland Dymondwood - Tactical Half Checkered Timberland Dymondwood - Double Diamond Checkered
  11. WARNING: May contain spoilers! Earlier today, I was playing Borderlands 2 online with my brother on the PSN. I was Lv. 24. He was Lv. 26. And we fought a Lv. 28 BNK-3R. I was very under leveled after he went to check on his sick girlfriend, I decided to farm the BNK-3R and do some level grinding while I was at it. My stuff sucked and I wanted better equipment. The BNK-3R has a chance to drop the legendary weapon Bitch or the legendary shield Sham. I've been looking to get the Bitch for a very long time on my PC. I've fought the BNK-3R at least 100 times and I still haven't had a Bitch drop on my PC. Well on the 4th fight on the BNK-3R on the PS3, this happens. I finally get my first Bitch drop. Granted, it wasn't on my PC. Which sorta pissed me off because if I were on my PC, this gun would be Lv. 50 and not Lv. 25, but I finally got it and I get to see what it's like. I've been using it for a while and it's a really good gun. Well about 20 more fights down the line, this happens I got 2 Bitch drops in the same 2½ hours. I am pretty fucking excited. So I texted my brother these pictures and rubbed it in his face because we mess with each other about finding legendary stuff all the time. Now I find 2 legendary things and it feels so damn good to rub it in his face I asked him a question I never thought I would ask him in my life: "I have two Bitches and I'm willing to share. Would you like one of my Bitches?" :D (Because what do I need two of them for?)
  12. go here to view the actual contest for the adoptable melee weapons of doom this is something out of a set of multiple weapons for my adoptable armory :3 please feel free to go there and enter the contest
  13. The Elements are something of an old pony's tale - they can be both the guiding light to one land's dream of peace and harmony for all its inhabitants (Equestria), or an ancient weapon used to crush your enemies beneath a well-covered solid layer of love (Discord's statue). My question to you is, if pony technology advances to a certain level, can all the eventual research on these ancient items shed some light onto how its power be used without their actual presence - more specifically, the selected few who can wield them?