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Found 25 results

  1. A while ago (a year or so?) I stumbled upon an interesting fan webcomic on Deviantart. It was posted in Adobe Flash. IIRC the panels were animated (in the sense they were floating onto the page, not that the characters were animated), and also one submission was a few pages long (Flash; click an arrow to flip pages), tho not 100% certain. The art quality was high and the author posted a whole series of such submissions. Didnt read it at that time; I just bookmarked it, so that Id go back there at some point in the future and see if its a worthy read or not. Then my HDD started freaking clicking and I lost quite a lot of data... including that bookmark. Now since they're going to kill flash quite soon AFAIK... I guess if Id like to check this comic... Id better do this sooner than later. But I cant find it! Does anyone have any idea where it might be? Yes, my description seems vague, but Ill argue its not. I found few Flash comics at DA at all... and not even one with implemented paging nor floating panels. It's fun that even though I didnt read it, Im almost positive Id recognize it the moment Id see it.
  2. One Punch Man started off as an awfully-drawn webcomic. A professional artist liked it enough to redraw it in an extremely detailed style. Recently, it also got adapted into an anime which just ended. Basically, it's about some guy who became the strongest superhero in the world, to the point where he can beat anyone with one punch (hence the title). He has grown bored of life due to the lack of challenges, and seeks a worthy opponent, to no avail. Any fans around here? Who is the best hero? (answer is Mumen Rider).
  3. Welcome to the Homestuck Master Thread. The intention of this thread is to give a home to all things Homestuck; be it sharing theories, art, stories, or just bringing new people into the fold to experience the wonders of Hussie's amazingly complete and imaginative world. For those who have been fans for a long time, this is a place for you, for those who are new to the webcomic, we welcome you and hope you will enjoy your stay. There's nothing else to say except there will be horses, oh horses there shall be. What is Homestuck? Homestuck is a webcomic developed by Andrew Hussie, housed on his site MSPaintAdventures. It is one of the longest running webcomics in history and has been ongoing since April 13, 2009 to the present day. Since its incarnation it has spawned a spin off comic series, a cult following, merchandise, and a video game that is currently in development. Homestuck is one of the few webcomics that actually is successful enough for their creator to work on it full time. Andrew Hussie has done other comics in the past, but none as successful as Homestuck. It has been classified as comedy, action-adventure, fantasy, coming of age, and satire at times. The series has been praised for its interesting use of language and unique sense of humor and style. The comic was inspired by games like The Sims and Earthbound and regularly pays homage to them. Originally Homestuck was intended to be driven entirely by fans who would decide the story through voting on what happens next sort of like a choose your own adventure novel with Hussie having a general idea how the story would play out. However 1 year after its creation the fan base had grown too large to where Hussie had to take control of the story. Hussie develops the entire story by himself and sometimes has help from others, but a majority of the work is done by him. What is Homestuck About? This is actually a very difficult question to answer due to the nature of the story. However Homestuck is in a nutshell about 4 children whom receive a mysterious computer game called Sburb which triggers the destruction of the earth. The 4 must then go on an adventure to win the game and save the human race. Along the way they are assisted (and inconvenienced at times) by a group of alien "trolls" whom have played the game in the past. The story uses a combination of flash animations, flash games, comic panels, and chat logs to convey what is happening. Much of the dialogue between characters is down through what are called "Pesterlogs" which are logs of the in-world chat client called Pesterchum. The comic could be likened to Scott Pilgrim in style in that the universe they live in contains many video game elements that are universally accepted without question by the cast. It often even makes fun of video game cliches and stereotypes. It is very difficult to sum up the entire plot of the story in one place due to how long it is. What Should I Know Before Reading? There definitely are a few key things you should keep in mind before attempting to read Homestuck. It is unlike any other webcomic as it is a creature all its own. To date there really is no other medium like it as it combines elements of video games, books, movies, and music all in one place. Because of this, people should keep in mind many things when they are attempting to read the story: Homestuck will not always make sense. Much of the story is intended to be understood as you progress and thus a lot will leave you confused until a later point in the story. There is even some things that have not been explained yet which happened very early in the story, so do not get discouraged if you get confused. It is a good idea to have a friend who has already read it. Homestuck is massive enough to where it sometimes takes the mind of another person to interpret what is going on. There is no shame in not understanding it right away. Hold off on questions until you get closer to the end because chances are your questions will be answered at a later part in the story. The story is VERY long. Right now Homestuck is over 9,800 pages and text wise it is longer than every Harry Potter book combined. You may want to break it up into several sittings to read through it, because it is long. Due to this length, it is very complex as well. It is difficult to avoid spoilers. You should only be reading on a PC/Laptop with a browser that has flash enabled. Because a lot of the comic uses flash, a mobile phone is not sufficient to view it. To top this off, even if you get flash working on a phone, many of the flashes require interaction via a keyboard which won't work on a mobile device. When the comic does update, the site sometimes will go down for a few hours due to the high level of readers at that time. ​Understand what "pauses" are: Hussie will sometimes put the comic on a "pause" which means updates will be stopping for a while. At the time of writing this the comic is currently on an "Omegapause" which supposedly will be the longest pause the comic has ever been on. This is so that progress on the Homestuck game can be made. Understand that the Paradox Space spin off comic is not necessary to understand Homestuck, however a basic understanding of Homestuck is necessary to understand Paradox Space. Homestuck fans can be a bit crazy at times, be prepared. Many of the characters type with "quirks" which can be difficult to read at times, but with enough practice you will be able to read them with ease as time goes on. Homestuck's humor a lot of the time comes from drawn out language and over the top explanations. Hussie will regularly use a lot of bigger words that are not necessary to describe something going on as a joke and sometimes go over the top with an explanation for a similar humorous effect. Don't be surprised if you need a thesaurus. Do not skip the pester logs. They are long, but they are crucial to the story. Understand that Homestuck is a slow build up. Because of how long the story is, it takes a while before the juicy bits are happening, so it is a commitment. Make sure you bookmark the last page you were on because the save feature sometimes doesn't work. Make sure you explore everything in the games. Click on everything, read every bit of extra dialogue and make absolutely sure you've done all there is to do before going to the next page. Doc Scratch is an excellent host. A lot of the story has time travel, alternate universes and such in it so be prepared for complex explanations. There is vulgarity in it, so you're going to see some F words regularly. FAQ Q: Someone told me to skip to where the trolls are introduced, should I? A: I would say no. You more or less will be skipping to Act 5 and missing a bunch of really important info. Many people really love the trolls so they will often tell people to do this because they want them to get to where they can enjoy the trolls faster for fear of them getting bored with the comic before ever reaching them. I wouldn't advise it though, if you can't get through the first 4 acts then you probably aren't going to like the rest of the comic. Q: What's with the number 413? A: The comic started on April 13th, which is 4/13. This number or variations of the three digits that make up that number appear regularly throughout the comic. It's clear that it plays some significance to the story or it is a constant running gag with Hussie. Q: What's this about a Homestuck game? A: There is a Homestuck video game that was funded on Kickstarter that is in development called Hiveswap. It is going to be available sometime this year supposedly. It is a point and click adventure game which will take place in the Homestuck universe. Q: Is there an audio book for Homestuck? A: There is a collab that does a video series where they read the comic, however they are not caught up to the current pages of the comic and they recently announced that their group is splitting up and the future of the collab is unknown currently. Q: I don't understand X in the story! A: Wait a while to get further in. If you get pretty damn far and it still doesn't make sense ask someone who has read it. If it's not supposed to make sense yet, they usually will tell you. Always preface such conversations with what page you're on. Q: Doesn't Homestuck have like a really crappy fanbase? A: Most homestuck fans will joke that they are "Homestuck trash" and that their fanbase is trash, but truth be told the fanbase's escapades are extremely exaggerated and many people make fun of Homestuck fans because the fanbase almost refuses to defend itself. It is not the same as bronies where people stick together and defend their fandom. Homestuck fans are known for being more or less completely uncaring about how other people view their fandom and will regularly laugh at their own fandom. As a result many people believe it is far worse than it actually is. The truth is though that the Homestuck fandom is actually no where near what could be considered "one of the worst" fandoms in existence. Q: I hear the comic is ending soon? A: Yes. April 13th 2016 will mark the end of the comic with Act 7. Now that you're familiar with Homestuck, let us enjoy the thread!
  4. Hello again! So I've been dead for lord knows how long and I've not really been working on the story I promised to work on........oops. BUT! I have gotten back into the swing-a-ding-a-ling-of-things and will be writing the story again! For those who do not know: The Solar Script was a webcomic/fanfic I wanted to write. It was about my OC "Gattlin" reading a magic book called the "Solar Manuscript" a spell book that uses solar energy as a way of magic. Well after reading into too much of it, Gattlin comes across a taboo that leaves him with these odd symbols and new knowledge about's not just for unicorns. Gattlin ref: Male Pegasus Main fur: blue Secondary color: bare hoof pattern slightly lighter blue. Mane and tail: black other: glasses
  5. So I recently started off a new MLP/Homestuck crossover webcomic. As of now it's very short, only at 3 pages, however I do plan to update frequently, and I am currently working on the next few pages. If you're curious to the plot, it's basically just the Mane 6 play Sburb and chaos ensues after that. I plan to make it fairly elaborate while presenting the new features in an understandable way to the audience. In a sense, I'm going to try to capture the spirit of both Homestuck and MLP in the comic. Here's the link to it if you want to check it out: That's all from me.
  6. Has anyone read the webcomic "Homestuck"? I was wondering what you guys think of it. I just started reading, I'm on Act 3 at the moment. It's incredibly boring at first but it's been getting better since Act 2.
  7. Hello Everypony! Swifty here So I am typing to you in Comic Sans because xXx_SW@GN@M1TE#Yolo360N0Sc0pe_xXx told me too. So I am working on a comic called "The Solar Script" It is about a young pony named "Gattlin" who stumbles apon a magic book called "The Solar Manuscript" A book that contains passages and spells that ANY pony can do. Well he does a ritual that ends up leaving his memory somewhat blank and when he strikes the age of 17 he finds the book once more and realizes that he is given "Solar energy" a type of magic that is powered by your own life (jokingly meaning that as long as you are alive you can use magic) Though he finds that he has these two symbols on his front hooves that are his "eyes" and he also finds that there are other ponies who want to know more about his magic, and also some that want to take it (basically, kill him and take his magic) Now he must use his new powers to defend himself. He might even make some friends along the way Let me know what you think and tell me if you have any ideas.
  8. If you haven't heard of it, it's a web comic following the adventures of a young girl named Ava. It's really good and is still going on. What are your thoughts on it?
  9. It has finished. For nearly two years, from the scripting to the storyboards. I have FINALLY finished my first ever series of Sugar, Spice, Nice. i have been building this up for so long and finally i can now show it to you! Heres a setup for the series in case, some of you don't know: Sugar, Spice, Nice is a web comic series which is a fan made sequel to the original cartoon series the Powerpuff Girls by Craig McCracken. As a fan, I always wanted to imagine the Powerpuff Girls grown older and face conflicts that normal teens experience whilst also containing the original show's campy charm, innocence, humour, and its dark side as well. The comic series centres around the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and getting back together after they split up years ago, and have now promised to defend Townsville once again whilst also having normal lives. The Girls also learn some newly discovered powers by channeling their inner ingredients (sugar, spice and everything nice) to still save the day but also have slice of life problems such as exams, social media, boys etc. And i know if its a little untidy, a little unprofessional and not as great as i expected but i tried my best and hopefully my artwork will improve over the weeks. And yes, Im uploading each page every 2-3 week, depending on my art college coursework. But i hope this to become a great series and I put my heart and soul into this, so please enjoy this. And no haters, please. I've just started off. At first, I was very doubtful because of the PPG reboot will steal my thunder, but I thought screw it, I spend god knows how many hours on this, I might as well carry on!
  10. So, I felt I should share the comic that's pretty much been my mainstay for a while, though crafting the next page is somewhat of a chore, as I have to contend with brand new angles every time I want to see what I can do. THIS is Shadows of Abaron, set in the fictional world of Forosia. Abaron, the Mage Kingdom, and Vladis, the Steam Kingdom, are but facets of the greater world which will be revealed through my comic. Note: Forosia is actually my own world, so there's a whole world to explore with it. Note 2: Shadows of Abaron is completely hand-drawn, and shall remain so. There's something... beautiful about drawing with pencils and other tools. The link above will take you to the first comic, allowing you to see the story from the beginning. The comic is currently at 13 pages so far (8.5x11 pages, to be exact. I use up entire sheets of paper making it.) As should be, I would like some comments, if possible, from you guys. The picture below is from the most recent page, just for you guys to take a gander at.
  11. So I'm a huge fan of Web-Comics, given the wide range of styles and story just keep me hooked long into the wee hours of the nights and just finding more to keep me hooked! So I'm wondering if any one else likes web comics or manga and such and what are your favs and for what reasons? Also a thread to post some directions to good ones or new readers to this branch of the net! This is one I've been reading for a long time and just love like a good book in rereading it all once a year! A mix with furries, magic, love and drama! Personally its one of the best on the web in my books! So you get a female drifter who gets cursed to be a werefox! Sounds a bit of a simple story but after 20 pages this furry themed comic is going to drag you into this world! Having been a fan for this comic for over 8 years and now with new updates! Click a link for a good read! Epic Quest, fox girl, magic with elves and a deep rich history? Welcome to feywinds! All I got to say is one of my new favs and just click the link for a good bit of art candy and story!
  12. "Subnormality" is a Canadian webcomic revolving around weird phenomena, supposedly to make fun of the current trends that many of us have been facing Some of its recurring plots include: the adventures of a man-eating Sphynx, her odd friendship with a pink/brown-haired girl, time-travelling Nazis, and many deconstructions of various tropes. (Careful with the looong lines of text, though.) Whatcha think of this masterpiece?
  13. Hello everypony! So you may know of me and my blogs already, but if you haven't I'm Dil and I created Southern Belle AJ. Click here for the magics! Southern Belle AJ is a meta-comic of sorts, I write stories based on or inspired by questions from my followers. The first outing started as an impromptu comic written one evening to explain a relationship between Applejack and Shining Armor, the next story revolved around Sweet Apple Acres being attacked by giant cats, which culminated in a grand finale that... well I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Nevertheless I gained 200 followers in two months and I want to keep going. To catch up with Applejack's adventures, check out the meta-story archive here So as I push on with the meta-stories I am simultaneously trying to improve the quality of the comic as a whole, working at higher resolutions with more detailed lineart and, recently, introducing colour. Sadly this means that I'm spending longer and longer on each panel and my posts-per-day count has dropped because of it. What I would like is for a like-minded artist to help share the burden, be it inking, colouring or providing luscious backdrops in order to preserve a quality product that can be enjoyed by all. Now I'm aware that this is the Everest of optimism, but if you don't ask you won't receive. This is not a paid position, all work is done purely for the love of MLP and a desire to tell interesting and heartfelt stories in the My Little Pony universe. You will, however receive FULL CREDIT for all works and co-authorship of the blog should you wish to stay on long-term. You will receive a share of all donations, but this is not guarantee of a constant income. If you would like an example of what I'm asking for essentially I need someone to turn this: Into this: One thing I would like to make clear is that this will require commitment, I plan on creating panels for the foreseeable future so I'd prefer not to have to find new partners a few weeks down the line should you change your mind. I won't pressure you or set strict deadlines but conversely I expect a basic level of professionalism. Any questions please ask, I look forward to hearing from you all!
  14. So you may have noticed (or, more likely, haven't noticed) that I haven't been on this forum for quite some time. The reason for this is because of a number of things, but the #1 reason is because of this webcomic I've been working on called "The Odd Bricks." ( It uses Legos (because I can't draw) which can be difficult to work with for projects like this. The only thing I'm hoping to get out of this work is to have at least a few people follow it. I upload every day, which means I work on it every day. I believe you can only post comments on it if you have a smackjeeves profile. I would make my own website for it, but I'm not prepared to pay 5$ a month for something that maybe one or two people will see, so I'm sticking with the free stuff.
  15. So, one of the silly things I've been doing while I've been away from the forums was getting to work on this new project. Lego webcomics aren't as popular as they were a few years ago, but I'm just doing this for fun. (click "Open in new window" on the comics to enlarge them) Those are the first six pages. So far, I don't have a website to upload them on. But I'm working on getting that done in the near future.
  16. Hello everyone! As always: sorry about my english >_< I just wanted to inform you that the fanfiction Riding the Storm, kindly translated by vale and ALittlePawning, has become a webcomic thanks to the efforts of the artist MartinHello! We started a periodical publication on this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!
  17. So, I just recently finished my story, "Pinkamena?", and I wanted feedback on it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I would like some criticism on it.
  18. Hello! I have an ongoing reader driven webcomic based on fallout equestria, and I need people to join in on influencing the story and characters! The story follows the griffin Strafe and her group of friends and not-so friends on a odd and silly quest across the wasteland of the once great griffin Commonwealth, no mysteries or ancient secrets involved (at least to her knowledge). The characters and events are influenced and in some cases completely directed by the readers through polls or suggestions. And that's were you come in! At the moment, the story is still in its beginning stages, ripe for you all to take it and make it into the ridiculous tale its meant to be! so come on over and mess with some unsuspecting griffins, ponies, and zebras, just because some guy on the internet said you could.
  19. Here's a new webcomic for all of you to enjoy. I write the script and a member on here, Nurin, uses screencaps from the show and edits them in Paint. It's a bit slow right now, but it'll pick up soon. Please read it and if you like it please subscribe to it. But if you hate it, then at least send it to your friends. Story: What happends when a brony named Dusk messes up a spell that was meant to actieve the elements of harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon? It turns him and his friends into mares! Now they must adjust to their new lives, but not all of them are happy. Follow their tale of guilt, stress, comedy, and other emotional feelings. PS. The last page is like an intro to it or something. I made that. Ignore the typo on it.
  20. I'm not 100% where to post this, so I'll post it here: I am interested in making my own webcomic for MLP: FIM, but I lack the skills and stuff to make one, and I won't be able to get the proper stuff to make one, so I need someone who can make a webcomic out of screenshots from the show. Now I can't post all of the things I'm thinking of doing, since that would give it away, so I'll give you the basic story. Story: Dusk Shine was sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia to make some friends. Along the way he meets five other male ponies and Nightmare Moon. Together they go to the Everfree forest to defend Nightmare Moon, but when Dusk casts a spell to unlock the elements of harmoy, something back firies and causes all of them to turn into females! With their new gender each of them must adjust to their new lives, while finding a cure, thought not all of them want to be turned back into males. Note: This series will start with the episode 'The Ticket Master' instead of the first. Reqierments: -Someone who can make a webcomic (duh). -Have free time to do this. -Must stick with this project. -Must have at least a little knowledge of how to do this - Can help with plot holes.
  21. So last year I ran my very own website. It was fun, and I'm thinking about restarting it. I've got a wordpress account sitting there for that very purpose. These aren't in any particular order, though you can tell I started improving with the art as time went on.
  22. TODAY'S DOSE OF MADDENING: 100! - The End?: Seizure Inducing Version (Animated GIF): So yeah. I'm doing this daily/weekly/wheneverthefuck webcomic called 'Maddening' which revolves around epic tales of fairy princesses and brides maids and stuff that piss me off. I'll be updating the main post every so often. The older comics will be filed below. Please post below your thoughts and ideas for comics. Thanks. Old comics are in here: ...or at my deviantART page here:
  23. I just started reading Homestuck (a little late to the party, I know) and my heart exploded like a billion and a half times consecutively after reading this panel. Rainbow Dash is my favorite favorite favorite pone of all time and this just made my life better. Like, the rest of the show is honestly kind of uninteresting to me except for Dash to me (Scootaloo can stay too) and while I know this kind of talk is nigh blasphemous, seeing this in the comic just exploded me srs guise. [sorry I just spazzed out I can't hold my spaghetti about Rainbow Dash for some reason...]
  24. I uploaded the first, introductory page of my prospective webcomic where a pair of lovers are unwittingly pulled into Equestria and transformed into ponies! Tell me what you think, your support and comments help be decide if and how to continue the story! Critique is also welcome!