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Found 34 results

  1. It's simple! What is the weather like right now where you live? Here in Dallas it's about 90F outside and partly cloudy... Though it is suppose to be around 100F everyday for the week or so :/
  2. Do you prefer Summer or Spring? Or maybe Winter? What about Fall? Each season is a magical and beautiful time of the year. Each are amazing, each with their own holiday(s)! My absolute favorite is Winter! I absolutely love snow (even if my skin is too sensitive for it), Christmas is absolutely the best holiday, cozying up under a big fluffy blanket, wearing adorable season/holiday themed sweaters, drinking hot chocolate, and all the Christmas decorations!! Also winter/snow is one of my top favorite kinds of photography and aesthetics. uwu -Gif is from Sims4-
  3. Anyone have a favorite season? Mine is autumn! Autumn to me is Frank Sinatra and the smell of rain, hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, doggy snuggles, tart honey-crisp apples, candied pecans, the anticipation of Christmas, crunching leaves on walks, the smell of chili in the crock-pot on Sundays, the chill in the air that wakes you up in the morning, fuzzy socks and long sleeves, blankets freshly warm out of the dryer, hot pancakes on Saturday mornings drowning in maple syrup, foggy sunrises, cozy sweaters, decorating my desk with baby pumpkins and gourds, poetry, beeswax candles, skinny jeans and boots with leg warmers, pumpkin bread, rereading Harry Potter, swings and bike rides looking up at the changing tree stars, cinnamon rolls, tea, and apple cider. I just love it so much! :3
  4. I don't know if there is a similar thread to this but I'm sure the moderators will let me know that they will delete it if there is. Anyway, I thought hard as I haven't posted much topics lately so I came up with this one for General Discussion. As in weather I mean, whether you like it when its sunny, rainy, windy, stormy etc.
  5. A miniature supercell to my southwest gets a Tornado Warning issued on it, right after passing over Kalamazoo. This thunderstorm did not produce any tornadoes, but it did produce a fantastic cloud show for many in the area, along with some cloud to cloud lightning too. You can find pictures of this at: Not long after the Tornado Warning is issued, the EAS bulletin makes an appearance. This time however, it appears a second time, with a much more automated voice. Barry County is where Hastings is, and Eaton County is the county between Hastings and Lansing. Also notice the buzzing appears to have returned, occurring during several segments in the local forecast. The song is "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" by Isaac Hayes. Found here, my favorite weather videos: The other one:
  6. This should be an easy question. Which is your favourite weather season, and why? I think for me, it's Spring. It's because the flowers and trees start blooming and it starts warming up. There are other things that make it my favourite season, such as seeing wildlife and flowers bloom.
  7. It's summer where I am! That means hot weather, pools, fairs, kids out of school, sun, and lots of brony fun! What about You? Any plans or goals?
  8. Since I've not seen any weather related topics here, I might as well be the one that makes it. Here, we can talk about what's going on in the world weather wise.
  9. So January sucks. Everyone knows that, but does anyone else have moments of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I certainly get it every odd year or so. Last year was fine, the year before was the most depressing time id ever had. This year it's come back but not super bad. More of a case that my other half has been coughing/ill/flu since New years and Ive not really been out of the house, walking to work doenst count either as Im stuck indoors the whole day anyway. Ontop of that, UK weather has been utterly miserable, more so than usual with no sunny breaks at all. The first little bit of sunlight was yesterday, but of course its gone again. Yeah ok so the UK is known for rain, but we can get sun like normal, but its been grey, cold and wet non stop. I'm going alittle stir crazy from it, gaining weight, feeling all round rubbish really. Have had to cancel and push back sushi dinners in the city because my partner always gets worse at weekends it seems =/ Plus him being ill puts him in a bad sulking mood so we tend to snap. so blagh! Anyone else feel down this time of year? Or do you hate the sun?
  10. The finger of God strikes the finger of God? The irony! I think we all know who's to blame... "I just don't know what went wrong!" Source:
  11. What's better where you live? Summer or winter? I really like the Winter where I live, it really brings out the beauty of the landscape.
  12. Do you think the ponies would be scared of our weather? By the simple fact the weather happens without any intervention and it can't really be controlled. Not to mention, natural disasters, the kind of which that kills people and reeks havoc on infrastructure.
  13. I've been big into photography over the last x number of years and during my travels to the nearly 20 pony cons I've attended since 2013 I've taken photos of various landscapes and cityscapes that I pass through during my drives. I also storm chase during the spring months and have captured a number of storms and even a few tornadoes over the years. They're far from professional quality but I thought I'd share some of them here with you guys anyway, so do please enjoy~ Do note that this is essentially a sampling of what I've got to share and if you want to see more, just let me know! I have plenty of cityscape photos, state line sign photos, and more weather photos to share.
  14. Something really interesting just popped up in my head! Pegasi control the weather over Equestria, and also Everfree controls it's own weather! But something is off with every other race kingdom around Equestria! The changeling hive sits upon a desert wasteland! The yaks live in a snowy wasteland! The dragons live in a desert wasteland! The griffons live in a desert wasteland! Don't you see the pattern here?! The other creatures can't control the weather like the ponies do, and that's why they all live in lifeless wastelands! Most of them don't even grow crops! The ponies are so afraid of these other creatures that they're not sharing their weather! What do you think about this? Don't you see that every other civilized race around Equestria has the same weather while the ponies in Equestria can control their own?
  15. I think Rainbow Dash is sleeping on the job or she let Discord help her! I mean, just a few days ago it was 77 degrees here now it's snowing?! This is just crazy!
  16. I don't know about where you all live, but here in Canada (to be more precise New-Brunswick) there is so much snow, I'm almost certain we will still have snow on the ground in August. As I type this, I can see the snow continuing to fall outside my living room window. This is the second snow day this week; we had school yesterday and that's about it so far this week. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for 'Winter Wrap Up'! How about you guys? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
  17. Uh Oh. Octavia is coming! I hope that for those that are in the path of this snow storm, please please be careful and safe! Stay warm too!
  18. Basically, this is just a thread I made out of boredom about weather. Discuss weather and the questions I put up. Why did you choose the answer you chose? Stuff like that. Feel free to discuss anything about the weather here. Want me to edit the polls, add new questions and answers to currently existing questions on the poll? Tell me.
  19. This has boggled me for some time (I know I sound crazy), but here's what I've established about the Running of the Leaves: According to Pinkie Pie, the Running of the Leaves HAS to happen for the leaves to fall. This is reinforced when after the race, due to not running efficiently, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have to run through the forest again. Ponies have a good control over the seasons and weather in Equestria, and while it's interesting how there's no special ritual for spring or summer (meaning the leaves bloom and flourish without any help), it would make sense to have an event similar to Winter Wrap-Up for autumn. I don't know how that's really possible how two ponies can shake the leaves all by themselves since there were a lot of other ponies in the race, so for the sake of as realistic of speculation as I can do here, I'll assume that not too many ponies need to run for the leaves to actually fall. If this was the case, it would make sense that ponies just running around normally would shake off of the leaves, but it makes me wonder if there's something magical about the path that specifically makes the leaves fall. Assuming all of those workarounds are physically possible, what really starts to mess with my head is when I think about scale: Do all of the leaves in Ponyville fall when the Running happens? Let's assume that there's a great physical or magical force generated that's strong enough to shake all of the leaves, even though no leaves are seen to fall outside of the immediate area. Does the Running of the Leaves happen everywhere in Equestria? It would make sense, since there are much larger, more populous, and more popular cities in Equestria than Ponyville. If this was the case, how is it possible for every town to organize and execute an event? This is also assuming that not every town and city hold the Running of the Leaves on the same day. If this were not the case, I doubt Princess Celestia would be in Ponyville to oversee it. What about all of the leaves outside populated areas? How do their leaves fall? Is there some kind of unmentioned weather team to clear the leaves? If this were true, it would sure need a lot ponies, considering the scale of Equestria itself. The next hurdle here for the Running of the Leaves is cost. Obviously it's great for the Equestrian government to not have to pay for the runners to run, but there's a lot more expenses. This is assuming all of the above listed possibilities can somehow happen. If every announcer rents a hot air balloon, and every race takes about four hours, then renting a hot air balloon for the entire duration of the race costs roughly 268 bits, or $1,000 USD. This calculation was made with v2 of a bits to USD conversion theory that I found. If a weather team were to shake the remaining of leaves not in a town, it would take a very large team working night and day for a very long time (probably the entirety of autumn) away from their friends and family. It would make more sense to compare the salary of a weather team member to a groundskeeper than a meteorologist, since their responsibilities are a bit more similar. For the extreme cost shaking the leaves would take, it would be much more cost-efficient to pay them this rate, too. The average groundskeeper salary is $25,780 USD annually. This equates to $6,527 dollars for the 91 days of autumn, or about 1,865 bits. Let's say Ponyville is about 11 square miles, an average size for a small town. If two ponies can cover 11 miles in four hours, that means they are clearing 110 miles of leaves in a 40 hour work week. This means that two weather team ponies cover 1,430 miles in the 13 weeks of autumn. There are approximately 57.5 million square miles of land on Earth. Let's say Equestria is about 2/3 of that size, meaning it has 38,333,333 square miles of land. If 31% of that land is forest like on Earth, and about 10% is covered by ponies in towns and cities, that means the weather team would be running through 28% of Equestria's entire land mass, or 10,733,333 miles, in 91 days. This distance would be covered by 7,506 sets of two (10,733,333/1,430), or 15,012 ponies. This is 600,048 hours of combined working and would cost Equestria $97,983,324 USD, or 27,995,235 bits, at the bare minimum. This is without the additional expenses of coordinating the races in towns and cities. I don't think an event of such a scale and cost would simply go unmentioned. The Running of the Leaves feels like only an annual ritual that I don't think would be absolutely necessary everywhere in Equestria. Tl;dr: The wind could probably do the same job.
  20. I feel like I'm the only one who thinks that bright, cloudless sunny days are depressing, and prefer overcast days with clouds galore. I'm very thankful for our star for warming up our humble little planet, but to be honest, if gives me headaches. Being out in the sun drains me of all motivation, and energy. It's as if I'm a vampire. I very much prefer cloudy days that provide shade, and coolness. They don't even need to be dull, grey, and everywhere. Just some clouds in the sky to cover the sun occasionally so I can get a break from the sun's blinding rays. I also just like to know that clouds are present. They bring a very pleasant atmosphere to the day, and I could just stare at them moving slowly and carefully for hours. One of natures most beautiful creations for sure. Plus, I burn super easily. That's not fun. So, tell me. Am I alone here? Is there anyone else who prefers cloudy days, or are they just universally known as "dark" and "depressing"?? Tell meh your opinions in the thingamadoys ^-^
  21. Well. No shit, there I was, sitting by my window last night, watching the snow come down. "Oh, it won't stick," I told myself, "it hasn't yet!" I said. Oh, how I was wrong.... Woke up this morning, and was greeted by this... Abomination.... DAMN YOU, WINTER. DAMN YOU TO THE VERY DEPTHS OF SATAN'S BELLYBUTTON. Anywho, onto other things... So, winter has finally set it's gross meathooks into my life. That means a lot of being pestered by friends to go out and... go sledding... *cringe.* Don't get me wrong, I love sledding. But, every year, it's less and less fun. I just don't have the energy LOL Really, who wants to trudge up a steep hill in the snow, lugging a sled behind you, then slide all the way back down the hill... then repeat? *cough* not me, that's for sure 8D Now that the snow's flown for realsies this time, I'm also reminded how dreadfully close Christmas is. I love Christmas, actually. It's my favorite time of year, other than my birthday. What I don't like is how peppy people get during the holidays. And the decorations. Blech. My family doesn't actually decorate for Christmas. Too much work LOL On another note, power in the nearest town is down 8D But somehow my house escaped... (we live away from town, but, still) I sure hope people look both ways when the cross the tracks, now that the lights are down :/ I'm rambling. Okay, so, yeah. Snow and stuff. Not too sure how to close this whole thing, so, I'll leave you with a bunch of keyboard smashing. AsldkjfasDFALKSDJFawieualdjf. ~Cozzie
  22. Hello, Jhurii here. I've started this log book to keep records of what happens here at ENDD. So let's get this started, shall we? So, uh, first off, we've signed an agreement with the Rainbow Factory. The agreement states that as long as we don't rat them out, they leave us alone, and if any of them try to take us back there to be processed, we're free to deal with them as we please. And both ENDD and RF employees are allowed access to each other's floors as long as everypony stays out of each other's way and no pony tries to start anything aggressive. Secondly, we've found a door in the far left corner of the main room covered with at least, at least, a hundred or so heavy, industrial and really old locks. There are speculations that the door might also be sealed by alicorn magic, but that's just a rumour. Anton talked to the building manager, but apparently, according to him, there never was a door of any sort in that corner of the room. So he wasn't any help. We thought he was just forgetful or whatever, but then Anton started asking around the rest of the building and apparently no pony knows what we're talking about. I even went upstairs to the Rainbow Factory but not even they knew anything about the door. Everypony in the who worked in Cloudsdale's Weather Facility was questioned about the door and everypony said the same thing; either they've never been on that floor , or they have been on the floor but just don't recall ever seeing a door by that description. Right now I've got Anton and Harpie working on picking the locks on the the mysterious door. We're gonna find out what's on the other side of that door no matter what. I'll record it the logs, of course. So, I guess that's it for now. Until the next entry, this Jhurii; signing off. ((Link to original story: "X"))
  23. It seems that all weather in Equestria is controlled by ponies (save the Everfree Forest.) If they made no attempt to control the weather, what would happen? Would clouds move on their own, like normal, or would there be a huge drought? Not to mention the sun; what would happen if the unicorns didn't raise the sun and the moon? Personally, I think that the ponies only help the weather move along. I bet if they stopped controlling it, weather there would be much like on earth. If that's true, what about the sun and the moon? Well, I think that the sisters only serve to stabilize the heavenly bodies, rather than completely control them. If they solely guided them, how would the sun or the moon ever be there before ponies could move them? However, I believe Luna and Celestia still could move their heavenly bodies at will if they wanted to. If the royal sisters died or something, seasons/weather patterns would be like on earth: unpredictable. Even though this headcanon gives a slight nerf to the sisters' powers, it does explain why the unicorns weren't "the master race": they weren't the sun/moon's only driving force. Also, if the heavenly bodies in Equestria "raise" as if they were discs in the sky, does the Equus' (or whatever) solar system look like this: Let me hear what you think about the weather in Equestria.
  24. We are expecting some thunderstorms to head our way, so this gave me the inspiration to make a thread that nobody will probably respond to. XD How's the weather in your area?
  25. For the last 7 -10 days over in the UK the weather has been abnormally summer like for the UK. Normally the it is cold or rainy or both! It is unreal how hot it has been, we have had consecutive days of well above 20 degrees C and maybe have been the high 20's to the low 30's. It's amazing but our temperatures have been matching Florida's!: and are forecast to continue to do this for the new week, with the the hottest day of the year having already been broken multiple times in the last week, we are forecast to break it twice more over the next week! Currently not being able to go away for a family holiday this year is not looking so bad when it is this barmy hot, and although it may not feel the same with the lack of humidity and thunderstorms in the UK as in Florida, it defiantly feels like I am some place else then in the UK at the moment. As we all know, I love a good thunderstorm and there was forecast a change in the weather possible in a weeks time. Personally I'm hoping it lasts as long as possible! Stay safe UK brony's! :