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Found 16 results

  1. What happened? Why is everything black and white?
  2. Hi, Idk if this is the right place for this but I'm planning to type my first fan fic which will be about a post-apocalyptic Equestia (I know what you're thinking and this won't be anything like Fallout Equestria (I haven't even read that fanfic so I couldn't be able to rip it off neither)). It's not from the fic itself, but it is just a little scenario I made up for it that may or may not be part of the fan fic. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Little White Unicorn ventures further to the border of the ruined city. Along the way he hears the sounds of trash and debris rustling around slightly. The unicorn stopped as soon as the noise reached his ears, he leans his head towards the noise to listen closer. After a few seconds he hears growling amongst the rustling, this causes the unicorn to be unsettled. As instinct began to take some control of, he finds the closest thing to defend himself with. The only thing he finds that he could pick up without problem is a piece of 2x4 that was broken lengthwise. The Little Unicorn slowly sneaks up towards the noise that lead him to the other side of a wall. He peaks his head out from the side to find three grey hound-like creatures digging through a pile of debris that was only a few feet away from the destroyed wall he hid behind. Luckily, none of them was facing in his general direction and didn’t notice him, allowing him to be able to listen on their conversation. “So hungry...” whimpered the smaller of the hound creatures. “Ah quit ‘cher whining and keep looking, there’sh gotta be somethin’ around this heap that we could shnack on!”, Complained the second largest of the three. Just then the largest of the hounds began sniffing the air, “‘Cha shmell somethin’?”, Asked the second largest hound. “Food?!”, asked the smallest with excitement. The largest of the three begins to start barking fiercely yet lightly as he pointed towards the wall that the unicorn was hiding behind. The largest jumps from the debris heap and begins racing towards the wall. With very little time on his hooves, the unicorn prepared his piece of 2x4 as the largest hound darted towards where he was standing. “GO FIND HIM, DARWIN!”, cried out the smallest hound as he began to go after his friend with the second largest tagging right behind him. The pattering sounds of the largest hound’s paws drew closer and closer, with the unicorn tightening his magical grip on the piece of wood as the noise drew closer. Before he knew it the hound leaped at the end of the wall where he was standing and without thinking, he swung the 2x4 directly at the beast as hard as he could. There was a loud “CRRRRACK!” and an even louder “YELP” that stopped the other two on their tracks. “...Dahwin?...”, called out the the larger hound as the two stood there petrified to see their friend just lying there lifeless half-way behind the destroyed wall. The unicorn saw what he did, and began to move away from Darwin’s body. Within a few seconds, the two hounds built up the courage to approach the body of their friend to see the scared little unicorn standing on the other end of the wall with half of the broken piece of wood still clutched in his magical grip. The unicorn was now the one that was petrified as he saw the two hounds staring at him and the motionless body of their fellow beast lying before them for what to him felt like forever. The smaller dog whimpers as he backs away in sorrow for his fallen comrade. “YOU KIHLED DAHWIN!!” Cried out the second largest as he charged at the unicorn in rage. Fear overtook the unicorn as the second largest sprinted at him, and with his instinct he swung what was left of the 2x4 as hard as he could at the second largest dog. “SSMACK!!!” went the short piece of wood as it collided with the dog’s cheek. The impact sends the dog’s head to fly right into the wall, causing him to fall down just as lifeless as Darwin was. As soon as the smallest of the three saw his other friend fall down from the strike, terror began to force his paws to run as fast as he could away from the unicorn. The unicorn takes a moment to look down as both of the motionless hound-like creatures, and began to collapse against the wall as the merciful blanket of relief begins to fall down upon him. _____________________________________
  3. It's your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don't take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver. - Betty White
  4. Well, they do call this Winter Storm Octavia, so you know we have to run with it. Anywho, thought I might share some pics. Keep in mind I'm from southern West Virginia, in Boone County, so we usually don't get a lot of snow, but we're getting it today. Octavia must be having fun.
  5. This is the first time I have ever attempted to shade a pic Ive drawn. If anyone knows any good guides or have any tips, I would must appreciate the help
  6. Fox

    Having Hairy Legs

    I was just beginning my day, I look outside to notice that there was a lot of ice outside. We had gotten freezing rain warnings. I get outside trying to get to the car. My driveway is down sloped. I tried to ascend to the driver's seat, but it took me 5 minutes, because I kept slipping down my driveway. Eventually, I manage to pull myself in the car. I go to my grandparents to feed my aunt, and grandmother's dog. After they've been taken care of, I exit my grandparents house, and walk down the stair. I slip on some black ice and fall about one meter landing on my side. I start laughing at myself for being such a klutz. I arrive home and wait until I have to go to work later in the afternoon. It's time to go to work. I start getting ready and leave my house. I get outside and start walking down my street. I come across two white terriers that begin barking at me. I still press to push forward and walk to work. As soon as I pass, the closest dog to my left took the opportunity to jump and to bite my inner thigh. I let out a moderate, "Ow," The girl turned and said, " They aren't my dogs," I don't even think she said sorry. Which was pathetic, but I turned in pain while holding a smile still on my face and said, "It's alright." I cautioned her not to make the same mistake in case she gets a more violent reaction with a different victim. Anyways, I continued to work and spoke with my friends about the encounter with the white terriers (2). I had a friend warn me about receiving an infection, and possibly catching rabbis. I got very paranoid at work if that was the case. I mean... I didn't know her, so I couldn't know if they had their shots or not. At this point I had felt a bit angry since my wound was hurting for like 3 hours at work. I was in pain my angry side wish I just punted that bloody dog. When work was over I go and examine my leg. It was a pretty vicious bite, considering it didn't piece my jeans. I thought I was going to be okay. Aside, from the pain that lingered a couple days from the bite. My friends convinced me to go get it checked. !Caution! Hairy Legs. I go to the health clinic like a few days after the incident, and find out what the doctor tells me was the same hypothesis I had for my injury. It didn't pierce the jeans, I should be okay. Unfortunately I was hoping the white terrier was a radioactive dog that was going to enhance my senses and give me super qualities; something like Spiderman. But no... I didn't become a super hero from that dog, because it wasn't radioactive. Lastly, I do have one complaint... I don't like complaining, but if you're going to take care of someone's dogs. You could at least not look at your cellphone while walking, and take responsibility for your own actions. I mean you're supposed to look after the damn dogs!
  7. Hi everypony.. i never use Photoshop, and when i do it is just for banner or small modify so i know only the 0.0001% of it... btw i was trying to merge my OC with a Tesla laboratory photo.. here's the shitty result.. i need also to work on shadow.. i am not an artist... please tell me how to improve or where to find a good guide original: mine: without the shitty shadow
  8. This is just a little poll to see which flavor of milk is favored by many. Personally, I love chocolate more than I do the other two...sometimes I'll drink white milk. Sometimes.
  9. This topic's prefix can actually be Gaming & Movies/TV. Anyone here who knows this show is awesome and should send me a facebook friend request. Why? There's a game for it there.Probably not the best in the world or as good as it could be, but still it's amazing. Come on over:
  10. Just some of my artwork I drew critic would be greatly appreciated there are six drawings here: I work on Drawing manly video game characters as you can see here but at times I will draw other things such as Dragons.
  11. Well, what do ya know? Yet another pony with computer issues. Before I get started, I'll just say that my computer is running Windows 7. Lately, (and by lately, I mean for the past few months because I was always too lazy to figure out how to fix this) my computer has been starting up to nothing but a blank white screen and the mouse pointer. It goes through the boot screens nicely, and even shows the login screen with the two user accounts I have. I select mine, and after the "Welcome" screen is done, a blank white screen and the cursor show up. Within around 30 seconds or so, the taskbar shows up, and then the background loads and some silly startup programs open. Now, this isn't really a huge problem, but I die a little every time I start up my computer because I know that it isn't normal, and my computer has something wrong with it. As I said, it isn't a big problem, but I'd like to be able to start up my computer and see a glorious background and a custom start orb and other stuffs that all these other ponies have, and not have to go through an ugly blank white screen to get there. Now, this started happening, as I said, a few months back, not long after I switched out my Start orb for a custom pony one. I disregarded the warnings and didn't create a backup first. Even so, there should be a way to fix this. If any of you know how to remedy this, it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  12. Here she is again! Her name is now Cassie Crimsion (Credit to Xero1 for the name) I have no idea what her cutie mark means but enjoy or whatever and comment
  13. Yes, so this is one of me. I like it a little. Do you? Let me know!
  14. My Little Clue: Whodunit is Magic, idk I just like using My Little (blank): (blank) is (blank) Anyways, crossover time with an old, popular board game: Clue! Professor Plum Sparkle Miss Green Shy Colonel Applejack Miss Peacock Dash Miss Scarlett Pie Miss White Rarity and finally a group photo to tie it all together!
  15. I personally found Black and White to be rather boring and aimed towards the younger crowd. I disliked this gen's Pokemon, but did not hate them. I didn't really like the region though. I believe Black and White 2 has potential. I don't know how but i feel as if it could turn out to actually be worth the $35? a DS/3DS game costs. Ideas?