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Found 1 result

  1. <-- Could think of nothing else, so decided, eh, why not. Generic but epic Discord image FTW. Once upon a time, when I was twelve or thirteen, I got my mom to subscribe to an offer we got in the mail. The offer was titled Weird n Wild Creatures, and showed examples of some of the card types. Being fascinated with such sweet looking things, they caught my interest completely. Something like $10.99 or something a month to get several cards every week of that month. Or every other week. I don't even remember </3 Anyway, after numerous months of impatient waiting and collecting, I obtained all the cards. Seven categories, 102 cards in each category. The categories went as follows: Monsters of the Past (red): Dinosaurs. Everything from the terrifying T-Rex to the Megalodon, the Great White Shark's great great grandfather whom was the size of a blue whale, are in this category. Nightmares of Nature (green): Dangerous or incredible creatures that walked the land. To name a few, the Anaconda, Tasmanian Devil, Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, etc. Toxic Terrors (pink): If it's poisonous and dangerous to even humans, it goes in this category. This category, as you can imagine, is mostly populated by spiders like the Black Widow and snakes like the King Cobra. Toxic species of scorpions, jellyfish, frogs, etc as well. Monsters of the Deep (blue): The ocean. Freaky fish, ferocious sharks, and everything else that makes you ocean so terrifying when it's at its worst. Tiny Terrors (orange): Bugs. Freaky, creepy, weird, dangerous, whatever. Everything from beetles to tapeworms, to stick bugs and horseflies. Strange Wonders (turquoise): Everything bizarre, unique and interesting that doesn't fit into the other categories, really. The flying squirrel, giant anteater, frilled lizard, etc. Monsters of the Mind (purple): My personal favorite category. Mythology and Cryptozoology alike are in this category, with everything from Bigfoot and the Lock Ness Monster, to the Hydra and Sphinx. This category was 70% of my drive for collecting this series, I think XD I adore mythology. You have no idea :U -- Image Gallery, Everypony: AND BE SURE TO CLICK THEM, FOR FULL-VIEW! I've gone through the liberty of scanning the front and back of a single card from each of the seven categories. There's a shitton of information on each of these cards, so who knows, read through all of these front and back and I'm sure you may learn something you didn't know before. Enjoy, and expect some closing ramblings at the end =D Monsters of the Past: Sarcosuchus Nightmares of Nature: Tailless Whip Scorpions Toxic Terrors: Blue-Ringed Octopus Monsters of the Deep: Black Dragonfish Tiny Terrors: Giant Orb Spider Strange Wonders: Horseshoe Crabs Monsters of the Mind: Basilisk -- Just a few ending notes: -The Basilisk and Cockatrice are one and the same mythological creature, practically. The Basilisk was said to be the 'King of the Serpents', and was depicted as a gigantic snake *like in Harry Potter*, as well as it's natural dragon chicken form. Later down the line, Europeans came up with the name 'Cockatrice' for the beast, as the myth evolved to the chicken form, only. Just for folks who were wondering. -If you haven't noticed by now, my own personal pony bios about the main trio of villains, the main royals, and the Mane Six who I have yet to make, are loosely based around the front setup of these cards ^^ -Thanks for reading everypony. Please brohoof, comment and or follow my blog if you enjoyed this :3